You get 4.3 inches of height plus 20 degrees swivel and 5/21 degrees tilt. Youll also find the standard image adjustment tools, such as brightness, contrast, color temperature and input source selection (including automatic detection). You can make all of the RGB LED adjustments in the OSD menu or in the Alienware Command Center desktop application. If youre looking for sRGB, its hidden in the Creator mode. One way to prevent it is to just decrease the brightness to ~150-nits so that ABL doesnt get triggered. The gamma anomaly I noted during testing showed itself by making the picture somewhat flat. If youd rather use sRGB for SDR content, that gamut is available in the Creator mode. This brought the grayscale error to a very low level. Some flexible foam is used to cushion the panel but almost all the material is recyclable. As the name suggests, ABL limits the brightness in order to preserve the panel. You also get LED lighting, timers, a frame counter and display alignment marks. Still, gamers will want to snatch the AW3423DW up without hesitation. However, many gamers replace a monitor every few years.

To be clear, the AW3423DW is not a competitive gaming monitor. Text clarity is sub-par relative to the monitors pixel density and can distract if you often use small font sizes. The choice of gamut will be a personal one. Movements are firm and smooth, befitting a premium display. Youll know the AW3423DW is different from other monitors right away when you see its shiny screen. If thats you, youll have less reason to worry, as odds are youll switch out the screen well before burn-in might occur. There are no aiming points available.

Heres a tip: if you want to remain impressed by the AW3423DWs black levels and image depth, dont use the Dark Stabilizer. Overall, the coating makes the image much more vivid in comparison to standard matte anti-glare displays, but its not quite as clear as that of LGs OLEDs; it is better at handling reflections though and as long as theres no direct lighting in front of the screen, youll be fine. Alienware unified its product in 2019 with a new design language, Legend, that felt straight out of a modern sci-fi film. Connectivity options are abundant and include DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports (limited to 100Hz at 34401440), a headphone jack, line-out and a quad-USB 3.0 hub. Burn-in and image retention are still possible, but as long as you use the monitor responsibly, it shouldnt be an issue; dont leave the screen enabled with a static image for too long and use the monitors built-in pixel and panel refresher features. An intuitive directional joystick is used for OSD navigation and for certain shortcuts.

It is one of the few monitors that look good running HDR on the Windows desktop. Use the RGB values below for Custom Color mode. In truth, the difference between both 10-bit vs 8-bit color and 144Hz vs 175Hz is subtle in real use, so you can pick whichever you personally prefer. The AW3423DW uses OLED to its advantage. After comparing the two modes during gameplay, I picked HDR 1000. Setting the mode to creator allows access to sRGB and DCI-P3 modes and custom gamma adjustment. Its size and aspect ratio disqualifies it from serious competitive use. Then theres the price. I noticed aliasing around some fine text elements and, depending on font and background, a slight off-color or shadow to one side of text. All USB ports support just 5Gbps of bandwidth. Until now, your options were restricted to 48-inch models and larger, small portable screens or professional monitors with a 60Hz refresh rate. You can also operate a six-axis color adjustment in the three Game modes. It goes for $1,100 $1,300 but has a steep 1000R screen curvature that wont appeal to all users. $1,299 is not affordable, but its highly competitive and an extra layer of buttercream frosting on an already delicious cake. With that said, I remain unconvinced that performance in a 1% window is relevant.

When viewing HDR video, I observed the opposite effect. Wait are you interested in the extended warranty and financing? This helps shadow detail become clearer at the expense of the deepest blacks. Gamers have been waiting for viable OLED gaming displays for quite some time. Bundled cables include two DisplayPort and one each of HDMI and USB. Its more noticeable at 175Hz than 144Hz, but it only occurs in rare scenarios and wont bother most users. This is typical of an OLED monitor but remarkable all the same. Its fine in most situations, but text clarity is not as good as you might expect from a display with nearly 110 pixels per inch. Note that the Dell AW3423DW monitor has the regular RGB subpixels, but in a triangular layout, which can cause some fringing on small text.

