Submit your Nomination by 31 January 2023. On October 21, 2021, during the virtual Service Design Global Conference 2021, Kerry Bodine - Head of Jury, took the stage to host the Service Design Award Ceremony and announce the finalists and five winners selected by our international jury of service design experts. The reverse shows images of fauna and people leaving the Ark. The holders personal information is also laser engraved on the edge of the polycarbonate page. The note also features four windows, all formed in either one or both of the outer paper layers. The note also features SICPA SPARK Live True spin, again with a gold to green colour shift, laser cut images of the Ark and a watermark, and is printed on the Hybrid paper/polymer substrate. In 2016, Jessica became a faculty member at ArtCenter College of Design, where her students' work has received a variety of recognition and awards in the packaging world. Applications for the new ePassport can be filed online, with applicants confirming their identity via national ID cards or BankID and uploading their digital photo directly from the photo studio to the online police application. Past efforts to improve our financial position, while necessary, came at the expense of good customer service. The new eID card also integrates a new chip that allows contactless use in the future, once service providers start offering corresponding solutions validating public transport trips for example. The new Irish e-passport is both more attractive and secure than its predecessor and combines the latest security technology with selected imagery that represents the culture, history and people of Ireland. The note, which was printed by Giesecke+Devrient, has a host other features, including the watermark of Dr Hastings Banda and the number 5,000 below the portrait, a Gemini UV feature and a double box design on the front to assist with recognition by the visually impaired. The new Kuwait ePassport system was a comprehensive overhaul of the existing ecosystem, comprising not only a new design and booklet but also production processes, updating service centres and new systems. This product helps enable the textile printing industry to shift from analog to digital technology and reduce environmental impacts.

Most of the time, institutions and teachers lack the resources or tools to face these issues, preventing them from creating intercultural and inclusive spaces that promote learning for migrantstudents. The Reserve Bank of Malawi picked up the award for Best New Banknote for the 5,000 kwacha. If you have a project that you would like to nominate forthis years event, please submitthe details using the form below or email Sam The new document is produced by welding together a number of layers of polycarbonate and is personalised by laser engraving and is enhanced with a suite of security features, both physical and electronic. University: Design School of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Winning entries in the PRINT Awards will be selected based on originality, innovation, execution and permanence, while the Citizen Design category will be based on originality, clarity, execution and impact. The Maltese government has launched upgraded ePassport incorporating cutting-edge technology in November 2019. Additional security features include visible and UV fluorescent fibres, latent image, see-through feature and microtext. Produced on De La Rues Safeguard polymer substrate alongside CCLs Guardian substrate, the banknote incorporates several innovative features it is the first Bank of England polymer banknote to have two windows. The overall design for the new biometric passport and national ID card was chosen on the basis of public consultation, combined with the close co-operation with Gemalto. The notes were designed by De La Rue and printed by the South African Banknote Company. The contactless chip allows the eID to act as a travel document, with the possibility of reading it at border crossings, whilst the contact chip continues to be used for the citizens online interactions with, amongst others, the authorities. It is also a world first. It also combines a national ID document with a travel document that can be used within the EU using a single chip. Because of their exceptional work and project contributions, we are taking our industry to new levels! The designs are based on the existing series, featuring Georgias cultural and historical heritage but with a distinctly different and more modern appearance. In addition, Oberthurs Highlink strengthening agent was added to the three lower denominations to further improve their performance in circulation. The mobile emergency passport has been developed using HIDs mobile goID solution. The 500 Dram commemorative banknote, issued in late 2017, represents a combination of the highest level of security and outstanding design techniques. In addition to the regional banknote award, the Central Bank of Oman has been given a Special Achievement Award for its commemorative 1 Rial banknote, commemorating the 45th National Day, which is celebrated on the 18th of November. The design of the notes also reflects the historical, cultural and religious themes of Armenia, which is the first country in the world to have an entire banknote series printed on Louisenthals Hybrid ADDvance paper/polymer composite. With NFC connectivity, the public will be able to use their ID card to sign documents using a smartphone or tablet, by linking to an online platform using different e-government applications. The award was presented to Dr. Anna Wandschneider of Bundeskriminalamt, Duncan Faulkner of Bundesdruckerei and Francis Deschrijvere of the European Commission. This Sunday, September 20, is the last day to enter the PRINT Awards before the entry rate increases. This is the first legal tender banknote to feature a KINEGRAM thread. The series in denominations of 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000 Drams is produced on a composite substrate that combines the durability of polymer with the printability and inclusion of paper to produce highly durable and secure banknotes. These wireless presentation systems transmit PC screen content to