Or should I say glories? National Union of Greece. Doctrine Effort 2 is done, do Armament Effort 3.

With Nikos Zachariadis (communist revolutionary) as a minister, and the communist National Focus tree completed, it took until August 1937 to fully transition to a communist government. I took control of the Suez Canal in March 1943. This is a complete list of all add_equipment commands for HOI4. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. With the new Battle for the Bosporus DLC, you have more options to choose from as you guide them throughout World War II. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Its plentiful resources means you can devote civilian factories to building defenses rather than trading them away. Fun content on everything pop culture. Concentrated Industry 2 is done, continue with 3. By April 1950, I had liberated the Anatolian Peninsula and the Allies had finally pushed the Axis out of North Africa and the Middle East. This guide will teach you how to easily win with the following nations: Germany, France, Russia, Poland, China, Italy, Spain, Romania, Brasil. It will be up to you to guide Poland through their darkest time. If comes up, you can sign the Anti-Comintern Pact. Heres our guide to help you out. Create a website or blog at WordPress.com, on Hearts of Iron IV Minor Nation Strategies:Greece, Hearts of Iron IV Minor Nation Strategies: Romania | The Wanderings of Michael Kleen, Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges & Universities (2015), Shades of Gray: Strange Tales from the Old Dominion (digital, 2017), Bunnyman Cometh Available forPre-Order. In my game, there are only three wars and one is between India and Pakistan, other is the Spanish Civil war between 3 nations. For example, although I like close air support, its better to develop tactical bombers because advanced tactical bombers cost less oil to produce.

The Second World War, a great conflagration that engulfed the globe, saw many nations that picked sides, or chose neutrality.

(9) We lost because Republican Spain came with a massive army, took France and kept pushing into Germany. Provisional Democratic Greece. Played strategy games in the past, and want some help in making it into the world of grand strategy? Stalingrad was long gone as Greece reached the Urals. By October, German divisions returning from the eastern front began to push the Allies back in Eastern Europe. Doctrine Effort is done, go ahead with Armament Effort. When Bulgaria joined the Allies, it actually made my situation worse because it left a longer border to defend when the German Army marched through. With no supplies, they were destroyed in a matter of days. As I feared, Bulgaria surrendered in May 1945. All other assets & trademarks are property of their original owners. Defeat your enemies, keep your independence, become a major power. Whatever you choose, you will surely face one (or both) of the two strongest nations in HOI4 as this minor country. Turkey joined the Axis but quickly capitulated under pressure from Greece and the Soviet Union on two fronts. I finally had the units and transports to launch a small invasion of the Middle East, so I put those plans into effect and dropped 6 paratrooper divisions on the naval base in French Lebanon. God damn look at that purple! You can now train 5 additional divisions, regular infantry. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union capitulated shortly after, freeing up German forces to fight the Allies. With Maos China, you can bring the revolution to the country, and follow the historical route to proclaim the Peoples Republic of China. Greece starts 1936 with only 3 research slots, so you want to get the 2 bonus slots through National Focuses as quickly as you can. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TIP: IF YOU JOIN AXIS AND THEN DECLARE ON YUGOSLAVIA SPECIFICALLY FOR CROATIA, DALMATIA AND SLOVENIA, NEITHER ITALY NOR GERMANY CAN TAKE THEM FROM YOU. 5.And then you choose which side you wish to fight for. This ranking is meant to help you decide which minor nation to play, mostly based on which ones are the most fun (looking heavily into their focus trees). I transitioned to fascism through a coup on January 6, 1938.

Likewise, since most of your steel will be consumed by producing infantry equipment, rocket artillery is a good alternative to traditional artillery (advanced rocket artillery costs 2 tungsten and 1 steel per factory to produce, while advanced artillery costs 1 tungsten and 3 steel per factory). After attacking and taking Romania, I immediately started Justifying on Italy. Next 150 pp should be spent on Chief of Army, Division Attack. The Tribe: Complete "Competitive" Vanilla HOI4 Multiplayer Guide. It became clear the Axis AI will never defeat the Allies. All rights reserved. The tables turned, and I had trapped that massive Axis army near Istanbul. Army Effort is done, continue with Industrial Effort. Although, historically, Greece was already fascist (albeit neutral) prior to WW2, the National Union of Greece was a small political party that collaborated with Axis occupation, and therefore represents the Greek fascist party in HOI IV. The Republic of Turkey declared independence on June 24, 1943 and joined the Allies. With the next 150 pp, you can get Silent Workhorse for 15% more pp. Also, China has the highest manpower in the game and a lot of room for industry.

Welcome to the latest in a series of posts looking at minor countries in the game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Entertainment. Or perhaps communism suits you better? PSS: Germany was like "Fuck the ardennes, I'm gonna break through maginot" and that's exactly what they did. Greece has a very high national unity, so it will hold out to the last man before surrendering. Hearts of Iron IV is an epic historical simulator that allows you to experience the Second World War as any country, and perhaps, change history.

Armament effort is done, continue with Armament effort 2.

