2020 AAU Indoor National Championship. 2020 AAU Southern Pacific District Track and Field Schedule Any team interested in hosting a meet contact us today. (Archana Singh), * [75fafad4] Validate passthrough inside the task (Jose Ricardo Ziviani), * [bd946a22] Replace device companion check before the passthrough (Jose Ricardo Ziviani), * [ec8dad4a] Improve PCI passthrough performance (Jose Ricardo Ziviani), * [72a97ac4] Add test to verify bootmenu and update old tests (Ramon Medeiros), * [b9fe3170] Allow guest to enable bootmenu on startup (Ramon Medeiros), * [e5095568] Disable vm statistics/screenshots in edit guest (Jose Ricardo Ziviani), * [6d0f5fb1] Issue #968: Kimchi is searching for 'undefined' VM (Samuel Guimares), * [40a3e430] Add test to check bootorder (Ramon Medeiros), * [18d71642] Add function to retrieve bootorder on vm lookup (Ramon Medeiros), * [88f48064] Update REST API (Ramon Medeiros), * [eef289c5] Update documentation about bootorder on vm update (Ramon Medeiros), * [755ded20] Create method to change bootorder of a guest (Ramon Medeiros), * [d0595d91] Add function get_bootorder_node (Ramon Medeiros), * [2fd0d584] Virt-Viewer launcher: mockmodel changes (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [ec34b6e3] Virt-Viewer launcher: changes after adding libvirt event listening (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [c9725854] Virt-Viewer launcher: libvirt events to control firewall (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [f746c9e9] Virt-Viewer launcher: test changes for firewall manager (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [e515b96d] Virt-Viewer launcher: adding FirewallManager class (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [90e7b2f9] Virt-Viewer launcher: test changes (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [e2aafc6c] Virt-Viewer launcher: virtviewerfile module (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [260d0e40] Virt-Viewer launcher: control/vms.py and model/vms.py changes (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [ae7fd9fb] Virt-Viewer launcher: Makefile and config changes (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [b70a7e0a] Virt-Viewer launcher: docs and i18n changes (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [ccc004ee] Kimchi kills Wokd due to sys.exit() calls in files networks.py and storagepo.. (Bianca Carvalho), * [f41762de] Issue #969: Error message showing up in parent panel rather than modal windo.. (Samuel Guimares), * [9fbee80d] Send (de)attach fail messages to tasks (Jose Ricardo Ziviani), * [cd670a43] Handle libvirt events for device attachment/detachment (Jose Ricardo Ziviani), * [b915380b] Issue #956: Unable to assign pci passthrough devices through kimchi (Samuel Guimares), * [64f348bd] Added cursor for tasks in progress (Samuel Guimares), * [57012d73] Add UI netboot support for adding templates; add loading icon when switching.. (Socorro Stoppler), * [e54745aa] Show error message for untracked and failed cloning tasks (Lucio Correia), * [3da920f6] Disable ISOs templates with wrong permission (peterpennings), * [4c269c63] Save last view for templates - fix for issue# 799 (Socorro Stoppler), * [c202b8cd] model/vms.py: changing all interfaces VM (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [d82768e8] Github #972: spice-html5 dir incorrect (Daniel Henrique Barboza), * [de78b0df] Update unit tests to changes in Remote links. Invitational Championship 2020 Field Schedule Any team interested in hosting a meet contact us today next 3,! Each character is named after a type of food or dish. (Paulo Vital), * [d6959a82] Issue #1006: Invalid subnet value when editing a network raise an error (Ramon Medeiros), * [4ed2242f] fix for issue #1049 (Suresh Babu Angadi), * [93735c22] Issue #1048 : disable DASD disks without partitions on s390x (Harshal Patil), * [11f16c02] Issue #962: Suggestion to check spec guidelines (Ramon Medeiros), * [9873c493] For s390x hide Netboot template for Virtualization Add Template (Rajat Gupta), * [42b48bde] Issue #1047: In xmlutils/interface.py --> get_iface_xml returns none for typ.. (Archana Singh), * [6cd7db74] Merge branch 'next' (Aline Manera), * [0268810c] Modified unit test cases to include new s390x specific features (Pooja Kulkarni), * [ffb429e1] For s390x hide VNC, PCI, Snapshot, Graphics and clone options (Rajat Gupta), * [197b0c01] Issue #999 : Attach storage to guest on s390x without libvirt (Harshal Patil), * [33fd64ab] Issue #1045 : boot order fix for guest edit (Harshal Patil), * [d5b62118] Introducing s390x UI Interfaces module for Edit Template under virtualization (Rajat Gupta), * [bc0315a9] Introducing Console for edit Guest module under virtualization (Rajat Gupta), * [84667a91] Introducing Console for edit template module under virtualization (Rajat Gupta), * [1d17195a] added 'console' parameter to vms api for s390x (Suresh Babu Angadi), * [2760baa5] added 'console' parameter to templates api for s390x (Suresh Babu Angadi), * [a8f17b8d] Introducing s390x UI Storage module for Edit Guest under virtualization (Rajat Gupta), * [794b6125] Introducing s390x UI Storage module for Edit Template under virtualization (Rajat Gupta), * [800b30ab] Fix for Issue #1000 : Make Check fails on s390x environment (Pooja Kulkarni), * [b259b1da] Issue #992 : Create template on s390x without libvirt storage. (ShaoHe Feng), * [af51f271] qemu user tests: probe the username of qemu process started by libvirt (ShaoHe Feng), * [baed491b] add a method to probe the permission as qemu user (ShaoHe Feng), * [de0400bc] Attach/Replace/Detach a CDROM to/in/from a VM (Hongliang Wang), * [474e7746] Add/Edit CDROM Support (Hongliang Wang), * [505409f4] Add i18n Variables for CDROM-related Function (Hongliang Wang), * [f392c6d9] Add CDROM-related APIs (Hongliang Wang), * [9cfb6385] kimchi.message - Enhancement (Hongliang Wang), * [23b58503] Adjust CSS for Window (Hongliang Wang), * [87a6eecc] Issue 294 The auto logout leaves action menu on page - update JS (Adam King), * [28419d8e] Issue 294 The auto logout leaves action menu on page - add classes (Adam King), * [f8ac146b] Fix formatting of the requestJSON function (Adam King), * [9f91334b] pep8 clean for osinfo.py (ShaoHe Feng), * [82a743b0] bug fix: add an icon distros list. (Tony Breeds), * [1a8bc2fe] Display percentage of CPU usage for each virtual machine (Aline Manera), * [d14d2d56] ui: Display a warning if the UI needs to be built (Adam Litke), * [96035143] packaging: python-polib is required (Adam Litke), * [61a170a8] dev-ui: Fix vnc linkage (Adam Litke), * [1df03643] Fix screenshot stream resource leak (Royce Lv), * [d7c586b3] ui: Update the build process and server configuration (Adam Litke), * [2a91a9d8] ui: Import pages and i18n (Adam Litke), * [f852fa38] ui: Import javascript files (Adam Litke), * [b3502a37] ui: import modernizr (Adam Litke), * [21a23549] ui: Import jquery-1.10.0.min.js (Adam Litke), * [4ca183ac] ui: Import the default theme images (Adam Litke), * [67bef518] ui: Import css files for the default theme (Adam Litke), * [df49b712] ui: Namespace the dev ui (Adam Litke), * [97896507] ui: Filter all requests for html pages through cheetah (Adam Litke), * [40e5b6b4] Move noVNC files into new directory structure (Adam Litke), * [975bfa4a] Reorganize UI files (Adam Litke), * [40a538f7] ui: Let the UI pick the default icon for a VM (Adam Litke), * [3d414ed4] i18n: Fix install paths of gettext .mo files (Adam Litke), * [ffa826ce] Revert b8cfa245b868d4778c68f407fcf3180dde895673 I applied a patch to fix fli.. (Adam