Even though non-alcoholic drinks are becoming "more of a norm than an anomaly," not everyone is inclined to try them, said Singaporean Eunice Tan. Blanc des Blanc 0.0% Sparkling Chardonnay. There was nothing in stores that was exciting," she says. Over the past few years, non-alcoholic This shift involves choosing healthier options, to exhibit boosted antioxidants, increased Vitamin B6 and even slower blood CleanCo's non-alcoholic spirits let consumers "drink clean" and have "cocktails with no regrets," according to its website. Here

Distill Ventures sees a huge opportunity in the exciting sector of Non-Alcoholic Drinks and we want to help entrepreneurs and creators launch and grow non-alcoholic brands of the future. popularity around the world. The range of drinks has grown significantly over the past 10 months, and now includes an array of non-alcoholic lagers and ales, still and sparkling wines, pre-blended cocktails, spirits, accompanying tonics, mixers and more. statistics and studies show the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, Soda water (club soda to the Americans), meanwhile, is artificially carbonated water with small quantities of salts (potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulphate). Sparkling water and teas might rebrand themselves as "non-alcoholic alternatives," according to Mary Guiver, Whole Foods' global senior category merchant for beer and spirits. Alternatively, some zero-proof spirits are simply made without alcohol in the first place.

And Millennials and Zoomers who are drinking less than Boomers and Gen X did at their age are leading the sober-curious movement. All of these can help prevent significant heart conditions. Bottles of non-alcoholic spirits made by Lyre's are even pricier. ", Hicklin said the juniper used in the company's non-alcoholic gin is from a single source supplier in Bulgaria the "very best juniper you can buy.". Free delivery available. Sober cocktail: Non-alcoholic cocktails that are built on the DNA of a classic cocktail, but use zero-proof botanicals in places of spirits. Wine and beer aside, consumer can also enjoy non-alcoholic distilled spirits. Sober curious: Those who consciously drink less alcohol or no alcohol at all. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. also the added bonus of inclusivity. research published by the International Journal of Drug Policy. We want to hear from you. Petite Cherie at Angelina Paris, The Dubai Mall. Menashe estimates there are between seven to 10 million potential consumers in the United Kingdom and another 12 to 15 million in the United States. This is one reason addiction counselors recommend people with a history of alcohol abuse avoid these beverages, though opinions on the matter are mixed, according to the Alcoholics Resource Center, a website about addiction treatment. The company expanded into Malaysia and eight countries across the Middle East, which have stringent regulations against alcoholic drinks. Making intriguing, complex, and challenging drinks may be a hobby at home, or a side project you want to grow. Not only are non-alcoholic options alcohol-free alternatives, companies are selling different options and even Analysts told Insider non-alcoholic spirits will continue to grow in 2022. All orders placed before 2:00 PM Monday to Friday are dispatched same day. She says that repeat custom is high. "If you have a gin and tonic made with Seedlip gin, you would feel like you were drinking the real deal," he said. cater to them. As more and more consumers seek a healthy alternative to some If you find a lower price elsewhere , let us know and we will match the lower rate. Top travel tips: 5 ways to save money on flights and hotels as prices rise, A can of Coca-Cola for $13? These are being served in comparable ways, and at similar price points to alcoholic drinks.

The Upsider states, With Millennials Thirdly, the growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks has increased due to its new, sophisticated look and feel. sensitivities. Many believe this shift towards a more healthy lifestyle and relationship with alcohol stemmed from the pandemic. For a country built on booze, with rum as its first currency, it's surprising to learn that non-alcoholic beverages and wine is now Australia's fastest-growing beverage category. Another reason we believe the popularity of. Some non-alcoholic drinks aren't completely alcohol-free either. suggest, other people believe the same. Two years ago, David Crooch, the CEO and co-founder of Ritual Zero Proof, launched a line of booze-free whiskey and gin, which are meant to mimic the taste of liquor. Age is another factor. Hong Kong's DarkSide has three non-alcoholic drinks on its menu. something. When "I think this trend has staying power because we've seen both demand from the consumer and desire from brands to meet that demand by providing new, interesting buzz-less formats," Guiver said. to the IWSR, statistics from 2017 showed Can you believe that? document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) BeClink, The Growing Popularity of Non-Alcoholic Beverages. At the same time, technical and traditional production methods like distillation, nitro-charging, and fermentation are popular, and instil a scientific rigour into the story behind drinks. Consumer data proves more Americans are looking for the non-alcoholic options like those Crooch is putting forward. Lyre's non-alcoholic gin, called "Dry London Spirit," is the company's most popular product in the United Kingdom. Distill Ventures (London) Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company No. beverages have grown in popularity significantly, as people put down alcohol fermented dawnvale The drinks world is experiencing a non-alcoholic revolution. live without alcohol plays a critical role in this lifestyle. The cost? When compared with its alcoholic counterpart, studies have shown alcohol-free beer We've identified three primary themes that are driving the rise of non-alcoholic drink production and consumption: a growing focus on wellbeing, a shift in attitudes surrounding alcohol, as well as choice and curiosity. consecutive year. Livings said the brand is in "hyper growth" mode with a bottle selling every 30 seconds. Americans are drinking less overall than they have at most points over the last 20 years, according to a recent Gallup analysis, so it's not surprising that non-alcoholic drinks are gaining popularity. According This has piqued people's interest in varied flavours, and they want more options. Diageo, which also owns Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Don Julio, and other popular spirits, acquired Seedlip in 2019 for an undisclosed amount. At Whole Foods, the company projects "buzz-less spirits" will be one of the biggest trends of 2022, largely due to innovation in the space. "So no, I wouldn't go for an alcohol-free alternative unless I was throwing a house party, and I wanted to cater to my guests.". Some brands have even been able to create. Blazeviciute Doyle moved to Dubai from the UK three years ago and was surprised by the lack of high-quality non-alcoholic drinks on offer. The non-alcoholic beverage industry skyrocketed this past year as consumers shift from booze-filled nights to prioritizing their health and wellness. A decade ago, when you wanted to go alcohol free for the night, it was blatantly obvious since all you could get as an alternative was juice or a soda, kids drinks! "Consumers want to be really focused on what they're putting in their bodies," Cox said in an interview with Insider. Zero-proof spirits: These refined-tasting distilled, filtered and blended botanicals are often made in the same ways as a traditional spirit before undergoing an extraction process to remove the alcohol. WHEN YOU SIGN UP TO RECEIVE UPDATES ABOUT OUR LATEST PRODUCTS AND OFFERS.Read our privacy policy. the next popular beverage.

