(1965Matterson LD, Potter LM, Stutz MW. Effect of various levels of fat and antioxidant on the quality of broiler rations stored at high temperature for different periods. 1983;50:6738. 0000033635 00000 n To quantify the breast meat quality parameters, the meat samples were thawed under refrigeration (3 to 5C) for 24 hours, and 100 g of each sample ( 5.0 g) were weighed and packed in a sturdy plastic bag to avoid contact with the external environment and kept fully submerged in a water bath during cooking at a controlled temperature of 70-75C for one hour. However, this raw material has low commercial value due to problems with oxidative stability, which poses a challenge to the production of foods with acceptable quality and taste (Glushenkova et al., 1998Glushenkova AI, Ul'chenko NT, Talipova M, Mukhamedova KHS, Bekker NP, Tolibaev L. Lipids of rice bran. Use of extruded rice bran in the diet of broilers, compared with raw and roasted rice bran, significantly increased fat digestibility which was attributed to lipase and trypsin inhibitor inactivation [1, 15]. Assoc. Mujahid et al. The tibial weight was decreased with the increasing level of rice bran in broiler diet [26]. Analyst at Embrapa Swine and Poultry, zip code 89700-000, Concordia, Santa Catarina, Brazil. MJZ coordinated the overall study, analyzed the data and edited the manuscript. Pesquisa Agropecuria Brasileira 2014;49(6):407-415. Journal Science and Food Agriculture 2015;95:504-508. The samples were weighed in a semi-analytical balance and conditioned in a drip-specific collector. (2009Rosniyana A, Hashifah MA, Shariffah Norin SA. Ind J Poult Sci. Barber S, Benedito-de BC. 283p.) Pakistan Veterinary Journal 2004;24(2):70-75.). (Association of Official Analytical Chemists). 0000001566 00000 n J Appl Poult Res. ), the presence of toxic compounds formed during oxidation can damage liver epithelial cells, and changes in the fatty acid composition of the liver can alter organ size due to disorders caused by lipid metabolism. Yasin M, Asghar A, Anjum F, Butt M, Khan M, Arshad M, et al., Oxidative stability enhancement of broiler bird meats with a-lipoic acid and ?-tocopherol acetate supplemented feed. Westport: AVI Publishing Co; 1980. 2nd ed. At the end of the experimental period (28 days of age), two birds per replicate, totalling 20 birds per treatment, were identified, weighed and slaughtered by cervical dislocation to measure the weight of the breast meat and liver to determine the yield in relation to live weight. Their results demonstrated greater RB stabilization through the thermal process, which resulted in better animal performance. Phone: +55 49 3444 0400 Email: Calcium: minimum 210g / kg, maximum 250g / kg; Phosphorus: 180g / kg; Capital letters in the column differ from each other depending on the heat treatment within each antioxidant. In addition, it decreases protein digestibility and energy use through inhibition of the enzymes such as pepsin, trypsin and -amylase [12, 13]. Boccard R, Buchter L, Cassels E. Procedures for measuring meat quality characteristics in beef production experiments. Glushenkova AI, Ul'chenko NT, Talipova M, Mukhamedova KHS, Bekker NP, Tolibaev L. Lipids of rice bran. Borazjanizadeh M, Eslami M, Bojarpour M, Chaji M, Fayazi J. Poultry Science 2011;90:2811-2816.; Borazjanizadeh et al., 2011Borazjanizadeh M, Eslami M, Bojarpour M, Chaji M, Fayazi J. Colour evaluation was performed using a Chroma Meter CR-310 colorimeter (Minolta, Osaska, Japan) and the L *, a *, b * system, where L * is luminosity, a * is the intensity of the colour red and b * is the intensity of the colour yellow. UNOPAR Cientifica Cincias Biolgicas e da Sade 2013;15(1):47-53. Pakistan Veterinary Journal 2004;24(2):70-75. Ramezanzadeh FM, Rao RM, Windhauser M, Prinyawiwatkul W, Tulley