almost any display. The three-layer substrate has enabled a number of unique features to be created. The note also includes an Aurora feature in the shape of tree leaves and the number 20 which shows a two-ink colour shift using angular metamerics. The front features a portrait of Prof Kaczyski, an image of the Order of the White Eagle, and an image of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, while on the back are images of strikers from the trade union movement Solidarity in the Gdask shipyard in the 1980s (which was instrumental in bringing about the end of Communist rule), and a view of the Polish War Cemetery in Katy. They can enter into agreements, sign documents, submit various applications, use digital channels and means to communicate with various state authorities and service providers and so on. They deliver real 4K image quality so that users who don't have a home theater environment can enjoy a sharp, bright, compelling home cinema experience even in a well-lit living room. One new detail is the inclusion of a QR code, which will make it easier to check the validity of the ID card. Coverage with our organization is mandatory for many businesses in our province, who may not be aware of the necessity or plethora of services we provide. Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Tanzania. It is the first time that the Bank has used a vertically-orientated design, chosen to emphasise the uniqueness of the Sochi region, which combines the proximity of mountains and warm sea. The background to the R50 is the place where he was taken prisoner (Capture), and the R100 Robben Island, where he was incarcerated for 18 of the 27 years he spent in captivity (Struggle). UKs De La Rue, which has been contracted to supply the new booklet, will continue to produce Maltese passports at its factory in Malta. The 50 and 100 lari feature SPARK for the first time, while the 20 lari features OVI for the first time (as will the new 5 and 10 lari notes). Upon renewal, the new passport will be issued for no additional charge. In addition, the notes feature Simultouch , also from Oberthur Fiduciaire, namely intaglio-printed thick and thin lines along the short sides as an aid for the visually-impaired. The design of the new note reflects both the character of the host city and the nature of the event with a flying snowboarder on the front and the Olympic Stadium on the back set against a patchwork motif background featuring various winter sports. As of January this year, there are approximately 1.3 million ID cards being used in Estonia, which constitutes nearly 98% of the entire population of the country. And they include its interactive UV feature Avalon . Media Kit. In her personal time, she enjoys going to museums and the beach with her husband and daughter. This allows for an electronic signature to be taken both in a contact-based and contactless mode. Other security features of the paper note (which is post-print varnished for durability with Oberthurs Fiduciares Securicoat Ultra) include new tri-coloured paper embedded security fibres which can be seen in white, green, red under UV light, microprint, and a three-dimensional watermark portrait of Aleko Konstantinov (the Bulgarian writer and social activist) that is the combined with the highlight inscription BNB, visible on both sides in transmission view. The chip fits more information and is compatible with new applications, like electronic public transport tickets or other kinds of electronic certification. Since regaining its independence in 1990 Lithuania has introduced four generations of drivers licences. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience and our services, and to analyse the use of our website. The award was presented to Anton Sevasta, Identity Maltas CEO. All rights reserved. The new ePassport has been developed in close cooperation with the Identity Documents Personalisation Centre under the Ministry of the Interior, Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania, Migration Department and other institutions, as well as the producer of the new document UAB Gars Pasaulis and the supplier of the polycarbonate data page Gemalto. Through its ZetesConfidens division, which holds QTSP status (Qualified Trust Service Provider), Zetes, which has been manufacturing the eID since its launch in 2003 will handle the issuing of authentication and electronic signature certifications, in accordance with European eIDAS regulations. After the presentation on best practice given at the HSP EMEA conference in Lisbon in 2020 just before travel restrictions started across the world there was some anticipation as to what would come out of the two main concepts for the new ePassport to combine an original typically national design with enhanced security. The new sticker integrates improved chemical sensitisers, high level security background design, completely re-designed DOVID with improved features, improved intaglio inks and latent images, rip cuts and advanced UV elements. Summary: Our organization, governed by legislation and policy, is one of the largest insurance organizations in North America. ?Have a Question? A large center window affords a view of the textiles being printed. The highest denomination R200 depicts the Union Building where he was inaugurated as President in 1994 (Destiny). Jessica Deseo is a native southern Californian and Mexican-American designer. This year, the PRINT Awards also launches a completely new category: PRINT Citizen Design Award. The design contract was awarded to Oberthur Fiduciaire, and production was split with Giesecke + Devrient. volunteer certificate thank appreciation printable volunteers award scout gifts certificates notecards matching templates parents parent template awards scouts nice appreciate Want to Present? In 2019, along with her business partner at Dieline and other notable industry experts in the design community, they acquired PRINT Magazine, a longstanding staple of the graphic design community. The note also incorporates several security features previously unseen on Russian banknotes, including a holographic patch and a 15mm wide polymer thread which changes image depending on the viewing angle.

