But the issue is not with the concept of brain slugs, the issue is in how the show is managing the execution of that story line and in how the fandom is engaging with it, particularly with the context of Norman being Asian and the fandoms history with Asian characters. The scorn, the side eyed looks, the instant mistrust, the names. And him choosing to go by the name Skip? That would leave open the possibility that he shows up somewhere else or in someone else down the line to redeem himself, and Norman can have his own growth in the meantime. That would kinda throw a real Wrench in things, 6) Minor point but, The crate Valdrinor was in wasn't floating out in space, it was one of the crates stolen from the Nuns that they thought were full of crystals that turned out to just be powdered egg substitute, Again, I think you're analysis is very interesting and I commend the time and thought you put into it, but I do think it's unlikely. Instead, it shifts their life in a way nobody in the galaxy could expect. Great read if youre bored and not looking for anything specific!

So morally gray, and still a bit of a manipulator, but not irredeemable or malicious. Alright!!!!!!!!! Zach because he clearly has a subdued delivery, and murph because he is a dm and knows how to play villians. Normans an unlikable asshole, and that has nothing to do with his race.

I agree that the mvp Norman will probably be back at some point in some form but I don't think our dear slug Prince will be victoriously salted. Work Search: its very organized bc i started organizing it and then I couldnt stop, and I unorginized it cuz i couldn't be bothered, Norman "The Skipper" Takamori/Princeps Zortch, can we start sexualizing the horrors beyond our comprehension, A Million Dreams For The World We're Gonna Make, Post-Episode: c05e09 A Crown of Candy: Safe Harbor, Episode: c05e08 A Crown of Candy: Deep Bleu Sea, Fabian Seacaster/Original Female Character(s), Campaign 01 Season 01: Fantasy High Freshman Year (Dimension 20), The Pilot Program's Guide to Falling in Love with your Four Best Friends, Evan Kelmp/Dream/Whitney Jammer/Sam Black, listen. Please consider turning it on! Riva has tried and been stymied multiple times in getting a read on Skips true nature. She spends a bunch of her money on the crew, but its all towards the goal of (eventually) outpacing her rival, not necessarily out of any kind of altruism. [ID: The I am going to create an environment so toxic meme badly edited to read I am going to create a character with so many reveals. /end ID]. Its things like only presenting the negative parts of Normans backstory and highlighting the bad/pathetic elements of his character when even antagonists get moments of admiration or intrigue. Sure, but its just because Norman is a jerk, right? As for fandom, I and other fans have written a lot about how fandom treats D20s East Asian characters, especially Ricky, so I wont go back over that now. Threatening to end someones line for the mere suggestion of notifying others that hes been found suggests that hes desperate to remain lost, not necessarily that he engages in wiping out entire family trees for funsies. Starting to sound familiar? I think it works better as a temporary heel turn for the tone of the show as an "everybody for themselves" capitalism critique without going as dark as a violent turn, and provides a path for Valdrinor to come back later in order to overcome that self interest, and help Norman clear his name. As for Skip, of course hes going to be primarily focused on himself. I don't think Skip doesn't care at all about other people, it's just that he's still getting his bearings, not only on his body, but on how to interact with these people at all, sure perhaps his thought processes were more analytical and trying to figure things out, I don't think that makes them inherently sinister. the alcohol thing, Skip "Feels his control loosen" because humans lose a certain level of control of their body when they get drunk, I don't think he's literally like, coming loose, but synapses are slowed, and it becomes a bit tougher to pilot. A subreddit dedicated to Dimension 20, Dropout's TTRPG show! Either it was freezing down here, or she was losing blood fast.Her only hope was to find the person she was sent here to find. ACoC was close, but that was also about as grimdark of a campaign as I think D20 is ever going to get, and even then it was a pretty big deal to almost have two players roll on each other. When found, he doesnt act like he wants to return to that place, so it stands to reason that hes running from it instead. As much as the world of Starstruck may be a bit cynical, the D20 crew are generally optimists and veer toward catharsis. I want to step back from the brain slug ethics for a moment, and talk about Norman Takamori more broadly as an East Asian character and what that means both in general and for this show. I love them I PROMISE, gen badkids but I can't NOT write the bad kids like they're all in love with each other oops, canon ships are endgame but theres some stuff Along The Way, unfortunately at the beginning toxic masculinity is very much still alive, I'm gonna be honest with you this one requires some suspension of disbelief, I do not for the life of me know how to tag for the plot of this fic, also some characters are tagged that arent relevant now but become relevant later, (previous) Aelwyn Abernant/Fabian Aramais Seacaster, (previous) Ragh Barkrock/Fabian Aramais Seacaster, this time with pretty awesome consequences, me working up the courage to draw gilear with his entire cock and balls out. Hello? Auma called out down the tunnel. Nor is this limited to creators and production companies. Its been pretty well established that arbitrary moral concepts like nice or good dont really have any metric for measurement in the Starstruck universe, but aside from the pedantry, that line struck me in particular as being one of desperation, not explicit evil. I think that still allows for a betrayal moment and a character turn, but not a permanent turn. the non-consensual brain surgery), we excuse them by saying that its a rough story setting and these characters are proldiers who have already made many morally grey decisions, but when Norman, who lives in the same story setting and has also made morally dubious decisions in his past, behaves badly, we take that as evidence that he deserves to have bad things happen to him? Being one of only two goblins in Solas was more than difficult but he had always delt with it alone. Also, you dont have to like Norman and you dont have to like that hes a middle aged man whom we presume is straight, but you cannot ignore that he is a man of colour when you talk about him. Press J to jump to the feed. You can certainly say that this comes from understandable frustration with a horrible boss, but it doesnt change the facts of their behaviour. So many of those guards. I cant think of a single reason why anyone in that situation would be particularly antagonistic. She and Fettucina exchange a harried look.Fuck., or: a post canon look at my girls, that is largely just smut. (Aka the fic where I make everybody in space go to therapy.). this, My bestfriend the slulg :] becom new king because of melt everyone and step on ur dad, #i mean he did definitely kill a dog but he's still an angel to me idk, #i do have thoughts about the brain surgery but most of what has to be said has already been said, #let's step back from sci fi ethics and take a critical look at our own engagement with media, #because none of this is new; norman is just surfacing a lot of things that have hitherto been difficult to pinpoint or discuss. The Seven and the Bad Kids are doing a group project together, but nobody informed Ostentatia that Aelwyn is back in Elmville, or that maybe it would be inappropriate to bash her skull in. Theres room to improve for everyone. that's clearly said pretty casually so i might be overthinking it, but i really did take this as an indication that skip does like these people- esp with the fact that he chose to run into the area with the big beefy scary dude when he didn't have to, seemingly just to help margaret.

