Call them they can help you!! This program offers the following: **It is impossible to guarantee fixes of major behavioral issues such as anxiety/aggression/people aggression during the 2-week board and train. He had some behavior issues.

Each additional week of training after the initial (14) days is $700.00. We emphasize a proper Heel at Nitro K-9. Upstate Canine Academy gave my dog the basics of being trained along with the confidence of knowing she is a good dog. Instead what we got was bad attitudes, choke chains, and ostensibly we were bilked out of our money because they didnt honor our training schedule. This program provides a little bit of everything, including manners and socialization (dogs and people). We can give you control and better help manage these issues. This 2-week program focuses on practical, everyday obedience that is completed with a high level of precision, outside, off-leash, with distractions! Her confidence increased and her owner now understands how to channel all of her energy in a positive way. Rude, I have a rescue heeler/pit mix named Max who came to me with so much reactivity towards other dogs.

We also do some agitation for old enough dogs. Whatever motivates your dog, we will use: toys, games, food, or scents (we always try to reach all of their senses!). Issue: Whistle, a 4 year-old Husky from Denver CO, was completely unresponsive to his owners.

We have exceptionally clean climate controlled sleeping and resting quarters for our dogs. When he brought him back two weeks later there was a marked difference. No friend of veterans, despite the big talk from Steve and Jess. One week spent training at our trainers home, This one-week program focuses on all of our basic commands offered. Need a longer repayment plan? To ensure your dogs safety and the safety of everyone around, we do not guarantee 100% off leash training for cases that struggle with these behavioral issues. Training with distractions (dogs and people) Consider this a vacation for both you and your dog.

They are served dinner around 3:00pm, following the swimming rule again. *Our 5 week program is for those wanting on and off leash training or help with serious behavioral issues that take time and hard work to resolve. Our rate is not based on your dog's level of difficulty, current knowledge, size, or needs. Financing is available through, Our rate is not based on your dog's level of difficulty, current knowledge, size, or needs. Anderson K9 Training offers two drop-off training options to fit every owner and dog. We also haveHands Offand Privates (training) if Board & Train is not right for your dog. Training is done at our home in a productive and fun environment.

Dogs will go to our doggie daycare during certain periods of the day to take a break from training and socialize with other friendly dogs. Each dog is $1785 (15% off) and payment is divided into three equal payments. We are not interested in recommending training that wont ultimately lead to the successful training of your dog. He needs training. Nitro K-9 LLC Copyright 2022. Training includes 2-3 sessions six days a week (most places do 1 session, and only train 5 days a week). Taking only one dog at a time for this program, we can exclusively focus our attention on your dogs training. caldwell dorset maitland rms capt If you opt for the hands on training, you'll essentially be learning how to train any dog. Friends can take advantage of this too! Miraculously, as soon as I handed the leash over to Morgan on drop off day, my dog didnt react to any of the dogs at the facility. Flexible payment options are available for most of our training programs. We have worked with Steve, Matt, and Jess - I have been happy with all of them, and would comfortably continue working with any of them.My 4 month old puppy already has better leash etiquette and skills than any other pup I know - not that those pups are bad, but this training works. I now have a second GSD and have been training him at home based on what I've learned working with the first. In general, ourProtection Dog Classesare better suited for this. Board & Train may not be appropriate for all dogs. This program is designed for the dog that has bitten or attacked another dog or person! Different levels for your dog to learn commands.

That is, she is off leashes trained. We will carefully assess your dog to be sure this is the best option. Thanks so much for giving my husband and I the confidence and tools to train our dog! He needed a lot of structure and consistency, which our program was able to provide by having him stay with us for several weeks.

Steve is the ultimate dog whisperer. *Our 3 week program is our level 1 starting point. This training program is amazing. They have. Issue: Kira, a 1 year-old German Shepherd, was not listening to her owners. We can give you control and better help manage these issues. It was mind blowing really. Walks off property to practice leaving objects, food, or anything interesting found on the side of the road alone. All dogs must be current on vaccines (Titer test is accepted). Since we have dogs traveling from out of state on a regular basis, we have limited availability. Because we were not local, we decided to have Tom fly back with us to reinforce my dogs behavior in our home. Receive 15% off (only $1785 per dog) when enrolling more than one dog from the same family in the same session.

