Kokushibo was loyal to his antagonist of the show. She is independent and intelligent. Teresa is among the most risk-taking and courageous characters from both Claymore and this list. From a young age, Neji was able to demonstrate his mental sharpness as well as fortitude. He is a natural intuitive reader and analyst. These personality types are very rare in the world. His introverted personality, delicate tone, and intelligence are only some of the characteristics that led him to be an INTJ. Your email address will not be published. These anime show humans who transform into animals and animals who transform into humans. She is also casual and spends money in reckless ways. Because of his reserved personality We consider Kakashi is an INJ. Apollo is always by Zeuss side and is adept at thinking. She is able to manipulate others by her seductive talk style. She is definitely an INTJ, which makes her curious. The Silverfang character is among the supporting characters from One Punch Man. Kiriya is described as indifferent and aloof. Re-L Mayer was taught to stay neutral and not experience emotions so that she could take on enemies without hesitation. In the course of the show, he displays an unwavering dedication to his objectives. His juniors love him and he is the epitome of an INTJ. Kokushibo could make a fantastic companion. They focus their energy on observing the world and generating ideas. Silverfang is an INTJ typical and is calm even when tensions are high. Kai Chisaki, the mastermind behind many bloody battles, sees people more as pawns that he can use to his ends than as individuals with feelings. His thoughts are crystal clear and precise. This helps everyone to work efficiently. They are highly intelligent and are able to solve the majority of puzzles or patterns. Lawliet gives us a glimpse at the greatest detective in the world. Apollo is a thinker, as evidenced by his calm demeanor and ability not to panic under intense pressure or when being questioned. The actress is known as a violence-prone character and is often killed without regrets or thought. The same is true for Kaguya. The majority of INTJ personality types are intelligent and rational. His peers love him and his personality is that of an Intuitive. He is presented as a person with strong beliefs and is dedicated to achieving his goals. Shes also a very proficient person, which is part of her confidence in comparison to the other characters in the show. They are often free from any emotion. Merlin can be calmly assessing any situation and devise a strategy prior to taking the necessary action. Shinobu is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable swordswoman. Kaguya is the most perfect model of an INTJ character and therefore she is at the top of the list. Thors is a very independent person with a set of goals that he wants. He is an typical INTJ and has a great deal of and logical. INTJs are often called masterminds. Similar to a game master, he is able to anticipate his opponents moves and plan accordingly. Ryunosuke thinks that only the powerful should prevail as he is determined to remain emotionally detached and powerful. Its almost as Sherlock Holmes. If Attack on Titan is your most loved show, then youll probably be familiar with Levi Ackerman.

Combine this with his ingenuity and rational thinking, and youll identify his personality. The INTJ is a part of her due to her eagerness to improve her knowledge, her intuition and ability to recognize the consequences. Drama? She doesnt think twice about killing any demon she encounters, so its best for them to not mess with her! Lelouche is also shown to be compassionate and skilled in executing his plans. Re-L Mayer who is an edgy and reserved girl is one of an elite group of. Due to her traumas in the past her emotional state deteriorated and isolated from the external world. Her attire, personality, and nature make her a popular choice. He hopes to eliminate Quirks from the world which will allow the yakuza gain their power back. Weve divided them into females and males, and now lets get started! Silverfang is one of the supporting characters in One Punch Man. Her most notable trait is her loyalty to Zeke. Because of his reserved nature, we believe Kakashi to be an INTJ. She is courteous when speaking to other people. It is also possible to consider forums or Personality Database to discuss MBTI characters and personalities. She thinks up different strategies to get him to confess to her. Kurapika is known for his willingness to fight for his family and friends. While she is often confused as an ISTJ shes actually not an advocate of rules and doesnt question these rules. Kanata is known for his straightforward and clear communication. If he can defend his beliefs and values, in the end, he doesnt mind being the bad guy. Your email address will not be published. Their intelligence allows them to quickly identify patterns and combine theories, potentially leading to a concrete understanding of the world. She can also be manipulative at times. Homura was frequently victimized and bullied by other students in the school she attended.

