League of Legends Villains | Smartsy Fartsy | Syd Weld | Vicky | Jimmy may be a viable partner for her. Tony Dalton's complex, magnetic performance makes all of Lalo's appearances exciting. Colombian Gang |

Dead Kyle | The Hushed (Reverend) | Tito | Mike's love of his granddaughter makes him a sympathetic character, and his tragic backstory shows why his familial bonds are so deep. Mr. Ellingboe | Kim Wexler | Nacho grows jealous of Hector's prominence and poisons him, which begins his physical breakdown and forces him to rely on Lalo. Paramount Villains | Chuck is one of the most complex characters in the entire series. The Twins | Competition: Win 80s slasher Hell High on Blu-ray! Patty Pup | If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. Ilvira |

Seraphim | Jason | The strength of both shows has always been their characters, and the cast of "Better Call Saul" features an exciting mix of beloved favorites from "Breaking Bad" and new original characters that help flesh out the universe. The Grudge Villains | Arturo Roman | Ryo Asuka/Satan |

Fast and the Furious Villains | Player 278 |

Stu | Iron Fist Villains | Dark Spyro | Guy Gagn | That's enough to make anyone break bad. Unlike the ruthless villains, Nacho is a more relatable character, thanks to Michael Mando's sympathetic performance. Gus isn't the type of villain who gives long speeches or relishes in his cruelty his unflinching professionalism is even more terrifying. Dr. Arcannis | General Morando | DeeBees | Despite his imposing quality, there were hints that the hulking strongman was actually a gentle giant through his interactions with his young granddaughter, Kaylee. Silco | Satanic Cult | Andy | Dagur the Deranged | Trevor | King James | Yumeko Jabami | Captain Crow | Ghostface (Piper Shaw, Kieran Wilcox, Third Killer, Beth & Jamal Elliot) | He first appears in the 4th season by surprising Nacho, who discovers that Lalo has been sent by the Cartel to become the new boss. Kakegurui Villains | Toms Cantillo | Saito Geimu | Of all of the cartel members on "Breaking Bad," Hector Salamanca was certainly among the most memorable. Mike Ehrmantraut was one of the most enigmatic and fascinating characters on "Breaking Bad"; as with Saul, the show hinted at his history but never spelled it out explicitly. Both Howard and Chuck block Jimmy's attempts to join the practice, and while Chuck's concerns about employing Jimmy are understandable given their history, it's harder for viewers to connect with Howard. Lee Byeong-chan |

Lutador | Bly Tanaka | Jurassic Park Villains | Whittaker Reardon | God | Even after he's gone from the regular cast, his death looms over the other characters. Full Name Esposito received an Emmy nomination for his role as well as the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and Rolling Stone ranked him #7 of their "40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time". Bob Odenkirk confirmed the rumoured news himself on his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. Nacho seeks a larger role in the cartel and plans to take out Hector Salamanca as he prepares for Lalo's arrival. Peter Butler | While it's fun to see characters like Gus and the Salamanca twins that originated on "Breaking Bad" return in "Better Call Saul," it's even more exciting to see a new character who is trying to break into the trade and gain legitimacy. Tad Mulholand | If Gilligan can pull off the same feat twice, then the end of "Better Call Saul" will be one for the ages. Breakneck | Howard Hamlin is the son of one of Hamlin, Hamlin, & McGill's founding partners, and leads the practice with Chuck; undeniably, he has a lot of inherent privilege. The Lynx | Jo Seok-bong, See Also Their relationship is uneasy; Nacho has ambitions of leading a cartel of his own and had been operating as a temporary Salamanca representative, yet he's fearful of Lalo's renowned ruthlessness. Charles McGill | Asagiri | Frederick Gideon | James Brode | PAL Labs (PAL, PAL Max, Glaxxon 5000 & PAL Max Prime) | The Widow Queen's Father | Lalo Salamanca | Blayde | Cayetana Grajera | Stella Carlin | Mr. Krabs | They also get some more sympathetic moments when they visit Hector in the hospital. These questions will hopefully be addressed in season 6, and it's guaranteed that Seehorn will give another phenomenal performance. Nina Patterson | Godzilla Villains | Prior Sala | Drago Bludvist | Jack Nelson | Todd Alquist | Kim Hyeon-ju | This is Thesecret1070. Fun Gus | Walter White's Drug Empire

