Joe Scarborough is Disgusted By Trump Following Jan 6th Hearing: He Is a Heinous Human Being, Frankly, Infuriating: Jake Tappers Reaction to Trump Inaction on Jan 6th That Likely Spurred Insult From Ex-Prez, Trump Goes on Unhinged RANT Following Prime Time January 6th Hearing, Trump Campaign Officials Privately Blasted Him For Ignoring Death of Capitol Officer: Everything He Said About Supporting Law Enforcement Was a Lie. How truly meaningful and fulfilling. Loonette and Molly want to go to Clowntown; however, they are too young to go there, but Granny teaches them and Major Bedhead that you can explore and travel by using your imagination.

[1][3] In season 7, Loonette and Molly play the Dream Game and Molly gives out the letter that the dream starts with and provide what they will be dreaming about. Although Molly discovered the Dust Bunnies early in the first season, for most of the show's run Loonette didn't believe that there were dust bunnies under the couch.[1]. Loonette is in a total rush, meanwhile, Major Bedhead is dressed as a cowboy clown. From 1992 to 2002, the show was filmed at Wallace Avenue Studios in Toronto, and in 2006, it was filmed at Toronto's Studio City. Loonette gets moody and treats Molly poorly this season as well in episodes 8 and 12., Marina Fang (she/her) (@marinafang) November 8, 2021, Just watch then share. At Clowndergarten, the clowns play Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, play with the clock rug parachute, play with hula hoops and have a parade with costumes. The Big Comfy Couch has five DVDs featuring Ramona Gilmour-Darling. !, When Jost pushed back, noting that cursing is not allowed onSNL,Strong insisted, Its funny, Colin, were just having fun., Laugh! Loonette searches for her lost ball, later, she, Granny, and Major Bedhead play with a hula hoop from Auntie Macassar. Classic example of the moral laws inviolability. All programs are distributed by PBS unless where noted. The intro changes again with children's vocals re-recorded. We are back to a full lit set. At the Dojo, Loonette balances on a balance beam. After Cecilys clown revealed she had a clown abortion at 23, she went on to explain how its not something she prefers to talk about because its her own personal clown business., I really dont [want to talk about this], Cecilys Goober character said about the abortion talk during the segment. Ask yourself: If abortion is not fraught, why are segments like this even made? Not for the mother or the baby. At the Cabbage Club Cooking School, Loonette and Granny really blend things up by reminding themselves, you are what you eat. I need you to laugh sohard, like the way I laughed when the doctor asked if I got pregnant on my way over to the clinic because I wasnt very far along, she said. Unmistakenly resembling Loonette from the childrens series The Big Comfy Couch,Strong sat down with Colin Joston Saturdays Weekend Update,during which she addressed the Texas law that essentially bans abortion after six weeks. I mean, what the dick is that? Uncle Chester brings Bon Bons over to the garden, and eventually teaches everyone that while candy is tasty, it's important to have a good diet and include other foods like vegetables in your diet. [1][2] It aired from March 2, 1992, until December 29, 2006.

I wish I didnt have to do this because my abortion at 23 is my personal clown business, but thats all some people in this country want to discuss all the time, even though clown abortion was legalized in Clown v. Wade in 1973, Strong said. They dont even know how to talk to other clowns about it, because when they do talk about it, if you were a clown who wasnt the victim of something sad like clown-cest, they think your clown abortion wasnt a righteous clown abortion. I mean, what the d*ck is that?!. As of 2022, all episodes can be viewed on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Tubi, the FilmRise app, and YouTube. This was also the final season that the stories Loonette read were illustrated. Loonette and Molly have the hiccups and try to find a cure.

