Once the anchor is set in place, insert the 44 post into the sleeve. Intermittently, as you drive the anchor, put the level back on to make sure it remains vertical. Chain Link Fence Floor Flange - Disc Type, Chain Link Fence Floor Flange - Galvanized Plates - 4", 6", and 8" Square, Chain Link Fence Floor Flange - Malleable Steel, Chain Link Fence Floor Flange - Pressed Steel, Chain Link Fence Post Anchor - Spade Type, Oz-Post Drive In Post Anchors for Round Posts, T46-850 Oz-Post for 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" Rectangle Post, How to Install a Fence on a Concrete Surface. If that doesnt work, try banging in a post hole digging bar. The correct way to build a straight fence is to use a level transit. My right! as someone wrestles the post into place. Fences are less forgiving of mistakes, however, and even slight errors will result in an awkwardly crooked fence. Once the anchor is in, place your post. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2022, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. A fence that uses fence post anchor spikes is just as stable as a fence with posts set in concrete, with the added benefit of minimizing the rotting of the fence posts. To anchor a typical fence post you have to dig a hole, place the post in the hole, and then fill the hole back in while making sure that the posts height is correct, that the post is in line with the others, that it is the correct space from the last post in the sequence, and that it is plumbor perfectly vertical. concrete fence attaching anchors We wanted a safe place for the kids to play, so we dove right in and started to learn some fencing skills. For this reason I dont use them in areas that have updraft winds. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Eapele 20pcs Deck Railing Brackets Connectors for 2x4 Railing Wood Post with 120pcs Wood Screws, Eapele 4x4 Wood Fence Post Anchor Base, 13GA Thick Steel and Black Powder Coated,Come with Wood Screws and Concrete Anchors(Set of 2), Eapele 4x4 Wood Fence Post Anchor Base, 13GA Thick Steel and Black Powder Coated,Come with Wood Screws and Concrete Anchors(Set of 4). Dont hit the anchor directly with the hammer. (Not the sword kind). Theyre made from galvanized steel and usually powder coated black. Another downside is that post anchors dont use concrete. With concrete, if you need to move the fence, the posts are usually demolished and replaced. You then tie a two-way levelthe right angle type that fits cornersto the post anchor, place it on the mark, use the level to straighten it, remove the level, and start driving it into place with a sledgehammer. It also makes it obvious if your post is leaning over the line because it will make the line stretch. A sleeve that extends about 6 inches above the ground and a spike thats driven into the dirt. There are a lot of different ways to set fence posts. Installing a fence post anchor spike is fast and easy. The first few hits are the most important. If you follow this rule, post anchors are too shallow for tall fences. 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Simply get a couple of disposable 12 wood strips. Use a sledge hammer and a block of wood to drive the post anchor into the ground. Fences with posts set in anchor spikes are just as stable as fences with posts set in concrete. We Update Weekly & Its All Completely FREE. Popping a chalk line and then using marking paint to indicate the post spacing is probably easiest. Because the post doesnt go into the ground, theres less chance it will rot. After all these years, the fence has held up well, and we've helped some of our friends and family put up fences too. If you follow the rule, it means you can support a fence around 7 1/2 feet tall. Instead, use a wood block. Because of this, you have to replace your posts more often than you might like (although lets be real, no one wants to have to replace their fence posts). Once the anchor is driven all the way into the ground, slide the 44 post into the sleeve. Its super important that every anchor is driven into the ground perfectly level. This can be a disadvantage in high upward wind drafts but an advantage if you should ever need to move the fence. MTB U Shape Fence Post Holder Ground Spike Post Anchor Metal Black Powder Coated 6 Inches x 6 Inches Pack of 4. They also keep posts in place nearly as well as concrete footers do, and they do this without the hassle of pouring concrete or having to remove large chunks of concrete in order to repair the fence. . Star Flat Head Concrete Screws, Pack of 8, Titan Building Products Wood Post Anchor Kit 4" X 4", Tie Down Engineering 59120 Concrete Anchor, ASSJ 4x4 Wood Fence Post Anchor Base, 13GA Thick Steel and Black Powder Coated,Come with