Pinterest predicted it would be one of the hottest home decor trends of 2017 after activity on the site about "hygge" increased 285 percent at the end of 2016. And if that's not enough, Hygge Box is a subscription service that sends you everything you'd need to hygge for $38 a month. Again, while staying inside enjoying hot chocolate and a book is certainly hygge, getting outside to go for a long walk (yes, even in the winter) and spending time with friends and family is also a crucial part of the idea. First, let's start with how you say it. Wiking says that hygge is "a survival strategy" in Nordic countries, where the winters are long, and it tends to get very dark around 4 p.m. (However, it can be practiced all year round.

But while this new global focus on Swedish lifestyle is flattering for Swedes, lagom isnt a concept that can be easily wrapped into a marketing strategy.

When she wrote her hygge manual, she had little idea the western world was heading for a boom in hygge. The conversation ebbed and flowed from their latest performances to current projects and travels yet seemed to be subconsciously moderated by everyone at the table so it wasnt too much or too little in any way. I'm Danish, born and bred, but am now living in London, where I've witnessed this curiosity firsthand. And there's nothing more hygge than sitting around with friends and family, discussing the big and small things in life. [3], But it is also speculated that hygge might originate from the word hug. (For the record, consuming alcohol is a hygge habit that Dr. Avery wouldn't recommend, especially for people with depression.

Hygge was never a lifestyle, but it's certainly marketed as one over here by people wishing to cash in on the Scandi-zeitgeist. We're not going to tell you where to hygge. Cosying up with a loved one for a movie thats hygge, too.

There's even a word in Danish for them! All Rights Reserved. Everyone was expected to sip just their fair share so others could have enough to drink as well. Support Organic Authority by subscribing to Premium and view the site with no ads. By signing up to the Mashable newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications "I think the idea of being bored with someone else is excruciatingly painful," he says. It exists only in the complete absence of stress and nuisance and feeds off feelings of happiness and relaxation. Put aside those fears that youll burn the house down and add some candles to the dinner table tonight. Hygge itself is sort of abstract--a frame of mind or a positivity towards life in general. Its pretty much a national pastime. Instead of complaining about the bad weather this winter, light some candles and hunker down with a cup of tea and that book you've been meaning to read for months. I think what is happening is what happened with yoga and mindfulness, Wiking tells Mashable. But culturally, the roots of lagom are tied back to communal times of the Vikings, when they gathered around the fire after a hard days work and passed around horns filled with mead, a honey-fermented beverage.