This 2-week program is a program that focuses on practical, everyday obedience that is completed with a high level of precision, outside, off-leash, with distractions! This program provides a little bit of everything, including manners and socialization (dogs and people). Place (& Extended Place) FULL PAYMENT DUE UPON DROP OFF. She listened better, knew her basic commands and found a way to channel her puppy energy. You can pay in full or break it up into three easy, equal payments. It was by far one of the best things I could have ever done for my relationship with my dog!! Yes. They become a part of our pack and learn to act accordingly.

Sorry guys! Waiting politely for meals (wait until they are released) I used to have to lay on top of him on to keep him from charging dogs on the other side of the street.

Place (& Extended Place) Some dogs feel so stressed by boarding that ourHands Off Programbecomes a much more solid choice for that dog. Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)

See Steves article onSpay & Neuter. We teach using clear, consistent, and motivating methods. An hour go-home private lesson, where we go over all the commands learned in Board and Train with you! Dog will board with a Pro Trainer Dog will board with a Pro Trainer Dog aggressive or not, get your dog in for training with these guys. Guaranteed refresher lessons throughout your dogs lifetime on all commands taught during training. Your dog will learn the following skills and commands: We will also focus on any minor behavior issues, such as: This program includes a 30-minute consultation the day you drop your dog off, a 2-hour follow-up when picking up your dog where I will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success. He's got the foundation he needed that I've since built on every day. Families enrolling multiple dogs in the same session receive 15% off the total (detailed above).

We will determine if your dog is a good fit for our program at your dogs behavioral assessment. This is for dogs that know the basic commands but are not doing said commands in distractions.

We will communicate each step of the way. To secure your dogs place in this extremely popular program, please book in advance to minimize your wait time. Issue: Murphy, a 2 year-old mix breed, was extremely dog reactive. Each board and train includes your dog going home with an e-collar, prong collar and 2 follow up lessons. Are you looking for a superior level of training for your pet? Dogs that come with professional obedience training and are well-socialized are candidates for our 1-week board & train refresher course. Stevie warmed up really well to the training program (and now his best friend Matt lol). To add your dog to our waitlist, please contact us and one of our trainers will reach out to you. Want to see what changes can happen in a short amount of time? She behaves politely toward every dog she meets and her favorite hobby is now playing with other dogs rather than growling and lunging at them. With our board & train program, your dog will benefit from training in private & group settings as well as off-location in realistic environments. In this multi-interactive environment, we can provide exclusive, one-on-one, high-quality tailored dog training for your pup. Mandatory 1 hour follow-up lesson 2 weeks after the turnover, if this lesson is not attended then customer/owner gives up free refreshers.

cant thank the team at the academy enough!!!. Copyright 2021 Complete K9 Training - All Rights Reserved. I highly recommend Nitro K9 and Matt, they aren't cheap but you get what you pay for! Instead of feeling the need to act out, Murphy learned the proper way to act and interact around other dogs. We use the swimming rule after feeding an hour after they eat, they must be calm! I've had people ask me at dog parks, the vet, and general public where I take my 'well behaved' dogs for training and I do not hesitate to recommend Nitro K9 to them. Boarding & Daycare | 770.714.9877, new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write(""+new Date().getFullYear()); The best part is that their personalities did not change, they are as crazy as ever. Handling Multiple Distractions in Multiple Environments Luckily, Kane is smart and learns quickly, and we have the Nitro team to support us along the way. Around 9:00am, they go back into our of our dozen yards to romp and play. Down and Extended Down Price will be quoted after consultation. Loose Leash and Off-Leash Walking If your dog has already mastered their manners and there are particular issues you would like addressed we can certainly start the process to teach your dog how to better deal with those not-so- great habits or reactions. The Board & Train program in our farmhouse is suggested for dogs that have a hard time housebreaking and need to maintain their training using the crate techniques offered in our dog training school program. Yes, it is possible, but it could be quite expensive depending on the behaviors needed.

Minimal daily practice is needed. Best decision we could have made for Obi! Back outside at 4:00pm for their afternoon playtime until 6:15-6:30pm. Our E-Collar program is nothing like you have ever seen, and is nothing like the E-Collar training of old.

Is your dog overly nervous or aggressive? Beginner foundation training [sit, down, stay, heel, place, recall], Behavior modification [fear & aggression]. Off Leash K9 TrainingScrantons #1 Dog Trainers, Phone: (877) 655-9722Email:, 2022 by Off Leash K9 Training, Scranton |, Handling Multiple Distractions in Multiple Environments, Greeting Manners Door Manners Meal Manners. Now hes 1 year old and we can take him places off leash without having to worry about him being the loud squirrel chasing maniac he once was! puzzle craft By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies.