We laugh alot because my oldest gets carded or they ask for her manager or which high school she goes to (she graduated college 4 years ago). Ummmyeah. The width of the aisle has a minimum to fit the cart as well as be wide enough for egress in an emergency.

But beyond just Cedar Fair parks, height, weight, and size restrictions abound. If she got on the ride she would break it because she is fat and if she lost weight then she could probably fit. Thanks a ton in advance! Im not rich, so I cant go on the $110k Disney 6 park 21-day trip, is that anyone elses problem, NO. Its no wonder, with each ride having specific height and size requirements, that theme parks are an exclusive place made with the able-bodied in mind. PRIVACY POLICY.

Our site produces editorial content for the purpose of entertainment. Thats because not a single ride is forbidden due to weight. Theyre making other restrictions that you just can change physically. Completely sad! Know whos fault it is?

As she waited for her friends to complete the ride, she watched as other busty and disappointed riders were turned away as well. But the walk thru during the wait time was fun & the ride probably wouldve scared me anyway LOL & made my body hurt worse then it already hurt due to a fall injury I had a long while back. And the theme parks are in no way shamign them for being fat. My husband and I went to Disneyland in 2018. We may earn money from the companies mentioned in this post. In your experience, do you consider Dollywood to be a plus-size friendly park? .

When you get winded running, or cant fit comfortably into an airline seat, its no longer a matter of Societys unrealistic fashion expectations, or Freedom to show the world pride in your body image. Anti-Karen, I think you answered best here from what Ive read so far on these comments. But you dont see my ass running around to every ride checking to see which ones I can and cant ride! Were not all born at 8lbs 6oz though i was almost 10lbs at birth my cousin was 6lbs everyone is born at different weights. They can stop eating the twinkies, burgers and sodee pops. The fact is McDonalds and Taco Bell are rich and prevalent for a reason. How about not having your head stuffed so far up your a$$ that all you can smell is your own sh!i? The staff and I do mean all of Dollys staff are so friendly and caring people they go above and beyond to see that you have a wonderful time. Its my problem, not theirs. If I were obese my main concern would be all the other things my weight prevented me from doing, like fitting on a bike seat or running and playing with my child. How about keeping your smart ass comments to yourself? I still worry about being denied access but my choices got me here. How f*cking stupid. You know what he meant. It was such a disappointment after such a long wait. They seem to only be designed for people across the healthy/average body spectrum!, Some people have an issue but theres literally tons (pun intended) of them that could absolutely turn their weight around and dont. It's not really the parks, it's the ride manufacturers, and restraint systems that have gotten significantly more restrictive as rides have gotten more forceful. Fat people have more health issues. You should really quit being so mean on purpose. She was tiny and was a gymnast. She was born at 9lb15oz! How tall is she? At 61 and 260 I can tell you I fit on every ride at Universal. Lose some weight fatass!! No way parks or any other buisiness can accomodate everyone, they do what they can in the limits of safety.

It affects them, not me, but dont give their lifestyles cute names. Sign up for P.S. So that means we should just never go anywhere or do anything because these companies cater to one specific market of people?

There were rides I couldnt go on.

You are not a main character in this life. I experienced similar to what this girl did at this attraction theme park, when I was at Universal Studios in Orlando FL with my hubby several years ago. Just with saying how it was BS to find out AFTER walking thru that long walk of wait time to find out & that I was disappointed. Had the same issue with our daughter! My issue? Going to ask for the basketball hoop to be lowered so they can dunk. Booking through Tripster can usually save you a couple of dollars off the price of regular admission. That is a huge effort on both your parts! Being 167lbs 511, I hardly fit in the seat. It is a very friendly safe happy family place and I am blessed to live only one hour away.

