Yes, the Skill Games reset every 12 hours, thus twice every day. For example, Premier League Points can only be used in the TOTS Premier League chapter. Check our careers page! The VSA Matches have special OVR and Lineups requirements that are tied to TOTS and the different Leagues. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 TOTS Event Guide useful. Reserves Tokens can be spent in the League Reserves Offer in the League Reserves Chapters. As of now, the max a Free-to-play player can get is the 96 OVR and 97 OVR with the Star Pass, but the introduction of UTOTS can change everything as all of our above calculations have been done only based on the first six weeks of the event. Im only saving my league points and tickets to get him, also I play the whole event except for the vsa matches with 6 league players. In short, you can land. Start off by heading over to the TOTS Campaign through Live Events. 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IF you go all out on a certain league which you probably should anyway. Please remember we are not encouraging anyone to spend their hard-earned cash on the game and buy the Star Pass. Play Skill Games, complete daily Quests, and battle it out in the Challenge mode. This is different from the years past, you will do Reserve Tokens Exchanges for 200 Reserve Tokens. The players are fantastic, their stats are stellar. There is a lot of stuff going on with weekly currencies, passes, and exchanges on top of it. You can grab the 2000 TOTS Tickets from each of the six leagues just by playing through the event daily and not missing out on anything. You can trade your TOTS Tickets for TOTS League-Specific Points to gain an additional amount of them in the league you are targetting for the higher OVR starter. Its going to come down to what players you want, and what individual league is most important to you for your team. Play all possible Skill games, Matches, and Quests. This Chapter and its rewards change weekly with the new Leagues released. It has a little amount of grind, with daily skill games and a hell of a lot of event currencies. In addition to that, from your non-committed TOTS League, you can make the following combinations, You can get a maximum of 1500 Ultimate Exchange Tokens with the Star Pass. Complete Quests throughout the event to earn Star Pass progress, which includes rewards like League Points, TOTS Tickets, Reserves Tokens, TOTS Emote, two new Stadiums, Logos, Training Transfer Items, Gems, 86+ OVR Global TOTS Players, TOTS Kit, Skill Boosts, Coins, Rank up Items, and Enhanced Event Icons. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join ourWhatsApp group,Telegram Group,orDiscord server. Spend your League Points in the Reward Path to claim Resources, TOTS Tickets, Ultimate Exchange Tokens, and TOTS Starter Players from your chosen League. Be excited that theres no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. Thats it the Team of the Season Event in a nutshell. Now, the last thing that we have is the Challenge Mode. Complete them to earn League Points, TOTS Tickets, Reserves Tokens, and 89+ OVR League Reserve Players! As far as grabbing the players for selling, the higher the rate of the player, the more he is going to be worth it. Also, there is a series of three VSA matches with league-specific requirements. You can achieve the following from the League of your choice. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so lets explain it here. Each and every day of the Challenge Mode will include 5 PvE AI Matches of increasing difficulty. Gain progress through the League Pass and earn League Points, Reserves Tokens, TOTS Tickets, 89-95 OVR Reserves Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, and Rank Items. These passes will stay for the remainder of the event and the Paid Pass requires 1000 FIFA Points. Needless to say, the Weekly Quests are a bit harder to complete, but they offer better Rewards. Basically, just play the event, every day, daily grind it out. Play Division Rivals Matches and complete daily/weekly Quests to progress. After a dull series of events, namely Spring Showdown, Champions League, and Lantern Festival, EA brings back a recurring event FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Season! Additionally note that since the TOTS League-Specific Points rotate across the skill games, you will receive