Brand Disclosure: Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within our content and website are the intellectual property of their respective trademark holders. PAa3(H,Ude? He cannot be healed and put back into play. When conducting a knife kill on your opponent, touch them with your replica knife, and say Knife kill. Players within 15 feet (5 yards) of each other must avoid shooting each other and use the "bang bang" rule. Minors must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. While most teams have similar rules there could be additions to or variations of general rules, or special game day rules for typical scenarios. For more information read our Airsoft Disclaimer. No metal BBs.c. Have Fun It is why you are there. Be sure to pay attention and remember the rules. ANNOUNCING YOU ARE DEAD: It is very important that every player designate themselves as being dead when they are shot in several ways. Anybody found to be relaying strategic and tactical information to players inside the playfield will be considered a combatant and may be shot or eliminated. Looking for a field near you where you can play airsoft? NO BANG KILLS: A player cannot run into an area and yell Bang, youre dead! Each player must be directly hit by a BB to be considered dead. The airsoft product offers that appear on the website are from respective airsoft industry companies, suppliers, and stores from which High Speed BBs receives compensation. Show respect for all other players, referees, and other officials. Be respectful and do not be that guy. They are here to give players a fun safe time. Be warned.You may be yelled at for not following these basic safety rules. Physical contact between players is not permitted. BLIND FIRE: Blind fire is defined as simply firing without recognizing what you are firing at. Put your gun into its bag when not in play. Whether you are playing on an indoor course, outdoor field, on public property or on a friends private property it is important to make sure you are following local laws. When on the field, either indoors or out, NEVER lift your mask or goggles for any reason. This allows the stealth player to move on or prepare for their next step. Responsibility is to ensure game rules are adhered to by the game-players. This is a MANDATORY requirement. Do not try and be the one to take on the entire opponent team; it could land you back at re-spawn waiting to get back into gameplay. This includes the excessive shooting of a player and or a game referee. You simple need to follow them or find somewhere else to play. There cannot be more than 1 shield per team on the field at any given time. Admins Are the Decision Makers not all admins will make fair calls all the time, but they have the final call. Ricochets Will not be Considered Direct Hits, Intentional, or Otherwise.Penetrating shots are those passing through grass, bushes, leaves, or thin material used for cover. Many airsoft fields have similar rules as well, so check out the specifics below if you are looking for a general idea of what airsoft rules of engagement look like. Snipers must be masters of camouflage and have speed, patience and stealth to take down an enemy. Questions If you have questions about a players gear, ask them. 2. When you come out to play Airsoft, attitude is super important. HPA and Gas rifles must be chronographed with .40 gram bbs to account for joule creep and remain under the joule limit. To get a confirmed knife kill, you must use an item that resembles a knife. All no-fire zones will be clearly marked. Airsoft field rules are usually nonnegotiable. The orange safety tip should never be removed from the airsoft gun. These airsoft gun rules and guidelines are used by many airsoft teams and MILSIM (military simulation) groups across the country to govern the use of general airsoft play. Furthermore, players should hold their weapons above their heads and proceed to the dead zone or respawn. The most common weapon a sniper uses is a bolt-action spring rifle and some wear ghille camouflage suits. Depending on the venue, normal limits are set to around 300 450 FPS. Scenarios can range from simple to very complex combat gameplay strategies, ranging from short-term battles to longer scenarios. His/her/their job is to monitor the play area and make the game as fun and fair as possible. If you dont have one, use a jacket, blanket, towel, or something to cover it up. They should hold their gun above their head and walk back to the safe area. Any players eye protection not meeting the minimum requirements will not be allowed on the field. Players must repeat global game and emergency commands to ensure all players on the airsoft field hear and understand them. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these. 3. Players caught attempting to cheat, avoid, manipulate, or circumvent airsoft game rules may be asked not to play in the airsoft game and possibly banned from future games or events depending on the severity of the event(s). Doing so can be dangerous and can cause players to not have fun, become frustrated, or possibly even become injured. We DO NOT allow Oakley MFRAMES with our without the Helo Kit Addon. ClickHERE. Gas pistols can bypass this rule by removing the magazine from the gun before entering the staging area and holstering the weapon. Supplies are limited to around 20 per team. ENGAGEMENT DISTANCES: For any airsoft gun, the minimum engagement distance is 3ft from the end of your barrel (this rule varies by airsoft field).

