The weekly calendar should always be checked for confirmed class times.

One companion may sit with the person with disabilities in this seating area, both patrons must have tickets for accessible seating sections. Smoking and tobacco use are prohibited in all facilities and areas of the University of Florida campus with no exceptions. Such admission may be by invitation or complimentary ticket.

Small events usually require only one person to operate and transport equipment and include: Intermediate size events require a supervisor, production lead, and a crew to set up, operate and transport the equipment. The use of cigarettes or other tobacco products on the UF campus, including in parking lots and vehicles, is not permitted and in violation of UF policy 6C1-2.022. If you have lost an item while at an event, please speak to any Event Operations personnel for assistance. Direct Activities by the Stephen C. OConnell Center. Any food or non-alcoholic beverage products to be sold or dispensed must meet the approval of the Director of the OConnell Center.

Swimming between the bulkheads is not permitted. commencements and speeches) to provide stage accessibility during the programs.

Signs must be hand-held and cannot be mounted on a stick or pole, and they cannot block the view of other guests.

Many students work for Event and Technical Services in key positions such as Event Staff Manager, Changeover Manager, Technical Show One and House Electrician, and various supervisory positions.

Reviews annual budget analyzing components of revenue and expense.

Tickets for all entertainment events open to the general public shall go on sale to the University and area communities simultaneously, unless the event is specifically run by Student Government Productions who is using student fees to pay for the event or for Fan Club pre-sales.

Ticketmaster is a nationwide computerized ticketing system, which enables the buyer to purchase the best seats available at convenient locations.

The Orange & Blue Room and Florida Room are used for registered UF classes, recreational classes, clubs, and approved special events. Furthermore, we ask that all unnecessary items not be brought to the OConnell Center.

Products or services may be displayed and sold to the public by those participating within the event.The fund raising activity to be conducted by any non-profit organization, and for which the facility is to be rented, shall be subject to the prior approval of the Vice President of Business Affairs or his/her designee. Invalid tickets may be confiscated by the University Box Office.

If an organization, which has tentative reservations, is challenged by another interested renter for the date, a contract confirming the date must be signed within 24 hours of the reservation confirmation or the date shall be released to the challenger.

For more information on accessibility at the University of Florida, click here. When possible, departments affected by schedule changes should be notified two weeks in advance. In addition, the Director may relocate classes from the Orange & Blue Room in order to use this space as a support facility for Main Arena rentals.

Please check the event profile for your specific event for more information.

All Users shall be obligated to provide a minimum of two million dollars (CSL) insurance coverage for the entire contract period of rental of the OConnell Center.

For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures page. Parking is not permitted in the OConnell Center loading dock at the north end of the west lot. Parking:There are currently 28 handicapped parking spaces (26 in the main lot and 2 in the west lot) adjacent to the building.

Works with the OConnell Center Director to review expenses and profits.

Does the OConnell Center have an elevator?

Swimmers may enter the pool area only when a lifeguard is on duty. Our Goal is to Exceed the Expectations of our clients, patrons, co-workers and supervisors. The OConnell Center shall be available for rental to private businesses for the purpose of trade shows, provided that said trade shows are not open to the public and are not for the purpose of retail sales. He/she then makes a recommendation to the President, or his/her designee, who makes the final approval for a new member. Professional equipment includes detachable lenses/flashes, tripods, monopods, large camera bags, etc.

For information on Advisory Board applications, please contact the OConnell Center administrative office at 352-392-5500. No diving is allowed when both bulkheads are positioned under the boards and diving is allowed only when the lane ropes and backstroke flags are removed.

The contributions are only to cover the cost of the event, or 2.

Please note that all recreational facilities in the OConnell Center may be closed on University recognized holidays, during academic breaks, and whenever there is a ticketed or special event.

Caterers should plan accordingly.

Concessions:Concession stands at all gates have been updated to include a counter section that meets ADA accessibility requirements.

The locker rooms are ADA compliant for restrooms, showers and emergency egress.