Wood Screws and Concrete Anchors(Set of 4), Cobra Anchors Screw Concrete Fh 3/16X1-1/4 620W, 100 Qty 3/16" x 1-1/4" Hex Head Diamond Tip Concrete Screws To Anchor Masonry, Block & Brick (BCP486). Patents 9,957,998 | 8,155,679 | 9,377,047 | 9,133,874 | 9,027,897 | 9,115,506 | 9,010,062 | 9,027,897 | 9,540,801 9,771,966 | 8,082,702 | 7,730,675 | D798,701 | 6,461,084. Its a lot of labor and not usually worth the effort. Post anchors come in a variety of spike depths ranging from 18 inches to around 30 inches. So long as you have a sledgehammer (either two handed or one handed) and either a cut off stub of a fence post or something to place on top to facilitate pounding the spike into the ground, you can set a fence post anchor spike. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); A pergola doesnt have to be large, and can be the perfect solution to a small space that needs livening Every backyard or gathering space can be fully utilized by building multipurpose structures. In order to lay a clean line, it has to be very taut and pulled cleanly, otherwise you end up with a fuzzy line or multiple lines as the string vibrates. Fence posts can be set directly into the dirt if theyre made from a material that wont rot. This is often the most time-consuming part of any project. If you can't find what you need, please feel free to Contact Us for assistance. You dont have to do any digging or mix any concrete. Finally, tighten the bolts. It has to be driven in perfectly or the fence will lean. The base of the sleeve should be right up against the dirt. But this can also be an advantage. However, even though the initial cost may be slightly more expensive, the fence post anchor spikes will keep your wooden fence posts safe from heavy damage and rot. So theyre easy to pull up in heavy winds. Wet soil is usually easier to drive a spike into than hard soil. Fence Frenzy is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Use the string and stakes to mark the fence line. Level: Its very important that you install the anchors level. The deeper the spike, the stronger your fence will be. Once all the anchors are in, insert the posts and bolt them tight. You can also secure a fence post without concrete by using expanding foam. Fence post spikes work really well to support most fences. Wood Block: I use a 1 foot section of 44. Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazons commitment to empowering them. The most obvious advantage of post anchors is not having to dig and re-dig holes. Its a lot of labor, and many DIYers learn to live with a crooked fence. Fence posts also make setting your posts easier.

Hot-dipped galvanized post anchors like the one from OZCO Building Products make building a straight fence far easier to do than with traditional anchoring methods. make building a straight fence far easier to do than with traditional anchoring methods. The challenge is in anchoring the posts. Another advantage is that the post anchor isnt going to rot like wooden posts buried in the ground or in concrete eventually do. Then theres the long term costs to consider. Set the spike on your mark and drive it into the ground using a sledge hammer. One of the best features a Arbors over gates separate your home sanctuary from the busy modern world. OZCO also carries a black powder-coated ornamental post anchor (but dont be fooled by the word ornamentalits just as durable as the other versions) that can be combined with OZCOs long-lasting hot-dipped galvanized and powder-coated fence and gate hardware to create a rugged, tied-together look. Fence post anchors work without any digging or concrete. All rights reserved. Instead of digging a hole to put the post in, you simply drive in the spike and bolt the posts in place. The steel spike is what is in the soil, protecting the wood from the moisture of the soil and insects. If you are replacing a pre-existing fence, put the anchors right where they were. Keep hitting the anchor until the spike is all the way into the ground. For example, a 6 ft high fence should have a post thats buried between 2 feet and 3 feet under ground. U.S.

Due to their steel construction, the fence post anchor spikes will last for years and years (some even lasting for up to 50 years!). Additional patents pending. And you cant adjust them later. Now, we've decided to put all of our knowledge on this website to help anyone who needs it. Anchors are shaped like a spike. The hardest part is laying out the fence and driving the anchors. The last thing you want to have to do is remove the spike because it ended up not being level at the end. Fence post anchor spikes cost around $20 $30 per spike. I like to use post anchors to support fences that have a few corners and anchor back to the house.