Airsoft rules during private airsoft games are sometimes open for discussion and can possibly be changed if the airsoft players and host agree. Your magazine shall not be in your gun until on the playing field. The medic is notified a game-player is down and rushes to heal the downed player to put him back into gameplay. Do not use excessive force, or throw the knife. Players having eye wear malfunctions or problems with their goggles tell other players with a "blind man" command after which players must not shoot at the affected player. Any clothing, patches, or stickers exhibiting excessive profanity. No hard knives are allowed. If you are playing airsoft at a field, make sure you understand the field's rules. Foul language is strictly forbidden. All Airsoft weapons must display an orange muzzle tip and/or clear plastic construction as required by federal law. Their decisions are final during game play. Medics may not shoot or move while healing a dead player. BINARY TRIGGERS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Anyone can move a dead friendly player by maintaining physical contact. The player is being courteous by not shooting you at point-blank range. There are two main types of etiquette, game-day etiquette and in-game etiquette. Just the satisfaction that you did the right thing. Depending on the venue, normal limits are set to around 300 450 FPS. Yell Hit repeatedly, until the enemy stops shooting at you. Channel 1 is reserved for Yellow team and Channel 4 is reserved for Red team. While the "bang bang" rule is in play, the aggressing player (ready for action with their gun up) survives will the other players are "hit" - if both players meet barrel to barrel, both are "hit", During airsoft events, command staff should do their best to make the games interesting and enjoyable for their team's players by setting realistic objectives, missions, and goals. Observer calls may be given due consideration at the discretion of the referee(s) present. The most common weapon a sniper uses is a bolt-action spring rifle and some wear ghille camouflage suits. Snipers must be masters of camouflage and have speed, patience and stealth to take down an enemy. Blind firing is not allowed, weapons should always be shouldered and players should have the ability to aim down the sights when firing. Real knives are banned from Airsoft Games. Airsoft Skirmish Is it legal to host on the property? All boundaries are clearly marked with yellow caution tape.

People will respect you and enjoy playing with you. UNSAFE MANEUVERS: Airsoft is not parkour or Ninja Warrior, so do not try any moves that may be unsafe. Once the minimum engagement distance for the primary replica airsoft gun is compromised, the player is required to transition to a pistol or knife.

Use the information to your gameplay strategy advantage.

RADIOS: All players on the field may be issued a radio. Our digital waiver system makes it easy for you. Read the teams Rules of Engagement (ROE) for the game you plan to participate in. Medics are able to heal and revive players according to mission or game rules. Magazine and Ammunition Check Maximum allowable BB weight is .20 grams-.30 grams. Locate a veteran game player and find out their strategies of play. Keep in mind, airsoft is a team play game. Each waiver is good for 5 years, so returning players do not need to fill out a new waiver. It is important to know players expectations going in to help prevent rookie mistakes. New game types are emerging often, but there are popularly played course and field games. Check out the field locations around the United States. Personal Safety Equipment Check Facemask required; elbow and/or knee pads are optional. Players should wear loose fitting clothing, long sleeves, pants and closed shoesb. Snipers need to be knowledgeable of their surroundings and be effective stalkers. Player should immediately stop shooting at opponents that have signified elimination or surrender. Do not argue with any field ref. When a player is hit, the person is expected to call himself out even if no one witnessed the hit. Mesh goggles are not allowed unless another form of eye protection is worn underneath I.E. This is for everyones safety. Load out restriction limits have been set up to balance gameplay. Support us. Always keep your airsoft guns in a gun bag and in a safe location. Any reference in this website to third party trademarks, brands, or logos is to identify the corresponding third party goods and/or services. Players must read and understand similar rules for specific fields where they play games.

Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. Exception, however, would be light taps on any part of the opponents body, gun, and/or equipment. DO NOT bring them. These rules are usually set for risk, insurance, and liability reasons and are not open to change. Airsoft facilities also have this information available. Medics are designated players who can heal dead frindlies back to life by tapping them for sixty full seconds. Medic The medic is unarmed or may be armed with a pistol, but has no extra ammunition on him at any time and must be protected by the team at all times. The only exception will be hits on the persons marker. Players may only use on-field barriers and buildings from ground level. Tuning into the enemies channel is considered cheating and will be disciplined as such. Repeated offenses may lead to elimination from the current scenario or from the battlefield. If the medic is hit he is down, and out of the game. If you have them on your equipment, you may remove them and continue to play, but Ballahack Airsoft reserves the right to remove any player from the property without refund: All Players are required to sign a digital waiver. The opponent may choose to not surrender and try to escape, at which point the player is allowed to shoot at point-blank range SEMI AUTO ONLY. If ANY player is found to have not paid the admission fees but has played on the field, they will be sent home and permanently banned from our facilities. They cannot start on the way to respawn and stop for any reason before reaching their respawn point. Full auto fire is prohibited within fifty feet. Such action will be considered as silent elimination or Knife Kill of a particular opponent. What is the most commonly played Airsoft game? WWII era German guns & equipment will be permitted, but only sanitized of any historically charged symbols. DEAD MEN TALKING: Dead men to NOT talk. Players found outside the field of play or in an area outside the safety parameters may be eliminated from the battlefield or removed from the safe area and are subject to dismissal from the facility. C.Q.B. He cannot be healed and put back into play. Players who attempt to steal from other players (or the airsoft field), intentionally cause or try to cause bodily harm to other players, or engage in unlawful activities will be referred to local law enforcement authorities and banned from future airsoft games and events. Private airsoft game rules are usually set by the game host or consensus of the players. The Staging Area is a NO FIRE ZONE. Offer to mix up the teams to make it a more balanced gameplay.

Referees and observers should likewise refrain from passing information unless the game in progress is being run as a training or learning exercise. PQsPC8\Q.SY Ka!eNt4g\E3QQK=8JXrr9(/Qp.{p9r"P^ ((P^ e(ZNVwzX(o+FX&

All knives in use must be inspected by field refs/game staff. Red Bandana Used to indicate you have been hit, or when out of gameplay and when walking on and off the field. This rule ensures that if one dead rag is lost the player will not create confusion being dead without an available dead rag for their head. Be sure you have your prey dead-to-rights. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). If the medic is hit he is down, and out of the game. There are new game types strategies created often and while the role names are common, the responsibilities are many and can be vastly different depending on the game and its objective. Avoid calling opposing team players out after hitting them with airsoft BBs since this is considered to be poor sportsmanship and is the job for game staff and referees. Most players are proud of their gear and happy to talk about it. Users should always check the manufacturer's official website for warranties, user manuals, terms (if any), and product details. If a player needs to defog their eye protection, they must make their way back to the no-fire zone. Please take time to go though and read all rules carefully. It is not enough to ask for permission from the property owner. Enjoy it. All players must have a field approved barrel bag to keep BBs from escaping their barrel when in the no-fire zones. Players are NEVER to Shoot Opponents Not Wearing FacemaskInstead players should yell EYES ON as a warning and report the incident to the game organizers. Start and end of play will be indicated only by the game officials. It is not an invitation to pass it around to other players. Covers can be purchased at any major airsoft or paintball website or specific airsoft pro shops for several dollars each. Any clothing, patches, or stickers exhibiting sexually explicit content. Many fields also have pro shops for buying extra gear. Using foul language and excessively taunting other players will not be allowed. You must be 18 years of age or older to order! Laser UseIs only permitted to be shining or pointing on a players body. Respect and follow the rules, as outlined. If you get a knife kill, let management know at the end of the round. We have simply added new Weapon classes with new MEDs. Players hit by airsoft BBs will show opposing players they were tagged out by displaying a red "dead rag" and calling out "hit". KNIFE KILLS: The use of training knives, or home-made replica training knives are permitted on the field. So while the day might get hectic as you adjust to changing situations, keep in mind that we are NOT real world operators and that our main goal is to have fun, enjoy playing with our friends and sling BBs at them! A pellet does not mark its target and relies on an honor system as part of the sport. When hit a player should yell HIT as loud as possible, raise his or her dead rag, and assume a nonthreatening position. This site does not include all airsoft products or all available product offers. It is very important to follow all the rules in place for the game of the day. The old adage of "ask for forgiveness and not permission" does not fly when it comes to rules at airsoft fields. We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links, which help support our testing. Shields must be 40 x 20 clear plastic or smaller. Airsoft gaming has different rules, but all have basic rules in common and no nonsense etiquette rules. Personal radios are allowed. All weapons are chronographed with either .20 gram, .40 gram, or .45 gram bbs at the Fields discretion. This usually means the person in charge of the game set the general airsoft rules and guidelines.

