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BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY One of the prerequisites for the development of national economy according to Ajayi et al, 2006 is by encouraging a payment system that is secu CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1.

Customers feel threatened about the inadequacy of privacy being maintained by the banks with regard to their transactions and link at computerised systems with suspicion. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) EFT was a nationwide retail electronic funds transfer mechanism between the networked branches of banks.


Heavy investments in IT have been made by the banks in the expectation of improvement in their performance.

To be able to survive and grow in the changing market environment banks are going for the latest technologies, which is being perceived as an enabling resource that can help in developing learner and more flexible structure that can respond quickly to the dynamics of a fast changing market scenario.

An introduction of Cyber Cash the exchange of cash takes place entirely through Cyber-books. Banking industry is a backbone of Indian financial system and it is afflicted by many challenging forces.

Anywhere Banking no matter wherever the customer is in the world. The efficient use of technology has facilitated accurate and timely management of the increased transaction volumes of banks which comes with larger customer base. The positive impact of information communication technology on the global criteria, especially improved revenue corroborates with findings of Laudon and Laudon 2008 that studies the entire cash flow of most fortune 500 companies and linked their success to information system. This is also called virtual banking.

On-line banking is an effective medium of promotion of various schemes of the bank, a marketing tool indeed. Electronic delivery channels, ATMs, variety of cards, web based banking, and mobile banking are the names of few outcomes of the process of automation and computerization in Indian banking sector. Internet has significantly influenced delivery channels of the banks.

The head office had responsibility for the overall clearing network, the size of the branch network and the training of staff in the branch network. medianet_height = "250";

Some of the recent IT devices described as below:-.

/Length1 187468 This would eliminate the need to move the physical instruments across branches, except in exceptional circumstances, resulting in an effective reduction in the time required for payment of cheques, the associated cost of transit and delays in processing etc., thus speeding up the process of collection or realization of cheques.

ECS Credit ECS Credit clearing operates on the principle of single debit multiple credits and is used for transactions like payment of salary, dividend, pension, interest etc.

Before the advent of electronic banking customers could only make transactions in the banking hall. The article on this topic (credit management and issues of bad debts in commercial banks in Nigeria) is an extract from literature review of the project material. This was put into operation with clearing and decision making responsibilities concentrated at the individual branch level. It is expected to elaborate the present impact of information technology in banks to see the present stage of the banks and provide better solution to the challenges been faced by banks, as this study will help reveal possible challenges facing banks in Nigeria. coupled with rapid revolution in communication technologies and evolution of novel concept of convergence of communication technologies, like internet, mobile/cell phones etc.


It becomes prominently popular during 1960, through electronic funds transfer and credit cards.

The beneficiary has to maintain an account with the one of the bank at ECS Centre.


Safekeeping of public money, transfer of money, issuing drafts, exploring investment opportunities and lending drafts, exploring investment being provided. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The complete project work would be maContinue reading , THE IMPACT OF HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE

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As information technology is the modern trend on banking today, its very imperative for banks to access its impact operational performance so as to justify if the capital invested on it is justifiable or not, analyze their problem and profit possible solutions. Madueme Ifeoma Stella (2010).

The bank monitored the organisations performance and set the decision making parameters, but the information available to both branch staff and their customers was limited to one geographical location.

The Software Packages for Banking Applications in India had their beginnings in the middle of 80s, when the Banks started computerising the branches in a limited manner. No doubt banking services have undergone drastic changes and so also the expectation of customers from the banks has increased greater. 47,537 people found this useful, CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN IN AN ORGANIZATION (A case study of champions brewe Another important responsibility is to ensure the data is used only for the purpose intended. The technology on one hand serves as a powerful tool for customer servicing, on the other hand, it itself results in depersonalising of the banking services. Tele-banking is based on the voice processing facility available on bank computers.

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Gross settlement means the transaction is settled on one to one basis without bunching with any other transaction.

Background of the study The subject of transparency and accountability in modern day corporate organizations has continued to receive attention as never before. How A Personal Loan Helps Save You Money?

Development of Distribution Channels The major and upcoming channels of distribution in the banking industry, besides branches are ATMs, internet banking, mobile and telephone banking and card based delivery systems. Balance enquiry, request for services, issuing instructions etc., from anywhere in the world is possible. The outcome of this study will help to evaluate the adoption of information technology by Nigeria banks; it will also justify the application of information technology in banking service delivery in terms of profitability of banks. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY In any evaluation of the condition necessary for the growth and survival of an organization, the role of performance appraisal is a strategic fContinue reading , AUDIT INDEPENDENCE: ENHANCING ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY IN CORPORATE ORGANIZATIONS, CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Technology has not broken barriers but has also brought about superior products and channels. The e-banking has made the customer say good-bye to huge account registers and large paper bank accounts. MBA Knowledge Base 2021 All Rights Reserved, Role of Information Technology (IT) in the Banking Sector, Summary of important sections of Banking Regulation Act, Advantages and limitations of universal banking, Strains and Challenges faced by Indian Banking Sector, Transaction or Operations Risk in E-Banking.

