Protective of her against both the Hawkins National Lab and against boys like Mike, he goes too far in guarding against risk, to the extent that he restricts Els freedom, and is unable to healthily express his fears due to the Eights fear of vulnerability. Dustin is always opening a curiosity door or going on a curiosity voyage, reflecting Fives preoccupation with learning, understanding, and gaining insights; primarily because their core issue is a fear that they are less capable or competent than others. Like all Fives, he is a keen observer, even down to relationship dynamics between other people, to the extent that he is able to detach from his feelings for Max when he sees the chemistry between her and Lucas. Mike shelters Eleven when she first escapes from the Hawkins Lab, and is quick to believe in her and stick up for her even before the two of them become close friends. Like many Twos, Mike has problems with possessiveness especially protective of El in season 3, he sometimes believes that he knows what is best for the ones he loves more than they do themselves. His main motivation is being seen as useful, as he sees being informed as his primary form of safety. Often the partys problem-solver, Dustin delights in sharing his knowledge and explaining new theories he develops about threats from the Upside Down. Murray finds a strange and ultimately unhealthy sort of security in knowing he isnt wrong about the many things he worries about. Though she joins the party in season 2, Max shows a visceral independence and a resistance to the opinions of others. ), American Horror Stories Season 2 Ep 1 Ending & Coven Twist Explained, Why Better Call Saul Skipped So Much Of Jimmy & Kim, Game of Thrones is Still the Most Pirated TV Show Even in 2022, The 3 Simpsons Roles Written For Bruce Springsteen (That He Turned Down), Why Chronicles Of Narnia Adaptations Fail (& How Netflix's Won't), Why Jensen Ackles Won't Reveal Big Names Who Almost Played Soldier Boy, How Maya Hawke Convinced Father Ethan To Take Moon Knight Villain Role, Surprise GoT Time Jump Revealed For House of the Dragon Season 1, Ms. Marvel's Early MCU Suit Revealed In Easter Egg-Filled Concept Art, BCS Explains Why Kim Isn't In Breaking Bad (& Beats Every Theory), Mike: Trevante Rhodes Shines in Hulu's Mike Tyson Show Trailer, Community's Frankie Actor Had No Idea The Show Was So Popular On Netflix, Better Call Saul Star Reacts To Kim's Shocking Decision, Masters of the Universe Season 3 Trailer Teases Skeletor's Return, Why Gus Leaves The Bar In Better Call Saul Season 6, Everything We Know About Sylvester Stallone's Samaritan. The type most disconnected from their emotions, Threes concern with how others perceive them results in a difficulty knowing what they really want in life.

Often the partys problem-solver, Dustin delights in sharing his knowledge and explaining new theories he develops about threats from the Upside Down. Related:10 Things That Make No Sense About Steve Harrington. His obsession with discovery is also seen in his focused need to decipher the Russian code in season 3. Like many Threes, Brenner shows a chameleon-like ability to adopt different personas as the situation requires. Because of this, Will often has trouble discerning what he really wants, as for Nines, needs are only a liability in their quest to maintain harmony. This reflects the Eights tendency to connect with others through mutual confrontation. Often we have to do nothing more than realize, aided through contemplative practices like rest, consent and engagement, that the things we strive for are unnecessary, and that everything needed has already been given to us. Joyces insecurity also manifests in her bouncing between opposing poles: fleeing from and confronting sources of fear, self-confident and self-doubting, jittery and calm. Murray Bauman. . In season 3, we see glimpses of what made Billy this way: he was abused and humiliated by his father, who also beat his birth mother, and as a result has come to embody the same toxic masculinity his father imposed on him. millie bobby There areseveral references in the show ofMike's house being the central hangout spot, which is a perfect example of Mike's natural hospitality. He clearly occupies the counterphobic (challenging sources of fear) side of Sixes, as he delights in helping to shut down the Hawkins Lab, lives off the grid, and expresses thorough skepticism and disgust at American culture and materialism while at the fair with Alexei. crows eck wylan The sheriff of Hawkins, Indiana, Hopper faces the world without fear of confrontation, demanding what he needs even when not in a position of advantage. Though Mike has a tougher and more critical exterior, his walls come down around Eleven, as he sees himself as her protector, secondary to Hopper. Eleven. In season 2, Will develops true sight, the ability to sometimes see into the Upside Down, reflecting Nines spiritual capacity and tendency to see the bigger picture. Even in his advice to Dustin, though, he sees relationships as playing roles (acting disinterested toward girls), and persists in caring a lot about his looks even after high school when he begins his first job at the Starcourt Mall. Jim Hopper. Like a true eight, Max has a bit of difficulty in opening up and being emotionally vulnerable when she's struggling, mostly in season 4 when she begins distancing herself from Lucas and the gang. Michael Lucero is a writer living in Charleston, SC. The five is fittingly nicknamed The Investigator, as Dustin loves flexing his smarts and excels in getting to the bottom of mysteries as a creative problem-solver. Ultimately, Lucas is a fairly healthy One. Additionally, it's easier to sympathize with Hopper, knowing that all he's trying to do is protect El and Joyce at the end of the day. Because of this, Will often has trouble discerning what he really wants, as for Nines, needs are only a liability in their quest to maintain harmony. Editors Note: This article contains some spoilers for the show Stranger Things. He also often assures his friends hes fine even when hes experiencing trauma, which is quite common for many nines. In other words, true to type One, his attention is drawn to what is wrong in a given situation. He often mediates between the government scientists and their need to respond to the threats of the Upside Down, and the more personal, everyday concerns of Hopper and the Byerses, reflecting the Nines ability to see conflicts from all sides. At this point in history, the Enneagram had yet to become the international phenomenon it has since. We suggest you watch the series before reading. Its fitting that Mikes basement often serves as the center of the partys activities, as type Two is characteristically generous, hospitable, nurturing and others-oriented. Related:10 Things You Didn't Know About Stranger Things. are known for their emotional