The Clock Rug gets a new redesign with darker colors, a new font for the numbers. [6][7] Seasons 3-7 were released on August 6, 2013. The stories that Loonette reads are now in live action which introduces a city for clowns called Clowntown. Even though the Foley Family segments were discontinued in this season, the dollhouse was still seen on the set next to the couch. A large painting of someone is now hanging on Loonette's wall to the upper right next to the couch and a fence and garden wall to Granny's garden is added. I mean what the dick is that? Have a tip or story idea? Today is Molly's mirthday and Loonette reflects about the time they first met. 2) Why are you trying to ruin great childhood memories with a clown thats supposed to look like Loonette from The Big Comfy Couch? At Clowndergarten, the clowns play with bubbles, and then a huge wind storm known as the Big Blow Hard hits Clowntown and everyone goes into Granny's house for shelter from the storm. Thank you Cecily Strong. Auntie Macassar now speaks in the postcards sent to Loonette. [1] The Clock Rug is now smaller with darker colours. Those on the left largely praised Strong for the sketch, pointing to her ability to comment on a serious topic through humor., Ariel Dumas (@ArielDumas) November 7, 2021, The discussion around how comedy should make people uncomfortable and make them think has been co-opted by a lot of idiots that want to still be able to rely on racist jokes or make fun of transgender people, but this bit is great and should make people (idiots) uncomfortable. Loonette and Molly learn about the importance of trying new things, such as climbing the stairs. Also the moon that rises up in the shows ending credits is larger and changed to yellow., Our Man In Chicago (Wants You To Get Vaccinated) (@ourmaninchicago) November 7, 2021, watching this live last night literally brought tears to my eyes. Or to keep it anonymous, click here.

Loonette thinks Molly is a real gem, but she also learns the importance that gems and jewelry are not as important as her doll. When the rain stops, a rainbow comes out. Molly is in a wiggly mood and learns to stay put. Liberal media fawns over SNL skit about Goober the Clown who had an abortion when she was 23, Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) November 8, 2021, . Loonette reads about Molly being a fisher doll, and they both learn about the importance of not daydreaming all the time. Further into the segment, Colin Jost reminded Cecilys Goober that cursing is not allowed on Weekend Update and she didnt hesitate to continue trying to make him and others laugh. At the Dojo, Major Bedhead and Granny do the tango, but Loonette wants to do it too. Loonette and Molly discover over and under as they explore their Big Comfy Couch., Joe Lockhart (@joelockhart) November 8, 2021, My friend Cecily. Instead of this, a new clock rug stretch theme is added., 1990s Canadian children's television series, 2000s Canadian children's television series, Canadian children's comedy television series, YTV (Canadian TV channel) original programming, Canadian television shows featuring puppetry, Canadian preschool education television series, 1990s preschool education television series, 2000s preschool education television series, Television series by Radical Sheep Productions, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0., Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) November 8, 2021, Have a tip we should know? In season 6, Loonette and Molly go to Doll School where Molly learns the alphabet, numbers or both. Yikes, ELIJAH (@ElijahSchaffer) November 7, 2021, I, for one, am shocked that SNL promotes abortion & that it plays well on Twitter, Guy Benson (@guypbenson) November 7, 2021, Corporate media and leftist activism are indistinguishable At Clowndergarten, Loonette and the clowns play with the clock rug parachute, play the beehive game, play dress up, do the clock rug stretch and watch a puppet show. [1], Two Dust Bunny characters, small, puppeteered dust creatures that lived underneath Loonette's couch, also appeared in many episodes of the show. Everyone has a sleepover at Granny's garden. You dont, because they dont tell you.

game. Loonette, Major Bedhead and Snicklefritz play a game of keep away with a potato, then Granny eventually teaches everyone about not blaming someone else for your own mistakes. Cecily is unparalleled. Loonette is in a jumpy mood, later, a thunderstorm hits Clowntown and Major Bedhead is afraid of lightning. Molly tries to find her doll Bloomette. Everyone is in a topsy turvy mood as things are upside down. Loonette is in a swingy mood and pretends to play tennis, baseball, and golf, then Major Bedhead reflects about the time he was at the playground as a kid and he learned the importance of safety. Loonette learns that telling the truth is the noble thing to do. Its Dangerous! Or read some of the many powerful stories up at @AbortionStories /, Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (@TheRaDR) November 8, 2021, Brilliant. Loonette learns about the rules and laws. Shown first as a doll-sized family, in Loonette's imagination they would become a family of regular-sized clowns, whose nonverbal but high-energy activities were shown in high speed and with a musical background in the style of old silent movies. It's Molly's first time at Clowndergarten and is shy of meeting all the other little clowns. Also, Granny's garden is redesigned with brighter green grass. The name. Molly gets jealous when Auntie Macassar sends Loonette another doll named Babs LeBlanc.