Moving seamlessly from a manual, scale-constrained environment to a technological leading position, it has been a miracle. Use of MICR Technology MICR overcomes the limitation of clearing the cheques within banking hours and thus enables the customer to get the credit quickly. Thanks for your existence. The objective of this study is to examine how the adoption of information technology affects the operations commercial banks and the effects information technology on banks, customer relationship The main research instruments used Are questionnaire fro staffs and customers of the bank.

It is very useful in case of bulk transfers from one account to many accounts or vice-versa. Recent developments of banking sector in india are Internet, Society for worldwide inter-bank financial telecommunications (SWIFT), Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Cash dispensers, Electronic clearing service, Bank Net, Chip card, Phone banking, Tele-banking, Internet banking, Mobile banking, Any where banking, Voice mail, E-banking Etc., The basic need of Information Technology (IT) in Banking Sector are Meeting Internal Requirements, Effective in Data Handling, Extending Customer Services, Creative Support for New Product Development, End-user Development of the Non-technical Staff. Traditionally the relationship between the bank and its customers has been on a one-to-one level via the branch network.

This impact on service quality can be summed up as below: The banking system is slowly shifting from the Traditional Banking towards relationship banking. Convenience acts as a tremendous psychological benefit all the time. Knowledge Portal for Banking and Finance Industry.

In India e-banking is of recent origin. The low productivity, profitability and efficiency of many Nigeria banks necessitate the introduction of information technology to find solution to the challenges of the present day banking system.

They concluded that information technology directly affects how managers decide, how they plan and what products and services are produced. The inter bank cheques could be realized through clearing house systems. The Indian banks lag far behind the international banks in providing online banking.

Integrated customer data paves way for individualised and customised. Credit Management - Managing Trade Credit and Accounts Receivable in Business, Bank Risk Exposure Types - On-balance Sheet and Off-Balance Sheet Exposures, Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Sources of Finance, Debt Instruments - Meaning, Objectives and Features, Reasons for Liquidity Fluctuations in Indian Banking System, Audit Theories - Theories of Demand for Audit, Integrity Testing in Employee Selection Process, Business Ethics Case Study: Caterpillar Tax Fraud Scandal, Case Study: Corporate Merger Between Volkswagen and Porsche. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY In any evaluation of the condition necessary for the growth and survival of an organization, the role of performance appraisal is a strategic f CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1., Copyright Sashi Publications Private Limited 2017, All Rights Reserved Best viewed in 1366x768 resolution in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, IE 9 and above, IBA expert panel to vet loan recast proposals, R Subramaniakumar, new MD & CEO of RBL Bank, Alok Kumar Choudhary takes charge as MD of SBI, A Manimekhalai, the new CEO of Union Bank of India, Forensic Audit: Banks to report non-cooperation, Banking Finance News, Articles, Statistics, Banking Exams, Banking Magazine, Small towns add up 38% in MF asset base in FY 18, Introduction of MICR based cheque processing, Introduction of Electronic Clearing Services, Introduction of Cheque Truncation System (CTS) or Image-based Clearing System (ICS), Introduction of Core Banking Solutions (CBS), Introduction of Automated Teller Machine (ATMs), Introduction of Internet and Mobile Banking.

According to this concept Banks offer products, services and financial transaction only through electronic delivery channels generally without any physical branch. Information Technology enables sophisticated product development, better market infrastructure, implementation of reliable techniques for control of risks and helps the financial intermediaries to reach geographically distant and diversified markets.

window.CHITIKA.units.push(unit); In order to reduce service delivery cost, banks need to automate routine customer inquiries through self-service channels. banking future ebanking technology sector electronic security impact

It is system of accessing accounts and general information on bank products and services through a computer while sitting in its office or home. Indian banks are going for the retail banking in a big way. Indian banking has undergone a total transformation over the last decade. Such a transformation takes place in such a short span of time with such a low cost. Owing to lower branch maintenance and manpower cost such banks are able to offer competitive pricing for their product and services as compared to traditional banks.