Please understand, however, that these strollers must be collapsible and stored in the inner lobby on the main concourse. The Main Arena is used for instructional purposes, concerts, athletic events, banquets, commencements, speaking engagements, special student programs, trade shows and various other forms of recreation/entertainment. Use of the Practice Court is permitted only when an authorized staff member is present. The Chair of the Screening Selection Committee should be appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs in early March.

Promotional Trade Outs: USERS of the OConnell Center may utilize tickets to trade with the media (radio & TV stations) for air time (commercials or on the air event mentions) to help promote their event and generate ticket sales. The President of the Student Body shall make his/her recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Guided tours of the OConnell Center are available to groups upon special request.

Classes in the Natatorium may be moved to accommodate intercollegiate swim meets; however, classes have priority over swim camps and Gator Swim Club, and High School swim meets.

Official Home of the University of Florida Stephen C. O'Connell Center.

The Practice Court is reserved for UF intercollegiate basketball and volleyball teams, educational classes, scheduled intramural games and approved special events. If there is a special event, all entry and exit will be through the pool deck glass door, located at Gate 3 adjacent to the Bill Harlan Swim Team Meeting Facility.

The staff of the OConnell Center is committed to assisting persons with disabilities. For booking information please contact Lynda Reinhart, Director at 352-392-5500, or by e-mail at [emailprotected]. Concession employees will read menu boards to those who need assistance. The ranking system is decided by the Chair of the Screening Selection Committee. Only those enrolled in classes or groups using the Dance Studio may enter the area.

Such notifications will be made in writing.

In addition, the User shall agree to use and occupy the premises for no purpose which is considered indecent under the law.

As a general rule most shows do not allow cameras, video or audio recording at their event. Elevators are available at the administrative gate and gate 4 for access to the service level and the 200 level. Reviews ongoing facility projects as well as requests made to alter the OConnell Center.

In compliance with the Florida Indoor Clean Air Act, there is no smoking permitted in the OConnell Center.

Cameras with detachable lenses are deemed professional in nature and will require event-issued media credentials.

The general public, including patrons with wheelchairs, is not permitted on the arena floor for mens basketball, womens basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. Tickets for most OConnell Center non-athletic revenue-producing events are sold through the University Box Office and through Ticketmaster online or charge by phone. The University official responsible for the function or event where guest admissions are allowed is solely responsible for the use and accountability of all guest tickets and admissions.

With the approval of the Centers Director, this arrangement may be allowed provided: 1. The students should, to the extent possible, represent a cross section of campus in areas such as sex, race, place of residence, class and college. Trivia Give-Aways: USERS may trade tickets with businesses and vendors for items which may be utilized to help in the promotions of an event such as, but not limited to, trips with travel agencies, shirts, dinners, record albums, gift certificates.

Suite 2110 The Dance Studio may be used only for dance classes and practices and approved special events. For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures page.

This includes items such as space allocations, the addition of furnishings and equipment, and proposed construction/renovation projects.

Reservations for tours must be made at least one week in advance by calling the OConnell Center administrative office at (352) 392-5500.

Additional seating is also located along the upper level of the arena in sections 201, 211, 213, 222, 226, and 228. This service charge is used to provide the Ticketmaster service and to help underwrite the cost of the University Box Office at (352)392-1653. The OConnell Center has electronically controlled doors at all gates to assist disabled patrons and guests with entering and exiting the facility. The OConnell Center shall be available for rental to non-profit organizations for the purpose of exhibitions, trade shows, or special events. When it is in the best interest of the University of Florida, the director can modify the rental rates in order to attract and obtain certain programs and rentals. Stephen C. OConnell Center Any User utilizing the Center must agree to comply with all appropriate state and federal laws, University rules, regulations and guidelines and fire and police department rules and regulations.

Laser pointers, air horns, and noisemakers, Bicycles, roller blades, skates, skateboards, and hover-boards, Video cameras, audio recorders, cameras with detachable lenses, and cameras with fixed lenses longer than 6, Oversized bags (defined as 15 x 9 x 6). Recreational hours are administered by the Department of Recreational Sports and funded by Student Government.