This guide has been developed by the BICE team to help ease in new players coming from the base game. I justified and attacked Soviets independedly. With the exception of Mengkukuo, who apparently only exists to either be conquered or to give Japan a place to put their troops. Things to remember: Italy will annex Albania in a couple years. To ensure a handier approach when detailing the new additions and improvements in Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus, Ive split up the guide into several pages based on each country. Mass Assault Doctrine does as well, but it doesnt offer as many beneficial bonuses to your army overall.

Cheat Codes/Commands & Country Tags - Hearts of Iron IV.

Armament effort 2 is done, go ahead with Militarism because we need army experience and manpower. Germany declared war on Yugoslavia on July 5, 1942, threatening to bring the Axis war machine closer to the Greek border, however, the Allies invaded and liberated most of Yugoslavia shortly after. In this guide, youll be shown what division templates are best, supported by actual calculations. At this point, 19 Match 1937, I held my national referandum.

And there are 7 achievements available only for Poland so theres a lot to keep you busy. When youre playing Poland, your decisions will shape WW2. This guide is about thinking outside the box.

4. Keep building military factories on the same provinces of Epirus and Thessaly. Once again, the world was made safe for democracy! While this might be a good strat to simply survive the war but if you really want to be a great power by the time the war ends then i have my own strategy. In addition, combat width, reliability and support companies are discussed in d [1.4] Over 400 tips for new (and older) players. Production: We will be making 10-width Art-Eng supported Infantry, so we need 1 in support, 1 in art, rest in infantry for now. 3. Cheats, useful commands and how to use them. Turkey will likely be your early game nemesis. (LogOut/ Strategic Advantages: Greeces mountainous terrain offers good defensive positions. Collectivist Ethos is done, continue with Nationalism. Then, province by province, I slowly liberated the Republic of Bulgaria and most of Yugoslavia, and the Allies began to liberate France. Unfortunately, the German Army broke through my defensive line in Bulgaria and threatened to trap most of my forces in Turkey. Transitioning to democracy left me with a national unity of 83% (though that can be raised by 10% later through the Why We Fight National Focus). Start of by turning facist as soon as possible and taking some nationalist focuses. We need to take Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Yugoslavia and some parts of Romania. The war against the Allies dragged on into the 1950s with no discernible winner. Your next 150 pp should go to Military High Command, Napoleon Zervas with Inf att and def. Right about now, all your buildings should be finished.

Spend your 150 pp on fascist demagogue. Its small coastal fleet consists of 1 heavy cruiser, 1 light cruiser, 8 destroyers, and 6 submarines. Therefor I want to cover as much as I can, to create th Shortcuts of all countries in Hearts of Iron IV Hello everyone. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio.

I was left with a critical decision. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I think the guide its in his final level, if i'm gonna have something to add i'm gonna add, but now i don't have what to add.

Since the Greeks are so ancient, you can choose many moments of their civilization to emulate. This is a list of the Focuses the AI nations of Hearts of Iron 4 will take if the "Historical AI Focuses" option is enabled, in the order they are taken. Romania became fascist in February 1940, despite my efforts. Spain is famous for its bloody civil war just a few months after the game starts.

Electronic Mechanical Engineering is done, research Mechanical Computing. The Referential Guide to Ship Designs + Naval Doctrines (Revised by me 01/05/2022). Nice! Due to this, Spain has great replayability value.

Greeces small population also severely limits the number of divisions you can recruit. You dont have access to artillery or motorized units in 1936. I lost 2 marine divisions trying to transport into Lebanon, and the Allies began pouring troops into the region. I advise going commy and allying USSR. Great ideas!

Now my goal was to cut off the Allied armies in eastern Syria, so I launched an airborne invasion of Palestine with 3 remaining airborne units and moved toward the Saudi Arabian border. Dont join the axis yet since they would just take the turkish land in the peace treaty, However if you were delayed with your invasion and the allies are guaranteeing them then you should cancel the justification on turkey and instead join the axis continue with what you have. You could play dozens of hours with this country before actually seeing all leaders and ideologies available.

Most of the guides on steam for HOI4 are completely useless in multiplayer, so, we made our own. This mod won't tell you what to build and what to focus on with every country. The old emperor is a Japanese puppet in Manchukuo. After Germany caped it was a matter of time they snowballed everyone. PS: UK went to Great Britain and joined Axis in my game, but it wouldn't effect your game too much if they remained Democratic and helped France. Duplicate your Infantry template and make another template with Artillery and Engineers. Although your true challenge will be defeating the USA. Greece is divided into seven states, with predominantly mountainous terrain and a long Mediterranean coastline. Now, we must save our PP, because we will need to click the national referandum (100 pp), justify on Bulgaria and change to War Economy (150 pp). General Markos Drakos has a skill level of 3 and is a hill fighter, granting troops under his command a bonus of +10% attack and defense and +5% movement in hills. Greece starts the game in 1936 as a neutral, authoritarian state with 90% national unity and annual elections. I then went on the offensive, taking Cyprus in April 1941.

