($800), Travel to the land of make-believe: Disney, Superhero, and Fantasy-themed

Yes managing working from home and helping with homeschool can be exciting but Ive enjoyed seeing firsthand how dedicated our teachers are to not only teaching and providing additional resources to enhance learning, but also doing it with such great enthusiasm. This year's YMCA summer program will incorporate on-site science shows, magic shows, STEM presentations, hand-on art experiences, live animal shows, and MORE. Once with their cabins, campers got to unpack, meet their cabin mates and create a cabin name.

Low ropes was all about trusting oneself, trusting another person, and encouraging others. Our Laurel Campers are exposed to modern technological wonders through drone challenges to computer programming, demonstrating a high level of innovationskills! Laurel School of Princeton 2022. How blessed are we to be part of the. crafts olympic wreath crown preschool laurel wreaths thinking printable drawing will be celebrating its 40th year this summer at AC Stelle Middle School. The Laurel School is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) and certified by the State Board of Education. 1973 2020, Laurel Hill School | 201 Old Town Road, East Setauket, NY 11733 | Phone: 631-751-1154 Fax: 631-751-2421. . After spending over a year at home in isolation, we knew leaving home and their families would be difficult, but our campers took that leap of faith knowing camp is a second home and a safe space. Ive found that Ive been able to keep most of my teaching the same as when it is a live class! I see excitement in (our daughters) eyes when she is getting ready for school in the morning, when she is running to the printer to get an assignment, or just talking to her friends during breaks. If you ask our younger campers what they want to be when they get older, many will say: a C.I.T. (Counselor In Training) which is a long-standing tradition for senior campers of classes focused on enhancing valuable life, leadership, and other skills. Introductory French & Greek!

Thank you so much to every single one of you! I hope this email finds you well and safe. Yes. Archery, reminded campers how important practice is and PERSISTING through challenges in order to reach a goal. For a partial list of activities click here. This allowed campers to have fun in a safe space with their cabin. Take a Trip into Space: Solar Systems, Stars, and Astronauts! ($1,000). Each program encouraged campers to explore a new aspect of themselves to build onto.

Join us for day camp, right here on the campus of Bay Laurel! We are so proud of our summer camp this year.

In fact, having the ability to go out in the real world each day is a learning opportunity that no traditional school can offer. LHS is a recognized New York State private school, located in Suffolk County, Long Island. Our Laurel Campers get in touch with nature through gardening plants and vegetables, learning about life cycles, and how to take care of ourplanet. In Reading, weve done an author study and vocabulary work in just three days! The Laurel School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or marital status in the administration of its educational or admissions policies, or other school administered programs. I cant believe that we have just completed 3 weeks of successful and engaging remote learning. Both girls love the experience and enjoy knowing new people. Join our community of educators, partners and parents. She also has not talked about a traumatic event that took place about a month before camp. Camper Parent, Empowering Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth and Children, Youth and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS, Trans Youth on Finding Support and Community at Camp Mulberry, The Laurel Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity. Dive Under the Sea: Mermaids, Animals, and a Luau! will freely create art through construction, exploration and independent creation with an array of materials to bring home or display throughout our camp. In a safe, structured and spirited environment, Laurel Hill campers enhance skills, discover new interests, and build character as they enjoy action-packed, outdoor activities tailored to their unique interests. This years theme is P.R.E.S.S. As Calabasass largest sports and day camp, everyone from 5-14 has a great time. Our camp is a great place to experience fun, hands-on science during the summer for year-round learning! THANK YOU! Arts & crafts was where campers could EXPRESS themselves, be that through a self-portrait, tie- dye shirt, or friendship bracelets. The program looked different this year, but we wanted to ensure our seniors got a glimpse into it so that they do not miss out on the experience. K 5. Laurel Hill summer programs offer gifts far beyond the fun and excitement that fill each childs day! Yet, here we are in uncertain times, teaching in a media platform that is geared towards the children of this generation. Does your child like to act, sing, and dance?

Volcanos, slime, rockets and more! ($1,000), Week Three July 18 22: Complete semester-long courses in only six weeks. An admissions coordinator will reach out shortly. Parents of young children taking summer courses need to be hands-on in setting a learning schedule and assist with lessons and coursework. The next morning, cabins were off to enjoy activities like archery, low ropes, arts & crafts, sports, water fun, and more! Through our child-friendly escape room challenges, children learn team building and time management skills, unlocking challenging puzzles, and solving mysteriousquestions! Are you looking for less commitment? We knew how important it would be to have this camp for the kids so that they could reconnect and make new friends.