Either scenario would be only sort of PvP but not full on fighting. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. I think this speaks to his desperation to remain lost again. There are two sides to this conversation - how the show treats its East Asian characters, and how fandom treats East Asian characters. There are trigger warnings for each chapter! Almost like someone had to jettison a cargo hold in a hurry because there was something dangerous in it. So, to wrap up, I guess I half agree with you.

The coolest, most badass thing that Pete had ever seen was Kingston stepping forwards with crackling electricity pulsating at his fingertips, bright white like the crack of thunder during a storm, ozone tingling on the tip of his tongue as he slammed his fists into the ground and all electronics within the Stock Exchange shut down as he cast the most powerful spell he had available. Lucienne. If the war is over, then The Rocks won?They must have," Fettucina adds with a grimace. Shout out to zac because I spend the entire finale going "Norman and Skip should kiss and then do a Venom" and then they did that. A story in Edia of seven Food Folk whose actions will change courses of their world. By this time next week the whole thing could be completely in tatters. Margaret. This particular post will specifically focus on the context of East Asian diaspora communities because Norman is Japanese-Americadian and Zac is Japanese-American and I personally come from an East Asian diaspora though I am not Japanese). We accept this, this is part of the story and the setting. Namely, that no D20 season yet has had actual pvp (as far as I can recall), and I dont think theyd start now. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (313), Dungeons & Dragons (Roleplaying Game) (23), | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (3), Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types (2), Riz Gukgak/Fabian Aramais Seacaster (285), Kristen Applebees/Tracker O'Shaughnessey (122), Riz Gukgak & Fabian Aramais Seacaster (71), The Bad Kids & The Bad Kids (Dimension 20) (57), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (142), Ostentatias Touching Reunion with Aelwyn Abernant, Kingston Brown & Pete Conlan | Pete the Plug, Episode: c03s01e14 The Unsleeping City: Showdown at the Stock Exchange, The wasted years, the wasted youth (the pretty lies, the ugly truth), The Bad Kids & The Bad Kids (Dimension 20), Campaign 01 Season 02: Fantasy High Sophomore Year (Dimension 20), I might add Jet Ruby Liam and others but not for now, | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, The people who lived in that house with sam & colby in 2018/2019, Just loads of WIPs I wanna post but I havent finished. Could we be having more conversations about its implications for autonomy and consent? He isnt nice and he isnt kind, but thats who he, Norman Takamori, is. Its an interesting theory, but I would doubt with the way Brennan rolls that he would make the major antagonist so 'obvious'.

