IdenticalByHeart Welcome to my blog! TheOtakuArtistDesign Ad from shop americanvvitchcraft Stolas and Blitzo are unhealthy, but that does not equal toxic and abusive. One entry points out that with how many sinners there are it wouldn't make sense for all of them to be evil bastards, there's likely a good chunk of them who were decent people who made some mistakes in life but they'd either have to keep their heads down or put on a facade in order to avoid attracting the attention of the demons who actually are evil bastards who would (at best) mock them for being soft or (at worst) abuse them cor being weak. Ad from shop Foxllic $11.56, $14.45 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1), | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime) (1), Jschlatt (Video Blogging RPF)/Other(s) (1), Alexis | Quackity & Karl Jacobs & Sapnap (1), Deity Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) (1), | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime), Jschlatt/being the worst ever in the history of everything i fucking hate him, Pig Hybrid Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF), Author is not a Jschlatt Apologist (Video Blogging RPF), Jschlatt is Not Okay (Video Blogging RPF), Goat Hybrid Jschlatt (Video Blogging RPF), Clay | Dream Has a God Complex (Video Blogging RPF), Clay | Dream is Not DreamXD (Video Blogging RPF), Clay | Dream is DreamXD (Video Blogging RPF), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings.

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Will he and his team be able to beat the Immediate Murder Professionals and get back home?

Also, these notes from a signing with James Iglehart: You are literally attributing one or two toxic relationships (both from Valentino, who is shown to be abusive) and placing it all on the other relationships.

From shop TheTwistedCeltic, ad by ExhibitHaley We cannot resist it for long and it's arrogance to assume that we can. Their criticisms tend to be just really extensive nitpicks mixed with slanderous misinfo about Vivzie. I'm not saying that the shows are perfect in fact I don't like the pacing in some scenes of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. From shop MichellesCraftsArt, $3.00 Ad from shop neontearz Click Buy it now or Add to cart and proceed to checkout. Ad from shop TwistedPastell KittsKitsch Mrs. Mayberry from Helluva' Boss also shows that some of these more decent.people were likely embittered by their damnation as well. However, pride is supposedly the source of the rest of the sins and original sin. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. For Hazbin Hotel I think Marchosias will appear since the book says that they're one of several demons that want to be redeemed and go back to Heaven. Yes! What happens next? Rather, it's because when you're with other people, you're "trapped" by their judgements. Meowtcha So, the Ring of Pride is ruled by Lucifer, and is inhabited by sinners. TwistedPastell Ad from shop OdinsBeadHall Succubi, Incubi and other native demons we haven't seen yet are under them. From shop StarsongThePirate. Ad from shop Skylilybug While they had no problem with ignoring the 20 that had similar, arguably worse, conditions.

The seller might still be able to personalize your item. And complimented Villainous by saying its not funny lol, As for Vivzie controversies:, Regarding the criticism of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss, Both series are setted up in Hell, but it's not your usual version of Hell where Sinners are suffering being tortured 24/7, it's a different version where Sinners have average lives (while still suffering by things such as dealing with bad people like we see in Addict Music video or the official comic A Day in the Afterlife), this version of Hell it's not to everyone's liking. From shop LavenderLynxShop, $1.75 It could be related to that plus plot devices. FREE shipping, ad by KittsKitsch That they should be grateful because even though they were underpaid, they were given food and a place to sleep. Is there some kind of lore or reasoning behind this or if its just for plot convience. Captcha failed to load. TheTwistedCeltic She/Her. LavenderLynxShop

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Its just a lot of positivity and wholesomeness in there. Ive never once compared whats your point?

There are toxic people in the fandom, definitely, but that doesnt mean everyone is. Hell, its probably confided to a certain Circle within Pride, considering IMP is located in the Second Circle. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Looks like you already have an account! ALSO, never said that Hazbin and/or Helluva was better than Villainous.