Players have to agree to these rules to play. A medic may be allowed, or not to use their weapon in self-defense. All eye protection must be full seal, be rated to resist impacts and have retention. Please keep the field, and staging area clean! This is the only designated area that you may shoot your gun. Any physical aggression or unwanted physical contact. Airsoft is a game of honor and players need to call their own hits when tagged by airsoft BBs. The parking lot areas, streets, and frontage roads are in plain view of the public. :Eo4VEkQ?DP ~nE7f{&:+psMxnEEn?Q>N#{w9wK({QnP>uQn`5x~q)'$6DsB_#(M(GQJ. A player being familiar with all the rules is an expectation. The following rules are some general guidelines which are good to follow when planning airsoft games. The knife must be flexible plastic, soft rubber, or foam construction. FTC Disclosure: Some links may be affiliate links. Rightly or wrongly, the referees call is final. Extreme cases of airsoft rule breaking and safety concerns may prevent you from playing at the airsoft field for the day or being "banned" from the field entirely. Riot shields are available for rent at certain fields. Combat strategies may involve military tactics andtactical gear equipment and accessories emulating those used by modern military and law enforcement agencies. All airsoft guns must be at, or below, 360 fps with a .20 bb. Approved eye protection is required anytime you are firing your airsoft gun. Point-blank shooting is discouraged. For safety reasons laws may have a set firepower limit to prevent BBs from breaking skin or causing a death. !P2%(ee@%A9R() Do not cross outside of or shoot through the yellow caution tape. If you have questions about the rules and specifics, ask game staff. Airsoft Gameplay Arenas, Types and Styles Vary. Training Knives (plastic and rubber knives) are allowed during games. RIOT SHIELDS: The use of personal defensive shields are permitted. In other words, Tornado grenades may kill a player, but concussion grenades, such as Thunder Bs, will not count as a kill. The acceptable BB weights: 0.20g 0.30g. You must present yourself as a target to your opponent(s). They govern safety, eye protection, field emergencies, "hit" rules, close proximity engagements, respawns, and other details. The medic is unarmed or may be armed with a pistol, but has no extra ammunition on him at any time and must be protected by the team at all times. For safety reasons laws may have a set firepower limit to prevent BBs from breaking skin or causing a death. Once end of play has been sounded, all players must immediately remove any magazines from their guns, point the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction, clear the weapon and proceed to safe area.