This has created several conflicts within schools, such as bullying, stereotyping and segregation. The regional Banknote of the Year Award recognises outstanding achievement in the design, technical sophistication and security of a banknote or banknote series, the key judging criteria being that successful banknotes should combine visual artistry and high levels of technical and security sophistication, with considerable emphasis placed on reflecting the cultural heritage of the issuing country in the note, and the relevance of the overall design and symbolism to the issuing country. Secure payment via Stripe. Like other notes in the Kazakh series, the imaginatively-designed note is vertically-orientated and was introduced in December 2015. The main security features are the Micromirror LEAD foil and Galaxy security thread from Louisenthal, and SICPAs SPARK live in the shape of a fish, with similar dynamics and colour shift as the Galaxy thread. Once all verification checks have been achieved, the user can pay their fees through a secure payment gateway. The SD-10 is a highly accurate, compact, and affordable spectrophotometer equipped with a MEMS Fabry-Perot tunable filter developed by Epson.

On receiving the award, Austin Gormley of Passport Services, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ireland said we are delighted to receive this prestigious international award, which recognises the quality and innovation of the card, and the benefit it delivers. The award was presented to Eligio Ballabio of Fabriano. The Regional ID Document of The Year aims to promote the best in security printing, system infrastructure and implementation of a government passport, identity or other security card scheme. The new banknote was issued on 10th February 2017. The card now has two chips instead of just one: a contact chip and a contactless chip. The wording 45th National Day in Arabic appears on the right of the currency note. The design of the booklet captures local themes and cultures across the visa pages, datapage and end papers, helping to engender a sense of national pride in the carrier. Although the Maltese passport is highly secure and conforms to the highest international standards, the new travel document integrates additional security features which will further prevent the counterfeiting of the document. The new cards utilise Estonias own font and elements of its brand, and feature a colour photo, a transparent window and an invisible secondary photograph that will only appear when viewed from an angle. The banknote, which commemorates the centenary of the formation of the Polish Legions, features an image of Belvedere Palace in Latitude, the worlds first substrate-integrated diffractive optically variable device using silver nanoparticles that are not restricted to patch or stripe formats. All Second- and Third-Place winners will receive a custom certificate designed and signed by Debbie Millman, printed on Neenah Paper. The feature is located on the reverse side of the data page protecting it against slicing and grinding attacks. The sticker also has a quiet zone reserved for a 2D barcode in order to upgrade and secure the personalisation of the sticker, which is seen as a good next step to incorporate digital security into the security document world. Tanzania has moved from an MRP booklet to a phased implementation of a complete eImmigration system in January 2018, with the first stage of the project, including the issuance of the first ePassports, being only four months from contract award to completion. The second award went to Lithuanias Service of Technological Security of State Documents under the Ministry of Finance for the new Lithuanian ePassport. Ten projects, which represent the global benchmark for world-class service design, have been shortlisted in the three categories of Professional Commercial, Professional Non-profit / Public Sector, and Student. Four Epson product models including printers and projectors were named winners of an iF Design Award 2022. The Bank also anticipates that the new note will help to reduce costs related to issuing currency. This design was adopted to lower the psychological barriers for first-time users. The central bank is recognised as always having been at the forefront of adopting new banknote security features and the new series was no exception. The form is simple, with all unnecessary elements eliminated, to maximize portability and operability. One version of the new card stores biometric data and fingerprints. On October 21, 2021, during the virtual Service Design Global Conference 2021, Kerry Bodine - Head of Jury, took the stage to host the Service Design Award Ceremony and announce the finalists and five winners selected by our. The Russian Sochi banknote is the first ever issued to mark the Winter Olympic Games and its eye-catching design is the result of collaborative work between Goznak and the Central Banks team. The company has an international reputation for the production of banknote and security document paper, with one of six continuous machines dedicated entirely to producing these papers. With the main photo and the fact that it is saved on both chips of the card, this visual element is present in five different locations making it a very strong security feature.

