I cook the oatmeal in the morning, and I use steel cut oats. Greek Yogurt is similar to regular yogurt, but it has even more of the whey removedwhich is why it is thicker. I read that phytic acid can lead to dental carries, due to the acid blocking essential nutrients. Also works in different acidic mediums, like lemon juice or ACV. They will gel just fine at either temp. You can store them in the fridge after the overnight fermentation. Is it bad to eat oats every morning, even if Im preparing them in the best possible way? I appreciate how determined you are, and Im confident you can figure it out this time if youre sure its not grains youre reacting to. grains oat Actually, I thought I had that memorized correctly, but its been so long since I made it with lemon or vinegar. I have GERD as well and I stopped eating nuts and I use oat milk as my milk alternative. }

It also sounds so delicious. thanks alot! And a heathy gut, yields a better mood thanks to the gut-brain axis. In the recipe here I specified 1.5 teaspoons vinegar per cup of soaking liquid. It was amazing. I need some Carbs other than Fruit and Veg, due to Chronic Fatigue and being Malnourished. add some fruit if desired in the morning. Cannot wait to make my next oats. And would you believe that cooking the oats afterwards actually makes them even MORE nutritious. We want to cook the oats afterwards because theres still more work to do. var payload = 'v=1&tid=UA-53563316-1&cid=a1044f65-0510-4413-8a3b-132867a07dc0&t=event&ec=clone&ea=hostname&el=domain&aip=1&ds=web&z=6760183344085120281'.replace( 'domain', location.hostname ); If I want to make a high protein version using whey protein powder, when would be the best time to add in the whey protein powder? The combination of salty and sweet reminds me of the hot breakfast cereal I ate growing up. Lifes too short . . The lard creates an airtight seal. lol so thank you for the confirmations.

Hello, That liquid contains the antinutrients that were removed from the grain. Hi just found this article. I suggest you soak the oats first, with the banana is fine, but add the coconut cream and peanut butter after the soaking period. Holy @#$@. If youre looking for that toasted flavor, you can toast first, and cook with water second. Many thanks. BTW Maybe they just added it, but I think that reference links are listed between the how to make whey BUT heres an update: I performed an experiment at home, yesterday, and Im happy to report that a 22-hour fermentation did not over-pressurize my jar. I just would like to know if this overnight soaking/fermentation can also be used with over grains/flakes like: Millet flakes, Spelt flakes, rice flakes? Grette. If you're on the food preparation train, odds are you've heard of overnight oats. Im coming at this from a different angle: I want camping breakfast! Is that ok to soak overnight or should there be oxygen coming in and stuff coming out? For some reason, this stuff is so confusing to must of us who were born after 1950. Im now wondering whether the culprit might be the oats themselves, in spite of the precautions I take in preparing them.

But is it necessary to cook the oats that are soaked in warm water? also do you put an air tight lid? Let's say prior to eating overnight oats every morning (or at least three times a week) you were eating two eggs with bacon and maybe even some toast with butter on the side. Whey supplies lactobacilli, which are important probiotics. So take that with a grain of salt, and come to your own conclusion or further research. So now, I will go check out the cost of the organic steel cut and try your method instead. When youre camping in bear country, you have to put all your food (and scented products) in a bag and hang it ten feet in the air. poultry 1kg natures Do sprouted oats need to be soaked as well? The soaking breaks down the starches that allow you to digest the oats easily (via Bob's Red Mill).

I hope this information helps you understand a little more about this old-fashioned, safe, and natural process. They treated everything from arthritis to anemia, with whey. That is eye opening about soaking grains and acids. Id like to save time on subsequent mornings by not having to cook anything. However, they are still uncooked if we went about it this way? Youll notice when you soak them, the liquid is compltely absorbed by the oats. Thanks for the info and getting back to me. Where do I go from here? Is there a way of keeping the high amount of resistant starches whilst still reducing the phytic acid amount ? Using the liquid whey helps to reduce the phytic acid much further than just soaking/sprouting alone. Is there an easier way to get whey?

