Celebrate your 4th of July with photos celebrating the best of tailgating, fireworks and flyovers from around the NFL. The rankings reset at the end of each MLS season. In the case of U22 Initiative Slot players, please refer to the section on U22 Initiative Roster Slots.

A club may place a player on Waivers at any time during the regular season at which point he is made available to all other MLS clubs. Reclassification of a Player from a U22 Initiative Slot: Prior to meeting the minimum slot occupation length, a Club may: transfer the player out of MLS, remove the player from a U22 Initiative Slot using Targeted Allocation Money, loan the player outside of MLS, utilize its one Off-Season Buyout, or transition the player to a Designated Player slot.

The injured player must be earning at least $100,000 per annum. New expansion clubs receive a separate amount of General Allocation Money for their inaugural season. Knowing there will be much debate, get to the list and start the discussion below. A field player must be 24 years old (or younger than the age of 24) during the League Year (i.e., cannot turn twenty-five (25) during the League Year); a goalkeeper must be 28 years old (or younger than the age of 28) during the League Year (i.e. A player joining an MLS club from a related party club will calculate his Salary Budget Charge based on the compensation he is receiving from his related party club contract and any acquisition fees associated with his signing. Additional players may also be signed to Short-Term Agreements for MLS league season games but only in cases of Extreme Hardship. Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. To off-set acquisition costs (loan and transfer fees). 2022 NFL Enterprises LLC. He is the second most capped player in his nation's history and has more that double the goal haul than the second most scoring player behind him in the team's history. All terms of any arrangements among an MLS club, a related party club, and a player to be signed to MLS shall be fully disclosed to the League. Much like Ireland's Robbie Keane, Henry has been the heart and soul of his nation's attack for as long as many of today's generation can remember. Take a look at some of your favorites from recent years and from long ago and learn where they are from. If the loaned player is an International Player, then his replacement may be an International Player and occupy an international roster slot. Honors: 1952 Pan American Games, 1958 World Cup, 1962 World Cup. We don't have any banner, Flash, animation, obnoxious sound, or popup ad. Those are the factors that make a player the greatest best in the world. It shows all personal information about the players, including age, nationality, contract duration and market value. A club my choose to amortize the acquisition costs evenly or in unequal installments. The greatest Hungarian footballer of all time, Ferenc Puskas was leaps and bounds ahead of the majority of strikers in his day save for a few.

25.6, Foreigners: Nandor Hidegkuti was one of the original attacking midfielder/supporting forwards to truly change the game with his abilities. If a Club elects to sign a third Designated Player, the number of U22 Initiative Slots would be impacted in the following way: Players occupying a U22 Initiative Slot will have a Salary Budget Charge that mirrors that of a Young Designated Player: All such amounts above the first $150,000 or $200,000 accounted for on the Salary Budget will be paid on a discretionary basis by the Club. The Allocation Ranking Order is set by taking the reverse order of the club's standings at the end of each MLS Season, taking playoff performance into account, with the new expansion clubs at the top of the order.

With trades, there is no limit on the number of international roster slots on each club's roster. If a players contract includes Options, compensation during the Options may exceed the Maximum Salary Budget Charge only if it is in a year the player is no longer required to occupy a U22 Initiative Slot. One of a group of Italian sweepers that put the position on the map, Baresi may have been small in stature, but he was always up for any challenge and was a tenacious defender throughout his career. There is no limit as to the number of U.S. To sign players new to MLS (that is, a player who did not play in MLS during the previous season). His ability on the ball and leadership on the pitch helped to create some masterful moments for his nation.

A club may replace an injured player that is on the Season-Ending Injury List with a new replacement player in accordance with parameters below.

There are so many different ways you could label the greatest international players of all time. Clubs will only be allowed to sign one such replacement player per MLS League Season. Reserve Minimum Salary Players must be 24 years or younger during the League Year (age of player is determined by year - not date - of birth). Generation adidas Players and non-collegiate international players are also eligible for selection in the MLS SuperDraft. Clubs with two Designated Players may add a third Designated Player by paying $150,000 to the League, which shall be split among clubs with two or fewer occupied Designated Player slots for use as General Allocation Money in the following MLS Season. ); and. The replacement players charge will be billed back to the club. A Club may choose to designate, with prior League approval, to employ one Player per year in a professional development role.