a minimum total of 79885 TOTS Points for one single league and at least 33185 TOTS Points for the other four leagues. Exchange these Ultimate Exchange Tokens along with a TOTS League Starter for Ultimate Points! It is a big, confusing, and exciting event. Rewards include TOTS Tickets, an Enhanced Base Icon, and a Prime Icon! Now if you are buying the Star Pass, then it can change your calculations completely, providing a bump to your TOTS League-Specific Points. Ultimate Points are used to claim Ultimate TOTS Players, but there will be a specific Guide closer to the release of Ultimate TOTS with more information. Youre gonna be very excited! The TOTS League Reserves will unlock as each and every league unlocks. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. UTOTS will be open for the last two weeks of the event. Also, follow us onInstagramandTwitter,andGoogle Newsfor quick updates. Challenge Mode is back and its better than before! These are endgame players, a lot of them. Therefore, its just going to be getting who you need for your team and buying the rest. Complete Daily TOTS Quests to earn League Points, Reserves Tokens, and progression towards all active League Passes. You can differentiate your combos from the TOTS Leagues in the following manner: You can get a maximum of 1200 Ultimate Exchange Tokens. The big pass is the Star Pass which is loaded with a ton of rewards. Try to maximize your points from the Challenge mode as many times as you can. It is completely ones choice whether they want to spend on the game or not. From the current preview, we dont know if the numbers will hold true as we have seen in seasons past the numbers change once UTOTS go live. We have seen in seasons past, that during UTOTS an extra amount of TOTS Tickets is handed out and that can be the case if the TOTS Tickets replace TOTS League-Specific Points in the Challenge mode, and the UTOTS Pass gives out additional TOTS Tickets and maybe even Ultimate Exchange Tokens. The conversion rate is at a 1:1 ratio for each and every Ticket. In the Main Tab, you will play a series of three Skill Games to earn TOTS Tickets, Reserve Tokens, and TOTS league-specific Points, twice every day. As the paths go we have players running incrementally from 94 to all the way 98. There is a fixed OVR cap of 105 OVR, along with restrictions on one player from each of Europes top 5 leagues, and a further restriction of 6 TOTS league-specific players. Points correspond to the appropriate league. The requirements for these matches are pretty easy and can be found in the Conditions. The Quests are fairly easy and can be completed with a daily grind. Additionally, you will be able to hit the first League Milestone in every single league being totally free-to-play. Try not to miss out on the tickets. Were not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. Head over to the Exchange for TOTS Tickets Exchanges and Reserves Tokens Exchanges to trade in Gold+ and Elite+ Players for TOTS Tickets and Reserves Tokens that refresh each week, starting on Monday. Eight weeks from now none of your teams will look the same. The most awaited event in the FIFA Mobile Calendar is finally here. Lastly, there are Daily Quests as well which give out TOTS league-specific Point, Reserve Tokens, and TOTS league-specific Pass Credits. It is just more exciting than you think! You can get the above rewards ie 97 OVR Starter from your committed TOTS specific League, Thats an additional 97 OVR, thats all the pass will make a difference in rewarding you with players from different leagues. Once again, your Points solely depend on how far you can progress on the Challenge Mode with your team. Some of the key rewards to look out for are League Points, TOTS Tickets, and Reserves Tokens. Remember, we are yet to find out what happens when Ultimate TOTS or UTOTS is released in the final two weeks. Im totally f2p, can I get Van Dijk? From the table above you can clearly see you can go down straight down the path and easily grab at least one of the 94 OVR TOTS Starters in each of the TOTS leagues and a 96 OVR TOTS Starter from the League of your choice. We dont know, we have no idea what can happen in the last two weeks as a lot can change. All this, along with top rewards, in what should be one of FIFA Mobiles biggest and most jam-packed events of the year! So currently no, Ultimate TOTS Players