The main overt feature on the four highest denominations (the 50, 20, 10 and 5 rials) is varifeye ColourChange Patch, comprising a foil patch with micro-mirror and colour changing technology over a window. The polycarbonate-based eID card is secured by KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO Combi elements that provide changing colours when viewed at different angles, and varying degrees of metallization. If you would like to make a nomination, please do so online by completing the form below and submitting the name of the banknote(s) or document(s) you would like to nominate, details and images, and why you think it should be a winner. The new banknote was issued in circulation as legal tender along with the Central Banks existing banknotes. Nominations were sought from the high security printing community and, for future awards, this community will be invited to take part in the process of shortlisting winners as well. Student fees remain the same throughout the entire entry period, and entries to the PRINT Citizen Design Award and Adobe Dimension Design Award are always free. The first award went to Maltas passport agency Identity Malta for the new Maltese ePassport.

The SDN is incredibly pleased to announce that Service Design Award 2020/21 winners and finalists have been announced! The 100 leva is no exception. With 20 major categories, as well as the new Citizen Design and Adobe Design Award categories, there are many avenues to winand great prizes for doing so. Copyright Seiko Epson Corporation. The judges were unable to split the entries from two contestants apart, so the award was awarded jointly to the French Ministry of the Interior and IN Groupe for the new French eID card and Bundesdruckerei together with Bundeskriminalamt for the new German eID card. The second award was made to the National Bank of Georgia, for the introduction of a new series of lari notes. The Bank of England for the English 50, the last in its new polymer series, featuring the father of modern computing, Alan Turing. Notable features include end papers with duplex security patterns and rainbow split duct printing, and two colour Intaglio printing incorporating a latent image and an optically variable print feature. With the threat from new competitors emerging from adjacent categories, and shifts in regulation and technology, the client needed to be at the forefront of innovation to ensure its future position in the category. The project was a result of the collective work done at EU Article 6 Committee and associated subgroup with regard to the development of an improved uniform format visa. A secondary photo is embedded in lenticular structure and consists of 4 differently angled images making the face appear 3-dimentional (SLI/FLI), and a third photo is engraved into the non-regular shape clear window being visible from both sides of the card. The facial image taken is matched using biometric tools against existing records, although users can also scan normal passport photographs. The new programme has been implemented in collaboration with the countrys Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT).

The new system has drastically cut the waiting time for a new licence. With a challenging year almost behind us, now is the time to go out with a bang and set yourself up for the recognition you deserve. This award, inspired by the dedication of designers to address vital causes this year, was added to recognize this work and celebrate design activism. Its also among the first banknotes in Europe with a new holographic element located over a see-through window and the first with SICPAs new colour SPARK Live combination violet to bronze (which reflects the principal colours of the note). The passport datapage has been upgraded to contain several state-of-the-art security features including Gemalto True Vision feature showing high-resolution true-colour image of Vilnius Cathedral and bell tower under UV light. We cover five million people in over 300,000 workplaces across our province. This enables contact with police, town hall and social security authorities as well as the ability to manage traffic tickets and pay taxes. COVID19 has pushed us all towards a Low Touch Economy; doing what we used to do but with less physical contact or a low touch version of our day to day interactions. Every citizen has their context, needs, wishes and challenges. The deadline for nominations is 31 January 2023. The passport booklet is one component of an end to end system solution to support the enrolment, adjudication, personalisation, issuance and authentication of the ePassport, plus border control and eVisa systems. With secondary image, it seals the page structure, thus making it extremely difficult to counterfeit or alter data. 20072022 Dieline Media, LLC. The award was presented to Tanzanias Commissioner of Immigration for Passports and Citizenship Gerald Kihinga and Henry Mkuzi of HID Global. The serial numbers are seen on right and left side of the note with the denomination in Arabic on right and on left side of the note.

The rounded form invites touching and a gradated LED suggests the spread of radio waves.