Event Staffs main goal is to protect people and equipment from harm by adherence to University rules and regulations. Are there ATMs inside the OConnell Center?For your convenience, there is an ATM outside the Gate One Lobby by the ticket office and another ATM inside the Gate One Lobby on the main concourse.

Tablet computers are prohibited for all concerts and ticketed special events but will be admitted for most other events, including athletic events. Serve, gain valuable leadership experience, and help make decisions that benefit all students at UF.

Tickets may be traded with businesses in lieu of them making cash advertising buys on local media to promote the event. Violation of this regulation is grounds for ejection.

Show requirements may limit the number of accessible seats for persons with disabilities.

For the safety of the athletes flash photography is strictly prohibited with the exception of media who have been approved by the University Athletic Association. Responsible for reviewing and approving the annual compilation of the OConnell Center budget.

Can I bring my childs stroller to the OConnell Center?While we discourage this practice, if necessary, guests may bring strollers to events in the arena. Any deviations from standard Box Office procedure must be approved by the Centers Director.

Seating for persons in wheelchairs for swimming events is located on the concourse level overlooking the pool deck.

Most food catering in the OConnell Center is provided by the University of Florida food service contractor. Signs may not be derogatory in any manner and must not contain foul language. What items may I bring into the OConnell Center with me?

Rental of the Main Arena shall include areas of the OConnell Center reasonably necessary for ingress and egress for personnel and equipment as well as those areas necessary for parking and unloading of equipment.

Due to the complexity, size and physical setting of these events, there is no available space for seating.

We believe excellence should be the foundation of every job function. The University official responsible for the function or event shall submit, upon request, a detailed description of the guest admission practices, a list of events to which complimentary tickets were issued, and the number and value of guest admissions.

Disabled accommodations are made during the ticket purchase process. Suite 2110 Faculty and staff members of the Advisory Board represent various areas of the University that have a special interest in the OConnell Center.

The lobbies may not be used by any classes or clubs other than for ingress and egress to activities in other areas without approval of the Centers Director or his/her designee. Only members of the University of Floridas Swimming and Diving team (under proper supervision of the UF Coaching staff) are permitted to dive from the diving boards or the 5 and 10 meter platforms. When a faculty, staff or community member vacates a position on the Advisory Board, the Advisory Board and the Centers Director make recommendations for a new member to the Vice President of Business Affairs. The University of Florida shall provide all liability insurance for events which are organized directly by the OConnell Center. The OConnell Center enforces a no re-entry policy during paid events in the facility. Stephen C. OConnell Center If I am a promoter, how do I obtain information about booking my next large event at the OConnell Center?

Prepare appropriate application forms and post them online.

The University of Florida, the University of Florida Board of Trustees, and the State of Florida shall be included as additional named insured within the insurance policy. The ONLY authorized ticket sales agents for the Stephen C. OConnell Center are: The Stephen C. OConnell Center is not able to honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. Groups, organizations and persons permitted to lease the OConnell Center may provide for voluntary contributions rather than charge an admission fee. Any exceptions must be approved by the Centers Director or his/her designee. Caterers must abide by all UF sustainability regulations and guidelines.

A rental structure shall be established to determine rental for profit and non-profit organizations desiring to use the OConnell Center facility. Scuba gear is prohibited in the pool, unless approved in writing by the OConnell Center Director or his/her designee.

The student members on the screening Selection Committee are appointed without reference to their campus title, position, or organizational affiliation. The responsibilities of the Screening Selection Committee are as follows: The Student Body President can recommend someone for the Advisory Board who was not chosen by the Screening Selection Committee; however, the Vice President for Student Affairs can reject such a nomination and would expect the Student Body President to provide a reason for the exception. Additional information about who may use the pool and how to obtain a guest pass are located. Stephen C. OConnell Center

The Dance Studio is reserved for UF classes, dance groups, the UF dance company. Available seating for disabled patrons for most events is located along the concourse level of the arena in sections 101, 105, 109, 115, and 117. Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.

