Legacy of fury is good, but not good enough in my opinion.

Please? also requires the jewel ofc which is expensive on day 1. Hitting the boss like 8 times and no sentinels eventually made me quit the build. It was the first build I farmed a headhunter with and I spent hundreds of ex min-maxing it. Boneshatter Slayer played in 3.17 in SSF. Cold BV staff done, deciding on next project. Damage isn't really an issue for clearing maps luckily. The amount of witches I play is criminal and I can't stop, won't stop. Omni CoC Cold Convert Exsanguinate with Awakened Chain. You're then hit by that, and the "phys taken as" (we'll say 32% to fire, 21% to cold) is applied to the 700 phys, not the 1,000, resulting in a final hit taken value of 374 fire, 147 cold, 150 lightning, and 329 physical. The heatmap is in UTC+0 timezone.

That was my strongest build to date, this league's Elementalist EA feels like a close second.

Fixed Build !build2k, [DSC] Solo Depth: 2100. Low Life No ES RF Indigon VD XD, [DSC] Solo Depth: 2200 38 mil dps 38 mil deaths, [DSC] Solo Depth: 2300++ NEMESIS!! For min-max I wouldn't know, build does stupid damage anyway.

but it was hilarious. Homebrewed Int Stack Elementalist in Ritual, Cold Reap Occultist this league. Had to make something with it. True budget flicker strike zerker during scourge (mostly only cause i could 6L myself to get everything under 100chaos) which is a shame because if i had been able to toss juggs accuracy stacking on him this league he woulda been fairly powerful. 35% explode chance?

I leaguestarted as Spark Assassin playing with an aurabot friend. the venom gyre build was relatively popular; check out poe.ninja. No clue how they can be so popular. Was fun while it lasted. I've been trying to figure out how to get enough aoe on a hollow palm character to be good for map clear. With how ridiculously broken FR totem was that league I couldn't say that I regretted not playing sst, but sst definitely was the more fun and engaging build. agreed, if i wanted to spawn a bunch of demons to do my work for me i'd have kids. Blink Arrow / Mirror Arrow Summoner this league was a blast. Archmage Storm Brand Hiero. Obviously abused aegis aurora will be left to see if that survives. Firestorm Elementalist with: If you click the right combination of shrines and get speed boost or invulnerable shrine it trivializes most content. I mean I usually play self cast so I don't mind it too much, it's basically like playing self cast with backloaded damage. Mine were Dex stacking Ice Shot and Int Stacking Kinetic Blast/Power Siphon! I'm always finding new ways to improve on the build, whether it's increasing the DPS, survivability, getting to an appropriate DPS quicker and cheaper, etc. theres an explode node on a large cluster as well i use though i dont know how well it works as its only 15% chance. bfbb archmage agnostic raider was the absolute nuts bonkers thing i ever played in this game, literally.

u/xDaveedx Self-cast Forbidden Rite was by far the strongest build I've ever played since Heist league Aura Stacking. I said this exact bulld, not some super budget version that is 10 times less tanky and deals a fraction of the damage. If you wanna whole screenwide legion pops, you have to path differently for avatar of fire, breath of flames, master of fire and a explody setup with a flammability on hit ring e.g. I'm as picky as I am bad so I just play TR and get bored. I had done sirus, elder, and shaper before. It keeps me busy enough to always play straight to league end! It was glorious. The old, and current, shatter sound is apparently not good for performance somehow. Interactive bossing, breeze mapping, sick scaling but kinda doable on medium budget.

Winter Orb , Deli maps, Cam + dumped soon. Close to being a one button build and with Chill/freeze it's just super smooth to play. All Trademarks referred to are the property of their respective owners. Herald of ice because the shatter sound+mtx = kreygasm. But carrying bosses like it was nothing and breezing through maps was a blast. Seeing the herald of ice explotions blowing everything up and chaining offscreen in an instant just brings a pure feeling of joy. !builds for self chill guide, talented DJ showcase with commentary by weird chinese uncle!builds for self chill guide. I tend to play more in direction of bossing dps and normal explody setup for better clear.