Calibration is possible in the Custom Color mode with RGB sliders. It packs a cutting-edge OLED panel with Quantum Dot technology at a price surprisingly competitive with high-end IPS ultrawide monitors. USB 3.2 ports are found on the main input panel and under the bezel, two in each location with a single upstream port. Tom's Hardware is supported by its audience. Noteworthy gaming features include Dark Stabilizer (improves visibility in dark scenes by altering the gamma curvature), crosshair overlays, on-screen timers, a refresh rate tracker and various picture presets (Standard, Creator, FPS, RPG, MOBA/RTS, Racing and three custom Game modes, etc.). These operate when the monitor is in standby, or you can start the processes manually. It just works out of the box with no fuss. Its a 27 1440p 165Hz 1ms IPS gaming monitor with a 576-zone mini LED FALD backlight, FreeSync and Adobe RGB color gamut. The number 34 is molded into the white plastic to denote the panel size. Another big advantage of OLED technology is the instantaneous pixel response time speed. And in theory, the panel will be brighter with a long lifespan since it is not being driven hard. The AW3423DW has no need for overdrive or blur reduction. This promises a deep, inky black level alongside a reasonable level of HDR brightness. FreeSync is supported over DisplayPort as well in case you have an AMD GPU, but not over HDMI. Fortunately, the AW3423DW delivers. As a result, the monitor can simultaneously display deep blacks, bright punchy highlights and vibrant colors without any backlight bleeding, glowing or blooming for an incredibly immersive HDR viewing experience! That depends on how long you plan to use this monitor.

My gaming den is rather dim, with only one window on a far side of the room, so a sustained brightness of 325 nits is enough to deliver extra oomph in bright scenes. Playing game at 250 nit peak brightness is too dull even in dark environments. First, the bad news.

Ill note that I am not able to test a 1% window, and reviewers who have tested this found a peak brightness above 1000 nits. Learn more on our about page. Anyone who works with documents or images that include fine fonts will be let down and even web pages dont look as crisp as they could. Contrast is still infinite, though, as the black level is too low to be measured by any instruments in existence. Similarly, Panel Refresh will run after 1500 cumulative hours to prevent burn-in. Samsungs monitors are a close second but lack the build quality to back up their look. There are no other image options in HDR mode. The Alienware AW3423DWs contrast ratio is so high that it exceeds the capabilities of my SpyderX Elite testing tool in SDR mode. The bezel is thin at 8mm around the top and sides and 17mm across the bottom. Probably the most pleasant surprise to come from the Dell AW3423DW is the three-year warranty that covers burn-in, allowing you to game for hours without worrying about any static elements becoming permanently stuck on the image.

Copyright 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. In my testing, this mode achieves a maximum of 558 nits in a 10 percent window. Its a 34-inch Ultra-Wide panel with 1800R curvature, 3440x1440 pixels, 175 Hz, G-Sync Ultimate, HDR and extended color.

Heres why you can trust us. This improves clarity if you can keep harsh reflections off the screen. An excellent gaming monitor must have excellent SDR. The side view is chunky, like all curved monitors. Most PC games do not support HDR, and while Windows Auto-HDR can sometimes fix that, it doesnt work well with some games.

