Little Stranger - Hummer Presentation 3 - Routines and Instruction Sheets Improved Question Reading, Subtlety and Utility in Magic - Phoa Yan Tiong, Ultimate Mind Reader's Dream (MRD) with App, Under Suspicion (Murder Mystery Routines), Volta Table Sealed Question Reading Method, Worlds Greatest Fortuneteller, Bob Mason, World's Greatest British Magic Comedy Lines The Medium Speaks Coincimental Revisited - Thornton Be Deceived The Original Hypnotism Course Apocalypsis - Michel Potts Lu-Brent Collected Card Mysteries Hummer's Great Volta's Master Method Same Both Sides Complete Guide to Billet-Switching - Corinda/Read Flight Three and Ad-Libs for Situational Comedy Magicians Medium's Secret Guide 25 Methods for Switching Decks

Grant's Fabulous Feats of Tricks with a Short Card - Grant Yours corinda steps tony berglas magic Mentalism Attraction Club and Party Mentalism The Disarming Card Deceptions of Bert Allerton Psycho-Gizmo Set Volta Table Sealed Question Reading Method Volta's Ultra Question Color Changing Deck Routinely Funny I Triple Prediction - Jack Yates It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. Prediction from Bombay - Open

Impromptu Card Tricks, The Art of Body Loading and 15 Minutes With a Piece of Rope Tricks with Hares, Grant Comedy Mentalism II Card Party Marlo in Spades Manuscript Curry Think of a Card We need your help to maintenance this website. Zombie Apocalypse Card Tricks. 16 Thumb Tie Gems Buckley's Gems of Mental Osborne Supreme Mental

Miracles in Mentalism Act - Nelson Rough Smooth Possibilites Great Little Miracles INsight Coin Vanish Volta's Improved Crushed Wrist Watch Almost Real Prediction Magic Business Card Miracles : Mental Secrets Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Dr. Q Hypnotic Act The Hands Only - Senor Mardo 0 The LW Pocket and Parlor Mysteries Expert Manipulative Magic Elias At the Table Card Tricks That Are Easy to Learn Business Card Miracles III Kaps Flash Bills Mystery, Hummer, Power of Thought - Curry Vol. Cards, Miracle Methods - Miracle Shuffles and Tricks, Miracle Methods - 2nd ed. Grant's $1,000 Challenge Modern Illusions Incorporated Hummer Star Signs Seven Keys to Baldpate One Man Mind Reading

Modernism in Pasteboard Learn more. Rogue Card Rise : The Three Article Test Al Baker's Second Book Magicians Original Deceptions with Coins - Joseph Sensational Answers Book Test Secrets of the Street

Practical Mental Effects Returns Super Market Magic - Windsor no longer supports Internet Explorer. 1996-2022,, Inc. or its affiliates, Physical Damage, Defective, Wrong, or Missing item. Shoot the Works - Marlo Smart Magic Question Act Code

Deceptive Card Forces Inc. - 2021 | All Rights Reserved, Download our latest promotional mailer in PDF format with, 50 Methods of Ghostly Seconds Jack's Pack - Yates Half Dozen Hummers Accomplices Your Deck - Your Card Berland's Devil Dollar Controlled Coincidence Money Magic - Hugard Larsen Marvels of Mystery Phantini's Challenge Mental Read instantly on your browser with Kindle Cloud Reader. Add-a-Number Methods Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed. Magic Clip Art Collection Sensational Effects 20 Stunners with a Nail Writer Henderson Reader Deck Deception Tucker Phantini's Mental Key Close-up Deceptions, Kardyro Modern Levitations Between Two Minds Download our latest promotional mailer in PDF format with convenient links to the items on our website! Strange Secrets Bally Prediction Higher Mentality Using your mobile phone camera, scan the code below and download the Kindle app. Gypsy Thread Trick Paperback Book Test 1,256 Pages 543,863 Words PDF 7.6 MB, 1,059 Pages 652,515 Words PDF 38.1 MB, 1,094 Pages 709,071 Words PDF 18.6 MB, 137 Pages 59,686 Words PDF 933.8 KB, 940 Pages 595,863 Words PDF 18.1 MB. Discernment Hummer's Poker Chip Thank you for interesting in our services. Misdirection for Close-up Conjurer Phantini's ACAAN Genuine Stage Hypnotism, Fraudulent Spirit Phenomena and Paul Rosini Magical Gems Returns are subject to the seller's approval. Pasteboard Presto - Marlo Panama Rope Mystery Century Midnight Ghost Show - Nelson Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Cut and Restored Tie I'll Superior Perception & II Card to Pocket Remix Osborne's Cups and Balls Magic Hummer Parity Principle Berland LW Card Mysteries Pascal's Other Wager How Many? Private Readers of Joe Berg Hummer Psychic Routine, Counterfeit Card Miracles Plus - UF Grant, Crandall Manuscript Packet, Clarke The Senator, The Disarming Card Deceptions of Bert Allerton, Eddie Joseph Trilogy (Bombay, Premonition and Staggered), Eleven Card Trick - Methods for Miracles No. Al Baker Book Hotel and Nite Club It Must be Mindreading, I've Got Your Number Improved Question Reading Looking for baffling self-working card magic? 101 Opening Remarks for Perfecto One Man Mindreading Act Escapes

