Roberts agrees to make Medellin happen, but he has a condition of his own: Vince must agree to FINALLY appear in 'Matterhorn.' Back on the photo shoot, Natasha is replaced and Eric gets some aggressive attention from another model, Raina, who turns out to be more into him as a manager than a boy toy. Ari lies to Eric, claiming that James Cameron is willing to drop Vince from the project if the actor doesn't focus on the film. Swearing he'll never speak to the director again after the release of 'Medellin,' E takes a call from Ari who's sold Dana on his dream team: "Who wants to climb Mount Annapurna," he asks. Still, she refuses to sleep with him.

After successfully wining and dining the town's richest men, Ari's celebration is cut short when Andrew Klein calls with news: Lizzie has a big backer and they're going after TMA's clients.

Drama goes to Stamos' ping pong club to try and win him back. She also plays a big part in maintaining the actor's image, providing damage control when any bad press gets out about the womanizing star. Unable to stop Maria Menounos from running the quote, Shauna calls Ari for help.
Eric agrees to help Drama find a script and finds himself buried in reading material.

When Alex comes to pick up her last check, Turtle confronts her about a $10,000 charge at Tiffany's. Eric goes to Ashley's and learns she's suspicious about the identity of "Rupert Pupkin" (the name she saw on his cell phone). In the meantime, Vince decides to spend his 'unemployed' time at a bookstore, where he meets a cute girl and spends the day with her, taking her shopping and joining her in the dressing room.

Eric finds himslef sequestered in Bob Ryan's mansion, listening to endless old Hollywood stories. For Vince, whos not used to having women say no to him, wooing Sophia has turned into a full-time job and hes recruited his posse to help him with his mission. Lloyd is soon dispatched to a club to "personally" deliver the agency papers. A donation by Vince of $100,000 to the favorite charity of a resistant producer is all it takes to lock Drama into the part. Ari instantly promotes the kid and tells the rest of his staff to get him a meeting with the NFL.

Phil Yagoda has bad news for Drama: He only has eight weeks left on his holding deal. Believe it or not, it's been a decade since the men of "Entourage" graced our small screens. Ari tricks E into meeting the director at his office to make nice which actually happens when Walsh apologizes for blaming the 'Medellin' trailer's leak on E. As it turns out, his editor's betrayed girlfriend uploaded the video to exact revenge. He breaks things off with her and finally starts enjoying himself. Although Vince wants to call her personally to apologize, Shauna advises him to steer clear.

At a 'Johnny's Bananas' taping, Drama's new co-star complains about the job Drama is doing. Phil can't believe their chutzpah and warns Johnny to back down strong test results are no guarantee of ratings success.

Carlos thanks Turtle for the success of Avin by presenting him with a gold watch and some news: Turtle's services will no longer be needed because a national distribution company wants to handle Avin. Charmed by the video and another testimonial from Turtle, Sofia agrees to meet up with Vince.

When Lloyd catches Ari crying reading the miner script, Ari reveals that without his family, his job and Vince are all he has left. Lloyd advises Johnny to return to work unless he feels that Dice is worth losing his best job in decades.

Vince ambushes Sofia at lunch and accuses her of misunderstanding him. Ari gets Drama off 'Five Towns,' but Lloyd makes an impassioned plea to remain his agent. Yes! Hes not tortured or self-loathing enough for that. Shauna helps the upstart manager by hooking him up with a reporter at the trade magazine, meanwhile Ari has his own business issues to juggle. The two face off in a furious match, and
Stamos wins, 11-6. Amanda warns Ari she'll help Lizzie take him down -- Lizzie's been keeping a journal.
Eric and Sloan try anal sex and decide against it. At a lavish party his boat, the prince talks business with the filmmakers, while Drama and Turtle enjoy the entertainment. Nick drops the bomb that the biopic is back in play and that they'd like Vince to step in. "Just letting you know."

Carlos arrives in L.A. and tells Turtle the factory is not equipped to handle the business he's bringing in. The couple have two children: Jacob arrived in 2019 and James was born in 2021. His tirade is interrupted by call from Shauna: Vince keeps tweeting about tequila and there are racy videos of him and Sasha online.

Ari follows Lizzie to lunch and she tells him since she wants to make her money legitimately, she has no plans to sue, but the tapes will be posted on Deadline Hollywood. The next morning, he finally decides to answer Vince's calls and is shocked to hear that 'Five Towns' drew 16 million viewers to become a certified hit. Cuban threatens to purchase the company outright. He has to go to an auction for Murray, who is away, again.
Drama and Eric meet with Roger Jay, an Emmy-award winning writer. Ari tries to call her from the bathroom, where he has had Jake hide a cell phone. Mrs. Ari sides with Lloyd when he lectures Ari that he can't abandon his clients or the benefits of being his own boss. The argument escalates to vulgar insults and ends in a table-scattering scuffle. Ari does all that he can to close for his client, but he just can't seal the deal. She informs him that she's moving forward for a divorce. Vince assures Eric that Cassavetes has already locked the movie, but a new problem arises when he says the movie "might suck" during an interview with Access Hollywood. The elder Chase meets a beautiful girl named Jacqueline apparently 'Viking Quest' is huge in France but when he takes her back to the hotel, the manager kicks him out for throwing a fit over his modest room. When Drama tries to take the blame for spreading false rumors, Jamie-Lynn reveals it was true and she would have gone further if Turtle had kept his mouth shut.


Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by Doug Ellin

Vince has first day jitters on the set of 'Smokejumpers' and things only get worse when leading actor Jason Patric steals several of his lines. Eric says no, but uses Seth's demand as an excuse to see Sloan. Jessica refuses the gesture but Lloyd falls in love with the poodle.
Eric gives Drama the news that Saget is partnering with Stamos. But Ari gives him a speech about the hard work needed to be a self-made man. He missed the audition too, and he wants to offer the gig to Drama - no audition necessary.

The heads of the major talent agencies are on to Ari's big plans, and they ambush him 'five families' style at a restaurant. The bouncing box office receipts and the heat push everyone to the brink, so to unwind, the crew ends up crashing a high school party, where Vince gets to live out his "Almost Famous" fantasy. Ari and Davies battle it out until Ari storms over to his old agency, forcing Davies to apologize.

Eric secures Amanda's and Ed Norton's interest in his new clients' script and 'Nine Brave Souls' morphs from indie flick to Ridley Scott studio film: 'Smokejumpers. Carlos, already en route to see Turtle, demands he quit talking tequila until then. Turtle and Drama call E to meet Vince at his fitting for the Frank Darabont film and Ashley grows suspicious of his cryptic replies. Vince then asks Berg for a part for Sasha, and Berg agrees she can have a small role, one with sequel potential.

Carlos arrives at the mansion and finds Mark Cuban's team in attendance as well. As Drama collects the goods, the auctioneer informs him that Koufax couldn't appear to sign the uniform because his schnauzer, which had been sick for weeks, just died. No matter how many phone calls Ari and Eric make, they're not able to get a meeting between Vince and James Cameron, who is helming the aquatic epic. It looks like E can make both Vince and his writers happy with this compromiseuntil Amanda comes back to Eric with a final offer. Johnny refuses to leave the house without a role, so Ratner dangles a bit part as a bus driver to lure him out of the pool.

Turtle lands a date with his dream girl, Kelly, but his plans slowly crumble beneath her family's intrusions and officially die when her dad, Rufus, chases him off. Meanwhile, Terrance and Ari make peace and the deal goes throughthen Ari goes postal at TMA, paintballing all of the agents he's firing - and giving Lloyd a reprieve. It featured the pair and their two daughters showcasing their own recipes. Our Privacy / Cookie Policy contains detailed information about the types of cookies & related technology on our site, and some ways to opt out. ), Ivana Trump funeral photos: Donald, Melania, Barron, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric and more family members say goodbye at NYC Catholic church, Take a look back at some of the best and worst fashion moments from 2022 thus far, A Disney star and a popular rapper, plus more stars you'll never believe are the same age, Former Victoria's Secret model, 34, wears a black bikini in Maui, plus more stars showing off their beach bodies in 2022, Tom Brady complains that the hardest part of raising his kids with wife Gisele Bundchen is that they're super-rich, plus more proof stars are nothing like us, See Josh Hartnett's hottest moments from early in his career as he turns 44, See the best photos of celebs and their kids in 2022. Lloyd informs Ari that CBS will only do the movie if Phil Yagoda produces, and Phil hates Drama.

Ari addresses the TV department to rally them behind the miner movie, but when Dana calls, Ari assumes he has a Hallmark deal and fires everyone. Meanwhile, Turtle manages to break out of a lengthy slump with the help of a professional.


Directed by Julian Farino
Written by Larry Charles & Brian Burns

To help pay the bills, Ari lands Vince a gig appearing in a lucrative foreign commercial. On the spot, Billy tells Vince the miner idea would be better as a TV movie starring Drama. Vince offers to talk to her, but E bars him from helping a man getting married after only 24 hours of dating is not the best person to give advice.

Drama and Turtle try to talk Sloan into flying to Paris for Vince's wedding. 's Winnebago. The couple's roller-coaster relationship reaches a head late in the series when Melissa files for divorce, but the two reconcile in the show's finale. But the Iceman isn't fooled and challenges Drama to step into the octagon to settle things. When E shows up at Ashley's that night she accuses him of still having feelings for Sloan and he admits he does.


Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by Doug Ellin

Vince's mansion is broken into in the middle of the night. There were many absurd things about this scene, not the least of which was Eric bringing Melinda with him to confront Sloan. Outside of acting, she moved to Costa Rica in 2012 and started a yoga retreat called The Sanctuary at Two Rivers. In the Season One finale, sick of being known as 'Vince's guy,' Eric wants a title commensurate with his responsibilities. At the golf tournament, Vince and Drama are paired with Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady, and Sloan informs Eric that uber-manager Murray Berenson requested him. While Turtle chaperones,

Sophia meets Vince at the hotel. The openly gay employee routinely endures his boss's barbs about his skills, sexual orientation and ethnicity. He also appeared on an episode of "Glee" and in the indie films "Advantageous," "Girl on the Edge," "Lemon" and "For the Love of George." Sarah's friends serenade the happy couple, but Lloyd interrupts, furious that he wasn't given any notice Ari was leaving. The two team up, realizing they're the ones working while Murray's off playing.

Enjoying Carlos' Avion tequila, Turtle finds out he's been brought in because of his connection to Vince. However, since the new digs fall way outside of his price range, the "Aquaman" offer starts to become a bit more appealing to Vince. At Miller-Gold, Andrew pulls Ari into a meeting set up by agent Lizzie Grant with two showrunners Ari picks up on Andrew's flirtation with the junior agent and warns him to stay away. Drama's "lock" of a horse finishes as an also-ran, and Vince's brother cringes at the thought of "King" being done away with due to his lack of speed. entourage gronkowski hay lani correspondents reliable source begins parade parties celebrities dinner pre latifah argetsinger smalls noor biggie amy washington ride enjoy june entourage film