Required fields are marked *. However, they do have some limitations. Its fast and easy to do and doesnt require any digging or concrete. You just place the post in the bracket and secure it! If you insert a 2 3 foot section of post into the sleeve you can drive the anchor using a post hole banger instead of a sledgehammer. Errors may require you to pull the post out, dig the hole again, and start over. Simple dig your hole, insert the post and pour the expanding foam around the sides of the post. Youre seeing this ad based on the products relevance to your search query. I like to insert a 1 foot piece of 44 into the sleeve. are strings on a spool in a container filled with white or colored chalk. There are a few ways to secure a fence post without using concrete. Its a lot of labor, and many DIYers learn to live with a crooked fence. In some cases, I can actually install the anchor spikes for an entire fence job faster than digging a single hole and filling it with concrete. Then use the tape measure and paint to mark each post location. This alone could easily justify the extra upfront cost within 5 to 10 years. If you have a A pergola is a great addition to an existing deck, but youll need to keep a few things in mind Pressure-treated lumber can be corrosive to metals, so youll want to choose specially-designed fasteners. A fence post anchor is a spike normally made of galvanized (and sometimes powder-coated) steel. 2021 OZCO Building Products. Fence post anchor spikes are traditionally more expensive than using concrete. I hit the 44 with my sledge instead of the metal. If you use a wooden slat, you can keep the face of the post flush against it to make sure its on the line. If you drive the anchor at an angle, your fence post will be at an angle too. involve using stretchy nylon strings drawn tight between two stakes at either end of the stretch you are planning to build along. Steel in the ground can rust, of course, but a well-galvanized post will last a long time25 to 50 years even under the very worst soil conditions. Metrojersey.com NJ's #1 Web Directory In my opinion, the biggest challenge in building a fence is keeping it in a straight line. Dont drive the sleeve portion of the anchor into the dirt. Because both the bolts and anchor are made from galvanized or stainless steel, theyre safe to use outdoors in any weather. A typical anchor spike can be installed in just a few minutes. NJ Businesses. They usually have a maximum length of approximately twenty-five feet. Usually, this means just standing there saying helpful things like, To the right. Most people dont even try to reuse posts set in concrete. Your email address will not be published. Finally, always make sure to not encroach on your neighbors territory. Then tighten the sleeve bolts. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Especially elaborate and exotic fence designs that really make us scratch our heads! This helps prevent rotting. If you have any questions about post anchors, email any time. If theyre off even a little the post will lean. 2000-2022 Home Depot. Pounding on the anchor with the level attached can damage the level. The post isnt even actually in the ground! Though they may make setting your fence posts straightforward and simple, something that is normally quite difficult and time consuming, that does not mean that fence post anchor spikes are without their own set of challenges. As a general rule of thumb, a fence post should be about 1/3rd to 1/2 in the ground. Even though your posts may not last quite that long, you wont need to dig a hole again, reset concrete, or anything like that. With a string, however, a glance can tell you if the post isnt in alignment, since there will be a gap between it and the face of the post or youll be pushing on the string. is the easiest option to use. Fence post anchor spikes are very stable, but they pull out vertically much easier than concrete. Once the posts are all marked, start driving in the anchors. At first glance, the spike looks a lot more expensive than the concrete, however, you can drive in a post anchor without any digging or mixing concrete. To anchor a typical fence post you have to dig a hole, place the post in the hole, and then fill the hole back in while making sure that the posts height is correct, that the post is in line with the others, that it is the correct space from the last post in the sequence, and that it is plumbor perfectly vertical. Fences are a great form of privacy and create a safe place within your yard for you and your family to relax. If its not something you can do yourself, bring a friend. Drive the spike into the ground, set your post into the sleeve and tighten the bolts. Once it is appropriately situated, the sights are lined up on the boundary line, and a helper marks off the post placement. And theres no way to adjust the post once the anchor is in. Shop our wide variety of unique anchors and or read more about How to Install a Fence on a Concrete Surface. If you use post anchors, though, learning how to build a straight fence is a lot easier, and this allows you to install your fence posts without cement.