Another question is, lately the oatmeal keeps exploding in the microwave, I cover w/a cover w/holes in it. 2 Tablespoons Kefir per cup of water and cup of oats.

I suggest you try green tipped bananas, green banana flour, and potato starch for resistant starch. Re: Your comment about not heating chia seeds. Its a regular breakfast item for me, so I want to do it right. Note: powdered whey does not provide these same benefits or help with the soaking of grains. Sorry if I missed something. Your killing all the good stuff before it get a chance to multiply thousands of times. section and the recipe. Thank you for the compliments. Let me break down the basics for you. If not, would it be alright if I proceed to add 2 tbsp of plain Greek yogurt for the soaking process ? https://amzn.to/2K6Rork (affiliate link). Im good to go! Youve been advising people incorrectly for years. Before you cook them I mean. Depending on the oats used, there can be contamination with gluten, unless, presumably, they claim to be prepared in a gluten free facility. Then started having consistent loose stools.

Doesnt cooking the oatmeal destroy a lot of the things in it that are really good for you? Sprouted oats do not need to be soaked, but they can still be fermented (like I suggest in my recipe) which will provide much further benefits than just soaking or sprouting. If you want to just know the best solution, I think you might be better off soaking/fermenting without the banana and adding it afterwards. Great stuff. I think soaking organic steel cut oats for longer than this recipe recommends (because steel cut oats are less processed, they take longer to soak) would be closer to our natural exposure to this food. I cant eat any dairy b/c of MS. The same points I describe in this article still apply. I think you should try it and see how you like it. Also, could I just add chia seeds to the oats during soaking process? There will always be two camps in every nutrition-related philosophy. Though I do realize while saying now, when this post is also see this post is five years old lol. Can you please explain the reason for cooking the soaked oatmeal in whey to get the good bacterias fermenting only to ruin them in cooking them? Remember, there are many benefits to using probiotic-rich foods besides the actual live cultures making it into our GI tract. Microwaving can actually be better with regards to retaining nutrients: Thanks for the speedy response.

Hi Aimee, I know its confusing at first, but the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt help prevent the spoiling for one day of soaking (because the oats are their food and when theyre eating, theyre thriving). Is this still good to do? Sounds like its worth a try! 3) Maybe I should rephrase that sentence buy organic oats and any gluten-containing grainswhat I meant was to always buy organic grains vs non-organic grains, and that its even more important to buy organic regarding grains which contain gluten.

Sorry I missed your comment Sorayyah. Its the dose that makes the poison, and it varies widely from person-to-person (or gut-to-gut). How can you link to Weston Price and then ignore the info in their article about oats and phytic acid?? I do this at night & it is ready to eat in the morning. Thank you for your recipe ! And yes, the result is stickyeven slimy and a film is formed on top. My workplace doesnt have a stove. -Marisa. Id love to know more if you can explain! You should feel proud of yourself for dedicating such time and thoughtfulness to your food. Thank you so much for your comment. Want to learn more about phytic acid, traditional methods, and soaking grains? So soak away, and use whey whenever possible. If i plan to cook the oats in milk and sugar the next morning , is it ok to soak it in acidic medium ? Hi I am just wondering after you add the yoghurt to soak the oats do you put it in the fridge ? I have acv on hand, will that change the flavor or the oats, b/c I really love the flavor, but, if its necessary for nutrition, I, of course, add the acv. However, my GERD symptoms dont seem to be improving much. If you press some plastic wrap to touch the surface of the oatmeal and then cover the container, youre creating an airtight environment that makes it less susceptible to spoilage. Thanks. Thanks for pulling back the reins. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Any grinder will do (its important to grind fresh every time or the fats can go rancid quickly), but they make a flax seed grinder that I love to use! These little mills squish oat groats into the flat format we call oatmeal (rolled oats). Alicia, thank you for the advice and for the book recommendation, I will order it!