Oh sweet summer child. Three Dragons cold Arc mines Elementalist in Ultimatum, was fun as fuck, very cheap and very powerful.

Im highly considering a flicker start for the the first time ever and Id like to end up as cold Raider but slayer seems to have and easier start because of Oros. - Formless Inferno and purity of fire + determination But the progression from 0 --> maps is really easy and smooth. I'll check if I still have the pob (I've changed pc since). Can you please share the BV build? Low Life No ES RF Indigon VD XD, [DSC] Solo Depth: 2150. I haven't actually played mage skeletons personally, just the regular melee ones. Empheral bond build arming for next build, No Aura stacking, HH, Explode just Ninja Stars !mirror, Answering questions and doing some PoB stuff, Cold Bv finally up setting up for farm now, Blast 100% deli for a bit then testing some new farming strats. I played frost sentinels with skelly support back in expedition but things have changed since then. Likeyhood of me actually being able to do this again: 1%. though those gems are super non budget. Explosions are so satisfying and the damage is so good while leveling its such a great experience. Popcorn skelly/srs. Elevated explody chest only? Crafting finally fully clicked for me and I was making items that sold for 4-5x what I invested in them. Seed me with your love. I wanna try cf next league as league starter as so many people say it is extremely good mapper early. Used alt qual and focused on burning damage, using RF for supplemental damage. When you get friendzoned you take it out on monsters. Bloodline!! can you do sim30 comfortably with good worb gear? To keep your attribute stacking thing going - I hade incredible success with Str stacking venom gyre berserker this league. Clears all content and idk why but its a lot of fun for me. Your kids would work for you? Spiders was my favorite build Ive played in the last few leagues. This season i tried a skele mage summoner and quit after a week it was so fucking boring. Its like driving at night without headlights, Poe player by day, Toilet paper slanger at night.

Stay away you ayaya freaks. Quite a few different ways to build even. How was the clear and single target? The crazy thing about the sound change was the reasoning: performance. It has become my favorite skill in the game. Blade Vortex poison or cold version, archmage hexblast before the nerf, I played this as an elementalist and did all content for the first time ever :).

Can't play anything else now.

Way too much apm required for results that are good but nothing out of the ordinary on a 200-300 ex build. same here, spiders are just awesome, didnt farm enough for Squire, but had a nice timeless jewel with 2 Slumlords and 2 rings with minion speed on Guardian and minion speed implicit on helmet and those little fuckers just zoom zoom killed everything even on juiced maps, love them, I actually went my own way about the build and had skele mages in fleshcrafter for bossing and spiders for clearing and it was chill all along, also my beloved expedition is almost unbrickable with this setup having all parts physical, chaos and elemental damage. - Micro-distillery belt, The Ele was very good in Scourge league against all the phys, and the Zerker didn't use any items so it's SSF viable /s. The last little bit you can get from a corrupted implicit on shield, which would bring you to 79/81%, or with a mirror-tier double corrupt you can get all the way to 87/89%. you can aim anywhere and the screen just explodes, and it scales extremely well. - Primal Aegis, Ice Crash Zerker with: !Build !Budget, [DSC] Offensive name+1500 Depths = hated !Build !Budget, [DSC] 1550+ Depths Solo stream fixed? Cwdt ward is by far the best one no competition.

