Besides the architecture, the town is known for its beautiful shoreline and colorful beach huts that line the sandy coast. It takes a little less than 2 hours to reach Odense from Copenhagen. Denmark is such a beautiful country. Glad you liked it. The town is located on the shores of the massive Snders Lake and was founded in the early 15th century when a monastery was established. All the photos are absolutely incredible. Denmark has a fascinating history and its ancient architecture, cobblestone streets, and magnificent old churches are part of what makes the country so enchanting. Located on the outskirts of the largest contiguous forest in the country, youll find endless opportunities to enjoy nature while youre in town. The town is also home to Sor Kunstmuseum, an art museum housed in an attractive neoclassical building complete with an award-winning modern extension by Copenhagen-based architecture firm Lundgaard & Tranberg.

I cannot wait to eventually visit when I do my big Scandinavia trip. You can also opt to travel by a train or a bus or a ferry. Sitting next to Copenhagen, the stunning city of Roskilde is a tranquil seaside town.

Wow, so many beautiful places to see in Denmark! This is where you can take pleasure in not just old town structures such as the citadel but also revel in the charm of Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens, and more! Founded in the early 15th century, when a monastery was established , the towns rich history can still be felt today with structures like the magnificent Romanesque-style Maribo Domkirke, parts of which are thought to date back as far as 1416.

Its towns and cities draw travelers from all over the world.

:). Wish to visit soon .thanks for sharing.

Although this modern city might not look the part today, lborg was once a place where Viking ships sailed past along the scenic Limfjord.

When you visit Svaneke, youll actually be closer to Sweden than Denmark, and this is the countrys easternmost city. Hopefully youll be able to visit the others soon. Aarhus remains a trade hub owing to its strategic location at the mouth of the Aarhus River. denmark map odense europe maps copenhagen belarus political sweden stars number kingdom danmark obryadii00 happiest place worksheet country germany google Home of happiness (Denmarks one of the happiest countries in the world). document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Denmark to visit this year, Bratislava Craft Beer Tour A Perfect Afternoon in Bratislava, Beautiful Mdina The Silent City of Malta, and Rabat, Smoking Alternatives While Traveling Worldwide, Schoenbrunn Gardens Everything you need to know about visiting, Roman Mosaics The Best Places to See Stunning Mosaics. This idyllic village is often referred to as Denmarks fairy tale town, and its not hard to see why. Fascinating museums, art galleries, cultural events and lots of going out options, alter with untouched beaches in the north of Jutland peninsula. One of the most authentic and beautiful cities in Denmark, Aarhus stands out for its unique architecture. Tucked between Norway, Scotland, and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean in the Kingdom of Denmark, Faroe Islands is a remote and awe-inspiringly beautiful archipelago with 18 islands. Historic buildings like the iconic Copenhagen Stock Exchange or the University of Copenhagen blend with contemporary architecture.

Skagen is the northernmost town in Denmark and is also one of the most beautiful.

Take some time to admire the towns ancient architecture, and whatever you do, dont miss the cozy market square. The square is the best place to watch the world go by, and there are also a few cafes, shops, and an ice cream store nearby. I know me too waiting for things to settle back so that we can travel back again. There are a ton of things to do in Copenhagen like enjoying the Scandinavian nightlife district, with its multicultural Superkilen Park, or its urbanistic and industrial sea fringing Meetpackers District, another of the capitals party areas. Copenhagen is also the home of some of the best restaurants in Denmark and is also considered to be one of the Top 20 Most Safest Cities to Visit in the World. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. Summer brings endless days while winter brings Christmas joy. With a population of 50k humans and 80k sheep, Faroe Islands offer natures extravaganza.

Helsingr is located on the northeast coast of Zealand, the same island that houses Copenhagen, and if youre looking to make the most out of your trip to Scandinavia you can take a short ferry ride over to the Swedish city of Helsingborg. Kunsten the Museum of Modern Art, Nordkraft, VestreFjordpark, Lindholm Hje, and Aalborg Zoo are some of the best places to visit in Aalborg. Home of Hygge. Roskilde is also known for its museums, a royal mansion, and a world-famous music festival held each summer. LEGOLAND is Denmarks second-largest tourist attraction, and countless lovers of LEGO make their way here each year to play and see the mini replicas of the most beautiful towns in Denmark.