The overpopulation wouldnt be as much as a problem if the sinners were spread among the a seven rings. If youre sitting here going thats what I would do, then I strongly encourage you to think twice about running a business. Please consider turning it on! But at the same time these issues can change in the future. I just choose to remain impartial from now on. From shop KawaiicArtShop, $5.00 I remember we speculated in this thread that she probably at worse killed an abusive John in life. (20% off), ad by neontearz Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Edited by M84 on Jan 4th 2021 at 2:51:01 AM. Youre very welcome and Im happy that you see my blog as a safe space! pls stand by). Ad from shop LavenderLynxShop From shop KittsKitsch, ad by AaronArtsShop

Either way, it explains the overpopulation problem, though it makes me feel like lifting that barrier and allowing the sinners to access the other rings would be simpler than redeeming every single one of them. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite, and share. Look, Im not saying Viv is above criticism or that people cannot dislike her shows. It helps the exorcists do their job more efficiently and makes sure they only kill sinners, not the hellborn whose only crime was being born; for arguments sake, IMP could just go hang out in the Ring of Greed and chill there while the cleansing happens. hazbin incorrect alastor creepy Charlie is directly below him as she's his heir. FREE shipping, ad by MaaTheDino So I'm unsure if Charlie is just unaware of this limitation (let alone if there's other rings beyond hers), or if she's more interested in redeeming people and is just using the overpopulation crisis as an excuse. This show has supported me throught tough times and its what made me realize I love animation and that I want to become an animator, and seeing how many people think hb fans are horrible people has made me have panic attack and feel like Im a horrible person for liking it. The best way to resist is to flee from it entirely.

From shop MizoreyRen, ad by SeelysMerch Ad from shop LunarianGifts I also don't think imps or hellhounds are native to one particular ring but we see many at Loo-Loo Land because Luu-Luu World likely wouldn't let them in since they're at the bottom of Hell's pecking order.

That is the basic synopsis of the show and its given in the pilot. More recently, there was the post of @erinfrostart, a former worker in SpindleHorse that revealed she didn't have the best expierence working on Helluva Boss and left the project after a very toxic interaction with Sam Miller, a member of the crew that was Vivzie's friend, resulting in her mental health being damaged. Youre allowed to be sad, but dont go acting like you wouldve made a better decision or that Vivzies freaking Hitler. From shop SkylarSunday, ad by Skylilybug Helluva Boss is expanding this version of Hell because we are going to be restricted to the Pride Ring for Hazbin, since thats where the hotel is. The fridge brilliance page actually delves into this. Anytime I go in to the Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, or Vivziepop tags, for one positive post there's like ten negative ones and it's always people writing essays on how Vivzie or the shows are terrible and you should feel bad for supporting her. FREE shipping, ad by Meowtcha I really appreciate you're positivity on this whole situation. Constantly? Like so many say oh well they were her friends! First of all, most of those that were recasted are still her friends. And this goes for anyone else interested in asking questions, Vivziepop fans: express concern for her wellbeing and the wellbeing of the crew after seeing a post from her that implies she's on the verge of a breakdown. Press J to jump to the feed. Though I should mention that Sartre didn't actually mean that being around other people was hell because other people suck. Ad from shop JeffDelgado FREE shipping, ad by KawaiicArtShop Exactly! I do my best to stay neutral about things or learn as much info as I go along. Ad from shop TheTwistedCeltic It makes me sad to see so many people being so incredibly awful to Viv. We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information theyve collected). Its almost like its an adult show and its gonna have that. Seeing mLm relationships in the show are constantly written as toxic and abusive there's no hope for OzziexFizz. FREE shipping, ad by TomatoDoodles Is Charlie aware of the restraints of the Ring of Pride?