Theres also a built-in pixel shift feature. The power supply is internal, so an IEC cord is also in the clamshell-style carton. Alienware uses parent company Dells eco-friendly packaging with its molded cardboard forms rather than crumbly foam to protect the contents. Some games benefit from the wide gamut and others will look overblown. Alienware also includes burn-in coverage in the monitors generous three-year standard warranty. Then, when you move something around so that there are fewer bright elements on the screen, the brightness will increase again. How often do you play a game where only one percent of the displays pixels are brightly lit? At least theres a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount for attaching a more sensible stand or monitor arm. Or use Creator mode, choose your preferred gamut, and set gamma to 2.4 for the best image. Theres an integrated light sensor that can adjust the monitors brightness according to ambient lighting, while the backlight of the monitor is flicker-free and a built-in low-blue light filter is available. G-SYNC, however, works over HDMI too. Youll see none of the ghosting or smearing visible on a gaming monitor with an IPS or VA panel. By coating white and blue OLED cells with Quantum Dots, it is possible to emit red, green and blue primary colors at high luminance with relatively low energy consumption. As its the case with all OLED displays so far, some near-black gamma shifts can be observed in dark scenes when using variable refresh rate. The AW3423DW includes panel and pixel refresh functions to prevent OLED burn-in. A brightness of 246 nits is more than enough for use in a room with light control. The Alienware name is proudly shown front and center above an LED bar that changes color and effect with the power LED at the lower right. If your room lacks light control, however, or you need to game with all the lights on, the monitors brightness wont impress. The G-SYNC module also has a cooling fan, though its very silent. Pressing the joystick brings up a quick menu with an info screen that denotes the current picture mode, HDR and G-Sync status, and the Dark Stabilizer setting. Fast-moving objects are exceptionally crisp and text remains readable while you scroll through a document or webpage. This author has been vetted and has the necessary know-how or education to be able to write about this topic. Since the DisplayPort 1.4 input on the monitor doesnt support DSC (Display Stream Compression) due to its G-SYNC module, theres only enough bandwidth for 175Hz with 8-bit color or 144Hz with 10-bit color without resorting to chroma subsampling. These settings are not accessible outside creator mode, which is slightly annoying, and theres no custom color temperature available. The AW3423DW has two HDR modes: HDR400 TrueBlack to meet VESAs DisplayHDR certification (limited to ~400-nits) and HDR Peak 1000 (for up to 1,000-nits, but with more aggressive ABL), which we recommend using. published 8 April 22. Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide, The best gaming monitors: Displays that deliver the goods, The best monitors: 4K, gaming, HDR, and more, G-Sync vs. FreeSync: Adaptive sync gaming monitors, explained.

The monitor achieves this with a perfect black level reading of zero nits. I had to measure a tiny window to achieve that number. As the area of white on the screen expands, the peak brightness drops. Accuracy is assured with a factory calibration detailed in an enclosed data sheet that ships with each monitor. On top of that, it boasts an impeccable OLED panel enhanced by quantum dots for even higher brightness, wider color gamut and better burn-in resistance than that of previous OLEDs. The AW3423DWs connectivity is disappointing, with just one DisplayPort no or USB-C. Whether this becomes a problem depends on where you use the monitor. Ill explain further on page five. All in all, the Dell Alienware AW3423DW offers amazing image quality and performance for the price; you wont be disappointed. Next, the screen has a subtle 1800R curvature for added immersion and a semi-gloss finish; the screen is glossy with an anti-reflective treatment that prevents reflections without making the image as grainy as its the case with matte anti-glare coatings. That pretty much sucks for someone looking to spend money and get it soon, but I guess this is the way it goes for wanting to be on the bleeding edge along with everyone else. After four to twenty hours of cumulative usage of the screen, Pixel Refresher will run for seven minutes once the monitor enters the power-saving mode in order to prevent image retention. When you purchase through links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. This would not be included if burn-in could not occur. That toggle is a glowing button at the lower right, just visible from the front. However, since the Dell Alienware AW3423DW has a much higher sustainable brightness at a 100% window, it can be a lot brighter without ABL kicking in, and even when its triggered, it will be much less noticeable.

The 34401440 resolution also suits the 34 viewable screen of the Dell Alienware AW3423DW monitor very well. Its not noticeable in games and videos, and applying ClearType can alleviate the issue. When an HDR10 signal is input, you can choose between 400 and 1000 nits peak output. It also narrowed the color gamut and reduced color accuracy compared to SDR. These features are enabled by default.