But, even early on, Jimmy shows that he's willing to bend the rules in order to evade dangerous situations; in the pilot episode, he escapes the threat of the fan-favorite villain Tuco. Vecna |

Chuck's professionalism makes him dogmatic at points, but viewers must always question whether this is a side effect of the electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Seladon | Professor Nichcha | Henchman |

SH1FT3R (Shashi Dhar & Layla Gray) | Hope Haddon | Luisito Rey | In complete contrast to other Salamancas, Lalo is charismatic, clever, manipulative, and at times seemingly polite and friendly. Despite that, he not once mentioned Nacho following the assassination attempt, and the actor that portrayed him, Tony Dalton, mentioned that Lalo probably couldn't care less about Nacho, instead being focused on hunting down Gus. After a 5th season that pushed "Better Call Saul" to its greatest heights yet, there's even a case to be made that the spinoff has surpassed the original. Mike was hardly the chatty storyteller that Saul was, but his expertise and casual insights clearly showed that he'd been through his fair share of dangerous situations. The Splotch | Breaking Bad Villains | The Cloverfield Universe Villains | The Umbrella Academy Villains | Duchess | Matt was tragically killed in an incident that Mike blames himself for, and as a result he seeks a larger role in taking care of his son's family.

Byeong-gi | Berlin | Mike Ehrmantraut | Tiki the Statue | Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman | Bruce Lowe | Krazy-8 | The Plague Doctor | Juan Bolsa | Kira | Luca Changretta | Kate | Governor | Kubra Balik | Chaz | My Little Pony Villains | Hector uses them to threaten Nacho, but they're ultimately called on to save him after Gus stages an attack. Baasha Zia |

Toadies | Juan Carlos Rivera | Olaf | Frank Sheeran | Teo Rosn | Dr. Stern | Kirisame | Fire Viper | Thanapod | Stricklander | Evgeny Strelkov | Grogon |

Zoe | Chad Garland | Lucas | Maria Ruiz | "Better Call Saul" is often an emotional show, and no moment is more tear-jerking than Chuck's tragic end at the conclusion of season 3. Mirando Corporation (Nancy Mirando, Lucy Mirando, Frank Dawson & Johnny Wilcox) | Hector's earlier exploits are explored throughout "Better Call Saul," which show how his health declined over time. The other characters debated whether or not Saul's stories were true, or just another one of his exaggerations the truth has come to light thanks to "Better Call Saul.". Death | IMDb.com, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. Ishmael | Dayanara Diaz | Ruby Lane | Fans had discovered that all the first letters of the season 2 episode titles spell out Frings Back", and Odenkirk responded with; "Im looking for him. Lewis Dodgson | El Diablo | Cody Favors | Occupation Charlie Plummer | Zucchini | The Man | Jason Carver | El Balde | Hayaku | Hawkes |