Now weve got someone that people actually like and get along withbut through stripping away Normans agency and identity. Nor am I saying that all the characters are bad and that we should be criticizing everything they do. A poly retelling of Misfits and Magic following the four American students at Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts learn about magic, mysteries, friendship, and each other. getting to see zac make full use of the cerebro slug mechanics is, quite frankly, so fucking tight. of cerebro-slugs and has gone missing from his home for an extended length of time resulting in a verse-wide slug hunt. Logistical reasons. We may not dislike Norman because hes Japanese, but we do hold him to a different standard compared to white characters, and we are quick to dismiss him as an unpleasant, miserable man after a single episode that was mostly combat. "Plumbeline puts her quill down and presses a hand to her forehead. Cody and Ricky, and Evan and K spring most readily to mind. also edit to add - I don't think Norman was really much of a valiant hero either. It really could. I wasn't thinking Zac would be fighting the other PC's, just that he would be secretly working towards his own agenda until the turn. quiet and submissive, cartoonish sidekick, sexy fantasy), or more recently, are required to be positive representation for their communities (which translates to absolutely perfect and badass, a few surface flaws but nothing truly dislikable or bad). and I could see a scenario where Valdrinor in a panic move bails on Norman when the heat closes in, jumps into an NPC (Princeps Zortch or Raymond Zam for instance), takes off in the newly repaired escape pod with a parting message of "Nothing personal. I think Skip is going to try, for the first time ever, to have a symbiotic relationship with his host, rather than a parasitic one. Now, I am definitely not going to argue that this was a deliberate character choice. Certainly, Norman and the in-game setting of A Starstruck Odyssey are fictional. this happened with k. this happened with the order of the concrete fist. Sidney had told her south, so south she would continue.

(Do space boogers have necks?). Ive praised D20 in the past for NPCs such as Jackson Wei, Cindy Wong, and the Shen family, and for some absolutely stellar performances by Erika and Zac with characters like Danielle and Ricky. All that said, I think the biggest and best argument against Skip being a secret villain is actually kind of lame. One more thing in favor of this wonderful theory is how Skip has nothing against killing. Well, theres no question that Norman is certainly not a nice or likeable man. But there is a pattern in this fandom of holding East Asian characters to different standards than white characters, and its something we need to be more aware of and examine more critically. Also he confirmed he's good with Skip as a nickname, I feel completely normal about this fictional brain slug but uh, my knee-jerk reaction to folks calling him Prince Valdrinor is TOO LARGE. When I said I wished the slug has his own name so it would be easier to tell him and og Norman apart in convo this isn't exactly what I had in mind but okay!! There have also been a few missteps. Which is why, from an in-game perspective, when the nicer Valdrinor took over, everyone was happy about it! Five vaguely cooking-related Norman x Zortch ficlets, placed in chronological order, detailing the progression of their relationship. After the Craniobolt is put in, Gust took Norman to a therapist to see if they could tell what happened to him. somewhere in Dropout you can see Brennan and Zac sweating bullets after reading this. The facts as we know them: Skip/Valdrinor is a prince, ostensibly royalty to an entire civilization (colony?) I still think that there's some big character turn coming that will involve Valdrinor leaving Norman's body at an opportunistic moment for a while to let Norman step forward in the story and work on his own stuff. Like Skip's "Youre important" line wasnt intended as some kind of boost to Marge, but i dont think it was manipulative either, it was Skip looking at Marge realizing she seemed to be an important person, and just benignly stating that fact out loud. "Oh now the guy I'm inhabiting is caught up in something really big here, I'd better GTFO while I have a chance". I much more get the vibe that Valdrinor is Slug royalty fleeing from the responsibility of his position, hence why he'd have the authority to wipe a slugs line from existence. I'm obssessed with it. She shivered. Norman is absolutely an unpleasant jerk who chose to take out his personal issues on his crew, and thats on him. her feet are stuck, and instead she kneels, cupping her dying sister's face with her hand. It's a tough galaxy out there.".