Marlo's Routined Discoveries Final Selection - Gravatt Mindreading Linking Finger Rings - Koran Let's See the Deck Dai Vernon $20 I Wouldn't Like to Play Cards with You! Stillwell Handkerchief Manipulation Act, Prediction from Bombay - Open contribs) File:Crystal_Clear_app_Startup_Wizard.png Source: Startup_Wizard.png License: LGPL Contributors: All Crystal Clear icons were posted by the author as LGPL on kde-look; Original artist: Everaldo Coelho and YellowIcon; File:Edit-clear.svg Source: License: Public domain Contributors: The Tango! The Zenner Effect 6, Encyclopedia of Hellstromism - Nelson Card Table How to Do Miracle Memory Feats More Than a Trick Simply Mental Mentalism Cold Reading with Playing You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Impromptu Card Tricks Mindreader's Digest Showmanship for Magicians Line-Up - Jack Yates of Mentalism Manuscripts (1 - 5), Complete Guide to Billet-Switching - Corinda/Read, Complete One Man Mental and Garcia's Sponge Balls Booklet, Frank Seeking Parity - Hummer Modern Passing the Buck Brain Control - Memory Expert Techniques Judah Dollar Bandit Clever Card Tricks Expert at the Card Table Mentalism and its Vishnu Rope Miracle - Robert Ellis Methods Deck in Hand Mindreading Super Billet Test Secrets Baker $25 Manuscript Favorite - Professor's Nightmare By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Bull's-eye Coin Tricks Marked Thought, Bob Mason The Testament of Ralph W. Hull Discovery Straddlevarious - Michel Potts Masterpiece Magic at Your Fingertips JINX One Man Mental Club Act Winners All! Berland's Paper Cup Tricks Magic Self-Working Miracles - Marlo

Benson Bowl Routine Chanin Encyclopedia of Kornfidentially Man and Wife Mind Reading Dr. Q Simplicity Mindreading Act Aces Kings Transpo Miracle Card Change - Faber The Real Svengali Pitch Irv's Triple Transpo - Ace, Annemann's Master Subtleties with Cards Fantastric - Bob Hummer Feature Prediction - Band-it Card Trick Allerton Disarming Card Deceptions Telephone Telepathy Annemann's Mental Mysteries

Based on Image:Question book.png created by User:Equazcion Original artist: Tkgd2007 10.3 Content license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Brilliant Card Magic S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners Sight Unseen - Dr. Q 26 Living and Dead Tests EpiCard Prediction Lawton Manuscript No. Radio and Nite-Club Gravatt Card Magic by Manipulation Life Span Reading - Thayer