Single target is reliant on you standing still and ramping. Only worked back in 3.13, explodey chest was nerfed as well as everything else that made the build work. Perfect for ultimatum wave spawns and single target was decent as it could one shot the likes of Veritana and trial master (on a dd hit). Worb, blade vortex, warchief totem with facebreaker. On a cheap budget Scions should be better but on a medium budget it shouldn't matter much. It actually did improve performance while it was changed too, which was crazy. Just a good all around build imo. probably tornado shot. I [M] hide PoE from my[F] significant other, and i live in shame everyday. Spending my life savings (50ex) on Molten strike. (not on dudes), [DSC] Going for 1400 Solo delve !build !budget, [DSC] Solo 1400+ Push to 1500! Being able to shatter with flicker helped cut a lot of the deaths out. You can get 10% by either unveiling Korell's prefix (in which case it'll always be fire) or as a delve suffix (can be anything), and then eater of world implicit can get you another 6-8% (also of any variety) depending on what tier you want to aim for. Visual clarity is not the build's strongest feature. Since it converts the damage enemies deal rather than the damage you take, it's happening at a separate point and thus stacks multiplicatively with the other effects rather than additively. [DSC] Solo Depth: 24xx : 2500 stream today maybe!?!? - One With Nothing With Phantasmal versions, Stampede and Ashes you could store a burst of 14-16 clones and it was very satisfying to play. I started with Absolution this league. I would like to play it this league. Fakeblood. since actually being able to kill things is fun Aurastacking arc. explody made this nice but what killed the build was flask and pf nerf. Id you want to focus on clear then you could give trinity infernal blow a try on raider. One of best builds I've ever played.

Not a single build since then or before was even close. I decided to give it a try because self-cast didn't feel good and I am glad I did, it is just way better to do everything with one action instead of two. Only thing that comes close to it is legacy explode chest 500% inc aoe stuff.

phys bow rather than an ele bow and converted ts/explode damage to cold with mastery/watcher's eye/gloves. but the white skill gem skin for exsanguinates the best thing ever, kept me entertained with the skill even when it was underperforming. I never thought Id league start a deadeye and prob the best decision I ever made. Hopefully melee gets a buff in 3.18 so I can play some melee builds! Got a HH really early using just a couple of ancient orbs. I have also played some hit based bow, which I think is more fun than TR and I might be exploring in more depth in a future league as a non-league-starter. CF champ last league. Overall for me playing Absolution to lvl 80 felt pretty similar to going skeletons + spectres. Somehow I always end up with cospri coc, it's so easy to build from the ground up and works wonders even on very low budget on three ascendancies. pseudo 15% from ignite condition on Pyroshock Clasp (Crit Firestorm) Seismic sabo, because it is super lazy playstyle. Scraping is prohibited, it overloads the servers.

In 3.14: Str stack, VGS LL champ with pillar of the caged god. Waiting for announcement , testing builds for next league, 3rd grade reading skills attempting to read patch notes, League Start Practice. Only time arc has ever felt really good. The single target is lacking but dot damage means you can do the boss mechanics all day. Celebrating Game 7 win by farming chisels, I gave a bum an exalt and he laughed at me, farming some Demos, getting items for new build, Unleash the Arc on me, and have HoT OoS discharge. There are versions for Scion, Elementalist and Occultist afaik. Its the only build/skill I play each league, since I work about 50 hours a week, and full time husband/father I dont have time to make multiple builds a league. Also this league a Spark Assassin with the new amulet for zoom zoom spooders. The real bottleneck is actually sustaining the self-damage. Some inspiration for the upcoming league would be awesome! CI Full Chaos spark was super fun and ultra tanky with a decent budget I minmaxed it quite a bit but the mandatory things are quite available. So much fun just being a walking cloud of death. Use this instead. Easily cleared all content (except delve stuff). RF Inq ruined every other build for me. I found that in boss fights Absolution felt worse than just going Skeletons because you have to target the boss instead of just right clicking vaguely in the general vicinity of the boss. CG necro - super fun, also easy leaguestart, but was never able to get the vast amount of currency to min max it properly especially for more tankiness, because there are so many things to consider. Bosses maps whatever, buying stuff for new build. the ultimate power fantasy with endless scaling so you never get bored or "complete" your build. Poison guide in !builds, Finishing up Cold BV today, PoB in !builds, Cold Bv blastin seeds for next project. Get in touch, report a bug or incorrect information, suggest a feature.

oh and i tried out the super lazy divergent herald of agony build running just two cold iron points two circle of nostalgias a helmet with +2 level of my auras with a brand for poison stacks and a carrion golem lazily whirling through maps while the minion did everything. Theres something insanely satisfying about casting your ability once or twice to phase maven or Sirus or whatever.