On July 30, 2013, TGG Direct released the first two seasons on DVD in Region 1 for the very first time. In Canada, the series was shown on YTV from 1992 to 1997[4] and on Treehouse TV[5] from 1997 until it ceased broadcasting on February 27, 2011. At the Cabbage Club Cooking School, Loonette, Molly and Granny make Apple Schmapple Fruit Blaster Muffins.

It's a rainy day in Clowntown. Loonette pretends to be a roving reporter and interviews the others about dreams. Loonette becomes greedy because she is amazed to find out how many coins were in her piggy bank, but later, she learns about sharing., Jason Whitlock (@WhitlockJason) November 7, 2021, Okay I guess this is where theyre at now. [1] Here she encounters Snicklefritz, Granny's cat; Major Bedhead, the local mail-delivery clown, who travels on a unicycle; and Granny herself. Molly gets a balloon from Loonette but flies away. Did you know one in three clowns will have a clown abortion in her lifetime? This is brilliant. In 2015 and 2016, Radical Sheep, in association with Sticky Brain Studios, released some apps based on the series. At the Cabbage Club Cooking School, Loonette and Granny make an Upside Down Cake. Miss Loonette's Dance Academy has also been discontinued for the rest of the series along with the Alphabet Game. #SNL, Delia Harrington (@DeliaMary) November 7, 2021, how did an SNL clip (an SNL clip!) The best kind! Loonette is in a bad mood. Probably worth killing an unborn baby for that opportunity. Today is the Big Bang Boom and everyone has a dinner and watches fireworks. Molly wets the Big Comfy Couch which makes Loonette very embarrassed. And she keeps saying it.

Major Bedhead has hurt his foot by slipping on a banana peel, summarizes what happened at the Clowntown Hospital and gets a wheelchair to sit in. Molly and Major Bedhead have a bad hair day.

Loonette and Molly learn about empty and full and Granny explains to Loonette about the life of a caterpillar. [1] Towards the end of each show, Loonette finds her belongings cluttered on the floor and says, "Who made this big mess? She then changes her name, which surprises everyone.

Loonette is in a super hyper mood and is doing things quickly. Radical Sheep Productions and Amity Entertainment, in association with Treehouse TV and Nashville Public Television, produced 22 additional episodes, which debuted on American Public Television in 2006. Loonette's forgotten an important promise to Molly and everyone tries to help., Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) November 7, 2021, Comedians coping super well with the worst night for Democrats in over a decade lol, Tiana Lowe (@TianaTheFirst) November 8, 2021, Taking the life of an unborn child isnt a laughing matter. Also in this season, Loonette and Molly visit places in Clowntown. At the Dojo, Major Bedhead teaches Loonette how to juggle and that it's important to take things slowly at first. "[3] In one episode, Loonette says, "Ah, ah, AH-CHOO!" Watch Pissed Off Trump Refuse to Say Election is Over in New Outtakes From Jan. 7 Speech to the Country, Josh Hawley Ruthlessly Mocked With Memes and Jokes Over Video of Him Fleeing Capitol During Riot, Kevin McCarthy Was Scared: Liz Cheney Slams Trump For Refusing to Defend Our Nation as Supporters Attacked Capitol, You Dont Get Over That as a Journalist: NBCs Kate Snow Covers Harrowing Night of Gun Violence in America, This is a Sh*tshow: CNNs John King Summarizes Texts Sent to Mark Meadows Begging Trump to Call Off Jan. 6 Rioters, Joe Biden Says He Has Cancer During Speech, Sends White House Scrambling to Explain, WATCH: Putin Stews for Excruciating 50 Seconds While Erdogan Makes Him Wait in Dueling Despots Power Move, Wisconsin House Speaker Says Trump Called Him Within the Last Week to Ask Him to Overturn the Election, Schumer Destroys Tucker Carlson on Senate Floor Over New Replacement Theory Rant: Its Deranged! He can be quite goofy at times and a bit clumsy.

Molly and Loonette try to keep a secret for Granny's mirthday. Starting in Season 7, Loonette makes more frequent trips to Clowntown, and she volunteers at the Clowndergarten, where she teaches young clowns games, songs and stories. Arnault shuffles company holding to retain family control of LVMH, How to Bench Press: Everything You Need to Know, American Prosecco Imports Increased by 40 Percent Last Year, Returning to Pre-pandemic Levels, Wine Heist: Beauty Queen and Her Accomplice Caught After 9 Month Chase Across Europe, Spain wine firm Grupo Marqus del Atrio opens UK subsidiary, Yum! And in another episode, Loonette says, "And the clownhiccup!over the moon! VHS releases were also released on May 10, 2000 by Goldhil Video., Deborah Copaken (@dcopaken) November 7, 2021, I know I wouldnt be a clown on TV here today if it werent for the abortion I had on my 23rd birthday.