are not available for free-to-play. These are endgame players mostly and are all starters. Obviously, there are Passes as well, Free Passes and Paid Passes. You can get at least a minimum of 79885 TOTS Points on one single league and 33185 TOTS Points on the other four leagues. Since we are restricted to only 3 Reserve Ultimate Token Exchanges, its not currently possible to land a UTOTS starter without additionally doing the 98 OVR and 97 OVR Starter Exchanges, which is 1500 Ultimate Token Exchanges total, which is not currently free-to-play without the Star Pass. Thanks David. You can also use FIFA Points to move faster through Star Pass levels and collect rewards faster. Its not that much important but in the end, it all matters to you. There are Exchanges in the event as well. There are TOTS league-specific Quests that occur weekly over a period of 7 days. quagliarella totw The Star Pass also rewards you with 95 OVR Event Icons CM Clarence Seedorf and 98 OVR Event Icons ST Samuel Etoo. This is a rehash of what we have seen the entire season long in big major events. Related FIFA Mobile 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) Guide, Related FIFA Mobile 22 Torres Icon Journeys Guide, Related FIFA Mobile 22 POTM (Player of the Month) Guide. You gain progress for all active League Passes by completing the Daily TOTS Quests and claiming the TOTS Pass Credits. In the events window, you will find a completely separate Reserves Page, where you can trade in your Reserves Tokens. Needless to say, every TOTS Featured League will have its own chapter. Head over to the League Rewards Chapter to find the Reward Paths for the different Leagues. After a dull series of past events, namely Spring Showdown, Champions League, and Lantern Festival, TOTS is a massive and exciting event in FIFA Mobile 22. In addition to the Star Pass, there are six different League Passes that unlock as the league they represent goes live. We have no clue what the final two weeks of the event will look like once Ultimate TOTS is released. The Milestone Reward Path includes League Points, TOTS Tickets, Skill Boosts, and 89 95 OVR TOTS Reserve Players from that League. Your Reserve Tokens will swing on whether or not you are in FIFA Champion, because if you are in FIFA Champion, you can 70 Reserve Tokens extra on every special TOTS VSA match. I calculated it and its 80,000 points to get him, so can I get him ? So until the UTOTS release and we get to know the format, just horde in your points and go up to Node 11 of each and every league to avoid any last-minute disappointments, Go up to Node 11 in each of the TOTS League-Specific chapters and save your remaining points until the UTOTS chapter is released. Additionally, You can convert your TOTS Tickets to the particular League Point of your choice. Earning Star Pass Credits will unlock more rewards along the Star Pass path. Gain progress for the Milestones based on how many points you have spent on that League. Also, make sure to check in to the Exchanges every Monday for new Global League Reserves and Starters, starting with the Eredivisie! There are two tiers to the Star Pass: free and premium. For the special VSA matches, try to maintain the requirements as they help in giving out extra TOTS league-specific Points which will create a difference in the end. Ultimate TOTS contains some of the highest OVR Players that are currently available in the game. Additionally, you can collect your Daily Free Reward of a bonus of TOTS league-specific Points and Reserve Tokens. Play through the event, just remember to log in and play through each and everything. This Star Pass is massive lasting 56 days and looks like this time its worth the money. Obviously, The League Exchanges will only be available for one week after the League unlocks. Right now, the maximum amount of Ultimate Token Exchanges you can get is 1200 and 1500 if you have bought the Star Pass. Do remember that buying the Star Pass will tweak your rewards only slightly if you are aiming for a particular league. That will enable you to go till Node 10 which requires 4400 Reserve Tokens for a reward of 3,000 TOTS Tickets in at least 5 or all the 6 leagues depending upon how well you do in the Division Rivals and VSA matches. *Bonus Reserve Tokens depend on your position in the Division Rivals Leaderboard for VSA and H2H. Now tips for the event.