It is also viewed as an instrument of cost reduction and effective communication with people and institutions associated with the banking business. Information technology includes ancillary equipment, software, firmware and similar procedures, services etc.

The banking industry is one of the critical sectors of the economy whose contribute to the pace of development and economic growth cannot be fully quantified changes in todays modern world reveals that the important of natural factors cannot equip the banking sector fully to grapple with the exigencies of global completion. Transactions through mobile banking may include obtaining account balances and lists of latest transactions, electronic bill payments, and fund transfers between a customers or anothers accounts. The research recommended that government should support and loan money to local firm to foster importation, lower tariff on importation of information technology related equipment and their agencies and regulatory bodies should upgrade their equipment as well and the banks should continuously implement customer centred IT products and services of international standard.

Background of the study The subject of transparency and accountability in modern day corporate organizations has continued to receive attention as never before.

Without IT and communication we cannot think about the success of banking industry, it has enlarged the role of banking sector in Indian economy. Electronic banking has facilitated the integration of the functions of some large banks that have several branches around the country on centralized network so that transaction can be carried out at any branch on the network without the customer being physically present in the branch Woherem (2005), Despite the fact that the introduction of information technology in the operation of the banks in Nigeria among others sectors has brought about noticeable development but at the same time, its brings about its attendant problems, because banks still find it difficult to strictly comply with the mission statement or corporate mission.

The key driver to charge has largely been the increasing sophistication in technology and the growing popularity of the Internet.

all this has given rise to the issues of privacy and confidentially of data are: Aside from any constitutional aspect, many nations deem privacy to be a subject of human right and consider it to be the responsibility of those who concerned with computer data processing for ensuring that the computer use does not revolve to the stage where different data about people can be collected, integrated and retrieved quickly.

This has an adverse effect on relationship banking. All these banks are using home banking as a key pull factor to remove customers away from the well entered public sector banks.

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Information Technology: - According to Mejabi (2008), information technology is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store communicate and or disseminate information. To do this banks have to create account information layers, which can be accessed both by the bank staff as well as by th customers themselves. These benefits provide comfort, convenience and ease of use for banks transactions. }()); The portal has been sponsored by The Insurance Times Group. Author is a Faculty in the Union Bank of India Staff Training Centre at Kolkata.

Indian banking industry is greatly benefiting from IT revolution all over the world.

In past 10 years, banks in India have invested heavily in the technology such as Tele banking, mobile banking, net banking, ATMs, credit cards, debit cards, electronic payment systems and data warehousing and data mining solutions, to bring improvements in quality of customer services and the fast processing of banking operation.

Some financial institutions have restrictions on which accounts may be accessed through mobile banking, as well as a limit on the amount that can be transacted. BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY One of the prerequisites for the development of national economy according to Ajayi et al, 2006 is by encouraging a payment system that is secuContinue reading , A STUDY ON THE IMPACT OF BUDGETARY CONTROLS ON THE PERFORMANCE OF AN ORGANIZATION (A CASE STUDY OF FIDELITY BANK PLC), CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1. Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) RTGS system is a funds transfer mechanism where transfer of money takes place from one bank to another on a real time and on gross basis.


The banking industry is going through a period of rapid change to meet competition, challenges of technology and the demand of end user.


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The group ventured to publish the first monthly journal on Insurance in India in the year 1981 which is still is the most widely read Insurance Journal in India.

'&https=1' : ''); In conclusion, the study reward that information technology has tremendously improved growth and performance of the Nigeria commercial banks.

25/1, Baranashi Ghosh Street, Near Girish Park, Kolkata 70007, India Emerging trends of information technology in banking sector are Outsourcing, Integration, Distinctive Edge, IT as Profit Centre, Prospering in Down Market. Financial sector in general and banking industry in particular is the largest spender and beneficiary from information technology. This represents benefit such as anywhere banking, anytime banking and elongated banking hours to customers.

Only in the early 1990s has there been a start in the non-branch banking services.

Banking environment has become highly competitive today. For a country like India, which is one of the most promising emerging markets, such isolation is nearly impossible.

Besides, CBS helps in bringing the complete operations of banks under a single technological platform.

Banks need to look at innovation not just for product but for process also.

To what extent does information have effect on banks customer relationship? /Length 88769

Unlike the related internet banking it uses software, usually called an App, provided by the financial institution for the purpose.

Information Technology offers enormous potential and various opportunities to the Indian Banking sector.

Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device.

Today, technology is not only changing the environment but also the relationship with customers. 52,340 people found this useful, IMPACT OF E-LEARNING ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS (A CASE STUDY OF NATIONAL

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