Kick off your shoes when you get home and put on cozy slippers or warm slipper socks. Strict rules. If you liked this story,sign up for the weekly features newslettercalled "If You Only Read 6 Things This Week". In an ideal world, this would work perfectly. All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers. Why We Are What We Are is a BBC Travel series examining the characteristics of a country and investigating whether they are true. Stuck on 'Wordle' #397? 2021 Mashable, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But why are people so obsessed with hygge? It first appeared in Danish writing in the 19th century and has since evolved into the cultural idea known in Denmark and Norway today. You can get a 'mindfulness plate' but what the hell is a mindfulness plate, I ask. Its not an aesthetic or a trend. A hard-to-pronounce word with no direct translation. Read on to find out! What happens now that Elon Musk refuses to buy Twitter? Yes, staying in this weekend and binge-watching that series youve been meaning to watch is super hygge. Hygge, on the other hand, encourages screen-free activities, such as reading a book, playing games or simply chatting with friends, which could have a more positive effect on your well-being in the long run, he adds. For example, once while waiting at Stockholm Arlanda Airport for delayed luggage arriving from Lapland, my fellow passengers stood silently around the conveyor belt. ), as togetherness is another key part of being hygge. "Socializing with friends is important for any kind of depression," he adds, "it's important to be around people.". A Division of NBC Universal, How Ikea used Billy bookcases and Swedish meatballs to bring in billions, 8 sought-after soft skills employers want to see on your resume. What could be cozier than curling up by the fire for a warm night in? "But there are similar words around the world that I think captures some of the same things. Danish winters are known to be long and dark, and so the Danes fight the darkness with their best weapon: hygge, and the millions of candles that go with it. Pronounced "hoo-ga," this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. It is absence of all pretence and worry. Corporate law has never been so exciting. My own bid for the next Scandi word the world should start celebrating is a little less weighty, but significant none the less. Johanson says that she receives lots of emails from readers in the UK and North America who find the idea of hygge to be a soothing element in times of upheaval, and who are genuinely interested in why and how Scandinavia has achieved such a high quality of life. It's incredibly strange finding a hygge blanket that costs 85 and promises to make you feel hygge," Hagen tells Mashable. [2] Hygge is built from the Old Norse word hugr which later became the hug which means the soul, mind, consciousness. Alex Calvert, a geophysicist who moved to Copenhagen from the U.S. nine years ago, tells CNBC Make It that he was initially worried how the bleak winters and long nights would affect his mood. If you've ever enjoyed reading a book indoors on a rainy Sunday or a cup of hot cocoa on a snow day, you've experienced hygge without even knowing it. On Instagram, people started tagging #hygge photos of piles of blankets on a bed, candles in their home, mugs of steaming cocoa and chunky knit socks. Purchasing products just to be on-trend. Every person has their own sense of lagom to which others can relate in context (Credit: Lola Akinmade kerstrm). Guardian journalist Charlotte Higgins writes that the version of hygge marketed in the UK was, in fact, invented by London booksellers, after The Killing became massively popular. Act II of the Broadway musical Frozen opens with the song "Hygge", which is all about being comfortable, happy, and together. ", Hygge, Wiking explains, is not about things. This laget om (sitting around the team) has been shortened to lagom over centuries. As a Dane, Im dumbfounded. Staring at your phone all day. In addition to describing things as hyggelig (hygge-like), Danes are also obsessed with adding hygge to other words to describe things. But we never really consider Papa Bear or Mama Bears own perfect portions. A whole lotta people streaming 'The Bear.'. While he insists that the original meaning of the word hygge is important to preserve and protect, Wiking also makes the argument that Danes actually dont have any authority about what hygge is. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Brits became obsessed even at Mashable, the hygge-craze led one Mashable writer to inexplicably play guitar on the floor alone in front of a lit candle. Comedian and co-host of the Secret Dinosaur Cult podcast Sofie Hagen, another Danish expat in the UK, is just as confused as me. It started trending on social media, too. One of these authors is Dane Meik Wiking, who wrote The Little Book of Hygge, a New York Times bestseller on the Danish way to live well. Wiking, who runs the Copenhagen-based think tank Happiness Research Institute, says that hygge-washing, as he calls it, is just big business doing what it always does: turning something that has always been free into something marketable. [20], The Ghost and Molly McGee episode "Ready, Set, Snow" sees Molly trying to get the most out of a snow day while her family and Libby stay inside to experience "hygee".

Everyone from The New York Times to The New Yorker covered it and no fewer than eight books were published in the span of a few months about the topic.

Every seat is a VIP seat when the big screen is in your own backyard. But not for the obvious reasons like our high quality of life, our equality or even the fact that weve supplied like a third of the cast of Game of Thrones at this point. One good thing about hygge is that you can apply it anywhere, and Danes allocate it generously to everything commonplace, as you will surely find out on your visit to Denmark. "But honestly, if you're walking the streets, there's fires and candles in the windows, that are glowing with everyone sitting around in blankets, having a good chat," he tells CNBC Make It.

She has a habit of calling out nonsensical marketing revolving around Scandinavian lifestyle on social media. "Because in exchange we get free education with a monthly salary for even attending school!". Thats certainly a practice that most of us coulduse no matter what the temperature outside. Haps! Hygge is all about keeping things simple (think Scandi-style interior design), but it also encourages people to live a little and say yes to that extra slice of cake. Like this story? [18], Due to autumn and winter traditions such as pie, yuletide, sweaters, hot cocoa, soup, and apple cider, winter and autumn can be thought to be the sole seasons of hygge. A central element to a quaint, Nordic culture. Hygge! In the Australian soap opera Neighbours, Jemima Davies-Smythe incorporates hygge into a redesign of her half-brother Karl Kennedy's living room. During the winter, his hygge routine involves sitting by the fire, reading a book and having a cup of tea or glass of wine. More about us. Similar to the German concept of gemtlichkeit and the Dutch idea of gezelligheid, the warm and cozy lifestyle that hygge promotes has been a key part of Danish culture since the early 1800s when the word first appeared in the written language (it's derived from a Norwegian word for "well-being"). Nevertheless, instead of looking at lagom as just moderation, which carries with it more blas connotations like middle-of-the-road, mediocre or austere, re-centring lagom back to its optimal core carries a more holistic view of the choices we make in our lives. Google searches for "hygge" in the United States peaked that December, according to Google Trends data. The Danes know how to get cozy. You're welcome. But the lifestyle industry has moved on, and the Swedish principle lagom (pronounced: laaaw-gum) with its virtue of moderation and balance has been crowned the next it word by the likes of Vogue and ELLE.