R, Marshall WE. Moisture measurement-unground grain and seeds. Anyone you share the following link with will be able to read this content: Sorry, a shareable link is not currently available for this article. A review on antioxidants, prooxidants and related controversy: natural and synthetic compounds, screening and analysis methodologies and future perspectives. After the samples were cut towards the muscle fibres into approximately 1.0 cm 1.0 cm 2.5 cm rectangles, they were analysed with a texture analyser (TA XT Plus Texture Analyzer, Texture Technologies Corporation), and the shear force (kgf) was determined. In line with our current results, Gallinger et al. (2011Rostagno HS, Albino LFT, Donzele JL, Gomes PC, Oliveira R F, Lopes D C, et al., Tabelas brasileiras para aves e sunos: composio de alimentos e exigncias nutricionais. Br Poult Sci. 9th ed. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40781-015-0059-z, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s40781-015-0059-z. British Poultry Science 2004;45(3):395-399. Official methods of analysis. Heating has been shown to be the most effective method for lipase inactivation and stable RB production without increasing free fatty acids during storage (Mujahid et al., 2003; Oliveira et al., 2012). Ersin Samli H, Senkoylu N, Akyurek H, Agma A. Ravindran V, Bryden WL, Kornegay ET. Effects of feeding rancid rice bran on growth performance and chicken meat quality in broiler chicks. Influencia del processado industrial sobre las caractersticas quimico fisicas y contenido en lpidos y antioxidantes del salvado de arroz. Effects of a phytogenic feed additive on growth performance and ileal nutrient digestibility in broiler chickens. Effect of storage time on the rancidity and metabolizable energy of rice polishing in poultry. Pasha TN, Khattakl FM, Khan DR, JabBAR MA. In: Standards. Pestana VR, Zambiazi RC, Mendona CRB, Bruscatto MH, Ramos GR.

The wet heat treatment of the meal resulted in a higher daily feed intake and body weight at 28 days and better feed conversion than did the meal without heat treatment. However, thermally treating this RB proved to be more effective, as demonstrated by the performance responses of the birds. The samples were gently dried with a paper towel and weighed again, which allowed the percentage of water loss per drip (%) to be calculated using the formula [100 - (Final sample weight x 100) / (Initial sample weight)]. Farias NNP, Freitas ER, Xavier RPS, Braz NM, Tavares TCL, Figueiredo CWS, et al., Farelo integral de arroz parboilizado submetido a armazenamento prolongado para alimentao de codornas de corte. Another RB stabilization technology is pelletizing through mechanical processes combined with humidity, pressure and heat. Relative to other groups, total P availability was higher in the control and T4 groups (Table3). Google Scholar. In relation to the breast meat quality (Table 5) and the fat content of the liver (Table 6), no significant interaction in factorial was observed between the tested factors, nor was there an isolated effect of the use of supplemental antioxidants and heat treatment of RB on drip loss, cooking loss, shear force, breast colour and liver composition. Nonphytate phosphorus requirement and phosphorus excretion of broiler chicks fed diets composed of normal or high available phosphate corn with and without microbial phytase. Researcher at Embrapa Swine and Poultry, zip code 89700-000, Concordia, Santa Catarina, Brazil. 0000034568 00000 n evaluating the natural antioxidant in the diet of chickens, depicted that broilers receiving -tocopherol in feed gain higher body weight and better feed conversion efficiency. Van Keulen J, Young B. Effect of different levels of rice bran processed by various techniques on performance of broiler chicks.