The monitor is curved, but the 1800R radius is not aggressive and easy to forget in day-to-day use. Underneath, youll find a well-stocked input panel with two HDMI 2.0 ports (limited to 100 Hz) and a DisplayPort 1.4, which operates up to 175 Hz with 10-bit color and HDR. Dark areas of the screen look truly, perfectly dark, with not a hint of luminance even when viewed in a lightless room well after sunset. Youll want to avoid sunny windows or bright room lighting to obtain the best image. Alienware has come up with a true gaming desktop monitor in its AW3423DW, rather than a TV (or a monitor as big as a TV). So far, RGB OLEDs have only been found in the high-end professional category, where five-figure price tags are common. The monitor actually has a 34.18 viewable screen and its 34401440 resolution occasionally moves a bit to prevent burn-in. The Dell Alienware AW3423DW goes for $1,300, which is quite reasonable considering its alternatives. With infinite contrast and a huge color gamut, it boasts a stunning image with accurate color and no need for calibration. Tom's Hardware is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. This looks to be an outstanding display and I, like others, would love to have one. On the PS5, you can use 1080p 120Hz without HDR and 1080p 60Hz with HDR; VRR is not supported. The Cooler Master GP27-FQS should be available in 2022 for ~$700.

Organic Light Emitting Diode is the technology that currently holds the black level and contrast crown. Its so aggressive that I could see it in action while moving a bright image across the screen and during transitions in game cutscenes. The Alienware AW3423DW is the first gaming monitor available with VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black certification, but SDR is still key. Gamers will enjoy the Alienware AW3423DWs maximum refresh rate of 175Hz when connected over DisplayPort. Current page: Interestingly, the HDR 400 mode looked brighter than the HDR 1000 setting when using Office or Photoshop. Dell Alienware AW3423DW Review: 34401440 175Hz G-SYNC QD-OLED UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor, two 34 34401440 mini LED ultrawide monitors, Dell Alienware AW3821DW Review: 3840x1600 144Hz 1ms IPS G-SYNC UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor, Dell Alienware AW2521H Review: 1080p 360Hz 1ms IPS G-SYNC Gaming Monitor, Dell S3422DWG Review: 3440x1440 144Hz FreeSync UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor, LG 38WN75C Review: 38401600 IPS UltraWide Curved Monitor, ASUS PA278QV Review: Affordable 1440p IPS Monitor For Photo Editing, Instantaneous response time, low input lag, G-SYNC up to 175Hz, Infinite contrast ratio, wide color gamut, high peak brightness. Its curve isnt extreme which makes it perfectly suited for any kind of work. This is a result Ive only recorded from OLED televisions like LGs C1 OLED. Thats zero-point-one, not one, the lowest figure quoted by IPS or VA gaming monitors (and most only achieve that in an overclock mode). This is a good thing because many 1000-nit monitors become harsh when set to their full output. Get instant access to breaking news, in-depth reviews and helpful tips. Its rare to review a monitor with the potential to revolutionize the industry, but the Alienware AW3423DW could do exactly that. The monitor has four USB Type-A downstream ports powered by one USB Type-B upstream port. Both look amazing with deep blacks and tremendous contrast. Youll want to buy the AW3423DW before it goes out of stock. I have already ordered one from Dell. The monitor specifically includes a panel refresh feature that, according to the manual, will automatically engage at 1,500 hours whether you want it to or not. Overall, the combination of G-SYNC, 175Hz, instantaneous response time and imperceptible input lag provides you with an exceptionally responsive and enjoyable gaming experience. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). This means the screen will be closer to you when placed at the edge of your desk. AMD FreeSync is supported from 48 to 175 Hz with an exceptionally low 0.1ms claimed panel response time. Most flagship gaming ultrawides with similar specs, like the LG Ultragear 34PG950G, are just as expensive despite inferior performance.