Hoffman & Fenske, Animated Features The pair creates an immediate aura of danger, as they're frequently dispatched to watch over potential enemies. He first appears in season 2, threatening Mike by sending the Cousins to watch over Kaylee. Marilyn Blouse | Bloodwolf | Babo | Gyokuen Ren | Maria | Rotter | Dr. Seuss Villains | Buzz Aldrin | Sony Pictures Villains | Professor Maelstrom | When he finally had Gus at gunpoint, instead of killing him, he decided to have fun with him by making a video to Don Eladio showing his secret meth lab, and even decided to let Gus have his last speech before death just for his own amusement. Demons (Zennon, Psycho Jenny, Sirene, Medoc, Kaim, Vegard & Jinmen) | Organized crimeTortureArsonMass murderDrug traffickingDestruction of propertyDestruction of evidenceSabotageTheftMoney launderingSmugglingPseudocideMutilationStalkingBurglaryBreaking and enteringAssault. Shaka | Betsy and Craig Kettleman | Sam Lesser | Desi Piscatella | Sonya | Market Maker (Minatsuki, Laica, Kamui, Quinn, Izanami, Takeru & Kukuri) | King Poseidon | Green Man | Chef Lombardo | Speck | The King and Queen | Cuphead Villains | Man on the Bus | Mitch & Tiff | Karen Plankton | Gaylen | Computer Interface | Gaspar | Waldondo del Mundo |

Cajun Captain |

Baba Yaga | The Odd Couple | BoJack Horseman Villains | One of the most fearsome and oddly charismatic characters in the series, Lalo Salamanca was referenced a few times on "Breaking Bad" by Saul when he recounted his experiences with the Salamancas. Mrs. Krum | Cat Mask Seller | Melanie | Coach Brunt | Marie | Claire Underwood | Huell Babineaux | El Moco | Satan | Yes-Man | Goode Family (Solomon Goode) | Jason's Friends | King Arthur | Ross Humboldt | She-Ra 2018 Villains | Mod Frogs (Jamack & Mrs. Satori) | Malefor | Hervnick Z. Snerz | Jerome F. Davies | Carlos Litvak | Tales of Arcadia Villains | Gus and Hector have a longstanding rivalry, but in his elder years, Hector's health took a turn for the worse, confining him to a wheelchair. Player 040 | Russell Bufalino | Evil-doer Gerald Burlingame | He's also not a villain that lacks any sympathetic traits, as Lalo has a complex family life. Disenchantment Villains | Gruenaks | The Dookess of Zookia | Mini Moose | Waldo | Hardcase | Logan | Haggar | The Professor | Reed | Grigori | Captain Happy | Angel Royale, Live-Action TV Socktopus | Mia Sutton | I am an admin of this site. Beck |

When he first appeared on "Breaking Bad," Saul quickly evaluated Walter's failed schemes, and they formed a unique partnership. Goals Type of Villain What exactly happened in her past?

Each member of the Salamanca clan is fearsome in their own right, but Lalo is a much different brand of evil than the near-silent Cousins and the wild, psychotic Tuco. Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender | The widow of Mike's son Matt has a complex, occasionally troubled relationship with her enigmatic father-in-law. Spleech | Dracula | Clip and Clap | Cartel don Holly Viola | Vacuubot | Nomura | Sprout Cloverleaf | Darkened Creatures | Mugg-1N5 | Crowzilla | Rolo Haynes | First Ones | Garvin Cross |

Magnus Finke |

However, even when dying, he found some amusement in his defeat, smiling and laughing - According to his actor, Tony Dalton, Lalo's last thoughts while dying were "You got lucky - See you in Hell". WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. Janie Orlean | Antony Skomal | Shrek Villains | Arlo Woodstock | Although he and Jimmy frequently spar, gradually Howard reveals himself to be sympathetic towards the future Saul Goodman; he also feels that he's living under the shadow of Chuck's reputation, and he struggles to do what is in the firm's best interests when Chuck grows increasingly unstable. Johann | Goldtrux | Clarance | Brody | Martin Brenner | Heather Fishman | Nano Garca | Vicente Changretta | Erin Voss |

Zombie Queen | Bone and Skull | The Shimmer | The 12 Best Characters In Better Call Saul Ranked. Tortuga | Delacroix | Hordak | Walter White | Is she a victim of Jimmy's negligence destined to perish?

