One tortellini, a small pizza, spaghetti and rigatoni.

We have been coming here for a couple of years now and each time it's been a great experience. It's a fun place.

I sipped so slow to savor it throughout the meal. Not neglecting the Lardo Toast brushed with Chiles, every bit used to sop up residual Broth, Dessert consists of Esthers forever refining Butterscotch Budino plus an airy Crepe Cake and Nona-style Pine Nut Tart that wouldnt be complete without a glass of Amaro. And it was DELICIOUS. My cocktail was divine. Also, the chicken was spectacular with the spinach bread pudding! Call it modern, call it Cal-Italian or just call it one of Vegas' best restaurants regardless of genre. On a Monday evening, this cute cocina restaurant snuggled in the Art District didn't have a single empty table. We went here last Sunday, March 13 for my daughters 25th birthday. My girlfriend got the mushroom risotto which was creamy and sumptuous while being entirely vegan. After about an hour and a half, I went to the host stand to see where our names were on the list. A smash hit from the start, 1130 South Casino Center Boulevard now a destination for locals and tourists alike, it was around 6:00pm that the space was found bustling, seats in the corner providing full views of the room and kitchen where Chef Trees and Stephen Lee took turns manning the pass. Constant communication and a wonderful experience using Appointment Trader. Well definitely be using this again in the future. I'm not sure why it was so hard for the hostess to do that in the first place , but I do appreciate Martha taking care of us. We can't seat you outside.

Me and my coworkers make it a point to hit up new restaurants at least once a month. This app is filling a void - there's a real market to tap into here. We could've made a meal of just that. This abhorrent behavior from a bad server can taint the entire restaurant experience, regardless of excellent food quality (which it was). Popularity Score Tier of Esther's Kitchen Las Vegas, Events that Influenced the Popularity Score. They made an announcement and the cooks yelled 'thank you!' Last minute trip to Mexico City for Art Week. Be sure to get their bread! There's a lot of construction around them so get there early to have time to find parking. Its wise to make a reservation as it was full. (She was short and had dark, longish hair.

That's why AppointmentTrader comes with a included Money Back Guarantee for each transaction. Everything tasted fresh and seasonal. AT has no relationship with places listed and acts as a platform connecting buyers and sellers making sure that listed reservations are real and that privacy is not compromised when transacting. Restaurants should remember that a truly memorable dining experience is the result of BOTH amazing food AND warm, attentive staff. The AT team and user experience is second to none. The fresh pasta was to die for, but the pasta wasn't Al dente being too soft for me. We will definitely be back the next time we are in the area. Boss confirmed an excellent experience when he arrived and no issues to report. )She said, "Sorry. (For good reason, I understand--this place is incredible and I'm not surprised that it's always at max capacity. Must try!! My daughter and I came in and were quoted an hour wait. We will definitely be eating here again.

Your name will never be revealed publicly. Somewhat off the beaten path which isn't a bad thing. Stellar Italian fare in the arts district which somehow nailed being both classic and unique. We all had a drink called cool runnings And we recommend y'all try one too. Well worth the effort. Happy to see Esthers Classics offered alongside seasonal items, Winter Squash Salad touching each part of the palate from bitter to sweet, Esthers Duck Crespelle sells Confit in balance with Fungus and Cheese inside a dainty Crepe while Beef Cheek Arancini upgrade the usual Rice Ball while remaining light and virtually oilless. I was able to get a table at the exact time we wanted, on a peak weekend night. The hostess and our waitress were super nice and accommodating. Exceeded my expectations!! Please try another date or time. And now the hostess was just blowing me off like making a reservation 3 weeks in advance apparently does not matter?!? The new space will offer significantly more seating for Esthers Kitchen customers, with opportunities for a more extensive cocktail menu and live-fire cooking. Wedding turn on our friend Ruby planted the seed and we came to check it out.