A hit from a players own teammate, or Friendly Fire, also counts as elimination. Dont shoot through small holes or cracks; if your head can fit through the opening, you can shoot through the opening. Instead, they are to be considered as direct hits if they make contact with the targets on the other side. There are many game types and styles made up of many scenarios. Ages 12-15 may wear full-face paintball mask, or full seal goggles and mesh or hard plastic lower face protection that covers the lower face and ears. The next set of airsoft guidelines are examples of detailed rules and information airsoft fields and arenas may use. TRANSPORTING YOUR AIRSOFT GUN: During the transportation of your airsoft gun(s) from your car to the staging area or vice versa, you MUST use a gun case or bag. Click on the waiver tab at the top to fill out it out before attending or fill it out at the facility at one of kiosks or tablets. Flash Hiders, Extensions, Amplifiers & Tracers, Grenade Launchers, Underbarrel Launchers, Mortars, Thunder, Tornado, Cyclone, & Banger Hand Grenades, Returns, Exchanges, Warranty, and Payment Policies. AGE REQUIREMENTS: Because of the nature of the sport or airsoft, most fields require you to be at least 10 years old to play. If anyone has concerns of questions, they can ask the host about them. Any gun shooting over these standards must be de-tuned to meet this requirement before being allowed for use in the playing field. Players may not enter unauthorized buildings or structures unless otherwise instructed to do so by SteelTown AIRSOFT staff. Any clothing, patches, or stickers exhibiting hate symbols, such as the Swastika, SS Bolts, or other Nazi symbology. Airsoft games of more than two squads must be on radio channels separated by several channels. It is not required, but it is strongly suggested to cover your face, neck, forehead, and knuckles with protection as well. The sport of Airsoft originates in Japan and spread to the UK in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Medics may only healy dead friendlies on the first floors of buildings unless otherwise briefed. Players who encounter opponents at point-blank range (less than 10 feet away) must first demand their opponents SURRENDER. (412) 443-9287Mon-Fri: 10am 7pmSat-Sun: 10am 7pm. The important part to understand is that these rules are in place for people to follow. Airsoft rules are important to cover before playing airsoft. Eye protection will be worn at all times outside of the no fire zones. Any players shooting at lights or intentionally causing any other damage to the property of the airsoft field or other players will be immediately removed from the building without a refund. Set Spawn Time a preset wait time to re-enter the game. Blind fire includes, but is not limited to: firing around corners without aiming; ducking under a window while firing through it; using a team member as a shield while shooting. Amazon Disclosure: Highspeedbbs is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Everywhere but the face. Players must go all the way to respawn. A hit anywhere to the body or gear of a player counts as a hit. Always carry one with you. The player must exit from the field in order to repair or re-supply, and then return back in at their appropriate spawn point. BUILDING LIGHTS: Help keep playing prices and fees down by not shooting at the lights in the building. Accept their decisions. Please understand if game staff restricts your gun from being used on the field because it is shooting over the posted FPS limit. Players, who cannot continue in the game, for one reason or another, must necessarily eliminate him or herself from the game. The medic is notified a game-player is down and rushes to heal the downed player to put him back into gameplay. You will be asked to return them to your vehicle for the duration of the game. Marshals must be informed of any gameplay problems and real world emergencies. All weapons must be on semi automatic inside of buildings. Only active players in a game will be allowed to communicate with each other. This includes, but not limited to; shoving, pushing, knocking your opponent down, hitting, kicking, or throwing things directly at other players. Please come prepared. At Ballahack Airsoft, we believe in creating an inclusive environment that is safe for all of our customers, which includes players as young as ten years of age. Use of Communication Equipment is Allowed, The use of radio/electronic communications equipment is allowed during the game. Any language that is deemed verbally aggressive I.E. 3. Ages 16-17 must wear full seal goggles and lower mesh or hard plastic that covers the lower face. We make great efforts to maintain reliable information on all airsoft and tactical products presented on High Speed BBs. All players MUST carry two dead rags (HIGH VIS RED, ORANGE, PINK) on them at all times and store them in two separate locations. There is no prize at the end of the day for honor. No players are to fire their weapons inside the safe zone and are only permitted when instructed to test their airsoft weapon function in the battlefield with face protection on, as in the manner of the player playing in a game, to ensure safety of the individual and anyone else on the game field. All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. REFRAIN from wearing RED head coverings as this can be confusing while you are alive. In essence, if you cannot put physical eyes on the target and its background, you are blind firing. With all of that being said, the following items will not be permitted at Ballahack Airsoft Field or Ballahack Tactical. Dead players may not talk, or communicate in any fashion with other players. (Some scenario rules may apply and/or alter eliminations to allow for resurrections or player injuries according to the pre-game briefing.). Eliminated players should make sure their elimination is made clearly obvious to avoid getting shot further, or repeatedly. e`09@FGgRB"mI/fJ82`0M4EUt(J#Q))%i/vt S.t7JxP!

If you have a bad attitude, you will likely have a bad time. Do Not Criticize A player is using gear best suited for their gameplay style. If the players marker is hit, he/she may switch to a secondary weapon or participate by acting as an unarmed combatant. SAFETY FIRST: Full seal goggles are mandatory, and strictly enforced. 3. Respect Gameplay smack talk happens on the field. Highspeedbbs editors select and review airsoft products independently. Players should not intentionally avoid, break, disregard, or try to circumvent the rules in any way, shape, or form. No Facemask No Play!All players, organizers or referees, and observers are required to wear full-face masks while within the active battlefield. Please be respectful and comply with all requests from Marshals. Those who suffer from equipment breakdown, shortage of ammunition and/or air supply, but desire to remain in the game, must necessarily remedy their situation without calling for time out.

Random chronograph checks will be performed throughout the day. p/js~0C]C.0,}Cvh^P-Fj>5U5>s TCS5jf`0G#bQ$DaCGSjUPL)4.F7ro|#G4}N(L Knowing and playing by these rules, showing common courtesy and respect of the gamers will get you an invitation to the next gameplay day. Protector Is heavily armed to aid in protecting the team. When players are on the field, they MUST NOT remove their eye protection for ANY REASON. FRIENDLY FIRE: If you are hit by a friendly, you are dead. 2. Follow and do not abuse surrender rules. Because of this, these rules are sometimes called "rules of engagement" or just "rules of airsoft games". Radios are optional and not required. If a player is caught shooting a referee on purpose or a supposed accident, the offending player will be removed from gameplay. When you are dead, do NOT talk in any way to other players, except to designate yourself as being dead. Just dont do it. There are many gameplay roles throughout the Airsoft sport. Airsoft rules can come from a few different places depending on who is setting up, hosting, or running the airsoft game. We are all here to have fun in a competitive manner. SHOW GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Respect other players, animals, buildings, civilians, etc.