More deeply, she is infuriated by demons due to her past dark history. Personality-wise she is a pretty girl but a bit weaker because she has not participated in any school sports. He likes to observe his opponents before engaging in battle like Goku and the other characters who use muscle brains from the show. Hendrickson can anticipate the actions of others prior to they occur. Death Note to make a better world. satoru gojou pdb intp gojo jujutsu kaisen Its similar to an INJ. She is a dedicated woman who is determined to do justice to everyone involved and is very serious about her work. To defeat Shun You must be very clever. INTJ anime characters are uncommon due to the personality of INTJ. Her conversations are simple, but she ultimately , she causes emotional harm to others. They can solve problems, even in stressful circumstances. She can take quick, decisive decisions independently. To protect himself and the Death Note, he creates traps within traps. It demonstrates her curiosity and her potential for ability.

The focus of his speech is on the bigger picture, and his critical thinking comes through in his clear and fact-based speech. Are there any INTJ characters you are familiar with that we have not included in our list? Merlin Brittanias most powerful mage, is often referred to as the Boars sin due to excessive consumption. She is reserved, but she cares very much about the students council members. Piccolo is frequently seen being attentive to his surroundings, and communicating his thoughts with other characters when they fight. They are generally free of any emotion. Motokos stern and Stoic attitude are well-known throughout the series. Toko AGATSUMA DEMON SLAYER : Everything You Need To Know, MUZAN KIBUTSUJI : Everything You Need To Know, Shinobu Kocho Demon Slayer : Everything You Need To Know. Related > One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date. Lelouch vi Britannia views life as a chess match. She has astronomy knowledge that is quite impressive. What is it like to be an INTJ in anime You might ask? In many ways, Tsukishima is the master strategist for the Karasuno volleyball club. High ambitions and the ability to concentrate are key ingredients in meeting these expectations. Motokos firm and Stoic character are famous throughout the show.

They are able to think through problems even in stressful situations. intj humor personality memes jokes mbti briggs myers happenings profile female funny problems need test true intjs rein traits introvert His ability to see the possibilities and his propensity to plan ahead of events is a sign of his intuition. Shes not afraid of killing any demon she meets and its best to not bother her! He prefers to watch his enemies before engaging in combat, unlike Goku and other muscle-brain characters from the show. Intuitive style, Neji uses metaphors and symbols to communicate his belief in a grand-plan and destiny. She shows great speaking skills and when communicating with others, she is calmer and less emotional. Chisaki excels at leadership, even violently. Kurapika is an incredibly visionary and committed individual. This is something they strive to achieve. He is an normal INTJ and is extremely rational and analytical in his thinking. His attention is fixed on the big picture and his thinking side comes through in his straightforward, fact-based speech. Lawliet offers us a peek at the best Detective in all of the universe. INTJs are similar. Their ability to think quickly can help them quickly spot patterns and connect theories, possibly leading to a more concrete knowledge of our world. He is an INTJ because of his calm, intelligent mind and ability to execute calculated attacks. Teru is evidently an INTJ. Although he wasnt allowed to learn the advanced techniques of his clan, he was able through observation and determination to learn them all on his own. Kokushibo plays a supporting role. Hendrickson is able to predict the actions of others before they actually happen. Kiriya can be described as being aloof and indifferent. Hendrickson, a former Great Holy Knight in the Liones Kingdom, longs for his true purpose. Hitagi is a typical INTJ character. These types of personality are uncommon throughout the world. Check out the MBTI review by Practical Typing on Piccolo for more in-depth information. To guard him from himself and the Death Note, he creates traps inside traps. Although he may seem unsocial, he is very social. If Attack on Titan is your favorite show, you will most likely be familiar with Levi Ackerman. You see Ryunosukes childhood anguish and pain throughout the Bungou Stray dogs series. Shes also very humorous and speaks with an oddly humorous voice. She is aware of her self-esteem and frequently is a snarky person who looks down on humans. This allows her to gain access to crucial information that will help her plan an attack against her enemies. Hes also more vigilant than Z fighters. Perfectly merged are creativity and analytical skills. They are highly valued for their intelligence, knowledge, and competence. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. INTJs live in a world that is full of ideas and strategic planning. He is not one to take things at face value. He is professional, authoritative with a quick ability to assign other people to their most significant roles. He is a typical INTJ and seems calm even when tension rises. We think she is an INTJ. Lets begin this list of the top 34 INTJ anime characters featuring Light Yagami from Death Note. Fun fact: did you know that Itachi Uchiha is an INFJ? countryhumans crossdress Sasuke is an unpopular character and its up to debate whether hes worthy of taking on Naruto. He is quick to test its capabilities and its limits. They have a great sense of insight and can quickly grasp new ideas. Thats another story. He has three levels of contingency plans. He made it his mission after the deaths of his entire clan. His emotions are often hidden, just like many INTJs. His emotions are typically hidden, like the majority of INTJs. Youve likely been familiar with Kakashi when youve watched Naruto or even if not but you should have been able to see the entire series of Kakashi memes. Kiriya is also portrayed to be a leader, who has the ability to discern and control the demon slayers when fighting. Lelouch vi Britannia sees life as an chess game. Watching The Chosen has. Hitagi, an INTJ, is a person who can store a lot of information. Yako is described as a supernatural being who takes on the human form. Five Facts About Tanjuro Kamado. It would be foolish to hinder his progress. She is reserved but cares deeply about the student council members. His tertiary Introverted Feelings (Fi) along with his Introverted Intuition(Ni) are where his true tertiary introverted Feelings (Fi) truly shine. I love to understand complicated situations and things. However, they are rarer and harder to find in females. But if you spend enough time analyzing their behavior and analyzing their actions, youll eventually come to a conclusion that they are INTJ. She is intelligent and sarcastic, which is typical of INTJs. Levi applies his logic and knowledge of the battlefield to almost every aspect of his life. INTJs are drawn to logic battles. Motoko is a skilled woman with a good understanding of hacking, leadership, and other combat techniques.

