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// in case PBJS doesn't load var id = vndrcode[0]; In our case, we have inserted additional Custom statuses "Pre-Prod Testing Passed" and "Approved for Production Import" prior to the Request going to Production since we have a 4 system Landscape involving Dev, QA , Pre-Prod and Prod. tif.setAttribute("marginwidth", "0"); })(); var uspTriesLimit = 3; }; } var min_cpm = 0.37; function make_ainf(did, vndr, vndrcode) { 2 EPU126XPost-import methods for change/transport request: 4 EPU111 on the application server: "gowsap01", 2 EPU122XPost-import method "SMSY_PPMS_AFTER_IMPORT" started for "PRIC", 1AETR012XProgram terminated (job: "RDDEXECL", no. { "precision": 2, "max": 20.00, "increment": 2.00 } } var sinfo = lsa[0][ad_loc][asize]; function postMessageEventHandler(event) { var json = {}; for(var i=0;i < bids.length;i++) { in SAP ERP my releavent software component "SAP ECC Server". On the server, I can get to http://:8000/index.html. Solutions - How to configure them and EWA in SolMan 7.1? var bids = pbjs.getHighestCpmBids(); returnValue: retValue, var res = {}; cp1({b:bids}); return res; So, we probably will have to start all over, if we cannot edit the existing ones. //# sourceURL=cmp.js rmsg("CMP success event:"+tcData.eventStatus); args.length > 3 &&

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au.appendChild(tif); }, bidderSettings : { }; I read somewhere that I need to access the page locally because remote logins are blocked to it remotely in order to log into the NWA_01 wizard for configuring a local SLD. pb_sids[did] = gg_imp(did, 'rssing', pb_dids[did][1], pb_dids[did][3]); } function pwrand(data) { json =; res['headid'] = 'pditag'; if (window.__uspapi === uspStubFunction && uspTries < uspTriesLimit) { for(let i =0;i

res['headjs']+= ''; pb_deploy_ad(did, ainfo); } Calling 'E:\usr\sap\SD1\DVEBMGS04\exe/tp' failed with return code 12, check E:\usr\sap\SUM\abap\log\SAPup.ECO for details, ERROR: Detected the following errors due to error summary in. var colls = [ function ainf_collads(did, vndrcode) { try { Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required), Key words : if (window.XMLHttpRequest){ I am not sure what we are missing out here. } dids_do[slot] = slot_lsa_indx+1; userSync: { }) } var code=vndrcode[0], sizes=JSON.stringify(vndrcode[1]);

break; var otherCMP = !! In the Request for Change Scope assignment block, I am not able to see any Change Object ID being created for the RFC document.

var googletag = googletag || {}; if( tcData.gdprApplies) { filterSettings: { try { if (window.XMLHttpRequest){ xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); if (!args.length) { return res; } else { if (!otherCMP) { consentManagement: { timeout: 80e3, function pb_doimp(did, bid) { in SAP ERP ENHANCEMENT PACKAGE my relavent software component is "Financial Supply Chain Mgmt". var s = googletag.defineSlot(gcode, gsizes, did).addService(googletag.pubads()); managed system, solman setup, system configuration. res['headjs']+= ''; xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Content-type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"); cp1({w:e}); I can access the site http://:8000/sap/public/myssocntl?sap-client=001 from a remote computer as long as I call it from transaction SOLMAN_SETUP first. } res['bodyjs']+= ' console.log("'+did+'");'; res['body'] = vndrcode[Math.floor(Math.random()*vndrcode.length)]; function ainf_vmw(did, vndrcode) { When I am clicking on the "External Test" button by opening a new test script from Solar02 transaction code, its giving the following error: Given below is the screenshot of the table V_AGS_SMT_TCT from the tcode SM30 which shows that the 3rd party test tool has been registered in Solution manager: Please suggest if there are any add-ins needed to be installed. googletag.display(did); res['bodyjs']+= ' });'; pb_deploy_ad(slot, ainfo); if( disable_subs) return; I can logon to my customer via saprouter string that I inserted there with the admin users that Im also using there so? but, of course, deleting them might be a bad idea at this point in the game, so we are really needing is some solid detailed instructions on both Solutions and EWA's in the era of SolMan 7.1. cmpStatus: 'stub' __tcfapi('addEventListener', 2, function(tcData, success) { } var ainfo = make_ainf(slot, sinfo[0], vndrcode); var doc = win.document;

One Option which has evolved during discussion with customer is that to have multiple development system and should have one global development system where all release developments are synchronized. We recently configured solution manger 7.1 , we want to upgrade support packs level to sp10, what are the add- on i have to download, when upgrade support packs , another question can i upgrade sp stack level from sp06 to sp10 directley?. res['headjs'] = '