If everything goes according to the plan, you will defeat warlock, but you should also prepare for the worst-case scenario. If you dont have all of the above cards, incorporate a damage card to assist your teammate. This is especially true if you are proxying the Gateways inside your opponent's main base. For this purpose, you should start filling your deck board with as many cauldrons as you can as they are known as the economy Gods in Rush Royale. Remember that our tier list is not absolute and you may find some units that better fit your playstyle more than others. Harlequin is a great card in the game, so its not surprising that its part of Co-Op decks. To summarize, the Portal Keeper complements most passive units very well, and makes setting up Engineer blobs a breeze early into a match. Do you love playing mobile games? Boosting his attack speed via merges or buffs is an option, and the instant-kill can potentially turn a match around if youre lucky. For example, if your first few card drops are 2 Demon Hunters next to a Knight Statue, dont drop any others. After defeating warlock, you dont have to do anything at all unless you have a strong teammate or your arsenal is full of crowd control and damage support units.

The Knight Statue (Legendary): A sidegrade to the Banner, the Knight Statue increases the attack speed of adjacent units. In the case of zealots, you should merge them when your partner is handling waves pretty well.

The Harlequins ability doesnt sound like much at first, but later units you unlock require a specific number of copies on the grid for their abilities to function.

Add as many high-tier zealots to the board as you can to create monster waves and boss waves. Examples are the Crystalmancer, the Zealot, or the Inquisitor. Taking advantage of this ability can be a bit tricky as a result. sOs uses a proxy 2 Gate vs. herO. Heres our tier list based on how these units perform: 1. The Mime (Epic): A support unit that can be merged with a unit of the same merge rank, essentially serving as a free rank-up to the given unit. When playing the above decks with a support deck, be careful of how quickly you drop your units.

Its a lot of fun to play since you need to efficiently spend manna and set up aboard. His damage increases without limit, but the greater your mana stores, the slower the damage buff grows. You can earn more than 9,000 gold per Coop match if you progress in the waves. Compared to the Archers passive attack speed buff, Boreas instead activates a self-buff that comes in two stages: it starts with a five-second buff that increases his attack speed, with the last second off that buff increasing his critical hit chance as well. As we discussed in our Rush Royale beginners guide, you start the game off with five units, though you also have three more to customize your starting loadouts as you see fit. There will be a six second cooldown afterwards before he can buff himself again. Other info: . Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD - Gameplay Video, Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp, (iOS). window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || {

Their damage per shot, however, is low. Now lets dive into things and look at the best CO-OP decks to play in Rush Royale.

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The mana generation increases as you level up this card, At max level, the mana generation would be X10. However, as units start getting merged, the Clock of Power becomes less effective, and this assumes that their debuff does not stack like the Banner before it. (1/15) Deals 200% ATK DMG to all nearby enemy targets. It can stun enemies and bosses, giving other units and your teammates a chance to deal the most damage to them, and they cant dodge it. Crowd control duty is split between the Fire Mage, Lightning Mage, and Cold Mage. A mysterious man who has traveled all over Narcia, hoping to prove himself the best warrior in the land. It can deliver decent damage in the early stages of the fight even though it is a crowd control unit. Rarer units will also require more coins for upgrades, and simply getting additional copies is a challenge in itself. Its specialty is to stun the enemies. However, unlike the Thrower, the Reaper has a small chance of instantly killing his target. The Hunter (Common): Behaves similarly to the Thrower, with high damage but random target selection. Learn more about Wordless-Zealots Ability, Talents, Insignias, Enchantments & Pet. Conversely, summoning the Clock of Power in a co-op match is a good boon early on as it allows your teammate to kill enemies a bit faster, but youd have to risk a merge to keep your Clocks relevant later on. The biggest reason behind upgrading Zealot after Chemist is that zealot can deal insane damage at a max level resulting in killing waves of enemies too early. Your Probe should get to the proxy location in time to build a Pylon as soon as 100 minerals have been accumulated. The Demonologist (Legendary): A unit with a peculiar merge mechanicupon merging him, a monster with increased health is spawned on the opponents lane, giving them more trouble to deal with. The Banner (Rare): Your first passive unit, the Banner simply increases the attack speed of units adjacent to it. Answered, Merge Mansion Flowers Everywhere Event: Tasks and Rewards Guide, Plague Doctor this is also an Epic card, but for unlocking it, you need more trophies; you need to have 1,850 trophies. Executioner is another solid card to include in your Co-Op deck because of the damage it does to bosses and mini-bosses. You should work on boosting the mana production as well as the attack speed because zealot benefits from both of them. Just like the Vampire and Bombardier, the Chemist will focus on unaffected targets over the first target in line. Instead, Co-Op adds the merge to a random card on your teammates board. So, we are ready to tell you how to use Zealot in Rush Royale to win. If you get far enough in the waves, you can earn over 9,000 gold per Co-Op match. Chemist is a rare card unit in the Rush Royale game; its quite good in Co-Op mode. You will have to merge pre-existing Clocks either to upgrade your Clocks merge rank or get a better unit in exchange. Karmic Rock I Use to upgrade Destiny.