The biggest stories of the day delivered to your inbox. "Haps" is a great Danish word. Loosely translated to everything in moderation, lagom can be applied to everything from work habits to interior design (Credit: Lola Akinmade kerstrm). According to, hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) can be translated best as coziness. On the other hand, we are advised to limit ourselves by trying a new fad diet or a trendy detox, he said. [9] This followed a period during which several books focusing on hygge had been marketed in the UK,[10] such as The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking,[11] Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Sderberg,[12] and The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well by Louisa Thomsen Brits. ", "Why people are so obsessed with 'hygge,' the cozy Danish lifestyle movement", "David Astle's Wordplay: when Euro-curios become a gaffer-tape solution", "That "Mattari" Feeling: Why Today's Japanese Don't Want to Go Overseas",, Words and phrases with no direct English translation, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 5 July 2022, at 21:19. It could mean appropriate in social settings, moderation in food, less is more in interior decor, mindfulness in wellbeing, sustainability in lifestyle choices and logic in business dealings.

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In turn, the word comes from the Germanic word hugyan, which is a cognate of the Old English hycgan, meaning "to think, consider".[4]. It costs absolutely nothing.

Another surprising scientific benefit of hygge? And so many Swedes want to disassociate themselves from the word. If you havent maybe its time you try.

We're here to help with tips, clues, and the answer. It became so popular in Britain that it was even included in the Collins Words of the Year for 2016second only to Brexit. Our host, Jrgen, was a professional violinist, and his other guests were accomplished musicians with various orchestras in Stockholm a normal day for them could involve playing at the Nobel Prize ceremony. Yes. If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. ), Some people, Danes included, believe that hygge isn't worth the hype. 2022 all rights reserved by Organic Authority, Inc, and can not be reproduced without permission in writing. Even better, make popcorn and watch it with loved ones for extra points. That is the hygge way. It may seem odd to people in Scandinavia that hygge became such a big trend in recent years, Johanson tells Mashable. A handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, Earth, Culture, Capital and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday. from Mashable that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Country Living editors select each product featured. Sorry, this is the least hygge thing out there. Lagom wants to push us to a space of individual contentment while creating harmony within whatever groups or societies we find ourselves. What Is Hygge? If you ask a Danish person, they're likely to tell you that candles are the most important part of creating a hyggelig atmosphere at home. Hygge could also be a way to feel happier during an otherwise dark and cold season something Denmark knows a lot about. If you have ever been to Tivoli Gardens or walked the streets of Copenhagen during the festive season, you have an idea of what Danes can do with lighting, mulled wine (known as glgg for the locals), blankets and oversize scarves. In the same way you will get companies that try and 'Hygge-wash' their products. Since the word entered the American lexicon, hygge has become a full-blown, Instagram-worthy lifestyle filled with warm blankets and glowing candles. "In other words, what freedom is to Americans. Related Video: A Chinese news agency unveiled two AI anchors, but they arent very good yet. "No one needs to be mad that some concept from Denmark is being adopted elsewhere.".

Studiocanal and some Lionsgate's films will disappear for German and Austrian customers. In March 2018, the Broadway musical "Frozen" debuted, with an original song called "Hygge," with lyrics like, "Hygge means comfortable, hygge means cozy, hygge means sitting by the fire with your cheeks all rosy.". [13], The concept of Hygge gained popularity with an international audience in late 2017, resulting in an increase of online searches and the rise of the hashtag "#Hygge" on Instagram. Over here, we Scandis are the object of much envy. [14], In Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, there is a Hygge & Happiness walking tour.[15].

[8], Collins English Dictionary defines the word as "a concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cosy and convivial atmospheres that promote wellbeing". ", Tesla sold most of its Bitcoin, but none of its Dogecoin, Apple agrees to $50 million settlement over MacBook's old defective butterfly keyboards, 5 damning revelations from the Uber Files.

Examples of hot-weather outdoor activities considered hygge include picnics, barbecues, concerts, street fairs and cycling. ", But from a health perspective, hygge's value is clearly positive, Dr. Pradeep says. The physical and mental space that the passengers were keeping was lagom at play a way of reducing stress in an already stressful situation, and not inconveniencing each other through excessive gestures or talking too much.