You can download the paper by clicking the button above. The big freeze in February this year cut CO2 supplies and shut down production in a lot of breweries. It allows New Belgium fans to easily send automated tweets to congratulate companies that do their part or plea with those who dont. Efforts To Reduce Greenhouse Emissions The brewer tries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a number of ways, including by using solar panels, generating electricity with wastewater collected on the brewery floor, capturing and repurposing brewing process heat, and registering as a sustainable operation under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LE. Companies cant hold themselves accountable without data-based standards, nor can they give their consumers transparency around their progress to meeting those standards. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( That makes it a tough time to invest in climate action, which undoubtedly has confident paybacks, but often requires up-front investments. Sign up for the Environment + Energy Leader free newsletter and receive our top news stories in your inbox on Tuesday & Thursday each week. Heres a good example: Lets take measuring a brewerys greenhouse gas or GHG emissions. According to the toolkit, to meet national standards, breweries must measure emissions across all Scopes. These start with the most controllable (Scope 1 for beer production) then from electricity used by the brewery (Scope 2) and finally from activity in your value chain (Scope 3 suppliers and customers). When brands make plays to sustainability without actually being sustainable, they are often called out by consumers for greenwashing. In 2018, Starbucks, for example, banned straws in their stores in favor of a sippy-cup-adjacent lid and announced that this would stop the waste of 1 billion straws a year. If you dont have a climate plan, you dont have a business plan.. In 2021, we open-sourced our decades of experience with climate action by launching the Carbon Neutral Toolkit for Craft Brewers. Addressing this was part of the idea behind New Belgiums Drink Sustainably campaign, a site launched alongside Torched Earth. 1, Policy Attestation: If You Cant Measure It, You Cant Manage It #GRCITRiskManagement #compliance #Governance @OneTrust, Retweet on Twitter 1550207998068269057

Now that its happening at the grid level, it will make it more affordable for all breweries in Fort Collins to reach the same carbon-neutral goals New Belgium has. This year, it was great to hear from breweries like Sunday Beer Co. and Upslope, who are referencing our toolkit as they calculate their emissions and work to curb them. Dedicated to proving that business can be a force for good, New Belgium is a Certified B Corp and was the first brewery to join 1% For The Planet. 1, Kimberly-Clark Achieves 41% Reduction in Emissions Versus 2015 #Air #EnergyManagement #EnvironmentalManagement #WasteRecycling, Retweet on Twitter 1550205229471113216 } To answer these questions, I recently interviewed two sustainability leaders in the craft brewing industry, Brewery Vivantand New Belgium Brewing. What Are The Different Types of Background Checks Out There. This drives up our GHG emissions as well. what is one of new belgiums core values? New Belgiums climate efforts a mix of internal methods like installing energy-efficient wind and solar technologies in its brewery, as well as external efforts via viral marketing campaigns like Torched Earth have grown since the companys founding. Allagash has done some impressive work to improve recycling in Maine. In addition, Fat Tire Brand Manager, Taylor Boyd, also mentioned how you can follow New Belgiums sustainability progress: Featured image courtesy of New Belgium Brewing. Email address: Were inspired to see brewers like Sunday Beer who have already joined us in a commitment to strong climate action and were excited to support and celebrate whichever brewery will be next.. Email your Senator and tell them we need climate legislation passed now. If youre super interested, New Belgium brewing has actually just released a free Carbon Neutral Toolkit on that same webpage to support fellow beer companies on their journeys toward net-zero carbon emissions. As part of its efforts to reduce energy usage, the brewery also uses a steam condenser to capture and reuse the hot water that is boiled barley and hops for each batch of beer. You can read the interview with Kris Spaulding, Owner and President of Brewery Vivant, here. four-packs, and it tastes like sadness, according to Cody Reif, R&D brewer with New Belgium. All rights reserved. Helping & empowering business owners for over 15 years, helping them to understand how to protect own interests, build bridges to amplify joint ventures, adapting new business practices and solutions. This is especially so among younger shoppers.. 1, The ADPPA Advances to the House Floor @OneTrust, Retweet on Twitter 1550256819582681089

Folks are now talking about climate action with a new sense of urgency, which signals progress for the industry as a whole. We admire any business taking meaningful steps to address climate change head-on. Submit your email below to receive our monthlyish newsletter on reviews, tours, events and more! listeners: [],

According to a poll in February this year by C.O.Next and Menu Matters, 80% of consumers said sustainability matters to them when ordering in restaurants or picking up food and beverage items from grocery stores. No one really knows I guess, but probably not. New Belgiums Fat Tire brand has earned carbon neutral status by SCS Global Services using the international recognized PAS 2060 standard.

