One in, Who here wants to get laid? Bouzille sounds like "bousiller" which means either "to cock up" or "screw up" in French. A town in South Africa near Johannesburg. If youve ever fallen hard for a hotel bar, youll understand the appeal here. A place in West Virginia. A community area next to Quinte West, Ontario. A municipality in Austria that is more or less an oxymoron. An unincorporated community in Florida with no Juliet to be found.

Whenever you come from, you'll feel right at home! Also one in. A place in the Netherlands. Evoking the feel of a small wooden pirate ship, the dark, narrow room is lined with more than 150 rums. Became famous in 1993 for hosting. From "Penn Enys", meaning "Island Head" in Cornish. Un must lors d'une visite Tongres! This country is populated and ruled by alpha males. After more than 50 years in the business, this South Beach institution still packs in the locals with an impossible-to-beat BOGO happy hour that runs every day from 8am (seriously) to 7pm. A part of the German town of Norden. A city in Illinois that is neither blue nor an island. Sleep No More. Means "wet-cheeks" in German. ???????? Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! A city in Norway. Like the neon PURSUE HAPPINESS sign that hangs on the wallthe maxim of the bars late co-owner, John LermayerSweet Liberty is always a good time. That's great. A small municipality and township in Minnesota. Very manly hot springs. Yeah, I hur' m'anus too. This town's name sounds like he'd be the brother to Tom Sawyer from. The dirty deed's gotta be done somewhere. An almost ghost town in Oklahoma. This twin-location (North and South) site for. A small village in Lithuania that means "nuts". Decorated cantinero Julio Cabrera mans the bar, slinging stiff, rum-based drinks and handcrafted mojitos that no one can resist. Be warned: The beautiful, smooth-tasting cocktails are highly potent. For a livelier atmosphere, stop in on a Saturday, when MO Bar hosts live music. Also in, Sometimes, you have to show support for small towns, and so we need to congratulate this. An isolated hamlet in England with a bit of a cocaine addiction. An Indian village that the Swedes might find amusing. The 360 view of the city is amazing in the evening and only the second most beautiful sight because of my amazing companion. This nostalgia-soaked Cuban spot in Little Havana placed 28th on the World's 50 Best Bars 2021 list (number sixon North America's 50 Best Bars 2022). A municipality in the Netherlands. The pigs might find this place offensive. "Bouche" can translate as a few different things but the most common ones are either "stuffy" or "mouth". An island in Alaska that is a popular Russian vacation spot! A neighborhood in Brooklyn. It means "bird shit land". A village in Botswana that can be look at two ways. It's also quite expensive, but it's woth it's money. A lake located in Hickory County, Missouri. A town in Scotland that either has very dry air, highly treasures its hair dryers, or they've never heard of a clothes dryer. A town in the Netherlands, near Grave. I don't think much more needs to be said about this. It means "about" in Russian. Means "Chicken screams" in German. "Pulla" is a term that means "to masturbate" in Swedish. Means "moan pit" in Polish. I bet boats must go very fast around here! Friendly stuff It was named after a bike that named itself fly. Name of a place in Finland that is also sometimes spelled "Pallivaha". A small settlement named Paraguay in Cuba, also very close to.

