So she tried to kill Kiana because she didn't want to admit being related to Honkai, is that it? The three of you love going out together, whether it was a date or a simple shopping trip. she is a bit clingy and bossy at times but she gives you little gifts to show you her affection, isnt the type to keep you away from people but she ispossessive of you and wary of the people you surround yourself with everyday. that dull feeling of boredom had disappeared as you started setting up. The grasses withered and a murky dark cloud surrounded them as the dew of grass evaporated in an instant when a foot came into sight before them. "Welcome back, dear. Senti: I dont care about the sovereigns or being a god and any of that celestial nonsense. Ever since the former Dendro Archon, the God of Woods, has injected the everlasting sap (a sap from the Irminsul tree) into your body, ley line energy has come into you and stored everything there. She doesn't mind if Senti asks to help and tells her to handle the more basic preparations. I'm not sure how the fact that she has Fu Hua s memories explain that she is disconnected from Fu Hua s past friends.. like if she has her memories, shouldn't she on the contrary feel the same sympathy towards them? Reader who had Herrscher of Sentience's personality and ability. 25-ji: mizuki akiyama , mafuyu asahina , ena shinonome, MASTER LIST . The whole world will start to twist and turn into a massive vortex and threads of light will fly out, putting them in a trial. While Senti talks about them, she often complains that they never pay attention to her and keep brushing her off whenever she invites them for a battle with her. On the weekends, you two would go on small dates to the go-to spots on the peaks of Mount Taixuan where flowers bloomed and grass grew. Long story short: Senti started a business on the spot using her illusions to earn some mora and when the reports of scamming were raised in the heart of Fontaine, suspicion had arisen among the guards, and caught her red-handed for performing frauds. Time lost all meaning when you stared at her until her beautiful eyes opened. Where's my morning kiss and 'I love you's?!'". As a result, people who come near it get sick and the crops become poisonous. However "(Nick/Name)! As you can imagine, Otto didn't stay dead as he immediately moved his soul to another one of his spare bodies, but to Schicksal at large he's now MIA, leaving Durandal in command. Senti has one goal in mind: build the biggest snowman in the entire damn world. She would greet you with an apron tied around her waist and make you fall in love with her all over again. Although The Seven also visited Celestia long ago, they barely make any contact with the 10 Sovereigns and have little idea about them. Before you could answer, you felt a dangerous to your left and Senti began to hug your left arm. Youve been asleep for almost a millennium and the rest was history. Senti smiles and leans on your shoulder, happily nodding her head. Senti isn't on the same level as the likes of Rita, Mei, or even her "twin sister," but she doesn't care since that means she has an excuse to taste your exquisite cooking. you took all the pillows so im using you as one.. "W-Was it good?". There's a new restaurant that opened up down the block. project sekai x reader book(s) on wattpad! Hua usually falls asleep while in your warm embrace and one arm hugging you. A clicking of heels echoed throughout the hallway. She left Hua's body so she could be free and the real Fu Hua could have her body back, even if being without a body makes her more susceptible to the Honkai corruption, to which she simply replies that she will fight it as long as possible. "Do THAT." Liben: As I look for business opportunities there, rumors have spread across the city that a young merchant was selling valuable items! Within the blink of an eye, she's already hugging Hua and repeating "Thank you!" The franchises I write for are the female characters Ill write romantically are under the cut. who and what fandoms I write for: honkai impact || project sekai || bandori After leaving "in peace" she has a discussion with the Feather (actual Fu Hua) over if shes actually Fu Hua, and tries to get Kiana and Bronya to validate that shes the real one. Sorry for the gap in between posts, I haven't found much time to write. Liben: It seemed like that merchant's friend was stopping her instead of endorsing those valuable artifacts they have in store, Liben: Everyone thought they were putting on a show so more and more people gathered in to buy their items because of their comedic duo. More and more people have come into the scene including Fatuis. 1. While she drags you like a doll, she tells you about what its like in Celestia. Senti: Then its my turn to break off this cycle and re-weave the threads of fate! Hua really loathes the idea of being under anyone's control, whether that be Otto, Dr. Mei of the past era and especially the Will of the Honkai. Ah, to be defeated by a newbie merchant, how could I let this happen. (Even sometimes Jun'ichirou describes you as a total Chaos), -Yosano seems interested with your ability to heal yourself, -Ranpo and Kyouka is okay with you, because you always treat them sweets. She ends up leading Kiana to her in order to show her how much better she has become. "Of course! The hydro archon manipulated the chains which followed along in twisting your limbs as if theyll be pulled apart in any second the more she tugs it. Howevever instead of becoming a murder machine like a standard Herscherr, she believes herself to be Fu Hua and adopts her memories as her own (which explains the disconect with Fu Hua's past friends since those are not her memories and is just like reading a book), oh and she