Brewers (and beer drinkers) voices really matter to elected officials. We added Mountain Time Lager to our roster of Carbon Neutral Certified beers. We launched our $100 for a six-pack campaign last summer to illuminate the potential cost of beer if we dont address climate change, said Wallace. Please enable javascript to view this site. In this years Torched Earth campaign, the company has created a version of its Fat Tire beer made with the sub-quality ingredients you might find in a climate-ravaged society, such as smoke-tainted water or dandelions instead of fresh hops. A carbon neutral beer has become Americas first ever certified beer brand last summer. New Belgium also noted that Brooklyn-basedSunday Beer Co. was committing to becoming certified carbon neutral, in part thanks to New Belgiums example.

While the company has continued to invest internally in sustainability, it has also started to incorporate sustainability into its external efforts. New Belgiums latest beer, Torched Earth, tastes bad on purpose. Today, New Belgium operates according to four key principles: Make world class beer for everyone; do right by people; inspire social and environmental change; and have a hell of a lot of fun and has experienced sustained record growth in recent years as a result. How Is New Belgium Brewing Company Sustainable. She also said that, in her experience, skipping data and measurement can lead to ineffective campaigns. This isnt a partisan issue this is how we save our businesses, our beer and our outdoor playgrounds. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { In 2019, mega-fast-fashion-retailer H&M released Conscious, a line meant to be sustainable and made from organic cotton, tencel or recycled polyester. But some outlets questioned whether it was even possible for a fast fashion retailer to be considered sustainable, given fast fashion retailers frenetic production cycle. Since they contribute about 85% of the GHGs in a beers lifecycle, well need their partnership in reaching our 2030 decarbonization goals. Fort Collins, Colorado New Belgium Brewing is releasing its Carbon Neutral Toolkit to support fellow beer companies on the journey toward net-zero carbon emissions. Among them were giving grants to barley farmers to help them develop more climate-friendly farming practices, as well as buying carbon offsets. Out of Your Direct Control Achieving Environmental Excellence in Your Supply Chain, How to Marry ESG & Financial Reporting to Reap Big Benefits, Successful US Water Management Strategies 2020, Using RegScan to Support an ISO Certification Audit, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) eBook. Fat Tire Amber Ale was first introduced by New Belgium Brewing in 1991. What do you think about it? Its also been great to see Sierra Nevada jumping into the policy advocacy game for smart energy and climate policy. What does that mean exactly? Chain retail packaged craft beer hasnt grown in three years, Streamline taproom operations, keg inventory and lots more with BarTracks Draft Monitoring System, The evolution of Neshaminy Creek and the production brewery business model, Wyomings Melvin Brewing seeks strategic partner, is maybe up for sale, Fat Tires new website isnt sure what beers are certified carbon neutral, Fat Tire beer brand is certified carbon neutral, New Belgium raises awareness about climate change disrupting agriculture. callback: cb About New Belgium Brewing Unfiltered: New Jerseys Limited Brewery Special Ruling takes effect. no longer supports Internet Explorer. Wallace, however, said theres a strong business case for sustainability and that it requires a shift in bottom-line thinking. As part of the companys vision since its inception, sustainability has been one of the primary issues.