Wonder what the crime rate is there? Rooms are well appointed and there is a coffee machine. Means "jump" in German. A populated place in Yavapai County, Arizona. A locality in the borough of Mitte, Berlin, Germany, where one, The only place in the United Kingdom with an exclamation point in the official name. Means "joint" in Spanish but can also mean "hard-on" or "boner". Everything in this Irish town looks identical but the name is actually pronounced "KLOH-nis". A commune in Romania. I guess the residents were too dumb to realize it's a place in. Even in Barbados you're still a quarter mile short. Studentencafe de Uni is the most entertaining bar in Maastricht and is founded by a group of students. Pair your perfectly balanced cocktail with one of chefs excellent house-made pastas or an order of melt-in-your-mouth Parker House Rolls served with a generous side of honey butter. "Piddle" is a slang term for urine. Means "crotch-hair" in Dutch. An English village filled with very unfaithful wives and girlfriends. A village in Hungary. Roughly translates as "crab factory". An unincorporated community in Johnston County, North Carolina that thinks it has a flower field, but it got a General Store and TWO Grocery Stores instead. There's also a, An unincorporated community in Ontario where, A town in Belgium within the municipality of. You may not have noticed it, but California seems to really like dogs. The former name of the German municipality of Hochborn. Small town in West Yorkshire. Noordoost (Beatrixhaven, Borgharen, Itteren, Meerssenhoven, Wyckerpoort, Wittevrouwenveld, Nazareth, Limmel, Amby) A river in Germany. The castle will take you aback until you find out the village name translates to "scrotum". Means "milkman" in Greek. Surprisingly not a street, but a place in England. Means "balls" or "testicles" in Romanian - and when pronounced, A group of islands that have a lot of bounty. A village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "Mariquita" means "queer" or "faggot" in Spanish. Its name is Spanish for ". Great place to have a beer with friends. A place in Alaska. Changed its name from Mole Hill in 1949 as part of a publicity stunt to literally. A bog region a bit north of Bremen. "Descabezado" or "Descabezar" is a Spanish verb that mean "to decapitate" or "to behead". The Lithuanian name for it is "Kiauai" which can mean either "eggs" or "balls". Means "cum/wank village". If it has a nude beach, then it's bound to see lots of titties! Not exactly a nice thing to do to those down on their luck. An unincorporated community in West Virginia full of southpaws! Its abandoned status suggests that it's not very safe. The name of two Romanian communes. A river in Nova Scotia. They also have a wide selection of beers on tap and bottled, plus a large outdoor patio and one of the best burgers in town. This city in India might want to consider buying a lottery ticket. One thing this place can assure you is that you will get you back. Translates as "goats walking" in Hungarian. An almost ghost village in the province of Salta, in the northwest of Argentina. El Saln also creates its own nuanced spirit blends and serves up an extensive list of simple, refined cocktails from its tiny bar. Restaurants in Maastricht. A hamlet in the Netherlands which translates to Murder Houses. The 45th American president is bound to like this place. Also means "hard anus" in French. "Kumi" means either "rubber" or "eraser" but is also a slang term for a condom. Wonder why that is? A townland in Donard, County Wiklow, Ireland. European, German, Central European, Vegetarian options, Italian, Cocktail bars, Vegetarian options, Wine bars, European, Italian, Vegetarian options, Set the time and duration of opening hours of the restaurant, In radius 0.2 km from Limburg city center, In radius 0.5 km from Limburg city center, In radius 100 km from Limburg city center, Best restaurants with desserts in Limburg, Best business lunch restaurants in Limburg, / Cafe, Coffee house, Desserts, Pub & bar, / Cafe, Coffee house, Pub & bar, Desserts. A rural locality in the "deepest part of Siberia", within Russia. This town is also located in a, A town in County Kerry, Ireland, it is the only town on the. And the managers are of an unequaled sympathy. Regular programming at this beloved North Miami spot includes movie screenings, wine tastings, vinyl DJs and more. A village in Latvia that means "brides". Unfortunately, rockets can't land here without causing complete destruction. Thanks to a long list of monumental cocktails and boozy punches, its a fun spot for, say, a birthday party. A village in Iran that quite hilariously, bears the name of a Persian slang term for "condom". Hidden away in the courtyard of an off-the-beaten-track Wynwood strip, book a table at this intimate 50-seat venue where the soundtrack is just as important as the sips. A place in Wisconsin. Watch out for special events. If you are around find the place and step in for few drinks. Its worth the search to find this sleek cocktail bar at the bottom of the residential building X Miami. A hamlet in England. Means "Old New Village". If only the Egyptians could put "mother" in front of this city's name. Try another? There's even a. Means "unicorn" in Polish, and fittingly has a unicorn on the coat of arms as well. You'll find more than just nature there. You can see that Germans like to name their towns after car parts. The service was very good, friendly and competent, well-dressed What's the question about a Latvian town against a Texas town? The owner and waitress were stylishly dressed and ravishing. Translates as "scratchy" in Hungarian. The pigs sure aren't going to come swimming here any time soon.