5. Cauldron has the ability to boost up your mana reserves to more than twenty thousand in co-op game mode. })(); We respect your privacy!

I personally reconsidered the rogue due to the high damage increase in level per mana upgrade making it a solid damage dealer with random benefits.

Arena Rank 13 unlocks the final unit as of writing: The Shaman (Legendary): Merging a Shaman will reduce the merge rank of a randomly-chosen enemy unit by one. The Demon Hunter card damages a portion of a bosss health at max level (they have over 200M health). TC's mission is to be the best source of simple-to-understand gaming tutorials, reviews, and updates for players all around the world. Keep me in mind that the monsters health scaling can make this bonus less potent as a match goes on. If you dont have Shaman available, you wont be able to support effectively. now, lets talk about Rush Royale Zealot Damage Calculation.

Having a few Sharpshooters on the board to deal with (mini)bosses is okay; just dont make them the bulk of your forces damage.

Around this point, you will unlock some legendary units whose abilities are either tied to their merge rank or how many copies of them are on the grid, and even units who directly affect your opponent or ally depending on the circumstances, all of which can be quite different from what you have encountered beforehand. Bombardier and Cold Mage will provide you will crowd control and buy you more time to deal damage to minions. This way, you will build your economy while the Bombardier deals with multiple waves by splitting them in half. } The Crystalmancer (Epic): An offensive unit whose attacks deal more damage the longer they stay on a given target, resetting as soon as they swap targets.

This opening delays or omits the Cybernetics Core to allow for pure Zealot production from two Gateways.

You can use it to increase damage against any enemy unit. You will be able to get rid of Bedlam with this strategy before he can do anything to units on your board. Started playing Rush Royale game?

You should spend the next five waves on replacing all the damaged units with new units on your board to prepare for what is coming up ahead. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Take note: they will activate these abilities even when there are no enemies on the field, potentially wasting it until their cooldown finishes. listeners: [], At this stage, you should only worry about the warlock and prepare some tier 3 zealots to deal with him. There are a few important things to notes before diving into the best deck builds for Co-Op play. However, who he targets is completely at random. Going to our proper second tier would be mana-generating units like the Vampire or the Priestess, depending on your Arena Rank., These are preferred over the Cauldron as theyre both capable of providing damage. Hero also recovers 6% of his HP every second for 10s. The Summoners ability shines late into a game, where mana costs for summoning new units become very high even with dedicated mana producers like Cauldrons or Vampires. Our second group would be units that can deal high damage but require some effort on your end to reach their full potential. Good luck and game on! Heros basic attack deals True DMG equal to 120% of Heros ATK to his target and nearby enemy units.). Their attack speed will decrease significantly if they arent. x 4, Karmic Rock III Use to upgrade Destiny. Hex works wonders on units who attack very quickly such as Boreas, as more shots fired mean that theres a bigger chance of rolling an instant kill once or even several times.

x 5, Karmic Rock I Use to upgrade Destiny.

For instance: 4 Spawn Locations: If the map has 4 spawn locations and close spawns are not disabled then you have no way of knowing where the opponent is going to spawn before you have to place down your proxy Pylon. This unit will prioritize unaffected enemies. In order to proceed further in waves, youll need to stun bosses right out of the gate and get them killed before they activate an ability, and Bombardier will help you do just that. But, first of all, we will tell you about some of the most powerful and exciting cards. This means that you dont have to leave merge results to random chance as much. The Mimes ability to serve as a free rank-up is both a blessing and a curse, as you can get another unit from that merge, or end up ranking the mime to a point where no other unit can merge with them. Other info: , Shaman is a legendary card unit that unlocks at Arena rank 13. To move forward in waves, you will need to stun bosses and get them killed before activating an ability.