I agree to be contacted by The Laurel School of Princeton about the 2021 Summer Program.

As the doors of school close for summer vacation, another door opens. Its very important for us to know that while my husband, as many other ICU doctors and nurses,are fighting every day with this vicious disease, our children can still follow their routine, learn, andcommunicate with their teachers and friends. Accelerate your education with the Laurel Springs summer program. Its been such a wonderful experience participating in our kids learning! In the morning, campers will work on their academics (math, reading, language arts, and science), and, in the afternoon, they will enjoy fun theme-based activities. We offer six-week and 12-week summer courses. Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Bollywood, Acro, Technique, and more! Contact Ms. Hope (hosborn@thenewgrange.org) or Ms. Tara (truggiero@thenewgrange.org) for details on these adventures and fun with learning this July! With summer courses at Laurel Springs, academics don't get in the way of pursuing outside interests and passions. Our six-week and 12-week summer courses have specific registration dates to accommodate summer course start and end dates. Your child does not have to be a full-time student at Laurel Springs to take summer courses, and enrollment is easy. Parents may need to guide their coursework for middle school students taking summer courses. Campers can embrace their creative side and build confidence by having fun with music & drama. Our children were the lucky ones to maintain a sense of normalcy with their routine schedule and engaging live classes with all of their treasured teachers and classmate friends. From kindergarten through grade 12, students can work ahead or retake a course, gaining what they need to feel confident about entering their next grade level. Campers went home with a sense of community, independence, and feeling more confident in their abilities. A four-week extravaganza between 8:30 AM 3:00 PM. Laurel Springs students can complete year-long courses in just 12 weeks! It has proven that no student needs to sit in a classroom for seven hours to learn everything that they need to know. We have 30 acres full of grass and giant shade trees, swimming pools, a 274 ft. waterslide, creek, and sport fields. The Laurel School Of Princeton Laurel Springs uses a flexible, self-paced instructional format and a mastery-based approach allowing students to master concepts before moving to the next level. Master your inner chef!

Laurel Hill is all about new experiences, strong relationships, and growing into confident, capable boys and girls. Laurel Hill School summer camp! Its a gateway to adventure, friendship, and memories that last a lifetime! The whole week prepared them to step up as leaders for our Final Campfire and be our MCs which was great for our younger campers to see the older ones stepping out of their comfort zones! Maybe a fundraiser or maybe there is something we can do for our individual teachers. As apprehensive as I was before the first day of Zoom (I woke up a number of times during the night like it was my first day of school! This personalized learning model is so effective students often see more achievement in less time. We offer half days (9am-1pm), Through a variety of age-appropriate activities, (with the help of. Some courses require speakers and a microphone, and some require a printer and scanner.

We offer half days (9am-1pm) and full days (9am-3pm), Our lower camp program is for children who are 2.9 to 3.11 years of age. Laurel Campers engage in fun oral language activities that support the development of languages from around theworld! Hopewell, NJ 08534. Laurel Hill Summer Camp is a creative oasis, and we champion a philosophy promoting teamwork, rather than competition, as well as opportunities to develop new skills everywhere you look! One of the classes helped prep our campers for various interviews and applications which they can take with them when they want to get jobs or apply for schools. Offering professional bus transportation each day, with pickup points close to Bay Laurel Elementary, in both Woodland Hills and Calabasas. Each one was given a COVID test before joining their cabin AKA their safety bubble for the week to ensure everyone would leave camp healthy and would not put anyone at home at-risk. As this crisis turned into a nationwide tragic pandemic, your engaging and detailed remote learning program did not waiver. Students in kindergarten through grade 12. Campers were able to get so creative with the supplies, EXPRESS themselves and even wrote stories to share with other cabins that brought their designs to life! I am so proud of how much hard work my students continue to do while they are at home! Each week will have a different theme that will guide our activities and enrichment for the week. Our self-paced approach allows students to focus on gaining knowledge and understanding, which can boost their confidence, build self-esteem, and prepare them for success.