Day of show ticket sales are managed by in-house ticket sellers as coordinated by the University Box Office. The plan may be activated in conjunction with the University CEMP or in response to an emergency affecting the department. Publicize the work of the Committee and the availability of applications.

Other state educational institutions, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations are selectively served when equipment and staff are available, with priority given to University of Florida functions.Production services range from producing small events to major concerts. Patrons with wheelchairs are allowed unlimited access to the arena floor for trade shows, expos, classes recreational activities, and banquets. Hearing assisted devices are routinely available for commencement ceremonies and speaking engagements; however, due to show constraints and availability, we cannot guarantee this service for other shows.

The OConnell Center offers event and technical services as a production support service for a variety of athletic, educational and entertainment events at the University of Florida. Individuals or businesses providing and/or donating goods and/or services to help in the promotion or production of special events. For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures pageor review ourcamera policy.

Are cameras/recording devices permitted?Video Cameras and cameras with telescopic or zoom lenses are not permitted inside the OConnell Center for most events.

Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

The tentative reservation must be made a minimum of eight days prior to the event by a University of Florida organization and a minimum of sixteen days prior to the event by an outside organization. (see below for further clarification). The plan provides an overview of the emergency management system and organizational structure for the OConnell Center and the University, outlining coordination, management, and general concept of operations.

The use of these guest admissions should be limited as follows: These guidelines are intended to provide general direction for the use of guest tickets and admissions and are subject to change in accordance with rule. (see below for further clarification), Businesses interested and/or participating in advertising programs.

Sporting events Small personal cameras (non-professional) are permitted.

We ask guests to arrive early and travel light, as you may be subject to search, which may include metal detecting hand wands upon entry. In addition, tickets used for trade or promotional purposes shall be limited to an amount consistent with good business practices.

The OConnell Center does not have access to backstage passes, and these passes are strictly within the control of the artists promoters.

The net proceeds are for a recognized and approved charity.

The Director of the OConnell Center shall have discretion in the negotiation of the rental fee to be charged and may adjust the rental fee and/or waiver an expense when it is in the best interest of the University.

The organization will be required to provide the OConnell Center with their tax exempt number and a complete financial accounting of the event.

Activities in the OConnell Center include instruction, entertainment, recreation, intramurals, sporting events, trade shows and lectures. Gainesville, FL 32611, University of Florida Merchandise or Service Trade Outs: USERS may utilize tickets to trade with service businesses and vendors to help minimize their overhead expense in producing an event.

At times, event staff is used for major events at which no production services are required. Materials from organizations other than the OConnell Center shall not be posted on walls or any area of the OConnell Center without the approval of the Centers Director.

More than one percent of the OConnell Centers fixed seating has moveable armrests as required by the ADA.

For a complete list of restricted items, please visit ourSecurity Measures page.

The Screening Selection Committee shall be composed of the Chair, a current member of the board who will not be serving the following year, and a staff member from the OConnell Center appointed by the Director. Signing the contract will obligate the user to the full rental amount and any direct expenses incurred. University of Florida

Patrons should request disabled accessible tickets from the University Box Office and/or TicketMaster outlets for special events, and the University Athletic Association for athletic events.

During special events, the elevator may not be accessible due to the specific security requirements of the event.

The OConnell Center Associate Director is responsible for programming events on the Ticketmaster system, handling any special ticket orders needed by the OConnell Center, and maintaining a list of all complimentary tickets.

Complimentary Tickets: Complimentary tickets may be offered to individuals or businesses that perform services or donate goods or services to help in the promotion or production of special events held in the OConnell Center.

Tickets for events will be sold at the OConnell Center ticket booths located at gate 1 approximately one and a half hours prior to the show, but time and location varies from show to show. The OConnell Center requires all outside event promoters to include the following working in all printed advertisements: For TDD assistance call 1-800-955-8771 If this number does not appear in the ad, the Center will take necessary action to notify the promoter.