This, alongside the reveal that episode 8 of Helluva Boss is delated due to legal problems, generated a massive wave of hate towards Vivziepop. You're always going to be wondering what they think of you. Don't get me wrong, people aren't forced to like Vivziepop; she's not a saint but at the same time demonizing her and throwing hate at her isn't doing anything other than harm that Vivziepop doesn't deserve. But, yeah, I can confirm that everything said here is true and even some of the criticism (like the pacing of the shows) I totally agree with. Vivziepop Antis: "SeE tHe FaCt ThAt ThEy SuPpoRt HeR iS pRoOf ThAt ThE fAnS aRe A hIvEmInD oF sTuPiD bOoTlICkErS! Ad from shop Meowtcha MizoreyRen Found something you love but want to make it even more uniquely you? Ad from shop KittsKitsch While many of the items on Etsy are handmade, youll also find craft supplies, digital items, and more. My guess, either another target for I.M.P., a client recounting her backstory or the imps are simply there to kill someone at her concert. From shop Foxllic, ad by PolukhinaShop LunarianGifts Her teeth look fanged so I suspect she might be a sinner that looks very human in comparison to other sinners. I tend to get a lot of questions regarding the criticism, rumors, antis/criticals, and many other things in this fandom. Original Price $10.00 Good news! Anyway, again, Im really happy that my blog is kind of a de-stressor for you , At the end of the day, Hazbin Hotel is Viv's show and if she decided to recast certain characters cuz she found a better fit then best to give VAs a chance before judging. From shop SurferpugStudios, ad by YankeyDoodlesShop On the other hand, it does explain why that one ring is suffering from overpopulation. Viv gave a basic summary of Hell's hierarchy here.

Helluva Boss is only ruining Hazbin Hotel's lore and worldbuilding. Ad from shop SeelysMerch


Not even once. From shop AnonBunny, $1,000.00 Why ARE sinners confide to the Pride ring?

Work Search: Its perfectly fine if you wanna criticize villainous, your entitled to your opinion, but I dont think its fair to act like hazbin hotel/helluva boss is a complete step above the show even if you like them better. And Im so angry about that, especially when I heard that the Villainous fandom were getting on Viv with that whole drama about the animators. Also, no stereotyping in Helluva or Hazbin. Ad from shop TheOtakuArtistDesign A big part of Christian doctrine is that we're all collectively fucking weak to temptation - a holdover from Adam and Eve not being able resist doing the one thing God told them not to fucking do. $10.69, $15.27 I think that's just an art style thing, remember how Martha and her family got sharp teeth when they revealed their true colors. I presume they're not originally from the two we've seen so far given how few we've seen outside of Loona. Likewise with pride, a lot of the time it will make you think you havent gone and done any of the other sins, and basically be the gatekeeper, It's a role unique to this show so its likely plot related. Finally hellhounds and especially imps are at the very bottom, mostly serving as the working class that work menial jobs. Avoid it, do not pass by; Turn away from it and pass on.. NamsterArt (20% off), ad by SkylarSunday Ad from shop ArtByDanH ", Well, if Im a bootlicker for simply caring about someones mental health regardless of whether they are well-known or not.then, shit, guess Viv is about to get her boots shined x3, I've been hearing/seeing a lot of drama concerning Hazbin Hotel and it's creator VivziePop, and while I don't know her personally or really. From shop Nemuinell, Sale Price $11.56 Plus, the debunking stuff is super easy because those scandals have been disproven time and time again. Many sellers on Etsy offer personalized, made-to-order items. I usually feel extremely uncomfortable on tumblr due to the helluva boss criticals and most recently Erins allegations, but I feel like your blog is a safe space for me and for othe hb fans who are just tired of this bs that has been going around. If sinners are kept in the Ring of Pride, how are the other rings relevant to the mortal realm? When you try to think of yourself and how to define yourself, you inevitably rely on other peoples' thoughts. But if you know you have a problem with alcohol, you shouldn't still be going to bars thinking you'll have enough self-control to not get shit-faced. $8.00, $10.00 PolukhinaShop Ad from shop SurferpugStudios SurferpugStudios Plus it could be part of the punishment: sorry you cant partake in all the cool journey stuff! Pssshhhh, those antis or criticals dont have fucking lives.