This one-of-a-kind town is also one of the most beautiful but often flies under the radar. Id love to be able to travel again this is making me jealous!!

Viborg is a popular tourist destination for Danes, and throughout the year, there are numerous festivals, concerts, and exhibitions on show. History buffs will love the Gilleleje Church.

Herning is also home to Scandinavias largest exhibition hall, the Messecenter Herning, complete with multiple concert halls, indoor and outdoor sports arenas, and more.

Thanks for taking me on a virtual tour all over again. Characterized by its small seaside streets, colorful half-timbered houses, and vivacious harbor, Svaneke is a vibrant fishing community that is as lively as it is lovely. The castle is strategically located in Helsingr (Elsinore) at the narrowest point of resund (the sound) between Denmark and Sweden.The Royal castle was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 for its contribution in the history of Northern Europe.

Follow Samantha on Sam Sees World, Pinterest or Instagram. This southern Jutland town was founded by German Moravians in 1773 at the behest of King Christian VII (hence the name) and was designed in a homogeneous fashion meant to represent the Protestant urban ideal. Its better to rent a car and drive.

Most known for being the birthplace of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Anderson, its very fitting that Odense itself has its own sense of fairytale-like charm.

The oldest town (since 8th-century), not only in Denmark but in the entire Scandinavia, Ribe is as pretty as it can get. The 70 million-year-old chalk cliffs, Mns Klint is one of the biggest and the most unique natural wonders in Denmark. A story-weaver and a travel blogger based in Delhi, Anjali left her corporate job to see what having life exactly feels like and never looked back. I loved visiting Kornborg Castle.

The entire island of Langeland is one of Denmarks most beautiful areas, but the city of Rudkbing is without a doubt its crown jewel. Also, Hjelmerstald street is utterly Instagram-worthy!

Take pleasure in its eye-pleasing townscape, but also see for yourself the real 11-century Viking vessels, profit from a boatyard.

Located on 3 small islets in the Castle Lake in Hillerd, Frederiksborg Castle is the largest Renaissance complex in the Nordics. The town center is also worth spending some time in, especially the old quarters and the Trapholt Museum, dedicated to the modern furniture designs that Denmark is famed for. Not only is it the largest Renaissance castle in all of Scandinavia, but it also displays opulent craftsmanship inside and out. Or, if yearning for some more contemporary beauty, go to AROS a modern art museum that makes Aarhus one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Denmark.

Herning is also the best spot to visit Legoland, which will be the best gift for your kids and the whole family. Sonderborg is also a great spot to venture out hiking. The city is also home to lots of modern features, and futuristic architecture combined with the old makes for one stunning city. A day trip from Copenhagen to Malmo makes a great addition to your trip. The nature in this area is also worth noting, and the town is protected from both wind and water by a series of dunes and dikes, further adding to the sense of tranquility. You can choose to fly from Copenhagen (2 hours 20 minutes) or catch a bus or train. You can taste its rich cultural heritage at citys many cultural institutions like Den Gamle By (The Old Town Open Air Museum), ARos Aarhus Art Museum,Moesgaard Museum,Dokk 1 Cultural Centre, Kvindemuseet (Womens Museum),Musikhuset (The Concert Hall Aarhus),andAarhus Theatre. Samantha Karen is the founder of the travel bog Sam Sees World.

Read my first impressions about Copenhagen to get an idea about life in Denmark.

If youre looking for beautiful architecture, head to Sor Klosterkirke, a medieval 12th-century church, or the Sor Kunstmuseum, a neoclassical building that now houses an art museum. Glad you liked the post and got ideas for bucket-list. You can visit this stately building while in town, though the physical structure doesnt quite live up to the buildings grandiose history. Unlike some of the other cities on our list, rskbing has remained virtually untouched by modern additions. Its the perfect destination for a family getaway from kinetic Copenhagen life. For more reasons than we can count (or fit into a single post), Copenhagen is one of Denmarks most beautiful towns. Stroll along its splendid waterfront and look over the strait toward the Helsingborg, one of Swedens most beautiful cities. Clustered around a beautiful expanse of white sandy shore and sheltered by sand dunes, the towns natural harbor saw it develop naturally into a thriving fishing village before the natural beauty of the area made it a popular tourist destination.