If a player with a guaranteed contract is waived, any interested MLS club will have 48 hours from the notice of Waivers to claim the player by notifying the League of the intention to claim the player and the amount of the player's Salary Budget Charge they wish to assume.

If a Club has a vacant third Designated Player slot, the Club will have available three U22 Initiative Slots. Nilton Santos was the original wingback, as he pioneered the attacking defensive style that permeates through many offenses around the world today. His only diminishing factor as the greatest goalscorer is due to the lower level of competition that the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) offers. Give good old Wikipedia a great new look: This article was just edited, click to reload, This article has been deleted on Wikipedia (. Football is back! This number will be reduced to one player per MLS league season match after Roster Freeze (inclusive of MLS Cup Playoffs). If a players contract covers years in which he is no longer eligible to occupy a U22 Initiative Slot (i.e., the seasons of his 26+ birthday), the players compensation may exceed the Maximum Salary Budget Charge provided it is during an Option year.

Zidan is perhaps the best central attacking midfielder in the history of France, and he was the face of an entire generation of French internationals. The proposed compensation for the Players professional development duties must be commensurate with salaries for similar roles when taking into account the expected number of hours of such duties, including being commensurate with salaries paid to former League player-coaches if the professional development duties are coach-focused. Honors: 1958 World Cup, 1962 World Cup, 1970 World Cup.

By many he is considered to have been the best goalkeeper in history. Clubs may nominate players for the League's Draft-Eligible List, and only players from that list may be selected. Bulgarian international Hristo Stoichkov is the greatest player in his nation's history. The injured player must have suffered the season-ending injury prior to the close of the Primary Transfer Window and the new player must be acquired as of such date. Honors: 1998 UEFA U19 World Cup, 2011 Nations Cup.

In addition to Homegrown Players and College Protected Players, clubs may have priority for up to seven players from their respective affiliates (MLS NEXT Pro / USL). We need money to operate the site, and almost all of it comes from our online advertising. Would you like to suggest this photo as the cover photo for this article? Any guaranteed compensation due to the player will continue to be charged to a Club Salary Budget. Despite his inability to have a chance to carve his name into the history of the national team, his ability as one of the first all-around midfielders in the game provide insight into just how good he would have been.

Honors: 1999 FIFA World Youth Championship, 2000 Olympic Silver Medal, 2008 UEFA European Championship, 2010 World Cup, 2012 UEFA European Championship. The player became a member of an MLS club academy, either in the U.S. or Canada, or a Canadian Approved Youth Club no later than the year in which he turned 15 years old; and. Upon loaning a player, clubs will receive roster relief but not Salary Budget relief unless otherwise agreed to in the loan agreement. player development costs, TAM Players, Designated Players, U22 Initiative Slot Player) or may be taken as cash and may not be taken as allocation. A ranking can be traded, provided that part of the compensation received in return is the other club's ranking. At all times, each club is assigned one ranking. The Re-Entry Process is summarized below and subject to the long-form 2020-2028 MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Free Agency will be conducted in accordance with the MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement. Players who are eligible to be placed on Waivers are as follows: Once a club selects a player off Waivers, that club is automatically moved to the bottom of the priority list for subsequent Waiver selections in any given season. Players, General Allocation Money, Allocation Rankings, international roster slots, college protected player priority, Discovery Priority, and Homegrown Player priority in addition to selection position in MLS SuperDraft, Re-Entry Process, and Waivers may all be exchanged in trades approved by the League, provided all of the necessary rules regarding roster and Salary Budget compliance are met and the trade is completed during a valid trading period. 49 page(s) are remaining before you get blocked as a simple visitor. This page displays a detailed overview of the club's current squad. A club may have up to seven players on its Discovery List at any time and may remove or add players at any time. If a player on a club's Supplemental Roster suffers a season-ending injury, a club may replace that injured player with a player earning the Reserve Minimum Salary irrespective of the salary earned by the injured player (e.g., if a Generation adidas Player earning more than the Reserve Minimum Salary is injured, he may be replaced by a player earning the Reserve Minimum Salary (subject to the Club Salary Budget)). If a player is selected in Stage Two, the drafting club will be required to make a genuine offer to the player. Allocation Money can be used to "buy-down" a player's Salary Budget Charge as part of managing a club's roster, including buying down a Salary Budget Charge below the League maximum of $612,500. Honors: 1998 World Cup, 2000 UEFA European Championship, 2003 Confederations Cup, Thierry Henry has been the second most capped player all time for his nation and is the highest ever goal scorer. Such a buyout is at the club's expense. In such instances, the Right of First Refusal for the player will remain with his previous club. If a player is not selected off Waivers ("clears Waivers") then that player is available to all MLS clubs on a first-come, first-served basis. Zico was one of the greatest players of the early 1980's. If a Designated Player is transferred or loaned, the club will receive all amounts of the transfer or loan fee revenue until it has recouped all out-of-pocket cash payments made by the club in connection to that player prior to any sharing arrangement with the League. Targeted Allocation Money may be used in the following ways: Targeted Allocation Money may not be traded.