Just take a look at Kpop twitter if you want a particularly egregious real life example, but it happens to greater or lesser degrees in nearly any fandom with Asian characters in it. Obviously using the example of Calroy puts one in the mindset of a violent turn and a degree of maliciousness. Zac Oyama, master of the backstory that just keeps on giving, Prince who now? But especially when youre a person of colour, your race affects how all aspects of your identities are viewed and treated by others, even in areas where you might hold privileges.

Brennan and the crew love subverting expectations. To start with the show, there have been some ups and downs. The Bad Kids in growing up and fighting and being adventurers and child soldiers and a ruined world. A person can betray people they care about out of fear, or panic or other non malicious reasons. I just dont see Brennan giving up that spot as All The Bad Guys TM. So why is it that when the other characters make dubious decisions (e.g. Theyre all gay.

Wow, this is incredibly well thought out! Mind controlling parasites are a classic scifi villain, and I feel like it would be an uncharacteristic choice to be like 'Surprise! I think 'royal space slug learns the power of friendship' sounds like it could be so much more fun as a plot as opposed to 'mean boss goes back to being in control of subordinates, destroys evil aliens', About 45 minutes into ep 4 (literally like 44:55) when talking about skip killing the uftp agent, zac says that it's simple to him because 'it feels like he's threatening his friend.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HClkGL4yFXg&ab_channel=EranArbel ), The thought just occurred to be that if Norman seemingly is being set up as the fall guy for the nun murders (which is connected somehow to the crew acquiring the crates containing Valdrinor), having an ally out there in the galaxy who has read the thoughts of Norman and knows he's innocent could be a way to eventually get Norman and Valdrinor to get on the same page in order to figure out who is setting up the Wurst Crew as patsies. It also seems like the universe is sort of a moral wild west, and in the grand scheme of things, a parasitic species who need a host of some sort to flourish aren't "that evil" . That doesnt scream secret villain to me as much as it sings black sheep finding its freedom. For all we know, cerebro-slugs are the Startstruck version of Drow and Skip is just Space Drizzt. I emphasize that Zac wanted to explore this story line, and that Asian people should be allowed to explore stories and characters without having to worry about whether theyre being positive representation. I would not like him if he was a real person, and I dont condemn people for not liking him. Edit: Having a player be a character intended to become the big bad also introduces problems of What If They Die. Theres your usual problems -whitewashed art, ignoring or simplifying East Asian characters, objectification, etc- and things like double standards and viciously defending white faves against those mean Asians. If they were unlikable, then they either become reduced to a one-dimensional villain role or its were going to invent a whole new character with the same name thats likeable and/or redeemable according to our personal standards.. Someone has messed with the timestream using powerful chronomancy, and the consequences could be dire. Whats a suave, repressing teenage boy to do? Of course no one likes being around assholes and Norman is definitely an abrasive and demeaning asshole, but thats also the point. + norman takamori prince valdrinor (a starstruck odyssey). or; across every timeline, the bad kids find each other. I think Norman learns all the lessons you touched on, and I think Skip is running from his people. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. So what does this have to do with Norman? This is not an attack, its a call to do better. Any creative speculation on an episodic work like this is likely to be hilariously wrong in the end. Pretty easily, Id say. Just iconic behavior, round of applause for Zac , tested out a brush recently and i doodled my bestfriend prince skip valdrinor