This monitor does not require calibration. The menu is well-organized and offers plenty of useful features. This also means that mini LED monitors will have to be a lot cheaper in other to compete with the AW3423DW, and indeed were already seeing some improvements there. The AlienFX Lighting has many options for effects and colors. QD-OLED panel aside, the Alienware AW3423DWs specifications are typical for an ultrawide gaming monitor. The key difference can be found in the monitors VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black certification. It is a Quantum Dot OLED which claims a few advantages. PC gamers will love this monitor. Lets take a look. I'm excited about the color accuracy and speed.

The AW3423DW also focuses on gaming performance with Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate certification which means operation from 1-175 Hz with HDR and 10-bit color. Its a premium package with slick styling and impressive build quality for around $1,300. This soured me on the HDR 1000 Peak mode.

On top of that, it has a robust and stylish design, a three-year warranty and a reasonable price! Future US, Inc. Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street, The depth of the stand shipped with most Alienware monitors is impractical for use with the shallow desks commonly sold today. The beefy white stand makes that easy with its full set of ergonomic adjustments. Color is dripping with vivid and saturated hues. This frequent change in brightness can become annoying. I measured 5ms in my black-to-white test, which is on par with a 240 Hz LCD monitor. I enjoyed it even in Final Fantasy XIV, where I could pan the camera across the games more gorgeous vistas without losing detail.

It is rated for 1,000 nits peak in HDR mode and that comes with a caveat.

Not only do you get a higher 1000-nit peak brightness in the 1 5% white window as opposed to ~800-nits, but also double sustained brightness with a 100% window; when displaying a full white window, the AW3423DW can sustain almost 300-nits, while LGs OLEDs are limited to ~150-nits. The fix was to engage Creator mode with its selectable gamut and gamma presets.

It uses no more wattage than an LCD panel of the same size and spec. I verified this in my tests as well. There, you can choose either sRGB or DCI-P3 color and set gamma between 1.8 and 2.6.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 and the ASUS PG32UQX go for ~$2,000 $3,000, yet they have inferior image quality and performance. Primary shades are especially prominent with deep reds, lush greens and cool blues. Standard is the default and works well for gaming and general use. The AW3423DW also hit the ideal gamma curve of 2.2 and a default color temperature of 6300K, just slightly off the preferred 6500K. The Alienware AW3423DW makes every other 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor obsolete.

When an HDR signal is detected, you get a choice between HDR 400 (400 nits peak) or HDR 1000 with 1000 nits peak output. I ultimately chose this mode as my favorite because of the gamma settings. Still, this is an impressive monitor and a great start for QD-OLED technology in the PC market. Although some users might prefer their form factor, its hard to justify such a price difference. Most games in which you might actually notice improvements by 10-bit color are usually too demanding to be run at over 144FPS and high picture settings anyway.

Color adjustment is limited to RGB. The 34401440 ultrawide resolution provides you with extra horizontal screen space in comparison to standard 16:9 displays. After quite a few hours of gameplay, I can say that the AW3423DW performs on par with any 240 Hz monitor Ive reviewed and has one of the most beautiful and colorful images Ive seen. Tomb Raider is in the former category, so I left the DCI-P3 option engaged for that one. Rob is a software engineer with a Bachelors degree from the University of Denver. The Alienware AW3423DWs isnt perfect, but the QD-OLED panel makes it the best 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor yet. You get a pixel density of roughly 110 PPI (pixels per inch), so you get a lot of screen real estate as well as sharp details and text, without any scaling necessary. The Alienware AW3423DW makes every other 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor obsolete. Exploring the alien worlds showed stunning depth and dimension, with every nook and cranny filled with detail and texture. It provides two HDMI 2.0 ports alongside one DisplayPort 1.4. Having and OLED for my home theater I was impressed with the overall ratings of this monitor for my office/game computer. On the Xbox consoles, 1080p 120Hz and 1440p 120Hz modes are supported with variable refresh rate, but HDR is not. And there is no need for overdrive or blur-reduction features; motion processing is super-smooth and fluid. You will receive a verification email shortly. I could choose between sRGB and DCI-P3 and set gamma between 1.8 and 2.6. 109ppi pixel density ensures sharp detail with no visible jaggies or structure, even in the smallest type or graphic. There was a problem. Additionally, because QD-OLED offers more saturated colors (149% sRGB gamut size vs 135% sRGB), perceived brightness is also higher. Its also good news if you like to stream Netflix to your PC. You can control the four elements independently or have them work in unison. While it is possible to have an OLED with red, green and blue subpixels like an LCD, it makes the panel very expensive to produce. It reached a peak sustained brightness of 325 nits and a peak 10 percent window of 411 nits. If Alienwares engineers happen to read this, please, Im begging you: Find another design. Delve deeply enough into the subject of desktop monitor contrast, and youll eventually talk about OLED. Alienwares products are among the most attractive and sturdy available. 2.4 restored the contrast I was expecting. HDR 1000 Peak seems calibrated to aggressively manage the panels brightness with a skew towards lighting small portions of the screen. For SDR content, I turned to Tomb Raider and made an interesting discovery. Gamers, dont hesitate. They are a group of coatings that emit particular wavelengths (colors) when excited by white or blue light. If theres too much light directed at the screen, the coating will diffuse it thus making blacks appear grayish. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I recommend using this mode for SDR games. Under the center of the AW3423DW is a small joystick that operates all monitor functions except power.