But still, if you were saving to buy the Star Pass for once, this is the time. Of course, claiming a TOTS Starter will also earn you Ultimate Exchange Tokens. You cannot hold and wait to come back and claim everything, you have to spend. So hold tight, who knows, a 97 OVR could be possible Free-to-Play and a 98 OVR with the Star Pass even. Moving on to the actual leagues tab, its just a path of rewards you run down. We are constantly looking for the best talents and most passionate mobile gamers to join our crew. So dont forget your daily quests to progress through the Star Pass! As part of the GamingonPhone team, you will be at the cutting-edge of the industry, covering the latest news and trends, conducting developer interviews, and reviewing the hottest new mobile games. Its an exciting event with a ton of resources and a ton of stuff! Based on how currently the game is right now, its a minimum of 350 Ultimate Points, to grab an Ultimate TOTS Starter and 225 Ultimate Points for an Ultimate TOTS Reserve player. Now if you buy the Star Pass, you will have more Reserve Tokens to spend, approximately at least a total of 30000 Reserve Tokens. There is no midweek currently and you need to play through Matches onFridays, Saturdays, and Sundaysto earn TOTS league-specific Points. There a free-to-play player can claim, You can get the above rewards ie 94 OVR Starter from each of your Five non-committed TOTS Leagues. There are a lot of things going on in the event and its too confusing. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can. Yes, the same procedure is involved, one new league opens every week starting with the Community and ending with the Ultimate TOTS. There are Points and Tokens both on the pay side and the free side with the players being only exclusive for the paid version of the pass. Try to remain in at least World Class I or Legendary III to avoid missing out on major rewards. The Pass does appear to be worth it and will make the difference between what you can claim and what you cant. and become one of the first to read the story. By claiming Players from the TOTS League Starters Reward Path, you will earn Ultimate Exchange Tokens. Being a completely free-to-play player, you can get approximately a grand total of 26000 Reserve Tokens throughout the event. Additionally remember, your position in the Division Rivals leaderboard also comes into play as it will differentiate in the amount of TOTS league-specific Points and Reserve Tokens you can get. League Points can only be used towards the corresponding League. There is an additional path of Milestone of rewards here as well. Every year as the worldwide football seasons come to an end, EA celebrates the top performers from the five major European Leagues with a series of Team of the Season (TOTS) releases. We can only hope to get past this once Ultimate TOTS goes live with additional Tokens and Points. Trade-in 89+ League TOTS Players in League Specific Exchanges for TOTS league-specific Points. Keeping everything in mind, here is our strategy on how to maximize your gains. We will still suggest you horde in and save your TOTS Tickets till the very end as the remaining leagues unlock and then finally make your decision. Now including your TOTS Tickets, you can covert them for TOTS League-Specific Points of your desire. Keep an eye out on the Exchange for special Player Exchanges that unlock throughout the event, including untradable 94 OVR TOTS Reserves! There are two additional PvE AI matches that give out TOTS league-specific Points based on your rank in the Division Rivals VSA and H2H. Each of the matches gives out TOTS league-specific Points, giving a total of 1075 TOTS league-specific Points per Challenge Mode and up to 3225 League Points for a specific League! With what rewards it gives out, it can be a bargain, as yes a 95 and 98 OVR Event Icon is up for grabs. Hi Sayak, if I buy the star pass when Ive achieved for example stage 50 on the free part of the star pass will I receive rewards 1-49 of the paid part ie the ones I missed out on before purchasing. You can get the above rewards ie 96 OVR Starter from your committed TOTS specific League. We usually never suggest buying the Star Pass but if you were able to spend your $10 on the game even once, this is the time when it is definitely worth it. Play everything. Use your League Points along the path to claiming Starters and other rewards! Yes sure David even if you are on the last node of the Star Pass and then you decide to buy it, you will receive all the rewards from the beginning of the Pass and have a long but exciting time just packing cards and resources. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, Ill make sure to reply to everyone.

FIFA Mobile 22 TOTS or Team of the Season as it is termed is live. You can keep your TOTS Tickets until your preferred League unlocks. That being said, going into Ultimate with the most Ultimate Exchange Tokens possible is definitely going to be the best way to go. Beyond that, there isnt a whole lot to say about this event. During TOTS we will have a variety of Exchanges available, lets continue to see whats on offer! Additionally, there are league-specific milestones, which give you extra TOTS Tickets, a 94 OVR Enhanced Base Icon, and a P2W 100 OVR Prime Icon on spending league-specific points. As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Additionally, you can trade in 89 OVR+TOTS league-specific Reserves for a ton of elite and gold players. Each week as a different league unlocks, you will have three different TOTS league-specific Exchanges. Trade-in League Reserve Players in the Ultimate League Reserve Exchange for Ultimate Points. A claim of theLeague Reserves Offerwill cost 200 Reserves Tokens and reward you with Coins, Players, or TOTS Reserve Players and progression towards the Milestones.