The MPPA program helps students put their analytic skills and administrative knowledge together into a new, synergistic perspective and understand how these connect to achieve global solutions in an increasingly interdependent world. 3 Credit Hours. You will be in an attractive academic environment and in the immediate vicinity of all levels of government and administration in practice. MAIA students are change-agents, entrepreneurs, and leaders in both government and non-governmental sectors. Students can do an internship if they choose module M.10 (Cross Disciplinary Courses & Internship). The dual degree requires sixty (60) credits. Whatever you choose, you will learn from experienced, engaged faculty who are thought leaders in their fields. With five concentrations to choose from, MPPA graduates set their sights on leadership roles in government at the local, regional and federal levels, in nonprofit organizations or in private enterprise, Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Master's in Public Policy and Administration Program Goals, MA in Public Policy and Administration Areas of Specialization, Public Policy and Administration Curriculum, Public Policy and Administration Course Schedule, Master's in Public Policy and Administration Admission, Registration Information for Public Policy and Administration, MA in Public Policy and Administration Specializations, Public Policy and Administration course schedule, Public Policy and Administration Career Options, 339 EAST CHICAGO AVENUE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60611, 405 CHURCH STREET, EVANSTON, ILLINOIS 60201. Topics include the origins of the state and its changing role in today's world and an examination of the actors in international relations and the issues before them.Components: SEM.Grading: GRD.Typically Offered: Fall. The curriculum covers nine core courses, three elective courses corresponding to a declared specialization, and a capstone (498) or thesis (590) project. The people that I've met and the resources that I've been able to connect to will serve me well throughout my career., Nick Mathiowdis (MPPA '17) Housing Authority of Cook County, Not only was [behavioral economics] interesting to me academically, but those ideas have helped inform my professional work. Our graduates have pursued careers in the realm of non-profits and non-governmental organizations, in the fields of communication, health, emergency management and national security, as well as in the financial and business sectors. The English language knowledge can also be proven by a certificate of a degree from an English-language degree program at an accredited institution of higher education, or a certificate of a general higher education entrance qualification from an English-taught course of education and acquired in a country with English as the official language. However, many students prefer to find an apartment in Potsdam or Berlin, which they often share with fellow students. This course covers the spectrum of international organizations, theoretical and practical issues relating to international organizations including peace and security, human rights, and economic development, culminating in an experiential exercise in which students will demonstrate their ability to identify, analyze, and manage a global organizations response in confronting a complex multi-national problem.Components: PRA.Grading: GRD.Typically Offered: Spring. Human Security: Prevention & Mitigation. The interdisciplinary orientation of the programme also allows you to study political and administrative science topics from the perspective of various disciplines. As a student in this programme, you will study at one of the most renowned universities in the areas of political and administrative science. In addition, you will expand your expertise in research methods and practice. I researched other programs, but two years for those programs was too long. The degree could be in a social-sciences if, as part of this degree program, has a total of at least 30 CP in three of the following key areas of political science: political theory, policy and governance in Germany and Europe, comparative political studies, international policy, and administration and public policy, as well as a total of 10 CP in empirical social research and scholarship methods in the social sciences, were earned in this degree program. An overview of world religions and cultures as a backdrop of effective communication for international professionals. Priority will be given to applicants with 60 credits in one of the following disciplines: Political Science, Economics, International Relations, Global Studies, and Development Studies and International Development Cooperation. Research in Residence. personalized information on deadlines, fees, scholarships, visa etc. Internship in International Administration. Examine the effects of international organizations on world politics.