Litke), * [313b52d9] ui: Increase screenshot refresh frequency (Adam Litke), * [4552ca51] ui: Allow scrollbars on the VNC window if necessary (Adam Litke), * [b8cfa245] Fix screenshot image flicker (Royce Lv), * [77b11774] do not translate en_US (ShaoHe Feng), * [0a83bd7e] add README for i18n (ShaoHe Feng), * [096f5122] check pygettext.py is available (ShaoHe Feng), * [16b259ac] install the i18n files correctly (ShaoHe Feng), * [983e1406] info_po command to show the summary infomation of po files (ShaoHe Feng), * [f222a31a] add make_po command to generate or update po files (ShaoHe Feng), * [28b5875f] give gettext another nickname ' _t' (ShaoHe Feng), * [beee18cf] trim index.tmpl to make pygettext.py happy (ShaoHe Feng), * [26d56d78] translate burnet home page to Chinese (ShaoHe Feng), * [2c0af9f7] initialize the language select on the URL loading (ShaoHe Feng), * [8a400040] i18n the title 'hostname' of index.tmpl (ShaoHe Feng), * [d099fb34] define a dummy _() function to defer actual translation (ShaoHe Feng), * [8a36c456] generate mo files during build time (ShaoHe Feng), * [574833a4] configure the gettext of Cheetah template to support i18n (ShaoHe Feng), * [cb38be80] add po files for i18n (ShaoHe Feng), * [90ab55cd] get language that the client prefers (ShaoHe Feng), * [5e04efc1] ui: Add button to delete a templete (ShaoHe Feng), * [f3eb2ed8] tests: Fix expected result in test_vm_info (Adam Litke), * [aa6101f9] tests: Add required logfile variable to server options (Adam Litke), * [87964ad6] Fix websockify.py permission after installation (Royce Lv), * [bd387ce7] browser report start VM error, fix it (ShaoHe Feng), * [6ca43a6a] Set default log directory according to burnet root directory (Aline Manera), * [12ea4a38] Create build process for Debian distributions (Aline Manera), * [d2e55143] Create build process for SLES-based distributions (Aline Manera), * [4d439352] Create build process for RHEL-based distributions (Aline Manera), * [674e1295] Add sysvinit support (Aline Manera), * [972c689e] Add upstart support (Aline Manera), * [9e191e6b] Add systemd support (Aline Manera), * [c969f03a] Create log file to burnet server (Aline Manera), * [d357d37f] Replace argparse with optparse (Adam Litke), * [b086e2bd] Import OrderedDict across multiple distros (Adam Litke), * [3f729770] fix the prefix of burnet date path (ShaoHe Feng), * [23815be9] add the static files into data_files list (ShaoHe Feng), * [74d31b26] Display a VM's icon when it is powered off (Adam Litke), * [fe48e634] resize no_VNC window dynamically (ShaoHe Feng), * [3f1a9153] Use ps instead of pgrep to search for VNC qemu port (Aline Manera), * [b9daead0] Update vm-toolbar on each vm selection (Aline Manera), * [a0511aab] Make storage*s_create() return the name of the resource (Bing Bu Cao), * [d7e8a539] Open VNC port for MockModel only once (Aline Manera), * [77c5fca7] Fix mock backend vm delete error (Royce Lv), * [7850b3ba] Hide dialog-delete-confirm div in Burnet main page (Aline Manera), * [261cc99d] Enable folder navigation for Templates in the UI (Aline Manera), * [2c774f9d] Add bread-crumbs style to burnet template (Aline Manera), * [088ba067] Add folder field to Template Resource (Aline Manera), * [0e8c94b5] screenshot: libvirt backend screenshot (Royce Lv), * [0a607da3] screenshot: Nit fix of mockmodel (Royce Lv), * [a27afd28] screenshot: minor change to common screenshot class (Royce Lv), * [c08bab92] Add libvirt backend StoragePool(s) and StorageVolume(s) unitTest (Bing Bu Cao), * [dc8952d5] Add libvirt backend StoragePool(s) and StorageVolume(s) support to Burnet (Bing Bu Cao), * [ed4bda5e] Remove useless 'pass' in mockmodel.py added before (Bing Bu Cao), * [0dc32934] ui: Add button to delete a VM (Adam Litke), * [a1e335f1] ui: Create a new VM from a Template (Adam