honesty, melancholy, moodiness and heightened sense of individuality, all qualities Jonathan exhibits. Mike also shows a One wing in his resistance to including Max in the party at first, believing she is unfairly replacing Eleven, and in the value he places in the rule that friends dont lie.. The type most disconnected from their emotions, Threes concern with how others perceive them results in a difficulty knowing what they really want in life. Its Not Your Imagination. Typical of Eights, Billy hides behind this mask of force and control to avoid having to experience those painful losses of control ever again. It is then that Steve like many Threes, when their masks stop working begins to question what he really wants in life, and begins to discover his true strengths and a truer version of himself as he helps Dustin with relationship advice, serving now as a source of, rather than a lure for, affirmation. . For a quick Internet reference, the, Feel the Existential Terror of Watching 12 Billion Tons of Glacial Ice Melt In a Single 24-Hour Period, 12 Wendell Berry Quotes That Will Give You a Fresh Perspective, Get Ready The Ex-Youth Group Kid Is About to Be a Major Pop Culture Character. enneagram As he learns Elevens story, it brings back memories of his daughter, who he lost years ago, which drives him to make sure a similar tragedy is not repeated with El. Outspoken and bold, Max became a fan favorite early on, as viewers admired her tough outer shell despite her young age. He willingly sacrifices himself to save Dustin at the quarry and is supportive and optimistic with Will when the latter is possessed by the Mind Flayer, reassuring him that everything that has happened has a bright side. The type summaries in this article are based on my close observations while watching Stranger Things fanatically and repeatedly, though they may be wrong, especially where there isnt enough known about characters basic fears, desires, motivations and unconscious / subconscious lives. Fiercely loyal and protective over those she loves, there is no limit to how far Joyce will go for Will, Hopper, or the rest of the gang. Ethan Hawke Says One Major Actor Is This Generation's Paul Newman. Erica Sinclair. Owens is able to disarm Wills reticence and shyness, and is even understanding of Joyces traumatic suspicion of him and the lab. Though opinions can be split due to viewers only having a small taste of each character's story, there are quite a few outstanding characteristics each main character holds, making it slightly easier to make an educated guess on their Enneagram types. Robin shows this drive to compensate for her longing in the energy she brings to cracking the Russian code and making fun of Steve. One of the most human depictions of an Eight in recent pop culture, Hopper embodies nearly every trait of this type: its preference for force and intimidation, its fear of vulnerability, its anger issues, and its protectiveness of the weak. Billy only begins to respect his step-sister when she in turn confronts him, demanding he leave her and the rest of the party alone. As he gets to know Nancy, he is drawn to what is real in her and shows disdain for what he perceives as falseness. Whether it's behind-the-scenes facts about music, movies, tv shows, or comics, Kallie is ready to talk your ear off about it, whether you like it or not! He is cold and ruthless among fellow scientists and government operatives but appears sympathetic and conscientious to the citizens of Hawkins, although Joyce Byers and Mrs. Wheeler see right through his mask. Nancy Wheeler. We barely knew Alexei, but in his short, glorious stint on Stranger Things he displays the Sevens hunger for freedom and opportunity, believing he has found it in the American Dream. Joyce Byers. We barely knew Alexei, but in his short, glorious stint on, The type summaries in this article are based on my close observations while watching, For more information on the Enneagram in general, or about the nine types, there are several amazing books on the subject; I personally recommend those byBeatrice Chestnut,Ian Morgan Cron,Chris Heuertz andRichard Rohr. For an adventure show set in the 80s, its odd that one would have to reach for a minor character in the third season to find an example of a Seven, the most adventurous and fun-loving type. Though he himself breaks a party rule when he tells Max about Eleven without the others permission, he is no less disapproving of Dustin when the latter secretly keeps a baby Demogorgon in his house. However, Jonathan also has the creative aspect of the personality type with his passion for photography, which is also very typical of fours. Her scorn for nerdiness may soften in the future, though, due to her time with Dustin, who sees through her defenses and suggests its OK to like things enthusiastically without putting up a shield. For a quick Internet reference, theEnneagram Institutes website is the most in-depth and reliable, and the podcastTypologyis fun, accessible, and full of wisdom and insight. , Dr. Brenner chases success at all costs as the head of Hawkins National Laboratory. The partys source of wisdom and knowledge, Clarke is dry, philosophical and loves to explain and lecture the primary communication style of a Five. However, fans quickly learned that his tough exterior, like many eights, is essentially just a mask for the pain and trauma he's undergone, like the loss of his daughter. But the 1980s in addition to being the era of big hair, teen movies, and, of course, Stranger Things were among the first decades when these traditions crystalized into the modern form we know today: a system of human character structure divided into nine types, with fractal-like divisions into triads and subtypes. Though Nancy evolves quite a bit throughout the series, one theme remains constant, and that is her struggle to upkeep her identity, which is very important to threes who desire a strong sense of belonging and take pride in their work. Scott Clark. Reflecting the Fours desire for significance and meaning in their lives and their selves, Jonathan looks down on high school conformity and small-town suburban lifestyle, instead reveling in what is beautifully unique in people around him. Sixes are known for their loyalty to family and groups, from which they derive a sense of stability and safety, a dynamic Joyce embodies in her tendency to panic while on her own but become calm and reassuring when her family is in danger or pain. The partys source of wisdom and knowledge, Clarke is dry, philosophical and loves to explain and lecture the primary communication style of a Five. A scientist, he pursues achievement through research and sees the development and training of Eleven as his greatest feat. A one-stop shop for all things video games. . Steve ends up losing his place among the in crowd, while Nancy drifts away from him toward the mystery of the Demogorgon.

