Microsoft's Flowspace features automated privacy panels that form into a desk and a round pod., a mammoth desktop computer, an ergonomic chair, and a desk. On top of the ability to find your keys using the app, this key organizer will even help you find your smartphone. This is something that does happen on the key organizers of lesser quality. The KeySmart Pro is slightly bulkier than some of the other hard shell options, and the branding is a little loud (at last for my taste).

Despite having a significantly smaller capacity, its of a different breed. ), the Orbitkey and Bellroy Key Cover are made from soft materials like leather and canvas. The design aesthetic is unapologetically functional. One of the top reasons is the price. Come to think of it, you probably already have one. Im happy to say that this plan went off without a hitch. The Bellroy broke on me in 4 months. Has the locksmith turned up yet? Some models of key organizers are now smart key organizers. There are hundreds of key organizers out there, including many me too products and rip offs.

It has a little more up its sleeve. Its simple, no frills design gives you only what you need, and nothing more. For the sake of comparison, I went with leather. It adds an extra step to the process of actually using your keys to turn on a car or unlock a door. This cool design is not just nice to look at, but its also made to last. Leather is popular because it adds a timeless gentleman aesthetic to the product and they match many other guys pocket items such as leather wallets and smartphone cases. The Orbitkey is slightly harder to set up than the Bellroy and Campbell Cole, so it takes a little longer to get your keys on and off.

What this does is it lets you can find your key organizer when lost. Im going to agree. The same loop can often be used to hold a fob made for an apartment block or to gain entry into an office. Hi Brock, besides the zipper and slightly smaller size what makes the Bellroy case any different than the old leather key holder case my Dad and Grandpa used to carry? The initial set up is worth the reduced weight plus the one handed use. So kudos to these brands for working with me on this. Owners can choose to store up to 24 keys, or they can mix things up and use some of the included perks. When keys spread out in this way they may also prick holes in your clothing. This comes in handy when you need to lend your key to a friend or take it with you when you go running. One of the issues when buying this product is that it must be assembled by you when it arrives. Click below to discover more. Im in an S2000 and noticed we have the same key and fob. Its definitely one of the best key organizers out there, which is why its sopopular. Make rattling keys a thing of the past with this lightweight and strong carbon key organizer from Keypack. Putting that much torque on a component that is internally plastic isnt a great designclever, but the materials need to be addressed. Nevertheless, its one of the coolest and most practical designs. I especially appreciate the vs parts at the bottom, Im a research junkie, thank you!!! Along with the 16 keys it can store, it offers some handy extra that are ideal for manual workers. It even has a full-refund guarantee in case you arent completely satisfied. Owners of this stainless-steel product also get a reversible flathead screwdriver, a folding pocket knife and a multifunctional pocket tool that offers a lot from opening bottles to scoring. When it comes down to features, this USA-made item is just as impressive. For some people, one of these features will be the deciding factor. Accord with almost 200k miles, still going strong. Like the Slide, the Pivot isnt the most handsome organizer you can buy, but if youre all about function over form and want plenty of customization options, youll love this product. KeySmart Pro is the version with Tile built in for find my keys tracking using your smartphone. Most often, they are made with sturdy and reliable material such as titanium and stainless steel. This leather is available in a black or brown color. The cool box includes all the bits you need to fit your keys to the organizer. The app usually provides a map that can locate your key organizer. The Pivot is Keyports answer to Orbitkey and Keysmart. Most designs stack your keys within a metal and/or leather casing. You can also choose to buy the companys accessories and add them to your purchase. Weve been able to provide you with plenty of quality options from the best manufacturers. I use it for almost 2 years now with 6 keys plus car key and titanium dangler. To call it a key organizer does it an injustice. Before you jump over to take a longer look at your favorites, make sure youve taken our advice and guidance on board. Other key organizers may afford the owner a small tool incorporated into the design. This saves you time and adds to its convenience factor. I tested both sizes, and the bigger version accommodates my bulky car key nicely. If you lose your wallet or keys a lot, having Tile tracking built into your key organizer could be a life saver! For those who like a bargain but dont want to lock themselves out of awesome features, they should get the Krufe expandable key organizer. Ive gone through 2 keyport pivots in 4 years. Therefore leaving all the other keys compactly stacked together. The end of the pivot eventually rips out and the whole thing comes apart, with keys falling out. However, you can also get key organizers that have well beyond the 10 to 15 key spaces. They are stacked in a way that you can flick the key you need out, so it is ready to use. So youre looking for the best key organizer, huh? Enjoy! Its just a tiny bit too short to accommodate my car key. All of this quality comes in a casing of 100% vegetable tanned leather. to help you identify your keys. This model has plenty of additional features to get your teeth into. Keep these things in mind to make sure you get the best key organizer for your needs. That said, its not as hard to set up as the Keybar or KeySmart organizers. If this isnt enough for you the manufacturers sell expansion packs so you can add more keys to your key organizer. Weve scoured the internet in search of the best water guns for adults, the weapons that will give you the edge in your next water-based battle. This is on top of a Bond-like key which folds out