Litke), * [1b147fcd] API: Make VM name optional (Adam Litke), * [ded4a867] Provision storage when creating a VM from a Template (Adam Litke), * [e421821d] objectstore: rollback transactions on error (Adam Litke), * [830d4e4d] osinfo: Add osinfo for some popular operating systems (Adam Litke), * [b7562ae6] Add 'vnc_port' key (Bing Bu Cao), * [40f4b45a] Add screenshot directory to data/ directory (Royce Lv), * [e402a07e] merge-fail: Add the file 'src/burnet/vnc.py' When taking the patch: [PATCH 0.. (Adam Litke), * [4b9a62cb] Handle the 'Display' link (Aline Manera), * [7ccfed2b] Restore 'Display' link state after performing power on/off (Aline Manera), * [1688f155] Enable 'Display' link only if a running virtual machine is selected (Aline Manera), * [9c3778ae] Deselect virtual machines after performing power on/off (Aline Manera), * [5c9a736e] Implement real backend to start VNC session (Aline Manera), * [0000eb6f] Handle 'connect' action to virtual machine in MockModel (Aline Manera), * [19be36fc] Open vnc port in MockModel (Aline Manera), * [ee197f69] Make static/ directory available in the web server (Aline Manera), * [5ab68dee] Import noVNC files (Aline Manera), * [65e23124] Import python WebSocket library as it is (Aline Manera), * [30a45039] screenshot: Add time-based screenshot refresh testcase (Royce Lv), * [e95a0074] screenshot: Change mock backend to support screenshot generation (Royce Lv), * [03682f3d] screenshot: Add screenshot sub resource (Royce Lv), * [aadc37cc] screenshot: Add common screenshot class (Royce Lv), * [cbcf0026] screenshot: expose screenshot path (Royce Lv), * [5ebada47] doc: Add screenshot resource definition (Royce Lv), * [f30e4c2c] images: Import some icons for popular operating systems (Adam Litke), * [7194621c] api: Return HTTP:404 when deleting a non-existent resource (Adam Litke), * [cbb8396b] add a select to setup a language cookie (ShaoHe Feng), * [24e76c3c] ui: Refresh UI at a 5 second interval (Adam Litke), * [c70b03f9] Make sure the data/ directory exists in the source tree (Adam Litke), * [19f8c026] Add a simple object persistence mechanism (Adam Litke), * [d335aa17] Implement the real backend using libvirt (Adam Litke), * [36ca77cd] Create VM from a template (Adam Litke), * [6135a151] templates: Implement the mock model (Adam Litke), * [ff6ae739] templates: Add osinfo dictionary (Adam Litke), * [068ea78c] templates: Add Collection and Resource (Adam Litke), * [90cf130c] doc: Define the template APIs (Adam Litke), * [f93dde35] Add Rest API test cases (Bing Bu Cao), * [44ff8295] Add the Collection and Resource (Bing Bu Cao), * [94dc8943] Define the StoragePool(s) and StorageVolume(s) APIs (Bing Bu Cao), * [0fd434f5] Enable power off virtual machines in UI (Aline Manera), * [8f94ee5c] Enable power on virtual machines in UI (Aline Manera), * [09a75ce0] Enable virtual machine selection in UI (Aline Manera), * [50b4937a] Setting the code encoding of cheetah template as UTF-8 (ShaoHe Feng), * [212add9f] Add screenshot field to VM Resource (Adam Litke), * [2c48de8b] doc: Document the desired REST API (Adam Litke), * [25d98875] UI: Load VM information from the actual REST API (Adam Litke), * [b0e36f7b] Add basic VM operations (Adam Litke), * [dbdb61aa] Remove GPL license (Anthony Liguori), * [8dc800db] Add basic Virtual Machine support (, * [f5f8f85c] Add basic model/controller support (, * [a2d20854] template: Fix the separators for json rendering (, * [bee9ca07] tests: Correct test_server_start expected result (, * [2ed17454] template: Don't forget to import json (, * [50dbe224] ui: expose the js/css/images directory and the index template (Anthony Liguori), * [ae3d4f78] ui: add javascript, css, and template for main page (Anthony Liguori), * [7a563b45] ui: add external resources (jquery, etc.)