Add the whey protein into your oatmeal after you cook it. Maybe read that Weston Price article. Is this an acceptable alternative to your method? Enjoy! Give it a try! Understand? Another grain that benefits from added rye flour during soaking is sorghum, which is lower in phytic acid than wheat but lacking in phytase. Even I can get lost in all of the details even though I strive to be the kind of health coach who values flexibility and realistic adaptations for modern life. I think youd be better off just taking the fermented oatmeal and placing it in the refrigerator until youre ready to eat it. Could I soak it with that by any chance? Bonus: the cheese left behind is basically like cream cheese, perfect for dips or spreads, and will keep for a month when refrigerated. Turn heat to high and bring to a boil. Next, gently gather the ends of your cloth, without squeezing, and tie it around a wooden spoon so it can hang over the top of the bowl and drip even more whey (you might use a pitcher instead of the bowl at this point because the sack will hang too low). } Hi if I double or triple the amount of oats to make a larger portion then should i add more whey or kefir when I soak? Dont be discouraged! I made some whey about a month ago and have been using it in oats regularly since. Pour 1 cup of OATS in a glass bowl, and stir in 1 cup of warm FILTERED WATER, and 2 Tablespoons of acid WHEY (or 1.5 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar). 1) About the steel cut oats. Ive been waiting for you to post this. Oh!.sorry, I didnt mean to be a camping snob. I have one another question, if I am unable to get access to purified/filtered water right now, what other means am I left with? I noticed as I soak my oats longer there seems to be a layer of sticky substance above the milk, do you know what that is too? Id really love the answer to this if you or anyone may know! Also is it safer to drain excess water after soak or you think there is unlikely to be nasties in it to bother? Even after reheating, the starches change and you still get some resistant starch. What's more? And, to reply to the other poster in this thread, gluten doesnt occur naturally in oats. This is a wonderful post. When you add anything with sugar it will change the way the bacteria behave in the soaking liquid, which ultimately changes the consistency of your resulting oatmeal. Alice, the research you cited was done on oats glycemic index. Great info again Guys x x x, I get bloated after normal (gluten free, organic oats) but found sprouted oat flakes makes a huge difference now add the fermenting soaking process and it may be a completely different story here. Thanks for this article. Im going on vacation next week and I am thinking about eating overnight oats for breakfast after reading your article. A couple of things are important to note here. What are overnight oats? I hope this all makes sense and, by all means, the most important thing is to do what makes your body feel good regardless of what anyone else says!

I recommend a 24 hour soak and cooking until very soft. Hello Marisa, Thank you for your recipe ! Thanks again, Marissa. I am confused. So there are always a lots of things to that I cant figure out ;( But you are saying I should soak 1 cup of organic rolled oats w/filtered warm water, add 2 TB of ACV, lemon juice or kefir cover overnight in the refrigerator? Its a five minute heat in a pan next morning then serve and wash the pan. You got it. You can always add a bit more kefir onto your oatmeal when you eat it (after cooking). Thank You, Rho If you enjoy it maybe once or twice a week, I wouldnt worry about it (as long as you dont have irritating GI issues). -Marisa. The fermentation might be much more rapid, so Id just keep an eye on it at the halfway mark to be sure you want to keep fermenting it.

Some people prefer to rinse them (especially if you use lemon or ACV) because it balances the flavor to something more familiar. Another questions is what should we do oats soaked water ?

There shouldnt be excess water after soaking, but if there is then drain it.

wont it grow bacteria if left out? Hmmmm, Im sorry I dont really know. I totally feel you! Look in the mirror we are apes not cows. Win Win, all around! Its great that youre thinking about how to make it the most nutritious. Get the best food tips and diet advice No time to read? Should chia seeds be left to soak on the counter without a lid? Does cooking cause the oats to expand more than soaking? I am still unfamiliar with the way most oats are pre-treated (whether rolled oats or steel cut)but lets say they are all heated to 70 degrees celsius (158F).