Gilleleje is home to the islands largest fishing harbor, and foodies and unpretentious eaters alike flock here for the fresh seafood served up at an array of cozy restaurants.

Silkeborg also has a collection of interesting museums, cozy cafes, and fun cultural events throughout the year.

dominican Not only is Odense a beautiful place to spend a day or two, but its also incredibly fun.

The town itself is also rather enchanting, and youll find lots of beautiful old churches, colorful houses, and a bustling downtown area filled with pubs and cafes. About an hour south of lborg youll find Mariager, another fjord-facing city and one of Denmarks most beautiful. One of the best things to do in Fborg is to visit the old bell tower, parts of which date back to the 15th century. Alternatively, you can catch a train or board a bus to reach Roskilde from Copenhagen. Locals are usually the best ones to look to when seeking out the most beautiful towns in their country, and Danish vacationers are known to flock to the stunning city of Ebeltoft. Denmark looks so beautiful! You need to change at Vejle. If you happen to visit Kronborg around August, you can get a chance to attend the Shakespeare Festival and enjoy live performances of Shakespeares greatest plays including Hamlet. Some of the above may be affiliate links. Tip: Stop by at Den Bl Planet, the largest aquarium in Northern Europe, on your way from Copenhagen to Dragr. Another option is to catch a train from Copenhagen Central Station to Humlebkand take a taxi or choose to walk (10 minutes) to reach the museum. The bustling harbor is also a fun place to spend some time, especially when the fishing boats come in with their catches. We highly recommend taking a guided tour to understand the history of the castle. The city center is full of tantalizing restaurants offering fresh catches of the day, in addition to museums, art galleries, and even a brewery. Located by the stunningresund coastinHumlebk,North Sealand, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is one of the most celebrated art museums in Denmark. Me too, I loved Denmark and I would love to explore more of it. These half-timbered edifices are styled to their original purpose, from houses and grocery stores to workshops and government buildings. All Right Reserved. Oh thats great.

Kids love it as they get to stay in Lego-themed rooms.

Helsingor is not just a treasure trove of authentic Danish architecture in the Oresund Region, it is also a great place to visit from Sweden. Hope this post would inspire you to visit the others sometime. Skagen is about 419 km from Copenhagen.

Dont miss out on Cold Hand Winery, where you can try out ambrosial Danish wine.

For such a small country, Denmark packs a big punch.

It is also renowned as one of the most beautiful Danish cities.

So, weve crafted a list of the best places to visit in Denmark.

Let us know in the comments section below. The vibrant fishing community is characterized by its meandering streets dotted with colorful half-timbered houses which wind down to Svanekes charming waterfront and bustling harbor.

Head here to profit from the youthful vibe of this future-open city.

It is also delightful to stroll along its canals with your significant other. The money will be used to sustain this little cozy blog we call our virtual home.

I am currently planning a trip to Norway and will cross Denmark by car. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Sign up to receive intriguing travel stories, behind-the-scenes updates and exclusive travel advice straight to your inbox. The Kronborg Castle was actually the inspiration for Shakespeares famous Hamlet play, and its not hard to see why. Frederiksborg Slot is the star of the show here and its one of the most famous castles in the whole country.

Home of Shakespeares Hamlet, Kronborg Castle is one of the prime Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. I have wanted to go back to Denmark for a while hopefully soon .

Dont miss Aalborgs most famous house from 1624, Jens Bangs House. One of the most beautiful towns in Denmark is the ancient city of Roskilde. Arent they? From 1441 when it got Market town privileges to 1862 when the first railway line was built to now the city has grown leaps and bounds to become the largest center of trade, services, industry, and tourism in Jutland. Now you should plan your trip back to Denmark besides Copenhagen and explore other beautiful places. Located on the Jutland peninsula, Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and the largest in Jutland. Every year in August, Odense celebrates HC Andersen Festival to honor the legend. Located on the Danish Riviera in North Zealand, Hornbk is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. There are so many beautiful places in Denmark that it gets difficult to narrow down and decide where to go. Vejle is located on the southeast coast of Jutland and has a wide variety of attractions for visitors. Birthplace of beloved Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, Odense is a charming cultural and historical town.