And this country can choose to rearrange its internal politics in many different ways. It is time to update it! If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. 25 Nov 1937 Justification for Bulgaria is complete. Mexico can gain cores on Central America and a few Caribbean countries. Hell, you can even have a bear as king! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I hope you learned something from this, hopefully you will get this achievement also! Its strategic resources are plentiful for a minor country. I was more focused on survival didnt think a plucky country like Greece could survive the war. This would take 13 months to complete. Stuck between the Nazis and the Soviets, Poland isnt for the faint of heart in HOI4. What ships do you need? Need help? It certainly helps when youre trying prepare your chosen country for the eventual conflict. Creating divisions is one of the most important aspects of Hearts of Iron IV. Support Weapons 2 is done, continue with Military Police.

Goal of this mod is to explain how Black Ice for Hearts of Iron IV works and how to use it's features. Your next 150 pp should be spent on Extensive Conscription. Hellenic Republic.

Go for Collectivist Ethos. One of the annoying things about the German and Soviet AI is they will continually declare war on countries despite how many wars they are already in or how well those wars are going. War Propoganda against Bulgaria is good too btw, spend 50 pp on that. Division Templates, Tank Designs, and Metas (Revised on 08/05/2022). SoS: FoMT Kai Gifts Guide (Friendship + Marriage), SoS: FoMT Rick Gifts Guide (Friendship + Marriage), SoS: FoMT Gray Gifts Guide (Friendship + Marriage). They cost more aluminum, but Greece has plenty of aluminum resources. I recommend the axis since the allies dont really have a strong precence in the area other than their navy. Emperor Aisin Gioro Puyi starts as a Japanese puppet. However, the 27 divisions I had along the border were stretched thin, and even against depleted German units, it was doubtful I could make real headway into the European heartland. The coup triggered on time. Fun to read and helpful as well. everyone gets their slice of the civil war cake. In terms of industry, it has 4 military and 8 civilian factories and 1 naval dockyard, plus 10 additional open slots, 20 tungsten, 68 chromium, 58 aluminum, and 24 steel. This is great! The strategy I worked with was: (1) Go fascist (2) Justify and war Bulgaria (3) Justify and war Turkey (4) Deny all Axis invitations until the very last moment that Italy justifies on Greece (5) Join Axis but deny the call to arms. As our stability is so high and we need the political power for other stuff, we shouldn't shoot for civil war, Bulgaria isn't going anywhere. Immediately Justify on Bulgaria and switch to War Economy. The metrics Im using to rank these nations mainly focus on how soon are youre thrown into the action, and what can you achieve with each nation. Didnt find any good strategy in this post. I joined the Comintern in July 1938 and spent the next few years boosting military capabilities and building forts along the Albanian border.

A division is 1 basic unit depicted on the map during gameplay. The Hellenic Republic was proclaimed on May 23, 1938, with PresidentKonstantinos Tsaldaris as head of state. How Do You Move Troops Across Water in HOI4? Spain also has the unique Anarchism form of government. First, we must become fascist. Now I'm going to attack Romania, annex them, then Albania, and we're done! The moment I declared war on turkey France guarenteed them. Just kidding. The United States grabbed Albania, and the Soviet Union took Turkeys west coast. Mexico can have Leon Trotsky as leader, allowing you to clash against the USSR for ideological supremacy in the late game. By November 1942, I had trapped up to 17 Allied divisions in the desert. But who wants that anyway? These articles examine the benefits and drawbacks of playing as any of dozens of minor countries in HOI IV. As happened in history, I tried to keep Greece out of the war, but Italy began justifying war goals in August 1940 (Italys invasion of Greece surprised everyone, including Hitler). I also left RNG-dependent nations like Hungary out of this list, primarily due to the amount of frustration caused by RNG. Germany surrendered in March 1944, followed closely by Hungary. The RTS Gamer's Guide to Hearts of Iron IV. HOI4: How Do You Get The Trickster Trait For Generals? This is how to use the add_equipment console command (v1.11). It became clear marine and airborne units were not adequate for fighting in the Mediterranean coastlines mountainous terrain, so I converted most of these units to mountain divisions. Or should I fight and hope the Allies come to my rescue? Then, you can declare on Yugo and Romania and winwin. When Industrial Effort is done, you can do Doctrine Effort. Hello my dear reader. Jason Rodriguez writes for various websites under the Enthusiast Gaming umbrella -- Destructoid, Flixist, Daily Esports, PlayStation Enthusiast, and PC Invasion. also start justifying on turkey once the one on blgaria is about to finnish.

Or create your own and share your tips with the community. The Ultimate Guide to Division Templates and Tank Designs (Barbarossa 1.11.12). I decided to join the Axis.

Useful commands for Focuses, Research and more! [] fighting in the Balkans, and airborne troops will help you quickly conquer smaller countries like Greece and []. I didn't invite them in for the war and did it myself, annexed Yugoslavia myself and even though I was in Axis, Croatia wasn't formed! Research Electronic Mech Eng, Construction 1, Basic Machine Tools. Of course, we haven't got engineers yet, so we will get that next. I decided to do a little of both. Artillery is just a waste of recources since you dont have the materials to build them anyway. Japan finally capitulated on June 6, 1952. If you've been playing Hearts of Iron IV and struggling to win wars, I put together a couple of pointers to help you get on the path to victory.