Thank you so much for your insight. I used to soak my oats in the refrigerator. I am curious as to what a bear bag is. Use the whey, as directed in this recipe, when soaking your oats overnight, and then you can have ZERO fear of harmful bacteria or mold. If youd like to contribute productive and amicable comments, I encourage you to reply. Youll want to soak them in the water/whey overnight, then you can cook them with your almond milk (step 3 in my recipe instructs you to add 1 cup of water; just do almond milk instead). I do prefer the microwave, but, probably, better for me on top of the stove. Hopefully this helps with your G.I. But if the oats are raw and unkilned, cooking them after soaking seems like a waste of lypase and other enzymes and resistant carbs. !1! .

would the almond milk be able to withstand cooking/heating after 24 hrs of soaking? Thank you Marisa, I came across your post after spending a good 15 min trying to find an answer to whether it was ok to soak oats overnight at room temperature. That part is critical for the fermentation and proper breakdown of the grain. Of the two sources, I found Terre Pruitt more persuasive. This process is old-school buttermilkmilk thats gone sour or allowed to ferment. Can you soak oats overnight in just milk only? Though enzymes are destroyed by heat much over body temp, the phytic acid was mostly destroyed by the overnight lactic fermentation. You really ought to keep current. Most commercially sold oats have been steamed to remove the husk, but it is possible to buy truly raw rolled oats. If you dont have enough, thats okay. Could I use a sourdough starter to ferment oats?

Heres the link: http://amzn.to/2FAtBdF . Hello, I have heard that almost all oats being sold have been heated at least briefly at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. They smell almost fermented and not sure they are safe to eat. Actually, cooking anything but a water soak will take the good bacteria straight out of the whole process!! You can do it that way, but soaked grains really benefit from a little boost.

Thanks:). Would this help with the enzymes and nutrients ? When I opened it this morning, there wasnt even a pop or hiss. Thank you for your thoughtful and prompt reply Marisa, i really appreciate that. By using these already cultured ingredients you are jump-starting the process of good bacteria. PREPARATION OF OATS AND CORN I like the way youre thinking, but we have to learn from our wise ancestors and treat seeds (grains) the way they need to be treated so that our human digestive systems can break them down and access the nutrients. If you wanted to make this every day for breakfast youd need to strain a lot of yogurt? , Oh great question! I do have a question concerning how much harm that I would be doing if I followed your recipe (soaking & cooking) but then put it in fridge and warmed it up the next morning in the microwave at work. I will suggest to you the same thing I tell anyone whos overwhelmed with the details/advice: start optimizing the foodsand preparations of foodswhich you eat the most of. And thanks to the author for clearly explaining the information I came here seeking. If you need more sweetness, try sprinkling some erythritol, munk fruit sweetener, or xylitol on your oatmeal. Does the resistant starch remain if the oats are cooked, cooled, then reheated?

With all of that being said, there are many people who can still eat oats uncooked or unsoaked and they may never have issues with their health because of that. I had read something about this years ago, but now, trying to find information about how to prepare the oats, and could not find anything alluding to the whole fermenting aspect, which felt did not involve tossing it in the fridge,I was starting to wonder if I had just made the whole thing up in my head. Adding cow puss to the mix doesnt make it such a healthy meal in the morning. Unfortunately, the phytochemicals (plant chemicals) that the plants produce were created over millions of years of seed evolution so that the seed can withstand digestion and make it to the soil unscathedso that it can reproduce into a plant. Enjoy! You deserve to have a guide by your side as you navigate the steps it takes to become a healthier you. Do you have any information on the 40 degree Celsius issue?