Known for its collection of yellow houses and stunning natural scenery, Skagen has been attracting tourists for centuries. Yeah, thats so true. Viborg is located on the Jutland peninsula, and today is home to just two churches.

Its H.C. Andersons Christmas market, named after the story-telling wizard, is held on the first two weekends of December in the old town. Love visiting Denmark.

Its actually one of the largest ports in Northern Europe. Residing on the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, Svaneke is the countrys easternmost town and actually closer to Sweden than it is Denmark. Helsingor is a city of culture, centered around the old dockyards and Kronborg castle. Located at the mouth of the Kolding Fjord in southern Jutland, Kolding is known for its massive seaport and lovely hilltop castle.

Not only does this Jutland city boast beautiful buildings and charming streets, but its also home to a comprehensive Viking museum that should not be missed. Please try again. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Just outside of Skagen youll find even more beauty, including Den Tilsandede Kirke, The Sand Covered Church, the Rbjerg Mile (the largest migrating sand dune in the country), and Grenen, the northernmost point in Jutland where two seas meet. Its a great area for outdoor activities, with ample gardens and parks, old pieces of architecture, and many bars and restaurants like those on Vrnedamsvej Street.

The romantic streets lined with old homes, verdant parks, scenic harbor, and vibrant downtown are part of what makes this town so lovely. Wow these photographs are all beautiful! If you want to get away from the big city, make your way to Aarhus Botanical Garden. Thanks for your lovely article. Aalborg remains an important harbor during the Middle Ages and a large industrial center now due to its strategic location.

Located just off of Denmarks west coast on the island of Fan lies the village of Snderho, another one of the countrys most beautiful towns. It takes more than 5 hours by car, around 7 hours by bus or train, and 45 minutes by air. However, I only recommend companies, activities, or products that I use myself. Norway takes on the limelight, but Denmark is equally beautiful.

Although the city has grown quite a bit since its conception, Christiansfeld has maintained and preserved much of the original architecture and was even dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2015. Since the completion of the Oresund Bridge, Denmarks capital is connected with Malmo, one of the major cities in Sweden. The charming town preserves its medieval history well. For a perfect blend of old and new, the beautiful town of Kolding fits the bill. The town church is one of the main attractions in Prst and likely one of the oldest. She is a twenty-something traveler on a mission to explore the world to seek the new and unknown so she can document her experiences and inspire others to explore this wondrous world. Mostly known for its breathtaking castle, Hillerd is one of the most beautiful towns in Denmark.

While youre in Bornholm, the little town of Gudhjem is a must-see. Theres also a not-so-secret lake in this area, and if youre visiting in late summer, you might be able to forage for blueberries around the shore. Dont miss out on visiting Gammel Kongevej for some designer clothing and great shopping options. Been to a few places on the list, but not all, and some Ive been as a child, so dont remember that much of them. You should plan around June-July if you wish to attend the festival. I feel like Denmark doesnt get as much attention as Norway but it is also so beautiful. While strolling the cobbled streets, you can find many statues of Andersen and fascinating characters from his fairytales sprinkled around the town. Do let us know if you need any help in planning.

You cant miss the thrill of driving the rugged buttercup roads of Faroes so we recommend renting a car when you visit Faroe Islands. It has so much to offer for a wonderful holiday.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the town of Silkeborg will likely be a top pick for the most beautiful town in Denmark.

The Viking ship museum is perhaps the citys most famous attribute, however so dont miss your chance to see some of these incredible vessels and learn more about them while youre in town. Bedecked in a rich history that is still evident in many of the well-preserved buildings, Sor is one of the most beautiful towns in Denmark.

Last but not least on our list of the 30 most beautiful towns in Denmark is Herning, a small town located in the center of the Jutland Peninsula.