It doesnt go super bright, which is a good thing. Please refresh the page and try again. The price is much lower than initially expected and while that's great, it's also caused an issue with regard to availability. You can see fine detail in everything, including the fastest moving objects and during quick side-to-side transitions. DisplayNinja 2018-2022. The stands legs sweep forward, eating into desk space, and the stands neck is deep. NY 10036. It's a 3440x1440 175Hz ultrawide curved model with G-SYNC, HDR, and more! The LED accent lighting has moved from the stand to the monitor panel, as well, so you can still enjoy it if you use a third-party monitor arm. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Hardware. New York, Pros will find some perks in the menus. For SDR content, the typical brightness amounts to 250-nits and peaks at around 350-nits, depending on the scene, which is more than bright enough under normal lighting conditions. Build quality is as good as it gets. Does this new Alienware make its peers obsolete? The monitor also claims 99.3% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut which, though high, can be matched by some premium IPS panels. The Alienware AW3423DW achieved a lackluster maximum SDR brightness of just 246 nits. Looking at this test screen, which is static, the HDR 1000 mode offered much better highlight detail and more saturated color without increasing overall brightness. Man, would love to see this in 40 inches! Luckily, most games support ultrawide resolutions natively or via quick and simple mods or patches. Further, the monitor is equipped with a dedicated NVIDIA G-SYNC module that ensures flawless variable refresh rate performance for tear-free gameplay up to 175FPS. The Dell Alienware AW3423DW display also features the AlienFX lighting at four different zones (logo and ring at the rear, strip beneath the bottom bezel and the power button), all of which can be customized individually to shine in different colors and patterns. Right away, I had to adjust my internal rating system when using the AW3423DW. The HDR400 modes brightness is not great but high enough to look impressive in a dim or dark room. Ive played and worked on OLED monitors before, but its been a few months since I had the Aorus FO48U in my studio. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.

Lastly, the monitor has 178 wide viewing angles, ensuring flawless image quality regardless of the angle youre looking at the screen, and it supports 10-bit color depth for 1.07 billion colors. There, you can also set the gamma between 1.8 and 2.6 in 0.2 increments. Most people, myself included, are gaming on a desk from Ikea or Wayfair. But all the OLEDs Ive seen are very glossy. Samsung F24G35T/Odyssey G3 Review: 1080p 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor, The Best Gaming Monitors For PS5 And Xbox Series X (2022 Reviews), The Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 USD (2022 Reviews), Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 Review: 4K 165Hz 1ms Curved HDR Gaming Monitor, Samsung S49AG95/Odyssey Neo G9 Review: 51201440 240Hz 1ms FreeSync HDR Curved Gaming Monitor.