80,000 notes were printed by PWPW. All First-Place, Best of Show, Editors Choice, Adobe Dimension Award & PRINT Citizen Award winners will receive a PRINT Awards trophy. logos The card also replaces current health cards and has the potential to be used for a range of services, including education, voting and legal assistance. In addition, a striking blue Metalix delivering a metalic ink effect has been designed in the eye-catching shape of a large X made of blue ribbons. The note was produced by De La Rue. The card also includes a hologram of the map of the country which changes colour when the card is rotated at a 90 angle thanks to the use of Optical Variable Ink with dynamic colours. Open to anyone worldwide. The winners will be announced during the conference dinner. It features a dynamic RollingStar LEAD stripe, synchronised to a dynamic rectangular checkered field (like a moving chessboard) in a RollingStar security thread (both technologies developed by Louisenthal) and to the SPARK Live feature from SICPA. The 2000 Som includes a wide variety of detailed symbols of the Kyrgyz people and the countrys beautiful and wild nature. denys awards list The history of the Lithuanian drivers licence demonstrates that what may seem a straightforward issue can take years to contain. Summary: In recent years migration has rapidly increased in Chile, leading to a great number of migrant students entering the public educational system. Authentication is done using biometrics and scanning of licence numbers and renewal alerts are sent to drivers well ahead of their licence expiry date. Suggestions came from a number of countries including Italy, Hungary and the UK. The award was presented to Dastan Mashrapov of the National Bank of Kazakhstan and Andrey Shevchenko from the Banknote Factory of the National Bank. Amongst the features, biographic data is now laser engraved on a polycarbonate card incorporated in the new passport. This year, a jury panel made up of 132 design experts from around the world examined some 11,000 entries from 57 countries and regions. As well as offset, intaglio, and silkscreen OVI, a SPARK Dynamic motif, combining silkscreen and intaglio blind embossing, was applied. The project, funded by the EU, was awarded to and run by the Bundeskriminalamt and the Bundesdruckerei together. Service of Technological Security of State Documents, Lithuania. The development project lasted about 11 months and was finished within time and on budget with a successful outcome and the issuance of a Best Practice Visa Kit and Technical Specification for 31 EU member and associate States. The new ePassport will, at the same time, make travel easier for the countrys citizens, through the use of automated border control stations. The users photograph is replicated five times within the document, using various techniques such as the Gemaltos Sealys Window Lock where a negative ghost image is laser personalised into a metallic foil hidden in a transparent window. The producer was, again, De La Rue. Feel free to email: Appellants often live on the edge of society, with poor social capital, low digital literacy and little trust in government - they struggle to promote their argument and understand how their appeal is progressing. From garbage collector to PhD student. The passport and the travel document share the same design and security features, so the HSP award was made to the Zetes-Thales consortium and the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs department. The improved process has led to an uplift in the maximum number of passports which can be produced, taking it from 1500 passports per day to 7000 passports per day, while bearing down on resource-intensive activities and bringing the issuance cycle down from five days to one. Prominent on the note is the image of the black rhino, one of the worlds most endangered species. The enrolment system is deployed in 100 civil status and passport offices, enabling MOI staff to capture the personal and biometric data of citizens for duplication-free entry onto the National Registry. Select winners will receive a feature story on Nominations were sought from the high security printing community and, for future awards, this community will be invited to take part in the process of shortlisting winners as well. The Central Bank of Armenias new Dram series won the accolade for the Best New Series, reflecting the countrys commitment to improve the quality of its currency in the face of one of the toughest environments in the world for circulating notes. The R10, for example features the village where he was born (Birth), and the R20 the home in Soweto where he began both his career and his campaign against apartheid (Life). The biometric data encoded in the ePassport can now be collected by mobile enrollment units, and there is also an emergency system which enables standalone deployment of the issuance system allowing full personalisation of ePassports independent of external systems. About Epson The note was produced by Oberthur Fiduciaire. Other features include a window, two watermarks, a see-through feature, UV and IR features, microprint, intaglio, security thread, security fibres and Microperf. The award was received by Mariam Zavradashvili of the National Bank of Georgia. They include RollingStar LEAD, which dynamic colour and shifting effects from gold to green, and Galaxy Security Thread, which matches the colour shift in the LEAD feature and incorporates 3D circles and intricate images of the Ark, 500 and AMD. It is no surprise therefore, that creative skills and inspiration can be found in abundance in the design of the new ePassport and eID cards that were launched to coincide with Finlands centennial. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ireland. The first award went to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Tanzania for the new Tanzanian ePassport. National Bank of Georgias new Lari banknote series OFFTEC has provided IT infrastructure, networking and IT security, system integration, card printers, training and technical support services. Any new note (or series) or ID document (card, passport, licence) issued since the last HSP EMEA event will be considered.