Honors: 2001 UEFA U17 Championship, 2002 UEFA U18 Championship, 2008 UEFA European Championship, 2010 World Cup, 2012 UEFA European Championship. The loan must be initiated during the Primary Transfer Window or Secondary Transfer Window. Messi has also already made his mark on the Argentine National team, but it has been four years since their last trophy. Clubs may add players to their roster in cases of "Extreme Hardship." Honors: 1994 World Cup, 1996 Olympic Bronze Medal, 1997 Confederations Cup, 1997 Copa America, 1999 Copa America, 2002 World Cup.

For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for, Note: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode. If the Waiver takes place prior to all clubs playing in at least three MLS League Season games, priority is granted based upon the previous MLS season's performance, taking playoff performance into account first, with clubs eliminated from playoff contention at the same stage separated according to their point totals through the end of the regular season. The League will make a final determination, in its sole discretion, as to the Salary Budget Charge of such a player.

French international midfielder Michel Platini wrote the book on being a set piece specialist. For one player on a club's roster (a "Special Discovery Player"), a club can amortize the total amount of acquisition costs (up to $500,000) over the term of the player's contract, including Option years, or over the term of the first and second contract, so long as the second contract is signed prior to the expiration of the first.

The player may not compete against his former club during the MLS Season while on loan (includes MLS League Season games and all other competitions). Slots 21-24 may be filled with (i) Senior Minimum Salary Players ($84,000), which may include Homegrown Players, (ii) Generation adidas Players, (iii) any specifically designated players eligible for the MLS SuperDraft; or (iv) Homegrown Players earning more than the Senior Minimum Salary subject to the Homegrown Player Subsidy . Clubs may loan a player to another MLS club subject to the following: A club may loan any player from its Senior Roster or Supplemental Roster to a non-MLS club, subject to League discretion. He has the ability to score brilliant goals when they are the most needed and equally can set them up as well. A club may sign a player, age 25 or younger during the league season, from its affiliate (MLS NEXT Pro / USL) to a maximum of four Short-Term Agreements (up to four-day contracts) each season (maximum of 16 days). Honors: 1997 Confederations Cup, 1999 Copa America, 2002 World Cup. Honors: 1991 Copa America, 1992 Confederations Cup, 1993 Copa America. These slots may not be filled with Senior Minimum Salary Players (unless they are Homegrown Players subject to the Homegrown Player Subsidy).. All players in slots 25-28 must be paid a base salary that is at least the Reserve Minimum Salary ($65,500). The club with the player on its Discovery List will then have five days (or three days during the Secondary Transfer Window) to either (i) accept the General Allocation Money and pass on the right to sign the player or (ii) make the player a genuine, objectively reasonable offer. Players joining MLS through this mechanism are known as Homegrown Players. The Brazilian midfielder also was a sensational goal scorer who could make a ball dip and swerve to avoid a goalkeeper. The League may contact the players current club (if applicable) and/or his authorized representative to determine the likelihood of reaching an agreement. As a winger and a striker, he excelled on all levels, but was unfortunately unable to lift his nation to greater glory. Honors: 1980 UEFA European Championship, 1988 Olympic Tournament Bronze medal, 1990 World Cup, 1996 UEFA European Championship. If a club uses the third Designated Player slot to sign a Young Designated Player, then the club will not be obligated to pay the $150,000 charge. The latest in the sports world, emailed daily.