Viewers dont get to see much of Lucas struggles or innermost thoughts throughout the show, but its clear that he acts as the moral compass of the group. Maxs older step-brother is a bully, a racist and a bit of a narcissist, who embodies many of the more toxic levels of type Eight. Related:Jonathan's 10 Best Quotes In Stranger Things. Jonathan Byers. Like many eights, she acts tough to mask inner insecurities and weaknesses, including her family's instability and her rocky relationship with Billy. You can learn about him at his website It is the fall of 1984, and Purple Rain is the #1 song. His possible six wing could also explain his loyal nature in terms of friendships, making Steve one of the most fun and likable characters on the show. Alexei. NEXT:9 Movies Guaranteed To Give You The Same 80s Nostalgia As Stranger Things. . When we learn about our true self, it often feels far away, but in reality it is incredibly near, like Will in the Upside Down looking out at his mother through the walls of his own house. He shows pride in his brothers difference from others and their belief that Will is a freak, insisting that no one normal ever did anything meaningful. He does not hold onto resentment for long, and his high standards and convictions do not keep him from enjoying spontaneity and adventure, and even, at times, a little innocent rule-breaking. When she is unhealthy, she becomes a bundle of nerves and anxiety, though no one can blame her after all shes been through. Elhas a constant fear of her loved ones inevitably leaving or growing to hate her,which explains why she is so hyper-fixated on remaining a good person and not misusing her powers for evil. At the beginning of the story he is a bully, matching the expectations of the other popular high school kids, but this behavior begins to soften when he starts to date Nancy. So, Uh, Amazon Will Let You Make Alexa Sound Like a Deceased Loved One? Nancy changes a lot in the course of, Validated by attracting the eye of Steve, her schools prom king, she adopts a partying persona as she begins to be accepted by the in crowd even though, as Barb observes, it isnt really her. . Lucas is always the type of friend to keep everyone on track, from guiding his friends in the right direction to encouraging Max to open up in season four. Do You Really Have to Go to Church *Every* Sunday? . Upon finding himself, Steve realized his love for exploring and connecting with others and even developed an unlikely yet wholesome friendship with Dustin. Bob Newby.

A vivid example of type Six, Joyce experiences life as a constant suite of perpetual threats and worse case scenarios. He also criticizes Mike for lying to El in season 3, insisting there is a right and wrong way to handle such situations. Though he has come a long way from who he was at the beginning of the show, he became his true self once emerging from the popularity bubble. Spontaneous, curious, and enthusiastic are just a few adjectives that sum up Steve Harrington, and a general type seven personality. Lucas Sinclair. . As a Four, she uses her powerful emotions as a fulcrum for her unique telepathic and telekinetic abilities, transforming her suffering into something new. His resistance to Murrays more realistic view of American society mirrors the tendency of Sevens to compulsively avoid anything negative and dwell almost exclusively on what is positive, entertaining and satisfying. He ultimately cooperates with the Americans out of fear of punishment by his superiors, typical of Sevens desire to outrun and escape painful experiences at any cost. He brings Will games and brain teasers when he believes Will is ill, is delighted to help them solve the tunnel maps, and readily volunteers to reset the computer system at the lab when it loses power, knowing he is the only one who can do it. Nancy changes a lot in the course of Stranger Things, but her journey often follows her struggle with balancing personas: the image of a good student and daughter vs. the image of a popular high school girl. Though positive, Owens desire to maintain good will between the lab and the town results in a resistance to Hoppers claims in season 2 that the Upside Downs influence is spreading, reflecting the stubborn Nine tendency to avoid sources of tension. Fours are typically known for their strong emotions,and Eleven is the perfect example of this. Nearly everything Bob does in his short stint in.