to become a knife and a bottle opener is included, of course. Something to wrap around your keys so they dont dig into or destroy your pockets versus truly organizing your keys. Most key organizers will, therefore, accommodate the majority of the male population. They are also for those men working in professions that require you to carry a number of keys. This means they do not spread out ready to attack your favorite skinny jeans. I love its simple design and high quality components. All three of these do the same basic thing in slightly different ways, and they all do it well. In general, less keys is better. It comes with extra bits and pieces in case the product does break. Key organizers offer exceptional practicality. Love the idea of the Keyport products, but the guts need better materials. The use of leather offers a practical solution. Also, while the set up isnt as straightforward as something like the Campbell Cole Key Wrap, the instructions that the Keyport Pivot (and Slide) came with were very easy to follow. That is where Keyport really shines. Like the Slide (and unlike Orbitkey or Keysmart), the Pivot can be easily customized by adding a pocket knife, mini flashlight, pen, multitool, etc. Another popular material used in the production of key organizers is leather. Im actually surprised that products like Orbitkey, Keysmart and Keyport dont have pocket clips. Keyport makes two fundamentally different organizers: the Slide and the Pivot (covered next). If it does end up beyond repair, you can fall back on a full-refund-or-replacement guarantee. Anyway, time for a look at the best key organizers currently on the market. It doesnt feel bulky in your pocket like youd expect. For starters, the product is one of the most modern looking key organizers on the market. One of the key organizers with the biggest key capacities is the Arfkey design. I love my orbitkey. This key organizer can be tracked using Bluetooth via a free app so you never lose your keys. The KeySmartPro is definitely one of the best key organizers out there, which is why it's sopopular. Whereas many designs have added the familiar extras, this is a key organizer that has thought outside the box. By making such a design, owners can locate the key they need by feeling them. Additional features include a space to keep your car key fob, an LED light and a cool bottle opener. As we mentioned already, these products can be multifunctional by also including small tools such as screwdrivers and bottle openers. In fact, some of the models below can store more than a whopping 50 keys! Again, this is another design which requires assembly on your part but again it doesnt require too much effort. Note that this table uses a three point rating system. Pocket knives are an essential component of your EDC gear! The manufacturers have applied a lot of attention to create a well-made key organizer to last a lifetime. These items compactly and safely store a significant number of keys to reduce your chances of misplacing them. If you were reading before that happened, youre a smart guy and now you know all the benefits of getting one the best key organizers for men currently on the market. If I were using these other options, I would probably have to split off the vehicle keys to a separate keychain just because Toyota makes such huge keys. If youre on the hunt for the best key organizer, youre probably not happy with your current key situation. These 20 options provide different key capacities and extras to cater to any guy. Many of them come with tools, bottle openers and you can even get smart key organizers. We also looked at the industrys proven brands. The problem is, in my research, I couldnt find anyone that actually tested all of the most popular options to see which one is really the best. Many of these products can accommodate EDC extras like multitools and knives, without adding any bulk to your setup. This means its very light and flexible, which makes is easy to carry but harder to turn (when you actually use your keys).

Hit the button below to discover more about this key organizer. Other than its significant key capacity, there are no other thrills here. Instead of patting your pockets to check you have all your keys and fobs before setting off, the key organizer becomes your best friend. That said, once I got Keybar set up, I really enjoyed carrying it, mostly because of its innovative attachable pocket clip. It has a ring for a car key, a chain to attach it to a belt to free up your pockets, a sim card pin and a bottle opener so you can celebrate buying a quality product. Some are made from brands that specialize in accessories and EDC, while other are made by companies that focus specifically on key organization. The makers have even added an orange string to the key holder so you can locate it easily in low-light conditions. Third, the Keybar (metal version) is substantially heavier than the KeySmart Pro (which is made mostly out of plastic). Theyre also cool gadgets with a whole load of extra features. The app can even make the organizer play a tune to make locating it even easier. After a frustrating set up experience with Keybar and, to a lesser extent, Keysmart, I really appreciated the thoughtful packaging and instructions from Keyport. Some of them are designed for the everyday guy who just has a couple of keys to get into their apartment, office and the beer fridge in their man cave on a Saturday night. The KeySmart Pro and Keyport Pivot are very similar. The other positives are that the case has a magnetic closure so you can always be assured that your keys are secure. There is also a loop for those who need to attach gym and office fobs or your car keys. Impressed? The aluminum body is light, sturdy and houses these additional perks. Just like many other products which are becoming more sophisticated through using technology advancements, the key organizer has done the same. I first published this article toward the end of 2018. For a given category, three keys is the best possible score. What Material Makes The Best Key Organizer? This means you dont need any tools to assemble or swap keys, and it doesnt have any hard plastic or metal on the outside (just leather). The bad guys will never hear you coming when all these keys are compact and silent. Here are some common comparisons among the top key organizers: There are three big