We at Laurel Hill live the best of times every day because we are blessed by the beauty, by the serene innocence, and by the precocity of our boys and girls. has proudly focused on STEM learning through science-based activities. The Laurel Springs summer program provides the opportunity to explore new topics, get a jumpstart on their next school year, or retake a course. The Laurel School 2022. Here are just a few of the wonderful letters we have received from camper parents. Our goal was for campers to learn how to PERSIST and reach any goal they set, RISE above any hardship, EXPRESS their true and authentic selves, gain the STRENGTH to speak up for themselves and out about the things they care for, and the SPIRIT to make a difference in the world. Our Laurel Campers learn to explore and create various scientific experiments, bringing out their innerScientists! Although it was important to keep masks on and stay in our bubbles, all cabins were still able to be together (socially distanced) during meals and evening programs which was so valuable for the sense of community. Summer school students need a standard laptop or desktop computer with Windows or Mac OS support, plus an up-to-date browser and access to high-speed internet. Our Laurel Campers can explore and build relationships around the community through trips to the local park, community buildings, and engage in various guest speakers andevents.

It helps us, parents, and it definitely helps kids to continue their growth as individuals. Save $40/week, discount ends 4/1/22. Our groovy Laurel Campers know how to have fun engaging in activities such as life size paintings, theatre plays, puppet shows, movie making, photography and more! We at Laurel Hill live the best of times every day for the blessing of totally dedicated teachers and support staff who clearly know why they selected to do what they do in career and in life and give, and give, and give tirelessly to fulfill their greatest ambitions for their childrens growth and well being. will be full of big themes, big ideas and big fun! Our Laurel Campers are exposed to new foods from around the world, learning diverse tastes, smells and tools to create a deliciousmeal! has 3 different age levels, ages 5 thru Teen. We want to support all parents in sending our deepest grati. I know this is not an easy time for businesses, organizations etc. offers real fun while making real connections. . Just brainstorming. We offer a wide variety of six-week and 12-week summer courses, including Honors and AP courses, world languages, electives, and more. Laurel Springs School, All Rights Reserved. We wanted to say thank you for accommodating the preschool families with the tuition suspension during this time. 800 North Road This was a great ice breaker program that encouraged campers to speak in front of the group and EXPRESS themselves through their costume! From theatre skits to singing, to learning musical instruments and more! Our local Summer Day Camp is offers 120 private acres, including 2 ponds and 3 swimming pools for campers ages 3-15. Pick your weeks and days, half days or full! Although it is unlike any other school setting I've ever seen, online learning is unique and amazing in its own way. In the midst of chaos you have given us a sense of normalcy and we are genuinely appreciative of all your efforts. All rights reserved. Our guppy program is for our youngest campers, ages 15 months to 2.8 years of age. Our Laurel Campers immerse themselves in critical thinking activities learning how to build robots, code robots, solve problems and collaborate inteams. is a place where campers will grow, learn, build friendships, and feel included. Summer courses at Laurel Springs drive students to grow academically outside of the traditional school year. Our carefully selected, nurturing and loving staff and professional instructors are passionate about sharing their special talents and ensuring that every child feels valued and supported as they explore new activities. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Your steadfast leadership at the onset of this crisis was inspiring. Creating the memories that last a lifetime since 1965! Join the JAXX staff at Viewpoint this summer for our popular ". The first day, campers were dropped off in a very organized and safe manner. (students entering Kindergarten - Grade 3), Session 1 (3 weeks)July 4 - 22, 2022Session 2 (3 weeks)July 25 August 12, 2022Sessions 1 & 2 (6 weeks)July 4 - August 12, 2022Extra - Week 7 (1 week)August 15 - 19, 2022, AM Program: 9:00am 12:30pmPM Program: 12:30pm 4:00pmFull Day Program: 9:00am 4:00pm___, AM Program: 8:00am 9:00amPM Program: 4:00pm 5:30pmFull Day Program: 8:00am 9:00am & 4:00pm 5:30pm, A balanced approach to academic learning (A.M.) and camp activities (P.M.) in a fun and dynamic environment with morning academics and afternoon camp activities, An academic assessment completed on the first day, Unique individualized program conducted by our certified staff and educators, Updates and pictures of activities completed, A final report sent home at the end of your childs academic session. All rights reserved. Offering a dozen types of dance for summer fun -- beginners as well as experienced dancers. In fact, it strengthened! ", Simply fill out an application. 3 science stations daily, physical games, spirit days, friendships, silly songs and all the fun of camp! If there is anything at all we can do to help the school during this time or once we return, please let us know. Week One July 5 through 8: A big shout-out to our counselors for keeping campers safe and reminding them the importance of the masks and bubbles! ), I now feel energized and excited about what we are able to do with the Zoom program. Water fun was especially fun since we were up in the mountains and had the sun beating down on us. I have been thinking about you & Mr. Stark often and must first apologize for the time lapse in reaching out to express my deepest gratitude. View Admissions Process. Journey to the land before time! View additional parent testimonials and all other news updates by visiting Laurel Hill In the News. We offer half days (9am-1pm) and full days (9am-3pm), Our middle camp program is for children ages 4 years of age to entering kindergarten. With the help of our volunteers, staff, donors Board of Directors and our entire Camp family, we were able to provide an emotionally and physically safe space, 100% COVID free for each everyone! Never in my teaching career would I have thought that I would need to teach elementary class via online classes. Weve got activities like Gemstone Mining, Acro Flyer, Electric Go Carts, Kids Ninja Wall, and more! Tuition for summer school varies by course(s). Watch our camp video by clicking here. As well as being exposed to new and wild adventures. Camper Parent, Both my campers love all what camp had to offer, they both made new friends and got to experience a new environment. Camper Parent, My camper has been able to find activities they did at camp to entertain themselves around the house. Academic Center for Enrichment (Grades K-5), 1973 - 2020, Laurel Hill School | 201 Old Town Road, East Setauket, NY 11733 | Phone: 631-751-1154 Fax: 631-751-2421, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO REGISTER FOR OUR IN-PERSON OPEN HOUSES, Here is a small sample of some of the beautiful comments from our Parents, And all our wonderful LHS teachers!