The place to be on Friday's and Saturdays night. A place in Kentucky which I can only assume has the constant sound of Smooth Jazz playing out of the bedrooms of everyone there. It is also the site of a little, The capital of Azerbaijan. In Afrikaans it means "brackish pan" (contrast with. From trendy rooftops and cocktail dens to hidden waterfront gems and quintessential dives, you really cant go wrong at any of Miamis best bars. Not sure if some people used the bathroom here in Oregon. Means "drying forest" in Dutch. A castle in Germany. A unusually dry, relatively "cool"-climate recreational community in British Columbia, which could sound appealing to. Drink up over a game of darts or pool, then relax on one of the mismatched chairs that surround the ornamental upright piano. MAYDAY EVERYDAY MY DAY. A German city that translates as "there mouth". ", A verified traveler stayed at Ibis budget Stein Maastricht, "It was ok for a business trip. No Armenians live in this city in Colombia. Well done and I hope to come back soon. A small town in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. When you lie halfway between people who apparently like to. Sign up to unlock our digital magazines and also receive the latest news, events, offers and partner promotions. A ghost town in British Columbia, Canada. This is the bar that showed Miami just how wonderful craft cocktails can be. A very small town (population of 157, in 2010) in. A village in Poland that means "not hell" in Polish. Until 2016 it was calledum"Nigger Stream". Clearly the French are quite romantic. Good service. (Original) Lived up to its name in 2008 when a drought destroyed much of the corn crop. A small town in Braxton County in central West Virginia. A funky ode to Florida, Over Under honors our great weird state with locally inspired food and an eclectic design thats punctuated by quirky thrift-store finds. There is no library in this place in Louisiana. Named after a rock that looks like a sombrero, which is a traditional hat worn in Mexico. If youre looking for Miamis first all-vinyl listening bar, just follow the sound of the music (its piped from a speaker mounted above a nondescript door). (Translated by Google) Nice thing. Unfortunately no, this is not where Hard Rock comes from or Hard Rock Cafe. Contrary to the name, there probably are no Hindus in this Estonian village. Family friendly + excellent quality and variety. A village in Norway. Super gezellige kroeg waar je een persoonlijke begroeting krijgt van huishond Jefke. A township (pronounced like "insane") across the Hlaing River from Yangon. Means 'leave if you can'. Amazing tapas and cocktails!! Translates as "hair town". A town in Libya that is unfortunately about 2,614 kilometres (1,624mi) away from the closest, "Adyaman" means "its name is tough" in Turkish, derived from its former, A metro station in Moscow that, contrary to the name, hasn't had. My, mythat's a lot of hands - adjacent to one of the. "Bohners" is pronounced like dogs eat these but i'm not cussing today. Means "long pig" in French. A small settlement in New Zealand. While this seaside town of only 500 residents (and LOTS of wild horses) on the Tarheel State's Outer Banks "shares" its name with, Wonder how well quarantine has served this California city? Perhaps not so surprisingly, "claviers" means "keyboards" in French. Providing foster care to abandoned cocks since 1524! But some might say its given the neighborhood a taste of what its been missing: a place to dance, a bar that stays open late and a one-stop nightlife destination for people starting their evening with a solid cocktail or ending their night with a shot and a game of pool. A city in Iowa where being on time is never enough! I wonder if someone grew brain trees there, because the Braintrees will blind the weary driver . The very lewd people will like this place a lot. There is also an. If Thai people spoke English, they'd probably find the name of this Vietnamese village quite charming. You can find us in the Platielstraat, the street of Maastricht to go out. I suppose it was named after the word "protection" itself. Careful, Skyrim players might flock to this place like crazy. Those pumpkins must be quite proud of themselves. One theory says that the city's name originates from an Arabic proverb, With no point of reference, it can be hard to find this "central-western". Would highly recommend to stop by and have yourself a drink. You should probably pity it. A well-known one would be a volcano located on the island of. A charming Amish community in Ohio where an influx of visitors is an unfortunate intrusion. Many of us are foodies on the Wanderlog team, so naturally were always on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. A village in Slovakia that translates as "village of black people". A very cloudy and (stormy) area in Oklahoma. Not a street but a village. Salta means "jump!"