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This is because you need to aim for waves 40 and 45. It is important to not get them to max before the waves start. Ask a question below and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. With the decks below (or slight variations of it), you dont need to rely nearly as much on your teammate and can acquire gold quickly. 2. The best mode for using Zealot is Co-Op; in that mode, it works very well with Cauldron and Grindstone. If are looking for moreRush Royale Guide,Check below orClick here. The vampire unit bites the target and grant you mana periodically. If your first card drops are 2 Demon Hunters and a Knight Statue then dont drop more. In Rush Royale there are four levels of unit rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. (Cooldown: 14s. Your first set of new units is unlocked when you reach Arena Rank 2: The Engineer (Epic): Gains bonus damage for every Engineer adjacent to him indicated by his gears turning and sparking, with the bonus maxing out at six Engineers close together. It comes up with a large number of decks, and choosing decks is a difficult task for those who are new to the game. After successfully defeating the tribunal, you can make some changes on the board, but the next wave will come quickly, so you shouldnt try unless you can do it quickly.

For instance: 4 Spawn Location Maps With Close Spawns Disabled: When close spawns are disabled, you know that the opponent has to spawn in one of the other two locations on the other side of the map to you. Other info: , Boreas is a legendary grade damage type unit in the Rush Royale game thats known for inflicting damage. With the starting units out of the way, we now move to the unlockable units we have observed and used during our playthroughs. https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/index.php?title=2_Gate_Zealot_Rush&oldid=1117691, About Liquipedia - The StarCraft II Encyclopedia. This way, you can have a good start until you unlock some of those high damage dealing units to add them to the board. Successfully removing power from the opponent's initial Gateway in this manner should win you the game. Reward: 2500 Gold

There are a few key things to keep in mind when playing support. It adds instant kill chance to units on four neighboring tiles. Although, its not the strongest CC card in the game. You will receive gold for every win, but the amount depends on how far you advance through the Co-Op mode waves. This group of units is unlocked at Arena Rank 5: The Alchemist (Rare): Rather than damaging enemies directly, the Alchemist creates poisonous but short-lived puddles at random areas on your lane every five seconds, dealing damage to anyone who crosses the puddles. This guide features some of the most powerful decks in each category, along with a usage guide. While we dont know how Stasis launches his traps, its possible he launches them to the front of the line, briefly stopping advancing enemies and giving you a little more time to deal with them. Learn how your comment data is processed. He bites the target, making it periodically give you mana. x 3, Karmic Rock VI Use to upgrade Destiny. When playing support, there are some key points to remember.

If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. In a BoX situation vs. a Zerg player, this rush can be useful in the second game of the series having shown a. In todays post, we will talk about Rush Royale Zealot Damage & Rush Royale Zealot Decks for PvP & Coop and How does Zealot Damage work in rush royale? Units will be arranged in their unlock order, starting with the first five units you begin the game with. The stun lasts longer, and you can reapply it as many times as you want, but its duration will reduce after each application. In the Co-Op mode, the specialty changes; while in the cooperative battle, Shaman increases the merging rank of a random friendly unit. Its special trait is increasing the merging rank of the unit it merges with. And if you play this game, you know that there are no strong decks without sound cards. Avoid using too many zealots on the board to deal more damage as things can go wrong quickly, and you wont be able to correct them on time. Allow them to combine their units and set up their best positions.

Read on for Rush Royale tier list: best top-tier decks & best top-tier cards, Rush Royale is a top-notch PvP mobile game where players build the deck of best cards and fight in an arena battle. If this strategy doesnt work for you and Bedlam is still alive, add as many high-tier zealots to the board as you can because they can quickly kill anyone with their high damage-dealing abilities. Though the game says Legendary units are powerful, they are still subject to the random results of summoning and merging, so you can still lose a given match simply because your main source of damage or crowd control just did not show up in either action. You should only add one chemist to the board as there is no need to waste spots. Our third tier would be units geared either towards crowd control, such as the Cold Mage, the Bombardier, or the Plague Doctor, or in the Chemists case, debuffing bulky targets. You should keep your board open and get Mimes and Harlequins there. The Alchemists random targeting of your lane means that his overall damage output becomes very inconsistent, and even with several Alchemists at high merge rank, the short durations of their puddles mean that enemies will barely take damage from them.

So stay with us and read on, as we will showcase the best units that are currently available in the game! event : evt, The Thunderers merge bonus may seem rather unfeasible to reach, but the next Arena Rank will feature a unit that just might help out. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We are a community of technology enthusiasts who believe that technology should be available to all and an effort should be made to help everyone understand it. Hex (Legendary): Another passive unit, this time they give adjacent units a small chance to perform an instant kill.