But she or other cant expect the world to coddle them. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. I'm gonna speak bluntly. Hell, Im fat too. Thats life. Copyright Dia & Co. All rights reserved. You know why the seats are small? Then after what I think was a couple hours of wait walking, I came to find I was too big to fit in the rides seats. The average size in American is a 14-16 for women and even that is considered obese. Just move your body. I am 61 and weigh 250lbs. I like to know how she travels? Its not at all good to be morbidly obese. Im fat, I couldnt go on a ride at Busch Gardens because of my size. RMCs are extremely discriminatory to guests with larger guts, hips, and thighs, and I've seen some guests that I wouldn't consider "fat" forced into the "walk of shame". When I was in the Harry Potter themed area, my hubby & I went to ride the big ride thats in there. Did you know we are taking Group Trips around the world with other Plus Size Travelers?? We have always strived to create accessible attractions where people can be themselves and enjoy fun experiences together. You can eat anything you want if you exercise enough of the calories to make up for it.

Rollercoasters are built at a high factor of safety and can handle the twice the weight of the largest person that could fit in a restraint at minimum position. So your choice. People are always blaming others take responsibility for yourself!!!

We believe the scariest part of a theme park should be the rollercoastersnot the size restrictions. If you dont fit, its not the parks fault. Cant wait to stash a pack of smokes under a big skin roll. Yes because if theres one thing obese people need its even more reasons to not change their habits. People need to take responsibility for their own personal well-being and stop expecting others to cater to them. I was always a huge fan of amusement parks until I started to gain weight, then it was just upsetting going to the parks. Im 68 and walk into quite a few . Russel thanks so much for the detail of your information, helped me realize it might not be a problem with the parks themselves.

So, if you are nervous about a ride, ask ahead! No one is healthy at that weight.

For starters, I didnt have to deal with annoying turnstilesalmost every attraction I visited featured doors I could walk through. And the percentage of fat people who have an actual issue like a genetic problem that makes them gain so much weight they are that big is like 1 in every 20 million. Being fat is a first world problem. Listen kid, any fat person eats too much crap and they should stop.

I left the park completely. What works for some may not work for others, even if they have similar proportions. Mako, Fury and others that use the clamshell restraints all have to be clicked a certain number of times to trip the safety switch, that's why it's common to see 2 or 3 ops pushing down on some poor persons restraint to try and get that extra click to allow the seat color to turn green from red on the overhead screen. For those who either cant or dont want to partake in the rides at Dollywood, theres still plenty of fun to be had elsewhere in the park. So while a SMALL percentage of people are overweight due to no causes outside of their control. And I am really sick of everyone acting like we should celebrate visibly unhealthy people.

Being bullied for it doesnt help. Lets stop making everything a problem. Instead of pointing the finger at other people and getting mad because the world wont cater to them, they need to turn their attention inward and work on themselves. When you do get to a park, let us know how it went. If she choose to be over weight thats all on her. Shame is something we need back into American society. I can see where she would be frustrated or nervous about getting on rides while being overweight, but not everything can change to accommodate people being plus size. Of course, that also includes those who cant fit in the seat. Also, someone has to say itI like big butts, and I cannot lie!. Their lap bars (like on Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster) are almost as restrictive as RMCs, but the problem for most guests are their uber short seat belts. Overall, we recommend checkingThe Big Boys Guide To Rollercoaster Restraintsand searching online about the park and ride youre interested in to minimize as many last-minute surprises as possible. Whatever her issue is that makes her obese, that is her own issue, not the ththemoarks issue. If you are BEYOND those limits that 95% are safe in, its unfortunate.

I know a lot of fat people like to tell themselves that. Do better, Dollywood. During my visit to Disney World, I had no issues with any ride. So stop with the complaints and do something. We went thru the whole long walking part of the ride where you see lots of cool stuff & I loved it at that time we were there back that several years ago. The Halloween spectacular is amazing and Christmas is something you dont want to miss. I hope next time we go I will be in a lot better shape. Just because you dont see it doesnt mean it isnt happening. Everyone cant do Everything. Dont hold her hand either. Lets call it what it is: laziness. Deciding she didnt want other people to be in the same uncomfortable situation, ONeill who is a size 24 to 26 made a TikTok video of herself checking seat sizes for each ride. Went from too fat too fat. Its no different than a height requirement for a child, you are not entitled to experience everything in life. Because these thrill rides are dangerous. Period. I had a guy sit next to me on 7DMT last weekend, who must have been pushing the 300lb mark, so there are a few out there, even though they are family type coasters.