Sign up for notifications from Insider! Malandrakis credited the rise of non-alcoholic drinks to the growing popularity of the "sober-curious movement." Similarly, "bars today would not survive if they only pushed alcoholic drinks.". A favourite at Boca, Valentine recommends pairing it with the restaurants Dibba Bay oyster dish. That is the beauty of non-alcoholic drinks and partly why they have garnered so much attention in the past few years. Biere des Amis 0.0 is widely available in restaurants across the UAE. There are no comments yet. While Recent Three out of ten consumers aged 18 to 34 pick no or low-alcohol wine because they are on a diet, while others do not want to drink and drive, according to research (wisely). In this light, the industry focus has shifted towards producing challenging and intricate flavours, as well as delivering a superior experience. unique cultural shift. As upcoming generations value the medical bills in the long run. By the end of the month Choithrams had put in a request to sell the products in its stores, and online orders were soaring. Whether it's gin, tequila, vodka or rum, non-alcoholic spirits startup CleanCo claims its line of beverages taste like the real thing. Thirdly, the growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks has increased due to its new, sophisticated look and feel. only when you read the label. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Rose petals and a peach butterfly add a memorable final flourish. (Except NT, TAS & Rural Areas). Australians are more health-conscious than ever before, according to Scott Burton, marketing director of Australian Vintage Ltd, and are now putting more care into limiting the quantity of wine they consume, probably after overdoing it in lockdown. Hong Kong's Darkside, named the 49th best bar in the world in 2021, relies on ingredients like coconut water, Sichuan peppercorns and kombucha rather than alcohol substitutes. Most consumers of these drinks aren't giving up alcohol for good though. 0.0% ABV: In the UAE the term non-alcoholic means exactly that the drink contains 0.0% ABV (Alcohol by Volume). They may only conduct business with residents of the states for which they are properly registered. "Because I've never been drunk, I don't know what the 'original' tastes like or the 'buzz' it gives," she said. From its early days as a British prison colony, Australia has a hard-drinking reputation. Spiros Malandrakis, industry manager and head of alcoholic drink research at Euromonitor International, said the rise of non-alcoholic spirits began in 2016, when the startup Seedlip began positioning alcohol-free adult beverages in a "positive light" and playing up the lack of calories. As well as beer, Boca also stocks de-alcoholised red, white and rose wines from Spanish grape producers Torres and a 0.0 per cent Blanc des Blanc Sparkling Chardonnay. We have decades of experience working with businesses of all types & sizes as well as a deep understanding of the drinks market, enabling us to provide you with the best advice possible.

By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider While some people are cutting back entirely, others are switching to beverages that taste like their favorite tipples, but without the alcohol. Some restaurants, such as Cloudstreet in Singapore, are even pairing non-alcoholic drinks with the food. their availability for everyone. Non-alcoholic beer and cider sales grew by 31.7%, but more notably sales of non-alcoholic spirits grew 113.4% during the same period. As recent trends It could be something you do at your bar or restaurant, which you would be interested in developing further. Crooch's booze-free booze earned early success by landing a partnership with Whole Foods and minority investment from UK alcoholic drink giant Diageo. Founded in 2019, the company completed a 20 million ($26 million) funding round in November, with the business now valued at 270 million ($357 million). In its 2021 Cocktail Trends Report, Bacardi identified the non-alcoholic drinks division as one of the most dynamic in the market, stating: Globally, 0 per cent ABV spirits have received more interest than any other spirits category for the second year running. The e-commerce platform went live stocking only five non-alcoholic products (a beer, a sparkling wine and three distilled spirits) and with very little marketing or PR push behind it. The popularity of veganism across the world helped spur a bevy of fake meat companies that even carnivores can enjoy.