Most of the time in Co-Op mode, youll be matched with teammates that are in a similar trophy range.

} As weve mentioned earlier, we have yet to encounter every unit available so our thoughts on the following units below is based on conjecture. From Arena Rank 8 onwards, most if not all of the new units you will unlock will have Legendary-tier rarity: The Wind Archer (Epic): Arguably the middle ground between the standard Archer and Boreas, the Wind Archer gives themselves a three-second buff to their attack speed, followed by a seven-second cooldown between uses. You objective is going to be using Shaman as much as possible to level your teammates cards. The Poisoner also goes here simply because they end up severely outclassed even by the other starters. NaNiwa uses a proxy 2 Gate vs. Jaedong. You need to be careful not to get them leveled to max until later on in the waves though, as their attack speed decreases significantly. Submit Here. We wish you to win every time and have a good time playing! Its not easy to get past these waves without some luck from your opponent. You dont have to waste your resources on merging cauldrons, as tier 1 cauldrons can get the job done. The Bombardier is also another crucial card to have in your deck. With the abilities of both the Demon Hunter and the Thunderer being tied to their merge rank, the Dryad is an excellent complement to them both, and even then she can upgrade any unit you want to keep as long as her merge rank matches up. In general, it is best to send your first Zealot in immediately. The Sentry (Rare): His damage gains a permanent boost every five seconds as long as he remains untouched, either from damage or from merging.

This allows you to proxy your Gateways close to the opponent's base, reducing the rush distance drastically. Against a Zerg opponent, try to avoid common. In some cases, it can even stun all the enemies in a wave before they can do anything. Its specialty is slowing down the enemies; CC. This opening is most commonly seen in PvP, but it has also be used effectively in PvZ at the professional level. x 4, Karmic Rock IV Use to upgrade Destiny.

It works best with this deck set; Mime, Cold Mage, Harlequin, Summoner, and Inquisitor. The decks below (or variations thereof) allow you to quickly acquire gold without relying on your teammate. If mobile gaming is your passion and you want to get paid to create guides, youre in the right place. Keep your board open, get Mimes and Harlequins on there, and optimize to get the most merges possible. Against a Protoss opponent, if the opponent has only one Pylon powering their initial Gateway then you might wish to target it. If you are going to scout, try to make it appear as if your Probe is coming from the same angle it would normally come from, instead of sending it into your opponent's main base directly from your proxy location.

{ So this would be all in this post on Rush Royale Tier List 2022 & Rush Royale Best Decks Guide. Rush Royale has become a famous game among players of all ages because of its competitive and multiplayer gameplay. Your window for successfully whittling down his Probe count is between your attack and their ranged defensive units/buildings being produced in large enough number to deflect your Zealots (e.g. The specialty is a debuff that increases damage taken by the enemy. Because the rush distance is different for different maps, you may wish to test the timing at which you need to send a Probe for any map you're planning to use this strategy on. If you guys have any opinions on our tier list, feel free to drop us a line! Boreass buff sounds impressive on paper, but remember that his shot damage is low so you have to find a way to deal with it, either through buffs or more damaging units backing him up. A max-tier chemist can boost up the damage of other units by more than forty percent.

The Bombardier will prioritize attacking enemies that have yet to be stunned, but otherwise targets the first monster in line.

Bombardier is our favorite CC unit in the Rush Royale game. In the end the Poisoner will probably be the first unit you will dismiss in favor of someone else, with boss-killing roles changing accordingly. Once you get past those waves, things get incrementally more difficult, require your opponent to have a deck that meshes well with yours (which requires luck since there is no easy way to queue with a friend), and takes longer as you progress through the waves.

Bombardier will target the first unit in a wave and move on to the next unit in the wave once the previous unit is stunning. Among the additional starters, the Thrower sports the highest damage-per-shot with a good starting attack speed to boot. If you have successfully defeated Bedlam one way or another and made it to this point without any damage to the units on your board, you dont have to change anything ahead. Increases this Heros ATK SPD by 15% and CRIT Rate by 8% for 10s (these buffs cannot be removed). The Demonologist in a PvP match is straightforward to use: merge him while your enemys distracted with other monsters. Also, a sound card is Zealot, and if you want to know some information about this card and how to use it, keep reading! A chemist allows you to significantly assist your teammate while still allowing you to clear your wave. These include the Engineer, the Wind Archer, or Boreas.

Once you start building up your forces and get good chest drops, they can be exchanged. Vampire this is an Epic card too, and it will be unlocked when you reach Arena 5.

