Where to buy Radha Beauty essential oils: Radha Beauty products are sold on Amazon and through their online store. People like to say bad things about all companies including dTERRA but I say.. do your own research and I guarantee you will find what works best for you. This review has been great. This article is straightforward and gives a lot of detail you dont find everywhere. There are no results for Butterfly Express on the FDA website. Then dont you find it odd the test results came back adulterer lol. Where to buy Plant Life Essential Oils: You will find a perfect fit or two for you. What companies have good educational resources? I started lifelong vitality, and it is great also use adaptiv & mito2max for extra energy, (quit coffee & soda habit). And upline is a tremendous help, Young living is a great company. There were several sealed bottles sent to two different laboratories, one to Essential Oil University Lab (USA) and one to PhtoChemia Laboratoire (Canada) and both test came back that the sample has been adulterated. Have you looked at Hopewell Essentual Oils. Ive gone as far as looking at the blends I use like Energee, Endoflex, etc. Fabulous reviews and really great way you have structured your article which is easy to read, understand and remember! You also did not mention that Young Living gives back tremendously in the form of the Young Living Foundation. I have ordered a few times from them and not been dissappointed. To summarize, both of these oils contained: Neither of these should exist in a true pure lavender oil as these cannot be found in nature. Lets build each other up and celebrate the fact that there are so many companies that supply so many different oils. all while doing what I love and that is teaching ( Im an educator by profession). I copied the ones I wanted to potentially check out due to what was being said about them and my list has 20 more Essential Oil Brand names on it.

I like that they do the research for kid safety for me and I can contact them if I have any questions. They are available upon request once a customer places an order. Their monthly offerings are: While many companies do not offer test results on their site, Healing Solutions provides a page where you can check the GC/MS reports of their top 15 oils. Bulk Apothecary now also offers Natures Oil, which is a full line of oils and supplements that can be found in many grocers and health food stores nationwide.

I found it really fair, and did not know about the BBB thing with YL. atleast ur are learning and getting ur informations on people thatt actually uses the product and have personal experiences on it..ino hearsay.. People are religious about this company, but I do not get a lot of hard evidence form it. Test results are not available on the site, and there is no batch lookup available. It certainly cleared up a lot of questions! Majestic Pure has an informational page linking to the test results of some of their oils.

Their prices and shipping costs were out of line in my opinion. Thanks for sharing, Susan. Would like to know your opinion. On September 22, 2014, the FDA sent a warning letter to doTERRA concerning the promotion of their oils as drugs that treat diseases by unlicensed practitioners on sites that send consumers to doTERRA to purchase the oils for those purposes. That was my introduction and have been addicted ever since.

Ive used Youngs Living, Rocky Mountain, Plant Therapy, and Now. All this information was extremely helpful. I tend to gravitate toward Edens garden but I also love Ancient Apothecarys quality. Now essential oils can be purchased at their official online retailer. I will only buy from Plant Therapy! Think I might opt for RMO or Now. They released a product that contained an unnatural, gmo ingredient and it made me doubt them. Note: This does not represent our personal opinions or the publics opinion on quality. My journey into EOs began about 3 years ago. brief company history/overview and any other pertinent information. The difference from er and quick orders are that you dont get you 10 to 25% rebate you get from er. They earn 4 and 5-stars and most reviews are positive. I have used Rocky Mountain Oils for years and am 100% satisfied. I love them both except the cost. DITTO!! I like PT prices, and the fact that they offer organic. Also, the free shipping is an added advantage. I would be nice if they could lower their prices or have more sales. Ive read every comment about YL in this feed and cant help but wonder if most of them are simply pushing the product? Ive been researching RMO, EG and PT. After reading this review and others, and reading the comments by some of the YL loyalists, I believe I will stay away from YL products. I am passionate about building community among women who support each other in parenthood, health, business, and life in general. I love Hopewell too, sweet Christian family that runs it and great quality! I also decided I didnt want to be part of an MLM. Although I dont commit to just one company, all of the companies that I do purchase from offer thorough testing w/readily available results to the consumer. the FB group is mainly for members where only members shared their experiences no outsiders..mainly personal experiences..so all truth nothing but the truth..what is wrong with that? Your email address will not be published. According to their site, they provide copies of any certificates, pesticide tests, manufacturer safety data sheets (MSDS) and GC/MS reports that are available upon request. Never looked back. Ive tried DoTERRA, the NOW brand, and Young Living. I just ordered my first 5 oils from Revive. Where to buy Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils: After doing some research, she was alarmed to discover the numerous chemicals in cosmetics and beauty products.

They are currently not available on Amazon, which is a go-to resource for consumers to get unbiased reviews.