Article The study protocol was approved by the Animal Ethics Committee of Shiraz University and the birds were managed in compliance with the Shiraz University animal care guidelines and policies. This limited bioavailability is primarily due to the fact that poultry lack significant amounts of endogenous phytase, the enzyme which is needed for breakdown of phytate-bound P and subsequent release of P for absorption [30, 31]. ASAE- American Society of Agricultural Engineers. The data were analyzed using GLMs in the SAS program (SAS Inst., Inc., Cary, NC, 2002). Kurir TT, Markotic A, Katalinic V, Bozanic D, Cikes V, Zemunik T, et al., Effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on the regeneration of the liver after partial hepatectomy in rats. In addition, according to Kurir et al. Relative weight of the pancreas was higher in birds receiving T2 and T3 diets. Rice bran also contains lipase and peroxide which are released during rice polishing and cause lipid oxidation [2, 14]. The apparent nutrient digestibility coefficients (ADC) for DM, NR, and EE were determined using the formula: ADC (%) = [(NC - NEx) / NC] 100, where NC = the amount of nutrients consumed, and NEx = the amount of nutrients excreted according to the methodology proposed by Sakomura and Rostagno (2007). Phytases: occurrence, bioavailability and implications in poultry nutrition. Br Poult Sci. Oliveira MG de C, Bassinello PZ, Lobo VL da S, Rinaldi MM. AOAC. 0000004288 00000 n Birds feeding on the diets containing un-extruded rice bran had a significantly lower body weight gain compared to those on the control diet (T1), T4 and T5 diets.

Table 7 shows the nutrient digestibility coefficient data, and there were no significant effects of the interactions between the tested factors on the coefficient of apparent digestibility of dry matter and ether extract. 0000001204 00000 n No significant difference was found in tibial weight (p=0.5457). Effects of extrusion of rice bran on performance and phosphorous bioavailability in broiler chickens, https://doi.org/10.1186/s40781-015-0059-z, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0, http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/. Mean separation was performed using the Duncans multiple range test at 5% significant level. Poultry Science 2010;89:366-370.; Karre et al., 2013Karre L, Lopez K, Getty KJK. The lower relative weight of pancreas in diets containing extruded rice bran might probably be due to destruction of trypsin inhibitors as a result of extrusion treatment, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of extrusion treatment in denaturing the trypsin inhibitor. Effects of using rice polishings in broiler diets. Rosniyana A, Hashifah MA, Shariffah Norin SA. Efeito do tratamento por microondas do arroz recm colhido no rendimento de gros inteiros, na qualidade de cozimentos e na estabilizao do farelo [thesis]. Waldroup P, Kersey J, Saleh E, Fritts C, Yan F, Stilborn H, et al. AAZS conducted the feeding trial, ran the laboratory analyses and was responsible for the first draft of the manuscript. In: Luh DS, editor. hyyWn e hW*'I@L8x/7TZjUJUjv!00yp2P2yW Cxwnni~mM}{v:?cw:zOkUXd>s-o^Swi~ekS{6]-_-r;nZ-M7o|{6t!pNeK-]-u7w1;\:#x77}>ui>{>{kvwn}-o9(__&muuW?uJ7,z?-H+[sNk'[m>~z]. Effects of thymol and carvacrol feed supplementation on lipid oxidation in broiler meat. Approximately 90% of P in rice bran is in the form of phytic acid and phytate chelated with other elements; phytate not only does reduce P availability, but also decreases the absorption of elements such as zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium [11]. volume57, Articlenumber:26 (2015) Scotts Nutrition of the Chicken. Broilers reared until 28 days of age consuming diets containing 6.5% of whole RB stabilized by heat treatment showed improved performance, and the use of antioxidants was not necessary. A review on antioxidants, prooxidants and related controversy: natural and synthetic compounds, screening and analysis methodologies and future perspectives. In the humid heat treatment, the use of a synthetic antioxidant resulted in a higher daily feed intake compared with the natural antioxidant and the control. 0000001110 00000 n Role of physical structures in bulk oils on lipid oxidation. [18] reported no change in the weight of pancreas by extrusion cooking of rice bran. Effects of extrusion of rice bran on performance and phosphorous bioavailability in broiler chickens. (1988) reported that extrusion cooking of rice bran improved the productive performance of broiler chicks in terms of weight gain and feed-to-gain ratio in the first two weeks of feeding, which disappeared as the feeding period approached its end [18].