One Bombardier is enough in a team, and the other players should use the free spot for some other hero to complete their board. His bite speed is also affected by merge rank, so having him in tandem with the Cold Mage, Frost, or the Bombardier can result in sizable mana gains. Connect with other ones for more DMG. Its best not to use your Shamans if they have just lost a lot of cards. Hex is a legendary card unit that unlocks at arena rank 7. Copyright 2022 HideGeek | All Rights Reserved By HideGeek & It's Parent Company | Reproduction Of Contents In All Forms Is Strictly Prohibited. Tier four would go to units designed for managing your grid or impairing/helping the other player like the Portal Keeper, the Dryad, or the Mime, as their damage output tends to be low. In conclusion, the Engineer will most likely be your go-to for damage in both PVP and co-op, should you have him, while the Hunter can be used for fast wins in PvP matches thanks to his bonus damage. When you have X1 to X9 Inquisitors, a special ability activates; increase in attack speed and AoE. Other units are built solely for buffing adjacent units (or debuffing your opponents towers) and cannot attack by any means, so unlucky summons, or a bad roll from either the Bedlam or unit merges can cost you a match. Since the choice is random, the Shaman may end up targeting someone of little value. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have 60,000 mana the zealot damage will be x3. Zealot works very well Cauldron & Grindstone in Coop Mode. For many players, the economy is their top priority, and Cauldron is a god-tier unit when it comes to the economy in Rush Royale. And we have another piece of great news for you! Also, we have shared a bunch of top-tier deck sets that you can use to beat the opponent in the arena. Playing the decks above with a support deck requires that you be very careful about how fast you drop your units. The Zealot attacks the first target on the path and we already know that the more mana the player has accumulated, the more damage the Zealot does. At Arena Rank 9, you will start to unlock fewer units as you progress onwards: The Harlequin (Legendary): The Harlequin creates a duplicate of whatever unit they merge with, as long as they are the same merge rank. Continue Zealot production until the attack is over.

The Chemist (Rare): His chosen target takes increased damage from all sources. You can use it to raise the level of an ally card. Bombardier is one of the best cards in the entire game as it can deal an insane amount of passable damage to enemies. The damage over time stacks with multiple Poisoners, but their overall performance is poor. However, the first shot on his chosen target deals significantly increased damage which makes him great for killing enemies right off the gate. Though the Wind Archers buff isnt as potent as Boreass, their lower rarity makes them a slightly more common sight in chest drops and market purchases, making them easier to obtain and upgrade for more economical players. This way, you will be able to deal damage with other heroes and get better rewards from each wave. } The Rogues damage randomization makes him rather unreliable to use, and should be limited to increasing your critical damage multiplier. We live, breathe, and consume videogames, and we'll keep you up to date right here! Dont upgrade the Cauldron to the maximum level unless you have at least six cauldrons on the board. The Rogue (Common): Every attack he deals gains a random, flat damage boost between one and your current critical damage multiplier. You can also add a damage card to help your teammate if you dont own all the cards. If you are looking for a debuff/CC unit, Bombardier is the one that we prefer the most. While we have yet to see the Trapper in action, his description implies that he behaves similarly to the Alchemist, so where his trap ends up can be of little use depending on where your enemies are. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Thank you for the guide and clear overview. This is only viable on maps that are large enough for you to hide two Gateways without them being visible from common building placement locations.

6. Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story Beginners Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Hotel Mogul, Dynasty Scrolls Beginners Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Conquering the Three Kingdoms. Other info: , Engineer is a solid damage card in the Rush Royale game thats known for inflicting an enormous amount of damage on the enemies. YAC3-V008-KXTM is the new code The Demon Hunter (Legendary): An offense-oriented unit whose abilities outright change depending on her merge rank. Instead, stutter-step your Zealot against Probes and stall for your two backup Zealots, which will be able to take on his ~12 Probe 1 Zealot army. While you dont see Zealot very often in PVP, it is an uncommon card that can be used in Co-Op.

The Vampire (Epic): Bites incoming enemies, causing them to generate a small amount of mana every five seconds for as long as they live. The Trapper (Legendary): Similar to the Alchemist, the Trapper throws a net at a random location every seven seconds, slowing down anyone who crosses it. However, if there are one, four, or nine Inquisitors on the grid, they can activate an ability that increases attack speed and gives their attacks splash damage. As the Crystalmancers damage goes up the longer they stay on target, this makes them particularly devastating on bosses if their attack speed has been buffed.