If you want it, youll do it. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Inside the Magic. But their weight limit is not achievable by many normal sized people either. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Come and join me! Lets super size these rides for fat people so everyone else can fly out of them! I got fat shamed by my new Dr. Im 160 at 5 foot 3 and 60 years old. I mean shes right. The drawback of these is that you have to make sure you're queued in the right row, and those seats are rarely in the best locations on the train. Coming from a fat guy (280lbs) you cant expect everyone to cater to you some things are made the way they are because they are safer that way. There are plenty of reasons people cannot ride rides due to size in one way or another. I recall my mom crying a few times, she blamed herself for my being overweight. Nobody is outraged, by the You must be this tall to ride this ride signs, because it isnt a reflection of lifestyle and decisions. Though she was nervous about her body crushing her girlfriends smaller frame, about the lap bar not being able to go down far enough to accommodate their differing sizes, about her body weight causing the arm of the Dumbo ride off to snap off completelynothing bad happened at all.

Stupid article. This girl has more of a life than all of you. This.

It is reaching levels of silly my brain just cant handle. Owa park in Foley Alabama is also not for overweight people. May just want to try the test seats honestly. It was sad to see. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I went to sea world in Orlando about a month ago and just made 1 click on the krakenride lmao I was nervous. We knocked elbows and standing up we both hit our heads. You have too much mass going a certain speed it wont turn abruptly itll fly off hence why certain rides have a certain number of seats, certain rides require you to sit a certain way. Cousins on both sides holding her in. I'd love to try out Great Adventure next time I'm out in that area. Theme parks are going to go for the median, so the majority of people can ride. At least weight is a problem that can be fixed. I try to get our family season passes every year.

I LIKE YOU. Im planning to! I hate the feeling of being fat. Its a fun activity, sure, but nothing youd ever need to do. Well my family has the opposite problem. Hundreds of comments flooded the video, many thanking ONeill for her report. There LITERATELY is a weight limit per safety features and if youre a certain weight they will falter. Wait if they were made better for fat people what about smaller kids or smaller thinner people so It wouldnt work for smaller people.

We were very disappointed. I assure you, you can. Also be sure to check the Dollywood website for current deals and promotions. Maybe stop trying to convince people being obese is just as healthy as not. Parks dont make the rides the manufacturers do! Thats why them parks arent built for fat people The problem is who is riding the ride most of the time.

All of the others have either special seats (Green Lantern, Batman, Medusa) or have more accommodating restraints (Kingda Ka, Superman, Nitro, Joker, Dark Knight, and Justice League). Theyre not being a bigot. Disclosure: This site is sponsored by ads and affiliate programs. Thanks for contacting us. If you dont want to be fat only you can fix it. I cant remember the rides name. Exercise.

Yes, a good majority of Americans are of a LARGER PROFILE and it would be nice to see this world move away from the Twiggie mentality and get with the here and now! Its never a great feeling to be told that youre too big to ride. Shut the hell up , your nothing but a rude person. Shes as big as she is because shes either happy with her weight or nothing bad enough has occurred for her to say she would actually work towards being slimmer. She obviously has no issues other than eating as do 99.9% of morbidly obese people. One of my favorites was when she had a bubble show I will never forget the faces of our grandchildren and mine of course. Let us know in the comments! This allows us to bring you the most interesting, entertaining, and unique entertainment experiences, covering theme parks, movies, TV, video games, special events and so much more. I that way because of being abused as a kid and thats the way I cope with my feelings.