In addition, we strive to provide superior service to guests and clients, and training for future leaders while operating the Centers auxiliary as a financially self-supporting entity.

All guest admissions must be accounted for and records maintained documenting the use of guest admissions.

Equipment changes must be made under the supervision and approval of a coach or instructor.

For any questions, you may contact Guest Relations at 352-392-5500, any weekday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

confirmation of an event scheduled for Wednesday must be made by 5 p.m. the preceding Monday.)

Shorts of any kind are prohibited in the pool.

Stephen C. OConnell Center For daily recreational class use, the pool is accessible by way of the mens and womens locker rooms on the service level, or by using the ramp at the Gate 3, service level pool deck entrance. The Centers Director may put a limit on the number of tickets utilized for these purposes when deemed appropriate and in the best interest of the University. These procedures, which support the Universitys Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, are on file in the OConnell Center administrative office.

A rental rate structure for the facilities may be found on our Rent the Center Page. Can we bring food and beverages with us to the OConnell Center?For most events, outside food and beverage is prohibited from the OConnell Center; however, there are concessions available once inside.

Recreational swimmers must sign in and present a University of Florida Gator One Card to the lifeguards.

Recommend students to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Student Body President. Tickets may be traded with businesses for display advertising such as displaying posters, event exposure on marquees and billboards, or movie screen slide displays at movie theaters, and event promotions on restaurant menus or table tents, etc.

The University Box Office is managed by the OConnell Center and will support other entities on campus as requested (such as the School of Theater and Dance and Gator Growl). For free and general admission events, staff in employee uniforms are available to provide assistance to patrons on a first come, first serve basis. The Associate Director or Box Office Manager can provide Ticketmaster generated reports to the promoter. Anyone needing assistance should contact the administrative office at 352-392-5500, or by TDD 1-800-955-8771.

Special guest for recreational programs may obtain a Guest Pass from the Department of Recreational Sports.

The west lot may be restricted during University working hours to allow for load-in or event production parking. 250 Gale Lemerand Drive A service charge is paid by the buyer who purchases the tickets. Any change to these practices must be authorized by the President. The entire Event and Technical Services support staff consists of approximately 400 to 500 student employees.

Two lifts for disabled patrons are available for University events (e.g. Concerts and other events The permitted use of cameras varies from event to event.

An outside catering service may be used provided that they carry the proper licenses and insurance, meet health and safety standards and have received approval through UF Business Services division. Spectators are allowed entrance by instructors and/or OConnell Center personnel only.

It also provides office space for several of the University Athletic Associations coaching and support staff.

These items would be given away by the vendor as part of contests in the form of media event promotions.

The Director of the OConnell Center shall have the right to directly organize retail sales events and to lease space to vendors who desire to participate therein. Laptops and tablet computers.

A copy of the insurance certificate and policy must be submitted to the Director of the OConnell Center or his/her designee a minimum of fifteen (15) working days prior to the start of the Users lease of the Center.

In addition, the Centers Director may co-promote, or engage in a partnership arrangement, with another University organization or non-University entity, such as a promoter/talent agency or artist, in order to bring entertainment and other activities to the OConnell Center. We consider every employee to be a respected member of our family and with teamwork, commitment to excellence and a positive attitude we will be able to provide memorable experiences for those attending the numerous activities and events we host. No one is permitted in the Gymnastics Studio unless a coach or authorized instructor is present.

Does the OConnell Center provide accommodations for the disabled?The OConnell Center is fully ADA-compliant. Annually reviews the fees charged for various uses of the facility and approves the Rate Card. University of Florida

Concession stands providing food and beverages are available during major events and are administered by the University Athletic Association.

All of the OConnell Center accessible toilet stalls are equipped with safety bars.

Hard-sole shoes are not permitted in the studio at any time. The OConnell Center includes a 10,000 seat main arena, 1,005 capacity natatorium, dance studio, gymnastics studio, basketball practice court, and a two martial arts/club activity rooms.