Gerry Granda | Hal | Lemony Snicket Villains | Wan | Plague Kings (Beelzebub, Asmodeus & Purson) |

Begoa Benavent | Victor | Madison Murphy | Nacho's appearance was teased during Saul's first appearance on "Breaking Bad." Theodore Murdsly | Minotaurs | Mary Saotome | John Hartley |

Melvin Sneedly | Adas Adamiec |

Victoria Skillane | Redcoats (Howe) | Melvinborg | Sweet Home Villains | Frank Underwood | Gaff | Ribby and Croaks | "Better Call Saul" explores the world of legal malpractice with the same attention to detail that "Breaking Bad" paid to drug cartel operations and meth production. Lapin | F.A.J.I.T.A | Butt-erflies | Peter Groff | Amir Asif | He holds others to high standards, and despite his love of Jimmy, doesn't want to see his brother embarrass himself or ruin the reputation he's built for Hamlin, Hamlin, & McGill. Satan | Agent Red | The Commandant | Banzou the Cat | Invader Zim Villains | Saul Goodman | Son Myeong-hwan | Jimmy and Diego | Fantos the Amassor | Dr. Sarah Bellum | Gus continues to use Mike as an ally as he plots to dominate the Salamancas, expanding the smuggling routes that he's disguised using the Los Pollos Hermanos locations. Ruff and Stucky | Slitherwings | If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. The Conceited Man | D-Structs | Ed Bighead |

Haley Meyers | Greebles | Lys Antoine | Mrs. Rckl | Lalo and Hector are the only Salamancas who were ever referred to as Dons, implying they're the highest ranked in their family. Bruno | Plankton | Scream Villains | Park Chang-hoon | Skyler White | Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy.

Love, Death & Robots Villains | Ran Jutul | Barbie Villains | Matthew Trent | Colonel Bajlur Rashid | This is very exciting news for fans of Better Call Saul, as it's been announced that Breaking Bad's greatest villain will be showing up in the third season of the spin-off. Gus sees the potential in recruiting Mike after he learns about his conflicts with Hector, and helps him on a mission to cross the U.S.-Mexico border to take out some of Hector's trucks. General Dudley |

Kenny | Stefan Butler | The apparitions | Kenny | Sonic Villains | Julian Crouse | Satan | Cognito, Inc. (Rand Ridley, J.R. Scheimpough & ROBOTUS) | Gerold Rckl | Don | Daro Guerra | Chivo | Piper Chapman | Skrael | He's simultaneously a brilliant and diligent lawyer and a victim of a debilitating mental illness, and Chuck only gradually comes to grips with his circumstances. It was their brutal attack on Hank Schrader that left him in critical condition and marked a more serious turn for his character. Tammy | Rival Dealers | Will she venture down a darker path like her husband, or will she address her own increasingly dishonest behavior? Pablo Garca | Dogs | Wendell | Nicolette Cayman |

Jessica Jones Villains | Bombinating Beast | Titus Weld | The concept of a shady lawyer is hardly an original one, but Saul Goodman quickly proved to be more than a stereotype. Troy and James | Chance | Martin | Nick Goode | Big Mouth Villains | Luther | Yukikaze | Orange Is The New Black Villains | Rolph | Copley | He is also incredibly skilled and strong, as he took out five assassins by himself, with no one's help and only a single gun. Witcher Villains.

Prince Johan | The Higher Being | Don Juan Diego | Joe Gallo | Kaos | Allison | Belsnickel | Ed Galbraith | Iain Rannoch | Lola Lola | Werewolves | Tom Holloway | Thornton Pavey | Stranger Things Villains |

Oswald Mosley | Jinx | Red | Cipactil and Cabrakan | Maya Sorian | Pennsatucky | The 5th season explored the relationship between Gus and Nacho, who is averse to working with someone so brutal. Cap | Dominic Toretto | Tabaqui | Yellow | Sic Mundus (Adam & Noah) | Eva | Reverend Gospel | Indominus Twins | Hook-Handed Man |

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Lalo frequently makes dark jokes and revels in his own brutality, and his psychological torture of Nacho can be quite cruel. NotEnrique | Linda Ferguson | Human Resistance (Dr. Emilia, Greta & Zane) | Kirill Grechkin | Trevor | Svetlana the Sly |