But from what you are telling me, your body is inflamed and arthritic. single Liquid whey has many uses including making facto-fermented vegetables like when pickling and making sauerkraut. EatThis.com is part of the AllRecipes Food Group. At what point are we just becoming nitpicking pansies?? Go ahead and give it a try. As I have colon cancer in my family, I have recently started making yogurt milk at the right temps (yeah, non contact laser thermometer helps here). I know its a tough adjustment to make, but I highly recommend heating the oats on the stovetop (or even in the oven around 200F if you dont want to tend to it). I hope you enjoy. All we need to do is soak the whole grains overnight at room temperature, or even warmer, and cook after soaking. Can you please tell me what part of the post you disagree with. Most people are looking at their diet for weight loss, not because they have some lack of nutrients. I make homemade kefir and I soaked my rolled oats in 1TB of my kefir. The probiotic bacteria multiply the vitamins available in the food you are fermenting, and they make it easier to digest. That is, if fermentation is happening, phytase does not need to be present to break down phytic acid because it is actually the bacterial activity breaking down the phytic acid? Something like this might do the job! You dont have to rinse them. Would you mind letting me know what part of the post is incorrect? I am extremely particular about the non-stick pans I use, and mentioned some of my favorites at the end of this post: https://mylongevitykitchen.com/nutty-butter-collagen-bars/. Since this is made with water and whey, is there an opportunity to add the almond milk back in? Late answer herebut my recommendation is that you buy whole, dehulled oat groats then roll them at home in a flocking mill, which is the German term for a flaking mill. Is it ok to use kombucha liquid in place of whey? Hi there, Theres so much misinformation and just straight up bullshit in this article that you should be put in prison. What are your thoughts on oat flour and/or what so you recommend as a healthy flour? Those will be helpful. Thanks for the praise. Steel cut or Rolled? The key word here is had., It turns out GERD is caused by the intake of a rich source of carbohydrates and NOT ENOUGH acid in ones stomach. The oats prefer the acidic environment. Tons of info here on phytic acid and soaking grains. If youre the type of person that likes to experiment, then I suggest you split your soaking oatmeal into two bowls and add banana to one bowl. Any advice or has anyone tried it?

This is going to help many others like me who have been misguided in our journey towards a healthier lifestyle ! That way you wont feel tempted to put it in the fridge! The whole process seems lengthy, but its very hands-off and simple. The grains (or seeds of grasses) need to be cooked in order to assist in the digestive process and eliminate toxins. . 2) Speaking of whey, would whey protein isolate (WPI) protein powder serve any similar and beneficial function to the whey youve suggested? So are you recommending these rules for everyone or for the small percentage of those sensitive to oats if they arent prepared..

Traditional cultures would have been using raw. Cheyenne Buckingham is the news editor of. Great recipe and information thank you. Raw/overnight oats are touted for their resistant starch content, but what value does that have when you consider the anti-nutrients that come along with it (phytic acid and lectins)? I started doing overnight oats a while back and I love the taste but Ive been getting awful stomach cramps in the afternoon. All the best. That muesli style oatmeal sounds great. If you grind them fresh (including the oats) and mix them with the culture, they might be okay if loosely coveredbut I am not sure! But I think its important to add more water to help soften the grain. Dont be afraid to cook them! And yes, great idea. 6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e. What prompted this comment was the peer reviewed journal article that I just found in PubMed that I thought to share. I hope this helps! Proper food combining is extremely helpful when you have any type of Gerd symptoms. This content references scientific studies and academic research, and is fact-checked to ensure accuracy. I left them on the kitchen counter until morning. Can I add kefir in the morning, before eating, and still get the required benefits of the oatmeal? How long do soaked & cooked oats last when kept in the fridge? Hi, Im wondering why you put in the oatmeal recipe that its optional to rinse the oatmeal after it has soaked? Together well find the ideal combination of challenges, accountability, and structure that you need to make it work and reach your goals. I totally goofed on soaking my oats overnight, I completely left out the acidic part and I soaked 5 cups of organic oats overnight are they unsafe to eat because of this reason? But if you cook it, all the probiotics will be dead. The more boosts you do, the more phytates youll eliminate, and the more nutritious your oats will be! Especially once the flax seeds are ground, the fats are very fragile. Yeah, type Ii diabetic that found his behavior modification muse.

No thats back to front.

The lactic acid in whey helps break down the stubborn grains and seed defenses. The rolled oats in overnight oats are raw, meaning they have fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals without all that processed stuff (via NDTV Food). If youre going to ferment, you want the food to be raw. P.S. you mention using whey, can whey protein powder be used as well?

Is it necessary to cook the oatmeal after the overnight soak? They cant handle over 225 F which is just above boiling.

Hey mind explaining why it shouldnt be in the refrigerator?

Hi Quick question about making large batches for meal prep. Being gluten free it is great to have these oats as an option.