However, there are still many INTJ characters that you might relate to if you are actually an INTJ. Chisaki can see the big picture, anticipate how events will play out, and adjust his plan accordingly. He wants to eliminate Quirks from the planet, allowing the yakuza to regain their power. Although there arent any INTJ anime tests available, one can take the 16 personality test on the MBTI website and then visit websites such as Personality database to find out what the personalities of some anime characters might be. If you talk about Demon Slayer its usually about the demon slayers and the demons. The plan has three stages of emergency contingency. Who Can Beat Saitama : Top 20+ Characters Who Can Defeat Him, Black Butler Characters : Everything You Need To Know, Brown hair anime boy characters : Our top 40+, Ugly Anime Characters : Our List 30 + That You Need To Know, Anime Girl Red Eyes : Our Top 15 + Anime Girl With Red eyes, anime characters : Our Top 60+ of All Time, Anime Waifu : Our top 60+ Best Waifus of All Time, Who Is The Strongest Anime characters : Our Top 10 +, Anime Wolf Girl : Our Ranking Cute Anime Wolf Girl Characters, hot anime girls in bikinis : Our Top 15 +. The 20 Best Debaters Of Anime: ENTP Anime Characters, Top 22 ENFJ Anime Characters: The Protagonists Of Anime, 19 ESTJ Anime Characters That You Will Love, ENTJ Anime Characters: 27 Best Commanders Of Anime, ISTP Anime Characters: 27 Best Virtuosos Of anime, SFP Anime characters: Best 22 Characters You Will Come To Love, ESTP Anime Characters: The 23 Best Doers Of Anime, Top 15 Most Popular INFJ Anime Characters According To MBTI, MBTI review by Practical Typing on Piccolo, 8 Anime where Humans Transform into Animals. Although you wouldnt have known he was an INTJ as a child, it is obvious that he is now an INTJ. She is conscious of her self-respect and often looks down upon humans. Required fields are marked *. She is also quite sarcastic and communicates with a strangely humorous tone of voice. But, there are plenty of INTJ characters that you can identify with if youre truly an INTJ. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is a mistake to slow his advancement. You can get a lot of insight from them that can rival any INTJ test. She was often bullied and harassed by other students during her school days. Hitagi who is an INTJ is an individual who is able to store lots of data. Its almost like Sherlock Holmes. He is a villain but he also has moments of humanity that make him a strong, three-dimensional character. Ray is a brilliant student who understands Grace Field Houses true nature better than any other student. Copyright 2020-2022 NnTheBlog. Shes an introvert however she is active, happy and social. He also taught Gohan his preference for strategy development. Her calm, logical side also makes her a strong candidate. Kai Chisaki, the mastermind of many bloody battles considers people than pawns to utilize to achieve his goals than as people who have emotions. It is worth noting that this was done before L emerged as a threat. Here, Kaguya is obsessed with Miyuki. Ryunosuke is known asthe Port Mafia dog and will do anything to further the goals of the mafia and to advance his personal agendas. She is assertive, bold, and intelligent and deserves to be included in the ranked list for INTJ female anime characters. Throughout the show, he shows great devotion to his goals. INTJs can be manipulative but they are innate leaders. They are eager to get involved in all they find. He immediately tests its capabilities and limits. He does not believe in things on a whim. Her perfectionist attitude is what sets her apart from the other characters on this list. Your email address will not be published. Light immediately recognizes the potential of making use of Death Note to help make a difference. She is confident, assertive and smart, and she deserves to be included on the list of ranked INTJ women anime character. She is a violent persona, and can often be seen killing without any regrets or thoughts.