The striker is the only player to ever have scored four or more goals in three World Cups. Clubs may trade a Designated Player or U22 Initiative Player, remain responsible for some or all future out of pocket costs, and shed the Designated Player or U22 Initiative Player slot designation under the following limitations: A Designated Player who is 23 years old (or younger than the age of 23) during the League Year (the age of the player is determined by year - not date - of birth) will carry the following Young Designated Player Salary Budget Charge: If such a Young Designated Player joins the club after the opening of the Secondary Transfer Window, he will carry the Mid-Season Young Designated Player Salary Budget Charge of $150,000. One of the game's first true attacking leftback's, Giancinto Facchetti was a position defining player for his country and made the wingback a part of the Italian game to this day. Although the closest he came to an international trophy was as the 1974 World Cup runner-up, Holland's Johan Cryuff was the original total football midfielder, and was the father of a new generation of the game. Estdio Beira-Rio56.000 Seats, Current transfer record: Clubs may not add the following players to their Discovery Lists: If a club wishes to add a player to its Discovery List whom the League determines will require a significant investment from the club, the League will, prior to placing that player on a clubs Discovery List, determine whether the club has the necessary intent, means and ability to sign such a player.

An individual player may be included on up to four MLS league season match rosters each season, however, that player may appear in no more than two MLS league season matches. Up to one Designated Player traded per year (two total active at any given time), Up to one U22 Initiative Player traded per year (two total active at any given time), Player may only be traded beginning in his second MLS season, Roster Slot Designation (Designated Player or U22 Initiative) must be held by one of the two trading teams. Homegrown-eligible players (i.e., another club has achieved or is in the process of achieving Homegrown Priority over such a player). The 2022 Roster Compliance Date is February 25, 2022 by 8 p.m.

Generally, the League will update the Allocation Ranking List once a year (typically after the conclusion of the MLS Regular Season), but may make additional updates in its sole discretion, including, but not limited to, adding players transferred out of MLS and top U.S. youth national team players. One of Brazil's most decorated stars, and perhaps the most dominant striker to have graced the pitch in the past several decades, Ronaldo was in a class of his own. His feat of 68 goals in 62 games for his country is perhaps one that may never get over taken.

Therefore, a club must have Salary Budget space to replace the injured player on the Supplemental Roster or Reserve Roster with a Injured List Replacement Player. He always was one of the best passers and finishers of his day and still holds the record of goals scored in a UEFA European Championship with nine. Franz Beckenbauer is the most dominant defender in the history of the German national team, and was a field general that took the word leadership to a new level for the national team. If a player suffers a season-ending injury, a club may place that injured player on the Season-Ending Injury List and receive roster relief (i.e., an open roster slot). Gaetano Scirea was one of the most fair and graceful, yet superbly technical defenders of his generation and was a rock for the Italian national team through his ten year international career. Striker Gabriel Batistuta is the all time leading scorer for Argentina and also has the best goals per game percentage of any player for the team that follows him in the top of the list.

Until the end of the guaranteed term of his contract up to three years, Generation adidas players are on a club's Supplemental Roster. Primary Transfer Window and Secondary Transfer Window. As Ryan Fitzpatrick announces his retirement, we take a look back at some of his best moments throughout his 17-year career. Puskas is one of only three strikers in history to have scored over 80 goals internationally and has the highest strike rate amongst his two closest goal scorers. Kenny Dalglish is the most capped Scottish player in history, as well as being tied as the nation's all time leading scorer. The Major League Soccer and MLS name and shield are registered trademarks of Major League Soccer, L.L.C.

A player must earn more than 2022 Maximum Salary Budget Charge ($612,500) to qualify for Targeted Allocation Money. An injured player placed on the Injured List will remain unavailable for a minimum of six MLS League Season games and may not participate in any exhibition games or tournaments during that period, including CONCACAF Champions League, Canadian Championship, Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, Leagues Cup and Campeones Cup games. Canada-based clubs: For Canadian clubs, a domestic player is either a Canadian citizen or the holder of certain other special status (i.e., has been granted refugee or asylum status), a player who qualifies under the Homegrown International Rule, or a U.S. The 2022 MLS SuperDraft consisted of three rounds of player selection.

Only the first tier clubs are listed. It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience. Giuseppe Meazza was the greatest player of the 1930s and is perhaps the greatest Italian to have ever played the game. Clubs may not trade for Salary Budget space to replace a player added to the Injured List. The Player must turn or be older than 25 years old during the League Year in which he is employed in the professional development role. A club may waive a Semi-Guaranteed Player at any time during the regular season until 3 business days prior to the Contract Guarantee Date. (See Allocation Money section below for details on buying down a player's Salary Budget Charge.). Honors: 1968 Olympic Tournament Golden Boot, 1968 Bronze Medal. Clubs may not waive a player between the Roster Freeze Date and MLS Cup. A sensational player on all levels, his career was short, but he made his mark on the Brazilian national team's history. A club may have more than one Special Discovery Player on its Senior Roster at any given time if the club received the additional player(s) via trade.