A Tesla-Inspired Cocktail Cave Hidden Behind an Unassuming NoMad Coffeeshop, With Cocktails Crafted by BlackTail and The Dead Rabbit Alums, It's Got an Absinthe Fountain, Much Elaborate Decor and the Longest Bar in Town, This Place Used to Be a Secret Bar for LIFE Staffers During Prohibition, Now It's a Secret Bar for You to Take Dates, Turntable Rock Caf and Lounge: A Casual Korean Gastropub With a Serious Sound System, Good Tunes, Boozy Slushies and Fried Chicken in NoMad, An Extremely Large Elevated Bar in Hells Kitchen, Belgian Beer Caf Is What You Think It Is. It's off to the guillotine with this Chilean volcano! The design is terrific, the music is not too loud. A former municipality in Austria. I might have to do the same explanation to Mnsterhausen, but not in Texas in this case. Though its safe to say Miami nightlife is in a perpetual state of flux, theres no denying that innovative, understated and outright amazing bars in Miami have proliferated right in stride with the citys culinary renaissance. Polas enthusiasm for tiki culture is contagious, and hes been collecting for decades. Well, the horny school boys may like it here at least. The world's most delicious sounding suburb is about an hour south of Tasmania state capital. Yes, Norwegians take time so seriously they even named a municipality after it. Any forest may want to steer well away from this Wisconsin village. One out of three colonies in Texas, the other being 288.9 miles to the northwest. A New England railroad tunnel that goes all the way from. A town in the path of Hurricane Florence. Australian National park founded in 1992. A place in France. A little municipality in Spain that's hiding the Greek god of war. Serves lunch and diner, easy accesible with groups, offers beertastings as well. Ik ga zeker vaker komen! A very lewd uninhabited island in Canada. It's pronounced a bit like "fuck here".

. Normally "Webster Lake" for a body of fresh water in the Bay State wouldn't sound "unusual"however, the forms of its Native American name can have either six or fourteen syllables, with the "longer one" being the longest place name anywhere in the United States! A village in England. Not every good vibes place delivers decent cocktails, here was the case. At the top of this mountain in Germany lies a treasure trove of freshly made German beer. A very friendly Iranian city. Not too far from Joe Batt's Arm. It's actually a popular, Wayne Manor is a few miles to the north of this. But you and your friends will most likely spend the night rubbing up against fellow cuties in the tight space in between the bar and the booths, which definitely passes as a dancefloor in our book. "Kloten" bears a resemblance to "klot" which means "fuck" and "bals" which means well, "balls". It means "an island shat by Saara". Torenplein Torenplein 8, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium. I guess Paul Bunyan actually lives in Newfoundland. This page is meant for Wikipedians to list articles about places with unusual names. There is no McDonalds here so flipping burgers is off the table. It's vampire-proof!!! (Translated by Google) You can start here with a drink and a quiet lounge in the sofas. Translates as "The Daughter of God". We paid 300euros and no place at restaurant and no service. Located at the bottom of a valley (specifically. Dj vu! Sometimes, you just gotta hang out with the guys, and you can do it right in this town in. Also in, A rather morbid name for a commune I'd say, but. A city in Lithuania that means "not foolish" in Lithuanian. French village whose name means "very stupid" or "big idiot" in French. A brewpub for chill locals and industry folks, Off Site also hosts wine tastings, live music and pop-ups from some of the citys best.