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After all, in the words of Sartre, Hell is other people. Original Price $3.50 Please. You are very good at debunking arguments and on making points, I feel like no one will treat me badly in here for liking vivziepops content. I just try not to be too positive nor negative about certain drama. Like wtf???? Ad from shop MichellesCraftsArt If anything, Im more upset with the fact that people got upset over 2 or 3 people calling Viv a horrible boss, while Alan Ituriel has 20 people saying the same damn thing in 2019. Thats basically what this is to an extreme degree.

They arent talking about ALL of Hell being overpopulated, just Pride, which makes sense because that would be where all the Sinners go. Sex and drug jokes? That anon confuses the hell out of me. I do love a lot of voices but they did their job. Can Lucifer lift the restraint, or is it out of his control? That's why we need to turn to God for strength and to avoid temptation as much as possible. Ad from shop CactusdeerArt

(I might also have some hints of Hazbin Gods in it). hazbin The regular sinners are beneath them. I mean, I may have compared Vivzie and Alan, but thats about it. If you wanna learn more about this I recomnend you to go see @petitprincess1 tumblr posts, I appreciate the anon that tagged me in this. Hazbin Hotel is an upcoming comedy/musical adult animated series created by Vivienne Medrano.   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD).

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I was just wondering this myself. Icon made by pippers23. Id say both have interesting concepts but need some working on. Charlie is starting a hotel that is meant to redeem Sinners, along with the help of an infamously powerful Overlord, Alastor. From shop BatsyBunny, ad by MikasaArtzz $2.80, $3.50 Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. I assume imps are endemic to the Ring of Greed judging by all the imps we see in Loo-Loo Land compared to in Pentagram City. Edited by M84 on Jan 4th 2021 at 11:57:59 PM. Also, Some people in the fandom dont get the concept of what a pilot is and complain for not showing all the lifes of the characters, a pilot is just a show of a series's plot concept, things like the life of the characters would be shown in the series. Fill out the requested information. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US.

It is meant to simply pitch the show and give the basic plot. TobiosArtShop Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Forcing the Sinners to be stuck with many that are trying to kill one another is a punishment. Can You Draw Portgas D. Ace In The Hazbin Pirate Style? That makes Hell a million times boring, defeats the purpose of "Punishment" i know it's immature but I never said I was mature,

I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm a little too bi to function. From shop TobiosArtShop, $13.92 Also, @stardusteyes, if you have any questions you wanna leave in my inbox or DM me, I am more than happy to answer them.

And even after Erin stated that it was her first time working on a project like that (which could be stressfull) and Helluva Boss wasn't the only reason why she had her mental health damaged, having other issues before that and other crew members (revisonists, VAs, music producers) stating that they didn't have a bad experience working in Helluva Boss, some people just continue to hate Vivziepop. I mean, these guys literally make ten page essays on why Charlie isnt a good characterwhen we only have the pilot and comics.

Or does each ring have its own individual government? You mean, literally just with Valentino? From shop IdenticalByHeart, ad by NamsterArt In 2020 alone, purchases on Etsy generated nearly $4 billion in income for small businesses.

Theyre two different shows. $16.96, $19.95 Here's what I've figured out so far. From shop MaaTheDino, ad by MizoreyRen Plus, with how sexual Heed is and the tentacle jokes and horny Dem is for BH and how we have literal confirmation that BH fucks..I think Alan wishes it was an adult show. Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. I cant tell you how many times I see them pick apart the Hazbin Hotel pilot, when its just a pilot. As for booze, it's not so much that booze in and of itself is bad. Why ARE sinners confide to the Pride ring? This is a slightly depressing thing, but I've started wondering if Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss are really popular just because of how much hate and "criticism" is in the main tags. Its likely to keep the sinners and the hellborn as apart as possible. I'm mostly hooked on Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, Owl House, Spy x Family, MCU, SU, animation in general and anything else I can get my gremlin hands on. They can make a whole post about how Stolas is a terrible father.and Im just sitting here like Yeah, he is terrible. Skylilybug

And if you believe youll hate it regardless, then just dont watch it. hazbin alastor hellphone