He is one of the team members that thinks before he plays his cards. It is important to note the fact that it was all done prior to when L was identified as threat. Check Out : MUZAN KIBUTSUJI : Everything You Need To Know. She is a great speaker and when she interacts with people she is more calm and more relaxed. Are you looking for similar anime to Akebis Sailor Uniform? He is a typical INTJ and is very analytical and logical in his reasoning. Her clothes, appearance, and natural appearance makes her a favorite. Okarin often calls her a Tsundere character.

He was loyal to the antagonist of the series. As a villain, he is happy to lie and manipulate to accomplish his real goal. She is often very manipulative and sadistic. She is a committed woman who strives to bring justice to all parties and takes her job very seriously. Her dramatic method of formulating her strategies is commonly seen, which is often like a courtroom debate featuring several characters. She believes in him as to be a god and an inspiration. This demonstrates her curiosity and potential intelligence. Kaguya is a shy person who assists in planning her day. Chisaki excels in leadership even in violent ways. Kurapika was a fighter as well as debater when he attempted to allow him to leave his family and travel the world. He is confident about his abilities and is self-confident. Chisaki is able to see the bigger image, anticipate how events will unfold, and adapt his strategy in line with the future. INTJ's can be difficult to identify as they are easily mistyped as an INFJ and INTP. When Will Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Release Date ? He is a strategic thinker and his strategic perspective is apparent when his six-year plan is devised to ensure that two of his most trusted family members can be free. Surprisingly enough, the only person who he is able to engage on with, is an INTJ player on his team. He is known to sound very rough and unfeeling and can result in his voice sounding extremely harsh. Yelena is a smart, focused and focused. The man is an analyst and reader. Kurisu Makise is an INTJ and is among the top well-known Female anime character. Shinobu is very deceptive. She is also a skilled character, which is part of her confidence compared to other members of the series. Ray is not one to tolerate silliness or the emotional reactions of his siblings. 30 Best Drama Romance Anime Series All about Falling in Love! Here are 8 great anime to watch after Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku! She lives a structured and rigid life. Homuras quiet personality is a challenge for other girls to effectively communicate to her on a greater scale. I am so ready for the next episode! Okarin frequently refers the character Makise Kurisu as an Tsundere individual. Shun is a master at this. Kaguya is calm and collected however, her manner of speaking and behavior are more monotonous. In many of his scenes, we first see the INTJ death star. However, they are rarer and harder to find in females. She is constantly thinking of different ways to convince him to confess to her. Ryunosuke is an incredibly sympathetic villain. Silverfang is, without a doubt, an INTJ.

His strategic nature and ends-justifies-the-means approach exemplify how Introverted Intuition nature can be both cunning and dangerous.