Ainsley Earhardt Complains About Jan 6th Hearing: Where are the Hearings for the Riots Following George Floyd Murder? They both learn that there is a time to take a break from something, such as arguing about dust bunnies. Goober the Clown (Cecily Strongthank you ) could tell her abortion story, and so can you, if youre up for it. Loonette feels like she's left out, later Granny visits Miss Loonette's Dance Academy. [8][9][10][11][12], Throughout the years, several merchandise has been sold under the show's banner such as videotapes, DVDs, books, dolls, toys and puzzles.[1]. "[16][1] This marked the character's first television appearance in a decade since the show's finale in 2006 and the first time Alyson Court had portrayed Loonette on TV since her departure in 2002. It premiered on March 2, 1992, in Canada and on January 9, 1995, in the United States on PBS stations across the country.

Loonette learns the importance of telling the truth and not to lie. Uncle Chester (Edward Knuckles) is Loonette's travelling uncle who appears in the show's last two seasons. Other oft-repeated elements include reading a story to Molly, who sometimes either chooses a story to hear, gives Loonette a book and oversized glasses, or turning on the lights for Loonette; encounters with the dust bunnies who live under the couch; visits to different places in Clowntown, songs that emphasize the episode's lessons or themes, and a trip to Granny Garbanzo's garden.

Who wrote this sketch? ), another wrote. Loonette copies everyone, Molly learns about echoes and Loonette learns that being a copycat isn't exactly a good idea. Loonette and Molly make up rhymes and pictures. Cecile Strong is one hell of a, Matthew Cortland (@mattbc) November 7, 2021, This genuinely rules, and that doctors joke was a really good one, Meredith Haggerty (@manymanywords) November 7, 2021. Saturday Night Livesparked a contentious debate over abortion rights with Cecily Strongs performance as Goober the Clown who had a clown abortion at 23. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! There is a mess of toilet paper all over the couch, so Major Bedhead, Granny and Loonette make a fun clean up routine. Molly and Loonette make rude noises, but they learn that there is a time to be rude and a time to be nice. I guess. 1) This is grotesque and not funny.

Ramona Gilmour-Darling replaces Alyson Court in the role of Loonette.

It is National Backwards Day and everything is backwards! Loonette thinks Molly is clumsy because she wasn't good at Pick up Sticks, later, Major Bedhead and Loonette make up nicknames for everything in Granny's garden, and they both learn the hard way that calling names isn't really a good idea., Kevin Fallon (@kpfallon) November 8, 2021, Padma Lakshmi (@PadmaLakshmi) November 7, 2021, Give Cecily Strong an Emmy and, if she wants it, a hug for this clown abortion sketch #SNL, Skylar Baker-Jordan (@SkylarJordan) November 7, 2021, Did you know that one in three clowns will have an abortion in her lifetime? At Clowndergarten, the clowns play kitty cat. Loonette and Major Bedhead learn that healthy foods are important. The Big Comfy Couch (Le Monde de Loonette [English: The World of Loonette or Loonette's World] when broadcast in Quebec and France, and El sofa da la imaginacin [English: The Couch of Imagination] when broadcast in Latin America and Spain) is a Canadian children's television series, which is about a clown named Loonette and her doll Molly who solve everyday problems on their eponymous couch. She also learns that eating too many sweets, can lead to a mood swing. She comes from the "old country" and has a foreign Russian accent. At Clowndergarten, the little clowns play pin the tail on the bunny, play ball, have a snack, have Loonette read a story and play hot and cold as they depart. The more people who share, the less stigma there is, the fewer people feel alone. It is autumn and Molly and Major Bedhead try to keep warm. . . Molly tries to get Loonette's attention, but Loonette is too busy having a "me parade". make me both laugh and cry in 225 seconds, Nora Biette-Timmons (@biettetimmons) November 8, 2021, Conservatives, however, were not as impressed by Goober the Clown and her abortion, slamming the sketch as grotesque and not funny..