differences here. Like I said at the beginning of this review, these are all great products. It may be able to store up to 14 keys, but it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Most of these organizers work better for people who either dont own a car or who drive a modern car with keyless entry. Or maybe you werent reading along while locked out of your apartment wishing you had already bought a key organizer? Through some clever configuration, you can press a button of this key organizer and it will make your smartphone ring. Its also not the prettiest product on the list. Keytec has jumped on the chance to make their key organizer multipurpose like other manufacturers. How Key Organizers Can Help Cut The Bulk? Key organizers have been going to university. It will even ring when you have left it on silent. Our editor is loving this leather case design which maintains the sleek convenience with a touch of timeless elegance! Theyre all great options and, in my opinion, theyre all a huge improvement over just carrying your keys on a key ring. Move aside empty pizza boxes and bowls of popcorn from last nights game you have places to be! Its not trying to win any beauty pageants. Your email address will not be published. Two drawbacks are the design and size. KeyBar has chosen aircraft-grade aluminum to fly their design to the top of the pile in the eyes of a lot of wise guys. There are no flashy features that can locate phones. This makes your keys easy and comfortable to carry. These are durable, well built devices that should last for many, many years. Ive heard great things about this key case. Well I put the most popular key organizer brands to the test in a head to head (to head) battle. Unlike the last one, this one is slightly more straightforward to put together. Keybar gets extra points for the pocket clip, even though the set up was kind of frustrating. I have a similar moto key and needed to see the coverage [vs] the too small standard size. Its made with aircraft-grade zinc which is also resistant to rust and corrosion. You just need a coin and a look over the supplied instructions. Key organizers can be made using different materials. This gift set doesnt just include an outstanding key organizer made of trusted carbon, it is a box set with many other perks. Well unpick those as we go through our findings. This time, they have added a bottle opener, two holes to work as spanners and most inventively, they have even made a phone stand. The best key organizer with a small capacity is arguably this one from Huckberry. The s-shape design of the product makes pulling out the key you need even easier. On the other hand, if you dont have any car key, or you have a car that only requires a fob (or has the buttons built into the key), these products will work better. Unlike the Bellroy options, the Key Organizer is available in a variety of materials, including leather, canvas and rubber. These excellent design ideas are seen throughout, especially in the use of lightweight but strong aluminum for the body. Naturally, different types of leather may be used, including authentic and synthetic leather. Over the half-way stage of our list of the best key organizers for men and this Diroca Outdoor maintain the standards. Its a nice feature, but I probably wouldnt pay extra for it since I dont often lose things. Its a hard shell with space for your keys and various tools, plus a ring on the outside for your FOB and anything else that doesnt fit inside. But this isnt the only way a key organizer cuts the bulk. The Jibbon is similar to the Orbitkey, but it uses a spring locking mechanism to instead of the standard screw-through bolt mechanism that most key organizers use. If you really like carrying a multitool or knife, Orbitkey may be a slightly better option for you. Its the same basic layout as most organizers a solid chamber in which your keys rotate in and out of. Youll find a pair of pants that serves your needs to PERFECTIONmaking those day-long lounge sessions an absolute delight. The Slide will take more effort to set up, but its highly customizable and can be used with one hand. To minimize this inconvenience, you can go with the Bellroy Key Cover or Keyport Slide. There is also something else to weigh in when choosing a key organizer based on how many keys it can hold. They are the go-to product to prevent the bulk of a set of keys rattling around in your pocket. In this regard, some organizers are better than others (more on this later), but they all add this extra step. If the previous key organizer was a swarve and sophisticated gent wearing a suit, the Carbocage Key Organizer is a survival expert living in the jungle. Home Blog Resources ContactAdvertise, Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure Terms & Conditions. The Keyport Slide is not for everyone, but its perfect for some people. And there are certainly no apps around. For all of the reasons, the Bellroy Key Cover Plus is among my top two picks for the best key organizer of 2018. These werent included in the original testing round before this article was written, but here are a few more solid options that have come across my desk (or inbox) recently. This stainless-steel tool includes a flathead screwdriver, a box opener and a bottle opener ready for Monday Night Football. If youre getting one of these special products to reduce bulk, then this will be a front runner for you. Other products with similar designs, such as the KeySmart Pro, came with better instructions and were easier to set up. Another carbon design to provide even more strength than steel and make the product lighter than aluminum is this KeyBlade product. At the time of writing, its only $15 on Amazon, and it has 4.5/5 stars. Im also happy to report that the brands I reached out to were kind enough to provide free samples for review all of them. Our list also covers a range of budgets too. Keys are one of the most important parts of your everyday carry (EDC), and the traditional setup loose keys on a key ring is less than ideal for several reasons: If this loose key situation annoys you, youre not alone. Its surprising that not many other manufacturers have considered this design plus. Id suggest they replace the aluminum parts with titanium throughout, raise the price to compensate, and either ditch the flashlight or improve its quality/find a new flashlight vendor.