Steve Abnesti, Animated Television

Kazan | Gloria Vaughan | Heather Holloway | The Salesman | Detective Briggs | Front Man | Dean Cuizeen | Alfie Solomons | He is the nephew of Hector Salamanca and the cousin of Tuco, Marco and Leonel Salamanca, and an uncle to Joaquin Salamanca, as well as a member of the Cartel. Chris Mara, Neo-Nazis DANN | Max | Slinkwing Trio (Lurke) |

This Article Contains Spoilers - C.A.B. Madame Satan | Ed Galbraith | Singed | Bellroc | MarksmanshipCharismaHigh intelligenceIntimidationHand-to-hand combatAthletic skillsDurabilityTrickery Maximus | E.d | Eddie | Dana & Rocko | Brinker Martin | Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains |

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Carla Rosn | "Better Call Saul" is fascinating in how it combines multiple timelines. Satan | Magi Villains | Don Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca is the main antagonist of the second half of Better Call Saul, the prequel series to Breaking Bad. Patrick Kuby | Dianne | Stuck Chuck | Strykore | Shawn | Hura and Can | Carmilla | Mr. Van Schoonbeek | These anxieties are highlighted when Jimmy personally blames him. Bear-O | It's a fascinating standoff between two of the most powerful characters. Patrick Fabian gives Howard a charismatic quality when he deals with clients, but is imposing during heated debates with Jimmy and Kim.

Kim and Jimmy become friends, but she's turned off by his irresponsibility and willingness to bend the rules. Barry | Countess Cleo | Miss Shaylock | Lee Na-yeon | Baris | Hugo, Colette & Kevin | Benji Villains |

The generally wicked Lalo shows rare moments of tenderness as he cares for Hector. While the show is already set a few years prior to "Breaking Bad," it occasionally goes back even further to provide insights on Jimmy and Chucks' childhood and flesh out their relationship. Dr. Haynes | Mrs. Dubois | Saju Rav | Declan, The Cartel Roberto de Len | Poppy Reardon | Erik the Wretched | Beastars Villains | Jerathmiel | Almighty Tallests | Bank Robbers | Four Horsemen | Darby Sabini | Pockets | Fame | Although it's unclear if romance was ever on the table, Howard seems to legitimately care for Kim and fears what will happen to her career if she continues to follow Jimmy. Dragon Flyers (Krogan, Mr. Murderous Pile of Yak Dung & Flyer Leader) | Ms. Granada | Morag | Avery Collins | Angor Rot |

Shere Khan | Luis Miguel | Mictlan | Hamsters | Firecomb Crasher | Baxter | DreamWorks Villains | Carlton Bloom |

According to his actor, Tony Dalton, Lalo has "a little thing" for Mike. He's comically unfamiliar with the dangerous territory he's wading into, and his interactions with both Saul and Mike are frequently hilarious. Steven Merrick | Wilfred James | Sarah Black | Matal Mogamett |

Billy Marlin | Mia Nolan | Barth |

Ji-yeong's Father | Vivian | Natalia Alexander | Los Pollos Hermanos (Gustavo Fring, Victor, Tyrus Kitt, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle & Gale Boetticher) | Billy Barker | Benjamn Blanco | Flat Earth Society (Harold) | Light Turner | Baron Von Schwarzhosen | Golden Woman | Crimes Yuri Ismaylov | Gilbert Ross | Jason Orlean | Shadow Board | Teen Titans Villains | Just like the other Salamancas, though, Lalo deeply cares about his family and carries a "La familia es todo" (Family is all) way of living, taking care of his uncle Hector and calling him after faking his death, as well as calling his cousins Marco and Leonel "good boys" despite being two of the most cold-blooded assassins in the entire Cartel, on top of genuinely caring for the people that lived in his house despite his somewhat-bad treatment of them.