His prolific ability to score from anywhere around the box made him one of the most dangerous goal threats of the 1990s. Consequently, the French national team never lost a game in which he scored. Players who remain unselected after Stage Two will be available to any MLS club on a first-come, first-served basis. Players signed through the Homegrown Player mechanism (see below in Player Acquisition Mechanisms) will receive the designation of Homegrown Player on a clubs roster. His style of play encompassed everything from power and speed to grace and agility and it is thought by many that he is still the greatest striker to have lived. Except in an instance where the player is recalled as outlined above, he must remain with his new club for the entire MLS Season. Homegrown Players may occupy a slot on the Senior or Supplemental Roster. A player may choose to opt out of the Re-Entry Process prior to Stage One and/or Stage Two of the Re-Entry Draft. A club shall receive 95% of the corresponding transfer or loan fee revenue from any transaction involving a player that is NOT a Homegrown Player or a U22 Initiative Slot Player. If the contract of a player occupying a U22 Initiative Slot is renegotiated prior to meeting the minimum slot occupation length, the League will not reclassify the player and he must continue to occupy a U22 Initiative Slot or Designated Player slot depending on compensation. If a club claims a player who was previously signed to an MLS contract but is no longer signed to an MLS contract, the club must issue the player a genuine offer within three business days. Like many strikers on the list before him, Ukrainian international Andriy Shevchenko has been the player that defined his nation for more than the last decade. If one or more clubs attempt to add the same player to their respective Discovery Lists, the club that filed the claim on the earlier date will have the priority right to sign the player. Please click the "Downloads" icon in the Safari toolbar, open the first download in the list, Category:Sport Club Internacional players. The League recognizes that certain positions may be more difficult to find comparable salaries, and the burden is on the Club to use best efforts to make correlations to other roles, leagues, etc. New expansion clubs shall be at the bottom of the Waiver Order until all clubs have played at least three MLS League Season games. 2, Stadium: All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. During the 1950s, French international attacking midfielder, Raymond Kopa, was one of the most prolific midfield goal scorers and play makers in the game, and helped his nation to the third place match of the 1958 World Cup. ET on the second business day.

Players who are not selected in Stage One of the Re-Entry Draft will be made available in Stage Two. The player signs his first professional contract with MLS or an MLS club's affiliate (MLS NEXT Pro / USL ). Each club may only loan one player to another MLS club per season. Squad size: Clubs may re-sign an existing player provided he is earning more than the Maximum Salary Budget Charge. This is the only circumstance in which a club may trade for Salary Budget space.

If one or more clubs submit a discovery request on the same day, then the club with the lowest points-per-game in the current MLS Regular Season (all clubs must have played a minimum of three regular season games) will have the priority right to sign the player. Slots 25-28 may be filled with (i) players earning the Reserve Minimum Salary ($65,500), which may include Homegrown Players, (ii) Homegrown Players earning more than the Reserve Minimum Salary subject to the Homegrown Player Subsidy, or (iii) Generation adidas Players (earning the Reserve Minimum Salary). These roster slots are tradable, in full season increments, such that some clubs may have more than eight and some clubs may have less than eight during any given season.

In the case of Designated Players, transfer/loan revenue may not be assigned as General Allocation Money.

If his club does not offer him a contract after being on trial, the player will have the option to be placed on Waivers on the date following the drafting club's first MLS Regular Season game. However, his failure to have been part of the 1992 European Championship squad is a real shame. One of the greatest forwards of all time, Marco Van Basten led the line of Holland with fierce tenacity and was an amazing finisher. Garrincha helped to lead the Samba Stars to two World Cup titles and is still regarded as one of the best possession players that Brazil has ever produced.

If the League determines that there is no realistic chance of signing the player at that time he will not be discoverable. We do not implement these annoying types of ads!

The compensation ceiling for such eligible players is set at $1,612,500 in 2022. Japanese striker Kunishige Kamamoto is the highest scoring Japanese international of all time and is head and shoulders above the current crop of players that perhaps dream of his national team goals.