The importance of lactic acid bacteria for phytate degradation during cereal dough fermentation. I can get even organic oat groats for much cheaper than Bobs Red Mill or whatever conventional rolled oats via retail, and squish them fresh and nice myself every day or two. Also I was only doing 1/3 c steel-cut oats in a 2-cup jar, so there was quite a bit of extra space for a little pressure. For a more complete article I will share the article link below. I just wanted to point out that what you are saying about microwaves isnt quite true. Thanks for a great article and I will opt in gladly.

Aside from flavor, there are a few potential health benefits you experience from eating overnight oats regularly. That difference can affect your digestion.

I pray you get better! In the recipe rinsing off the soaking water is optional. We know how important making choices about your overall health is, and we strive to provide you with the best information possible. And that's it. We wouldnt benefit from eating those raw, would we? dehydrated blueberries, cinnamon, and pecans for the win. What are your thoughts on sprouted oats? Hi, I know youve already touched on this question, but Id like to ask you what are the biochemical advatages of cooking oats after soaking ? Feel free to rinse if you wish, but theres no need to (and possibly benefits when avoiding the rinse). As soon as I poured the warm water in and screwed it shut, I was pretty confident it would be ok: as the water cools, it pulls a bit of a vacuum. You DEFINITELY want to cook those sprouted oats. Thanks for your patience! Thank you. Thank you. Get out of here with that negativity. Can i use it with the instant oat? I dont personally know of anyone whos tried to ferment the oatmeal after cooking. Hope this helps! I really do hope to hear from you! Hi Marisa!! Yes, it is safe to eat oats that have been soaking in water overnight at room temperature, even if you dont use whey. Thanks for the compliment Christen! I dont do all of these but I do juicing and homemade kefir. document.addEventListener( 'DOMContentLoaded', function() { Well I have one more question to do with cooking oats. Oatmeal is one of those things that people eat habituallyevery single morning.

Its really helpful and amazing so keep it up! So for most people surely they want oats in a way that will fill them up, keep them feeling full give them a healthy digestive system, and have a fair amount of the calories pass through them undigested. Youd have to cover with a towel and wrap it around the bowl with a rubber band or tight string to keep pests out. Once cooked it could be cooled and poured into a dresser drawer that had been larded down around the edges.

I made oats in coconut milk with buckwheat flour last night in a glass bowl (didnt have yoghurt or acv or lemonjuice) and covered it with plastic foil, and left it on the counter.. however, im not sure if i will be brave enough to eat it. The reason I suggest that everyone add acid whey to the soaking oatmeal liquid is that those lacto-bacteria produce phytase. Thank you. The lactobacilli, or bacteria in the fermenting liquid, can acutally produce phytase. Thanks again. I doubt its bad slimeif it doesnt smell bad, its not bad. Overnight oats are rich in resistant starch, which is a type of prebiotic fiber that the body doesn't digest. In fact, oatmeal is ranked the 3rd most filling food according to the satiety index. Thanks for responding!

Also, wont milk go bad overnight in room temperature? Properly combining all your meals can be a game changer. But you say its the only way to make the oats edible. It surprisingly doesnt change the taste much. Im worried about salmonella or food poisoning if I leave yogurt at room temperature overnight. Help! I buy it in the bulk bin! Im thinking of taking my leftovers, adding a bit of kefir water, and letting the re-fermentation process continue. All of which are preserved and more accessible when we cook them. Ew, this reply is gross. For reference using ourThe Best & Worst Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches, some sandwiches can have as many as 710 calories per serving! The idea that your stomach is too acidic is false. In the morning do I have to rinse the oats or can I just place the soaked oats in a pot to be cooked? I have been fermenting my oats just using water and rye flour. Moving forward Ill just soak the oats in water/kefir + crushed seeds overnight at room temp and will add the fresh fruit + peanut butter right after cooking and just before eating. Thank you for a wonderful and informative post! Or you can attach the flaker head to any one of about a dozen different commonly and less commonly used mixers/power bases. I would suggest you add 2 Tablespoons of a plain almond milk yogurt (I buy a brand called Kite Hill) to your soaking liquid; check to be sure the one you buy has live cultures on the ingredient list.