?, Fire BV guide done !builds, Fire BV, testin some atlas strats with it. Sweet - have an upvote, I did not know that :).

80m DPS (can push this ever higher with Woke GMP but its fake damage), something like 80k min. Just a heads up because I know we've all kinda lost our sense of time passing through COVID-19, but Harvest was 6 leagues ago, and the assassin ascendancy has changed a non trivial amount since then. get seed, plant seed, grow plant, harvest plant, craft items. So 67.1% phys taken as ele rather than 85%. With a good elder despot axe (fortify or endurance charge on stun) you could get a usable amount of dps. Guide in !builds, 35% to 100 new build soon. Good damage + Brand playstyle. I played Boneshatter also and did experience times where it seemed like it wasn't hitting for some reason. Some oddballs but they were a blast, and among my favorite builds of all time.

Played as a Jugg and had a lot of fun watching my hp regen hit 10k+, But my new love is exsanguinate. It certainly uses Herald of Ice and has a very nice clear, but HoI is not a central component for it or anything; it's just additional damage.

Eternal Apple Earthshatter vs 100% deliriums? TwitchTracker is not affiliated with Twitch or Amazon. 3.18 is looking promising though - Arc Witch is good again so I'm covered by Enki, and Shak is completing his class build project so between the two of them and Zizaran I should have something.

Scraping is prohibited, it overloads the servers. The clear is incredible and one gem swap for bosses. just cause it turned every map into a Brazzers map. I never did any serious gearing until after i killed eater and exarch.

For me it's that I like builds where I don't have to target. Nah, you're exaggerating. Boneshatter is not that much fun having to stand still and try to wail on big, dangerous enemies.

Death Wish Elementalist - Incredibly strong and lots of fun. Those 2 guys, raixor and dontragequitmebro made the build pretty popular this league and prices went quite up. Spent an entire league playing it anyway. The tree is even flexible enough that I could drop a rare jewel and swap 2 points to run an Inspired Learning for Deli mapping. Working on new Autobomber after, Project 100% Delirium with Doryani's ___ fister, Project 100% Delirium with Doryani's ___ fister day 2, Project 100% Delirium with Doryani's ___ fister day 3, lvling Eternal Apple Ice Crash Beserker xD. NA Des- Dont watch me go watch cute girll, NA Des- Calm , nice , nothing but positivity, NA Des/SF - Dailies chill/non toxic stream, NA Des/SF Doing exciting dungeons for another exciting event XD, 2.5mil+ Indigon VD Going down!! I had a great time with both versions of the build. Mostly unique Gear, allowing for lots of crazy corruptions.

My clear doesn't suffer from not running swift affliction tho. Select a week to see detailed chart. Storm Brand Assassin in Ritual. cwdt ward looper, played multiple times/versions. either way i "enjoy" the game play even if its not the best.

No contest. See that is interesting, cause Boneshatter felt terrible to me. I miss zooming and destroying everything with 30-60m arc crits. I saw someone on youtube do wave 30 with GG gear. I have play RF religiously for the last 5 leagues in a row. (10 with a belt mod and 10% flask charges gained from tree) upkeep them 100% of the time. im actually still hurting after they nerfed this, havent been able to enjoy the game since, Akane's MOM Agnostic Scion miner for sure. smite with tribal fury clears very well. Before they moved / changed EE.

Simply the best skill in the game. Cold Dot spellslinger (but idek if that still works now) was very good to play but its probably a me thing i just liked the playstyle a lot. Poison guide in !builds, We can farm some seeds if you want to. Exsanguinate Elementalist is the most fun build for me, bossing kinda sucks but clearing packs with insane chains is such a good feeling. Poets pen VD with qual amulet, the balls went fast af and i had like 7-8 mil dps. Pretty strong T16 juiced mapping and decent Bossing with huge benefits from Dominion Shrines which can be added every map. pathofexile matth