Capstone in International Administration. Required ECTS credit: 180. The program combines academic considerations of politics and culture with those of economics and management to provide participants with the skills necessary to pursue a range of career objectives in both domestic and international careers. Please visit the websites of the universities for up-to-date information. Please contact your international coordinator at the University of Gothenburg if you need to know more. Applicants who are not German must provide proof of German language skills according to the GER at level A2 or some other equivalent proof. The MAIA program offers the following concentrations: For additional program information, please visitus at The University's international coordinators can help you if you have questions about courses for exchange students. For future physicians, understanding the socio-cultural and geopolitical threats posed by violent human actions, natural disasters, and pandemics, is essential. This course examines the management of disasters from natural causes. Some of these human security threats are well known, like genocide, and others, like cybersecurity, are newly emerging.

Special topics related to international administration. Like the joint MAIA/MD program, the College of Arts & Sciences also offers current MD students the option to add a Certificate in Security Management to their plan of study, for those who do not wish to commit to a full masters program. learn how to identify, analyze, and manage the complex global problems that confront modern institutions, particularly in areas of security, human rights, and geopolitics. You can apply for a room in one of these dormitories if you are under the age of 30. A more detailed list of the average monthly expenditures of our students can be found here. Thank you very much for your support! The degree is awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences. Since religion is an integral part of many cultures, understanding the religious implications of certain activities is important in navigating certain societies and facilitating the work of professionals, especially in regions where religion and political violence dominate foreign relations and foreign policy.Components: SEM.Grading: GRD.Typically Offered: Fall. As a result, it is important for professionals working with international and non-governmental organizations to understand the religions and the cultures of the world to better facilitate their work in different societies in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas. The Certificate in Security Management is designed to prepare administrators of public and private organizations to meet the various multidimensional security challenges that have faced our planet in the last two decades: from the aftermath of 9/11 to the most recent crisis of COVID-19. If you want change, you have to effect it at the policy level., I loved my time at Northwestern. These elementsplanning and contingency, leadership and management, intelligence and analysis, as well as operations and communicationwill be engaged from an operational perspective.Components: LEC.Grading: GRD.Typically Offered: Summer. IGS644. Learn more about the exceptional learning opportunities at SPS. Depending on personal and professional skills, students can find jobs in the service sector (e.g. You can narrow your course search by day, location or instructor. To be admitted to the Certificate in Security Management, students must complete the same admission requirements for the MAIA program. Box 100 This holistic approach is grounded in the perspective that policy challenges are fluid, interconnected, and global. The Career Service also offers a mentoring programme for female students, thus giving them the opportunity to be individually coached by experienced professionals. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. administrative reforms), digitalisation in state and administration, global crisis management, policy field analysis and democracy research. Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance. Focus will be placed on key human security topics such as war, terrorism, human trafficking, climate change, famine, violence against women, and infectious and non-infectious diseases.Components: LEC.Grading: GRD.Typically Offered: Spring & Summer. International students planning to pursue a professional career in Germany can join a special training programme, which will prepare them for applying to German employers. The MPPA program is offered in part-time and acceleratedfull-time formats. Earn your master's degree from Northwestern ranked ninth nationally among U.S. universities entirely online or in classes on Northwestern's Evanston and Chicago campuses. Proof of English language knowledge (see language requirements). Monthly living expenditures of students at the University of Potsdam vary between 500 and 1,000 EUR, largely depending on accommodation. 14482 Potsdam. The importance of energy and the mitigation of climate change in formulation of country strategies, advancement of national interests and shaping of the international system will be stressed.Components: LEC.Grading: GRD.Typically Offered: Fall & Summer. You'll earn your masters degree in one of the only programs that focuses on both policy and administration and build the leadership, administrative, and analytical expertise needed to drive change at the local, national, and international levels. From threats posed by violent human actions to natural disasters and data security, management in times of acute crisis demands a unique array of insights and skills. You will also explore a number of relevant global policy approaches, such as development aid, anti-corruption and democratic development, each of which have had varying levels of success, as well as both intended and unintended consequences. Living in Germany is rather cheap compared to other countries in Northern and Western Europe. Submenu for Scholarships for fee-paying students, Submenu for Find courses for exchange students, Submenu for Collaborate with our students, Scholarships for students at the School of Business, Economics and Law, Financial Aid Scholarship due to the war in Ukraine Spring 2022, Being new in Gothenburg as an international student, Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine, Value creation and utilisation of research, Terms and processing personal data in the Ad Portal, Vision 2021-2030: A University for the World, Initiatives for newcomers and integration, Health care, banks, taxes and civil registration. Compare the methods international governments use to make policy decisions with the U.S. policy-making milieu. Tuition for the Master's in Public Policy and Administration program at Northwestern is comparableto similar US programs. Very good proficiency in the English language (see below), Proof of basic command of the German language (see below), English language skills corresponding at least to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (To find out which certificates the University of Potsdam recognises, please click, German language proficiency corresponding at least to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (To find out which certificates the University of Potsdam recognises, please click. Students with an additional 15 higher education credits in a second of these disciplines will be given precedence. The dual degree requires sixty (60) credits.