brutalizes one of Otto's avatars, nice. But Im no fool to fall for their tricks despite how tempting it is to get that item! "Dear, if it gets too cold, then we can stop and get something warm to drink. leo/need: shiho hinomori , honami mochizuki , ichika hoshino , saki tenma, MASTER LIST . Being in a relationship with Hua was the best thing to have happened to you. "What!? You know from experience how powerful she is and to see her act so meek is an adorable sight to behold. if i have three drafts then that means i have three requests so therefore do not request when i have three in my inbox, MAIN requests AND rules. Slowly but surely her want for you grows into obsession and starts keeping you by her side. Bundled up in the warmest winter clothes, the three of you headed to the commercial area in Shenzhou in search of decorations. Liben: It was all a hoax I say! This is a huge piece of evidence that you and Senti were here. Several minutes later, she too would wake up and greet you with a smile. You screamed in pain and cried, begging the holder to stop. "Y-You don't mean" Hua began before Senti smiled at pointed upward where a mistletoe hung from the ceiling. It is then later on where the divine messenger was being requested by the sovereigns that Senti must meet with them. Senti: Then youre gonna have to get through me first! Expect her to hug you tightly and to be rubbing her face against yours. So. I hope you didn't lose too much sleep.". A quick and short list of headcanons for everyone reading this. hiii!! Your presents were pretty decent, considering you had little to no experience doing these kind of things. Hua fought them off but was too late to save a little girl who was slowly succumbing to her injuries. Be aware that I may just delete requests if they make me uncomfortable! Did you sleep well last night? Senti charged the spear forward with all her might and the red clouds spread even more across the sky, covering the entire nation. Out of nowhere a strong force of energy was keeping them in place as they were pinned helplessly on the ground. There is this one god who is called the Second Throne of Heavens. besides, i like this show too. Honkai Impact 3rd is the next-generation action game developed by miHoYo Shanghai. Fellow anon: hii! Hua waited for you to come back and held you tight when Su filled her in on what transpired in the Seed of Sumeru before leaving you two alone and continuing his task. You could hear her muttering something about you in a warm tone and couldn't help but lean down and kiss her forehead, earning a happy sigh from your beloved girlfriend. The traveler fell onto their knees, despair taking a toll on them that he wasnt able to save you and Senti on time. With a small smile, she watched you hold up Senti as she placed a custom ornament on top of the tree: a phoenix ornament that glowed bright yellow. Though, you didn't have to worry about that today when you found yourself in the warming presence of your two beloveds. The 10th Sovereign grunted and glared at him, emotions within her red eyes were mixed with betrayal, confusion, and misery. Let's go there today, (Your Name)!" Senti: If youre gonna lay a hand on [Name]. She would shout when she learns that you would be cooking too. A big chook was there with that merchant dressed up as her with those silly dark glasses, and another young girl with a robe was there. Kosma, you dont know what youre doing! Synopsis: Christmas is a time where people give and/or receive presents from loved ones. 3. Now, there was a third factor added into the relationship in the form of Senti. Guys thank you for help at the start. A giant orb of light assembled on your palms and you raised your arms to gather more ley line energy onto it to manipulate all forms of liquid into one colossal water drop. requests are closed , therefor i am not taking any request! With the remaining energy and strength she could muster, Senti summoned her own abysmal pillars, chains, and black blades out of thin air and pointed them toward the hydro archon. Taixuan as well, attacking the residents. Hua stood by your side, assisting and ensuring you would make a full recovery. Focalor: The 10th seat of heaven is a failure. The tree looks beautiful. Focalor: God of Sentience and 10th seat of Celestia, you shall be incarcerated as ordered by the heavens themselves. Drops of water began to sip out of her hands. However, many, many, MANY years with her have taught you how to deal with her while she's like this. But now was not the time to grieve, from the corner of their eyes, they saw a familiar pendant on the patch of grass with the emblem of your royal familys crest. senti likes teasing you and likes making you flustered by kissing you, most of the time she does it when shes jealous, she is very energetic around you and likes to play with you, senti may be childish but she understands your feelings and likes to help you out, Fu Hua x Reader x Herrscher of Sentience - Christmas Special, Source: Probably what Kunikida thought at the time, -Dazai just happy because he has someone to vibes with, -You're getting along with Atsushi and Kenji, -Tanizaki siblings is your friends! The hydro archons eyes widened and formed another great wave and mimics of hands to deter your powerful blow. The longer you stay up in the sky, the more valuable information you have gathered.

you lazily scrolled through your phone, your legs kicked up onto a nearby pillow. Looking up with hazy eyes, her speculation was correct when familiar expressionless golden eyes looked down at her. Things didnt go as planned when Senti decided to stray paths with you and admire the city of Fontaine. Waking up, you found yourself in an unknown place where everything was dark and ten thrones were in front of you.