Working and collaborating as a team, children learn to play organized sports to improve hand-eye coordination and build excellent leadership skills along theway. Play, which was all about unpausing our lives, learning from the past year and finding ways to get back to our normal lives. Don't forget to visit and like our Facebook and Instagram Pages!

Theres a great sense of community and collaboration between administration, teachers and parents, and it is evident that our main goal is how to make this experience the best it can possibly be. The first evening program was our fabulous Runway Show where cabins worked as a unit to create an outfit for their counselors out of recycled materials. Finally, some thoughts as weve entered week 3 of zoom/on-line learning. ($1,000), Week Four July 25 29: Its Dino Week! We are also amazed (and truly grateful) that the zoom on- line learning format is continuing despite the circumstances. Our online summer program helps students grow and excel academically and personally. Toddler & Preschool Program (2 to 4 year olds), Academic Center for Enrichment Gr. What is this marvelous place? This is not just any old door. Another great activity was gaga ball which was also made possible by Shout Out and her cabin, THANK YOU EXPLORERS! Camp Laurel was a huge success this summer even during a pandemic. One of our counselors, Shout Out, re-created her incredible dunk tank for campers and counselors to give trivia a SPLASH! Camp Laurel built back the community that so desperately needed to connect, we are truly grateful for all the support in making summer Camp happen this year. We do it all sports, games, arts n crafts, recreational elementary school games, laser tag, video game trucks, waterslides/obstacle courses and local trips. The Laurel School Summer Program will keep your child on track with reading and math, while also providing hands-on, multisensory opportunities for discovery and fun. No. These programs invited campers to step out of their comfort zones, RISE to try new things, step up as leaders, and get creative. Our summer program has multiple start dates. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . We at Laurel Hill live the best of times because we are blessed to have families joined with us to support and to build partners in turning great ideas into great accomplishments, partners ready to share their skills and to help in the work that needs to be done. Spicy, a former camper and C.I.T. herself, lead the classes this year and really gave our seniors an unforgettable experience! High school students taking summer courses should be able to set their schedules and work through their lessons with minimal supervision. How lucky are we to have such amazingly dedicated teachers in our kids lives! Perfect on those hot summer days, our Laurel Campers have the opportunity to cool down engaging in activities such as water balloon tosses, water sprinklers and water slide fun! Great for busy families, flexible scheduling.