It is home to the stunning Kronborg Castle, Hamlets legendary home. Youll find everything from artisanal candy stores to pubs, and on summer weekends youll likely hear live music and other entertainment. Another must-visit is Randers Regnskov, one of Europes most beautiful zoos. We take in some of its most beautiful places from Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, to the Danish Riviera town of Hornbk and bring you the 10 most beautiful. Timings might differ according to the season.

She aspires to travel to all the seven continents with her family.

Trshavn, Vgar Island, Mykines, Vestmanna, Kalsoy, Nlsoy, Eysturoy, Saksun, and Klaksvik are some of the best places to visit on the Faroe Islands.

Although it may not be easy to pronounce, the town of rskbing is one of the most beautiful in Denmark. Much of the ancient architecture here has been incredibly well preserved.

scandinavia skidrow 2022 Travel Melodies. Known for its famous Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg is a separate municipality though it seems to be part of Copenhagen.

The best and in fact, the only recommended way to explore the cliffs is by car.

The town dates back to the 8th century, and the medieval charm here is absolutely delightful. Yes, Denmark is so lovely.

Situated on the northeast coast of Zealand, Helsingor is one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark.

A car ride takes 3 hours and 15 minutes via E20 and E45. Both the young and the young at heart will find one of Denmarks most beautiful towns to be Billund, and if you or your kiddos are a fan of LEGOs, then spending some time here is a must. You will surely love it. I love those white chalk cliffs, and the cute, colorful towns!! There are three castles in the city itself, along with countless parks, gardens, churches, and other ancient buildings. It takes a little more than an hour to reach Stevns Klint from Copenhagen and another 1.5 hours from Stevns Klint to reach Mns Klint. This popular vacation destination is famous for its charming (if not a bit crooked) half-timbered houses, winding cobblestone streets, and colorful spring Hollyhock blooms. Aarhus might be Denmarks second largest city but it feels cozy and tiny.

What Is the Most Northern State in America? Here we share our absolute favorite Danish attractions (to taste the best of Denmark) which let you experience an intriguing blend of history, culture, design, architecture, and nature of Denmark. Though a relatively small country, Denmark has a lot to offer.

Despite its location just a short drive from Copenhagen, the Amager island town of Dragr is almost a world away from the hustle and bustle of the capital and an ideal getaway for city dwellers in need of a break. The white sand beaches here are one of its main draws, but Hornbk also boasts a beautiful city center. The castle is 40 minutes drive away from Copenhagen. This protected nature area has been around since 1793 and features native Danish trees and a series of burial mounds that date back to the Bronze Age. The town also plays host to a jazz festival and an international classical music festival each year. Ribe Cathedral, Ribe Viking Museum, Ribe Viking Centre, Denmarks oldest province museum, and Wadden Sea Center are some of the best places to visit in Ribe.And dont miss the Night Watchman. Even if youre not in town for a special event, youll find plenty to keep you busy including beautiful bathing areas along the lakes, serene biking trails, and a large collection of lively bars and restaurants. The main stars of the show here are the Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum and the Herning Art Museum, both of which are two contemporary works of art themselves. Did you know that Bornholm is the sunniest place in Denmark? It is not just its amazing natural beauty, but also the authentically Danish architecture that makes it a must. Its also one of the most populous, second only to Copenhagen.

There are no direct trains or buses available. You cant resist its charm.Dotted with charming half-timbered houses, its a delight to walk the cobbled streets of Ribe. Locals are considered to be Denmarks most friendly and joyous! The towns recorded history dates back to 1250 and the quaint cobbled streets coupled with the quiet ambiance of this tiny town do make it feel quite otherworldly. Today, the town caters to cosmopolitan tastes with its small community of classy restaurants and cute shops while the Hornbk Plantation on the outskirts of town offers a spot of rugged beauty. Wondering what to see in Denmark? You can find him every evening (May 1st to September 15th) and follow him as he walks the traditional route and sings to alert residents. Do let us know if you need any help/suggestions. The town caters mostly to the well-to-do, with a collection of fine dining establishments and boutique shops.

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