Revive products can be purchased through their online shop. We chose 19 of the top brands based on popularity. And, they are so much cheaper! I love the information youve included here and I learned some new information about my favorite brands on here that I really appreciate having! If you cant be open about your plants, I dont want your oils. This gives them 10 percent off of every order throughout the whole co-op and a five percent annual rebate on all purchases. YL was just the best quality, the seed to seal promise ensures that. In the third-party reports that were found online, all tested oils were found to be free of adulterants and contaminants and had the expected constituents. RMO is my favorite. I feel the quality of the oils is comparable to DoTerra with much more reasonable pricing. You failed to tell the rest of the story with the cinnamon bark. Knocks it out of the park! You cannot be blinded by those. Rocky Mountain oils hands down the best company. Now Foods was started by Elwood Richard in 1968, and they are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary. when they have people join their company because they believe in the product and want to share but also make a living. Occasionally Ii will use Original Swiss Aromatics, Pompeii Organics, Oshadhi, and Plant Therapy. Hi MICHELLE, Some of them use other oils in their oils but because they use a small enough amount are allowed to sell them as pure. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Oils. I dont support one family who makes all the $. dTERRA have set out to change the world and I know that they will succeed because they have already changed my life and everyday I see them change another life and another and another! Its up to us, PERSONALLY, to decide what is right for our family. I switched over, from Young Living to Revive a few months ago, and LOVE the oils. There are no found interactions as of the time of this writing. I could not find any testing results on the site. New to EOs, this was good for me. Educate yourself on the products before you by them and buy books that will help you understand how to use the oils. keep doing you oil users and stop the slander.

However, consumers can call the company and get the test results for any oil they are carrying to confirm constituents and purity. I am currently using YL, PT and the new company Revive. Since a company can control which reviews are shown on their website, its up to your own discretion. The legendary American herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar, started a business in 1987 as a way for her to offer supplies to her students. The results of these tests can be found on each oils product page. ive just bought oils from a company called Goddess of Spring whose supplier is Primavera which is located in Germany and all thier oils are made there from thier plants grown there and are rigerously tested for purity and quality. I am wanting to sell and use oils with my massage therapy practice but NEED to make sure I use quality oils and know how to blend for various issues. I look forward to reading al the info. I read great reviews on this product on a few other sites. I appreciate the transparency of EG and PT for using 3rd party testing to me thats way better than any promise these other companies offer. According to their site, all of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, have no chemicals or dyes, and contain no gluten, genetically-modified, or synthetic ingredients. In-house, they put the oils through even more testing, including organoleptic, GC/MS, refractive index, and more. It did contain~25% dihyrdrolinalool linalool (synthetic) and 40-50% dihydrolinalyl linalool acetate. dTERRA is the only company I would ever buy and use essential oils from. Heres how we conducted our reviews. Is it wrong to use them all!?!?! Shipping is free with a $50 order and their prices are very reasonable. Im mostly settling on RMO and EG. A sampler pack and lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) is currently available in their Amazon store. Agree~ Blessings and Prayers to all researching and using the best oils!

Aura Cacia tests every single oil for purity and quality. I make all of our home cleaners, soaps and sprays, so I go through bottles of oils fairly quickly. I ran across it as my brother just bought me a bunch of GuruNanda brand oils a company I am not familiar with, but I guess it is the brand they are carrying at Walmart now? Thanks, so much Kristine :) Glad you found our article helpful. The company offers an email sign-up club through which you can access videos and receive specials and discounts. I am concerned about the purity of other brands, but hopeful that there are other options besides YL. I have to say there are a few other good companies out there but I have found nothing to compare to the quality of YL. Im a certified herbalist and use essential oils for many clients and myself- and I wouldnt feel right or comfortable selling these highly adulterated oils from an untrustworthy company. Baobab, kombo, yum. Thought it was just me. I continue my journey with much research and respect for essential oils. They are fine. I am retired and try and shop around for many things. They consider themselves a boutique brand and claim that their founders bloodline boasts esteemed herbal doctors. The best part for me, is they offer every oil in a 2ml size. What an absolutely AMAZING review. My thought is you dont have to pay a fortune for quality, DT and YL are not the only act in town. :) I have people calling me to get their hands on a kit and start their wellness journey! In this article, youll find a unique breakdown of the most popular essential oil brands without bias. Its a topic that we dont talk about too frequently on our blog because there are clearly very different viewpoints. I appreciate that they offer the ability for me to earn an income for referrals, which actually covers the cost of my oils each month. Consumers can become an associate member for life for a one-time fee of $10. Young Living also offers diffusers, accessories, supplements, beauty and hair care products, proprietary custom blends, and blends made for animals and children. I have appreciated their products because I make my own lotions and soaps and deodorants. I have been enjoying my oil journey and have ventured into some herb use also. dTERRA have SO many amazing projects where they give back to the community all over the world and they give anyone involved with the company the opportunity to go and be part of these projects. We did not! I love what I do and love my Young Living Oils, clean make-up, clean home products, clean personal products, with pure essential oils infused into all of this! Keep up the good work! I had other problems with them and quit because of their lack of ethical business practices. I would love to see an analysis done on this company. This is a great question Monika. Going elsewhere, but not sure where. Also, youll see some interesting trends of companies gaining and losing popularity. The Cinnamon Bark from YL was adulterated with synthetic sinnamaldehyde and synthetic linalool. As of this writing, there are no known interactions between the FDA and Fabulous Frannie. However, Dr. Robert Pappas ran some tests in his own lab on a bottle of lavender oiland found it to be heavily adulterated. Where to buy Art Naturals essential oils: You can purchase Art Naturals products through Amazon. It meant a great deal to me as an independent source of very sophisticated research. Not only with their oils but their customer service as well. Ive used doTERRA for MANY years. doTERRA oils can be purchased on their site or through one of their wellness advocates. All of these results are readily available online. At the time of this writing, it seems that their essential oil sales may be suspended on Amazon, but some of their bulk line is available. It has attracted world leaders in aromatherapy and clinical essential oils. The comments have been extremely enlightening as well!