Still, sustainability and climate change have proven difficult fields for many brands to navigate. We encourage breweries to communicate the business case for that legislation because climate change is a massive business risk (they should check out our Carbon Neutral Toolkit at for bipartisan talking points and general pro tips on talking to policymakers). 1. Colorados Brewability installs vibrational dance floor for the deaf/hard of hearing/everyone. Made with smoke-tainted water, dandelions and drought-resistant grains, it was priced a $40 for two 16-oz. Need more information? Required fields are marked *. We know how important it is for businesses to work together to help solve the climate crisis and drive business growth as a result, said New Belgium CEO Steve Fechheimer. According to company executives, workers steward for company resources and the environment as individuals doing the same. The ADI anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) system was chosen as the best treatment solution for the brewery based on the design raw wastewater characteristics (a combination of process wastewater, spent yeast and hops), treatment requirements, limited space available, and the proximity of the wastewater treatment plant to a neighboring residential community. This highly detailed resource (a 26-page PDF paired with a Drink Sustainably GHG Accounting Tool in an Excel file) is designed to help small- and medium-sized breweries measure their carbon footprint and take steps to make their businesses carbon neutral (download on this page; scroll down a little). For breweries looking to take action on climate change, New Belgiums toolkit outlines how to: For more information and to check out New Belgiums Carbon Neutral Toolkit yourself, New Belgium was co-founded 30 years ago by a social worker, Kim Jordan, who built the company the only way a social worker would: People first. The new treatment system that Evoquas ADI Systems designed for New Belgium Brewing is generating a consistent high-quality final effluent that exceeds the discharge limits of the local publicly owned treatment works. Joins New Belgium. Having fun and being responsible to the environment have been a couple of Sunday Beers core principles from our founding, but as an effort to continue to do better, we were inspired by New Belgiums leadership in the space and have become Carbon Neutral certified in 2021, said Eric Schulz, Co-Founder Sunday Beer Co. Were excited to be a part of this movement and with Fat Tires new Carbon Neutral Toolkit as a great tool, we think this is just the beginning!. The strongest climate plans Ive seen are strongly tied to the companys culture and values, said Jenny Gyllander, founder and CEO of Thingtesting, a site that reviews DTC brands. Any effort to drive a circular economy for these materials is also a strong decarbonization effort. Here are more technical definitions and a diagram of the three Scopes via the tookit: The toolkit is well done and worth your time to have a look. Bummer! The compact system is also meeting noise and odor limits, preventing any disruption to the surrounding neighbourhood. Over the last year, 962 barrels were consumed per barrel. SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND BENCHMARKING IN BREWING: A FACTOR WEIGHTING APPROACH INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND, Brewing Green: Sustainability in the Craft Beer Movement, New identities from remnants of the past: An examination of the history of beer brewing in Ontario and the recent emergence of craft breweries, Why Wine is not Glue? New Belgium is famous for its flagship beer, Fat Tire Amber Ale, along with year-round favorites like Voodoo Ranger IPA and La Folie Sour Brown Ale; as well as an award-winning wood-aged sour program and innovative limited release beers. { Brewery was expanding and wanted a more responsible approach to managing its water that would generate an effluent that far exceeded the city's discharge requirements, Treatment system must exceed discharge limits, be compact in design and mitigate noise and odor concerns, ADI anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) system. The Weekend in Oregon Beer Beginning July 21, 2022, R-Day from Rainier Beer Returns in September 2022, Previewing the 2022 Oregon Brewers Festival Beer List, Alesong Brewing Announces Terroir Festival Brewery List + Ticket On-Sale, The Weekend in Oregon Beer July 15, 2022, Silver Moon Brewing and RE/MAX Key Properties Announce 2022 Summer Concert Series, 2019 Bend Brewfest Returns From August 15-17, 2019, Bazi Bierbrasserie Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Melvin Brewing hires 21st Amendments Ted Whitney as National Sales Director, Federal Small Brewer Excise Tax Bills Introduced in House, Senate. Some folks think recycling is a given, but with thousands of incongruent recycling regulations at every city and county level, the United States does an extremely poor job of capturing endlessly recyclable materials like glass and aluminum. New Belgium Brewery Company has built an attitude of giving back, being active and doing things for others. Coinciding with the Super Bowl this year, New Belgium launched showing us whether the biggest brands in beer are also carbon neutral. We hired a badass Energy Engineer, Andy Collins, who is leveling up NBBs brewing efficiency in a huge way.

Did breweries have to abandon these goals in 2021 or were they able to meet their objectives? Below is my interview with Katie Wallace, Director of Social and Environmental Impact at New Belgium Brewing. Leave this field empty if you're human: Can't visit the site everyday like us?

This included installing an on-site wastewater treatment system that would generate an effluent that far exceed the citys discharge requirements. The new facility is sized to produce upwards of 500,000 barrels of beer per year. Much more intentional: How Shopifys latest fulfillment moves aim to simplify logistics for sellers, The new C-suite: Retailers like Nordstrom and CVS are personalizing their org structures to meet industry shifts, Lalo and West Elm launch new baby gear collaboration, How CPG startups capitalized on Prime Day to grow sales and acquire customers, Amazon Briefing: Takeaways from this years Prime Day, Amid a continued home goods boom, Havenly launches its first pop-up, After years of hyper-growth, layoffs come for the retail sector, CPG brands are leaning on small-sized portions, citing health-conscious shoppers. SUV Buying Guide: How To Buy the Best SUV, Discover the Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance, The future of eCommerce payments: analysis and new data. As a result of the switch to clean energy, the city of New Belgium was able to cut its CO2 emissions by 1,800 metric tons each year. The system was designed to treat up to 142,000 gpd of wastewater and generate a final effluent with biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations of less than 230 mg/l. About Fat Tire Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData, said that while sustainability is rarely the sole determinant of buying decisions, more shoppers make assessments of brands based on their efforts and actions around sustainability.