Furthermore, the Career Service operates a database with internship and job opportunities, which is updated on a daily basis.

At least 140 CP in a bachelor's degree with a total requirement of 180 CP. Proof of study abroad relevant to the master's program, if applicable. The Master's programme has an academicorientation as well as a professional orientation. Emergency InformationPrivacy Statement & Legal Notices. For more information about the stand-alone Certificate in Security Management , click here. Students must have successfully completed the prerequisite course Theoretical and historical perspectives on global governance. We welcome international students from around the world to apply for our accelerated MPPA option. Develop the skills needed to drive change in government, education, and nonprofit organizations. IGS646. Do you want to apply to this course as an exchange student? Access the tools and information you need for success at Northwestern. In the Fast Track Doctoral Stream, you will have the opportunity to work towards a doctoral dissertation. Learn to apply methods for analyzing policies such as cost-benefit analysis, economic evaluation, and statistics. Your DAAD Team. The Master of Arts in International Administration/Master of Public Administration (MAIA/MPA) degree is designed for students who seek an in-depth knowledge of both domestic and international aspects of policy, administration, and leadership. IGS616. International Leadership, Strategy, and Decision Making. Civil Security Preparedness and Management. Emphasis will be placed on the burdens of critical incident management and the elements central to its success. If admitted to the accelerated option, international students are eligible to apply and receive a student visa. A written application to upgrade your waiting period, as well as documentation required to substantiate such an application, if applicable. These are administered exclusively by Potsdam's Association for Student Affairs ("Studentenwerk Potsdam"). Study under world-class faculty including Fulbright Fellows, DHS Fellows, Congressional advisors, Civitas Scholar recipients, National Institute on Aging grant recipients, and more. The MD/MAIA program is grounded in an academic, theoretical, understanding of security problems and emergency management strategies. Financial aid opportunities exist for students at Northwestern. we are re-designing our website and want to include you in the process. 300 EUR/semester. If you want to be an effective agent of change, I think you need both skills., Santiago Ernesto Castrillon, MPPA student, Law is reactive. Copyright 2022-2023 University of Miami. The focus is on empirical projects in the areas of administration, public policy, management, and governance using qualitative and quantitative methods and drawing on subject-specific theoretical knowledge. During the pre-clerkship phase, MD students may elect to add the MAIA degree, which includes a Certificate in Security Management. IGS617. This will only take a few minutes, MAIA studentslearn how to identify, analyze, and manage the complex global problems that confront modern institutions, particularly in areas of security, human rights, and geopolitics. There are several student dormitories in Potsdam. If the applicant documents up to 5% less than the required credit points (meaning 30 CP in the three key areas of political science and 10 CP in methods of empirical social research), then the Examining Board shall perform case-by-case evaluations as to whether the applicant meets the required prerequisites despite having insufficient credit points. Get to know the instructors on our Public Policy and AdministrationFaculty page. If the transcript comes from a system that does not use credit points, then the Examining Board will make a decision about the equivalence of academic performance.