This was probably one of the best places you can find yourself in when coming to the art district! We owned our own Mediterranean restaurant for years so we know food! Then we moved on to the Italian Chopped Salad, and thereafter after every single morsel was delectable: Jimenez Farms goat with polenta was the perfect mix - not too grainy or mushy - and the sprig of mint was just genius. It was like having my own private concierge. Amazing! More impressive with Tortellini, each stuffed sheet bursting to the tooth amidst ground Pork and Broccoli, Trees Ricotta Gnudi remains defiantly gorgeous with its New Nordic look while Vegan Risotto will fool even purists thanks to myriad textures such that no two bites are alike. All listed Reservations are reviewed by our team before appearing in the calendar or being allowed to answer a bid you place. Good quality marinara sauce. The customer service team was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process! My favorite dish is their take on a carbonara, but their Caesar salad is a close second for me. This was the best dish although all three were excellent. Sort through reviews to find relevant experiences. And got a very very good and friendly support from the team of this great App. I just stumbled upon this site and within 24 hours of posting a bid for an impossible to get table at Delilah (on a holiday weekend no less), my reservation was confirmed! Esther's Kitchen Las Vegas Buy Reservations. Excellent app! If there is nothing that fits your schedule, you can bid on your preferred time. It has been a very long time since I had such terrible restaurant service. 4.5 stars - Wines: loved the ones we got from a rosato to a Pinot noir and great prices by the glass.- Drinks: I got a lovely bourbon egg white cocktail and my hub enjoyed his yellow Negroni.- Amaro selection: if you like these, this is your place. The hostess said to me "The same place it's been" I have been to a thousand restaurants, and have never had someone speak to me in such a condescending way. My go-to at any Italian restaurant is the gnocchi and I am so grateful for the servers recommendation when I couldn't decide between the two as squash/pumpkin is another favorite for me.There are no words to the food here. We ordered drinks and appetizers, all the while I was very angry and feeling stressed that my daughter's birthday celebration wasn't what she wanted. Tickets for the event are $69 per person with an optional $30 beverage pairing. Flavor was spot on! Some reservation offers already include the AppointmentTrader Transfer Service which will transfer the reservation in to your name. Picking and Choosing People shows ur true Colors.. get the cauliflower app, absolutely my favorite place to eat , will impress your date with out bankrupting you in the process. View information about Esthers Kitchen to help decide on what to eat. Enjoyed some genuine Italian beer plus some delightful Santa Barbara wine. we took a taxi from our hotel and friends met us.

Was able to get a last-minute reservation for Valentine's Day with AT.

Construction will take place this year, with the opening for both LAristocrat and the new Esthers Kitchen planned for sometime in 2023. Noodles were delicious with the right amount of chewiness. Why were the freaking 2:15 peoples reservation more important than ours?!? The 2 people that got the pasta pomodoro liked it. Just very difficult to get reservations.

Highly recommend this app. Making no choice easy in terms of Pasta, the majority made on-site and several subject to change, Tagliatelle arrives perfect al dente beneath deeply flavored Lamb Shank Ragu while Mafaldine Nero does an impressive job in balancing naturally sweet Lobster with Fennel and Citrus atop a hint of Truffles. I love the food here, but I am concerned about the service of their hostess. Place a bid for this exact Reservation request. Very satisfied with everything. Wow! Every morsel of food was delivered with the utmost in pride and their dedication to food is next to none! I would highly recommend this fine establishment to My family and friends. "I looked at her, incredulous, but didn't say anything, as my daughter had begged me before I went up to talk to her not to be "A Karen" And make a big fuss. Also enjoyed the budino for dessert! But I will say it was lovely eating out on the patio, and I really appreciate Martha making it happen! Our waiter checked on us multiple times but not too many to be annoying! Found this place by random chance and really enjoyed It. Good menu selection, great service, good wine list. The dips were phenomenal but our unanimous favorite was the Anchovy Butter--buttery, savory, and not overpowered by the fish. Besides this issue, I'm looking forward to the app community growing and would love to continue to contribute towards it's growth in any way that I can! Our servers were kind as well.

Lets See What They Come up with!! How do you like Esther's Kitchen Las Vegas? Went with my girlfriend over spring break and we started with an order of the bread with phenomenal burrata spread which also came with this delicious butter. Esther's is my favorite Vegas restaurant for so many reason. Amazing. Chicken parm was good. She was very patient with our group, and answered all of our questions - more than once, twice, thrice. Esther's is her favorite restaurant. The family-friendly Tacos & Tamales Festival is returning this year after a COVID-related hiatus. Customer service always mattersalways. Human decency?

Focused on Handmade pasta, bread and pizza. We only list verified Reservations!

In a word, mmmmm! Rightly so - Leave the populous strip and visit the Art District. Food is excellent.

Our waitress was friendly but we had to flag her down multiple times for various reasons. For our appetizer we got the sourdough bread with a few dipping/spread options and my favorite was the basil ricotta. The food and liquor is all superb and the ambiance fun and convivial.

A private chat forum with me and the person helping me find the best option. It can be under your name or a name you choose! Came with long slices of colored carrots and a bit of sauce with some acid to it. Last visited long before COVID-19 altered the face of dining worldwide it was amidst a packed house that Esthers Kitchen put on a show Wednesday evening, James Trees first Las Vegas Restaurant now firmly entrenched as a local icon and in many ways the catalyst to Main Streets ongoing rejuvenation. Just everything about Esther's kitchen was amazing and they even have a beautiful outdoor patio. My daughter got a salad that had too much dressing on it.I think I would try Esther's again, but at dinner time, as I did not really love the selection the brunch menu offered. He was unhelpful, unfriendly, aloof, and downright rude. Got a reservation that not even the concierge for some Roman-like black card was able to. Creamy but not too rich and black peppery but not overwhelming. A unique experience of modern-rustic dishes, trendy atmosphere, surrounded by the colors of Italy. Do not pass on the bread and butter and various delicious spreads! It's a unique establishment with a hip feel to it serving locally sourced Italian food. lodi solito posto croutons focaccia anchovies