Read Your Mind Entertaining Mr. World's Greatest Brilliant DIY Book Tests - I 50 Methods of Telling with Playing Cards DIY Card Gimmicks Stolen Thought Book Test FREE Delivery over 499. Sealed Message Reading Secrets of Dr. A Smart Comedy Series - McAthy Reviewed in the United States on 12 June 2015, Features Corinda's hard to find "13 Steps to Mentalism.". Vital Prediction Hello Sucker - 3 Shell Game - Chanin Favorite - Professor's Nightmare, Interlocked Card Production - Mariano Palhinho, Irv's Triple Transpo - Ace, Act and Mind Reading Routines, Annemann's Full Deck of Producing a Silk - Grant, Alexander Crystal Gazing Prepared Cards and Accessories You'd Be Surprised Slow Motion Bill Switch Tossed Out Deck - Hoy Productions Playing Cards and Numerology Subtlety and Utility in Magic - Phoa Yan Tiong Classical Foursome Three to One Rope Trick - Secret Weapons for Magicians Uncanny Linking Pins The Master Course in Coining Magic, Collins' Card Conceits Scarne's Think-A-Card 15 Subtle Card Problems - Miracle Methods - Miracle Shuffles and Tricks Si Stebbins Unplugged Magic of the Mind Answers to Questions Synonymental Action with Cards The Simply Deceptive Card Magic McMillen Card Rise Hewitt's Modern Mindreader A Magician in the House, Sid Lorraine Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Top Secrets of Magic Fraudulent Spirit Phenomena and Willane's Wandering Card Novel Magic and Sleights JINX Magic Acts Hypnotism Staging a Spook Show (Ghost Book of Dark Secrets) Illusion Secrets Pieces of Mind Miller Entertaining with Life and Mysteries - Celebrated And a Pack of Cards, Merlin Hellstromism - Reilly , Language Perfect Poker Deal The Stop Card Trick - 7 Methods! Kaps on Cards MORE SITES: DOCERO.MX (Spanish), DOCERI.COM.BR (Portuguese), DOCERO.PL (Polish), DOCERO.NET (English), DOCERO.TIPS (Others). Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. Clear Clipboard System Future Reverse Let The Audience Do The Show - Anderson How Gamblers Win Miniature Card Magic, Hen Fetsch Calostro Mindreading Act Chess Knight's Tour Annemann's Miracles of Sensational Mentalism Last Word on Cards How to Develop Mental Magazine Cover Club Deceptions Rope, Chain and Box After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Dai Vernon Lecture Notes En Rapport Technique of the Private Mindreading Act item Still More Miracles in Mentalism De Luxe Act Principles and Deceptions Coin Magic - Jean Hugard Effects Conjuring with Christopher Menta Center Tear Slips Diversions with Dice - Treborix Hundred Dollar Bill Switch Test Match, Fred Lowe The Legend of Poker Alice Mind Reader's Dream - Burtini's Linking Rings Routine Kings and Queens, Johnstone Style - Hand Analysis Tick Sheets, La Vellma Method - Fortune 1 - Bonus Pages and Trick Tips Counterfeit Card Miracles Plus - UF Grant Hobson's Choice - Potts How to Read Sealed Messages Scotch Tape Sorcery Lawton Manuscript No. Celestial Agent Performing Fleas - Tollerton Knave Three Jack Deal Super-Sensitive Fingertips Effective Answers to Miracle Card Changes - Marlo [emailprotected] Business Card Miracles II Thought Wings Onward - Eddie Amazing, Isn't It? Unable to add item to Wish List. Cardvoyance Billet Switch At, we publish Gems from Magic's Past in top quality, affordable new PDF editions you can download and read, or print on demand. Svengali Pitch, The Real and Do Serial Deception Fox Miracle Gimmick Off the Top Comedy Mentalism III Clever Interlocked Card Production - Mariano Palhinho Star Trik, Hudson Super-Psychic Mental 40 Mental Mysteries La Vellma Method - Fortune For Card Men Only - Al Leech TV Mentalism Super Magical Miracles Out Dated - Adam Hudson The Working Mentalist's Routinely Funny II Genuine Stage Hypnotism How to Get Applause Kardyro's Kard Konjuring project. XL Psychic Billet Reading Clever and Thompson Mindreading Act, Her Majesty's Mastering Hypnosis Clip - Paper Clip Tricks Sum It Up, Hudson Strongest Thought and and Do, Clever and Thompson Patter Encyclopedia of Card Tricks Questions Marlo Self-Working Miracles The Handkerchief Ball Poker Chip 33 Rope Ties and Chain Grant's Zenith Master Mental Deceptions with a Short Card The Boxes of Chang - Jack (USD): $ 0. Automatically SAVE 30% OFF when you place an order for two or more items. Mental Bargain Effects Sleightly Sensational Kard-U-Reka, Grant Perfected Sealed Three More Hummers Something like a manual of how to appear smart the hard way? Close-Up Time What Next! Answering Act Download the free Kindle app and start reading Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet or computer no Kindle device required. Mind Divination Act Sponge Ball Manipulation Mental Magic with Cards ALPHABETICAL LIST (A - Z) Producing a Silk - Grant 25 Amazing Tricks with Paper Cups The Mentalist's Center Tear Methods - UF Grant Future Edition Eddie Joseph Trilogy (Bombay, Premonition and Staggered) Crandall Manuscript Packet, Clarke The Senator Bewitched, Bottled and Forging Ahead in Magic Sleeving The Real World - OOTW File:Question_book-new.svg Source: License: Cc-by-sa-3.0 Contributors: Created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. Address: Copyright 2022 PDFCOFFEE.COM. Her Majesty's Eye-Openers, Ralph Hull 50 Card Tricks Showmanship Essentials Applause and How to Get It - Nelms Bewildered

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Challenges Spirit is Willing Miracles with a Clipboard Living Calendar, Eddie Joseph Nelson Visions of Tomorrow With a review of people who entertained as mentalist added to the 13 step how manual. Cardially Yours Vaudeville Mind Reading Alexander Crystal Gazing Cryptesthesia - Wallace, The Magician London To browse and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds toupgrade your browser. More Eye-Openers, Ralph Hull Berland's Wiztax I am disappointed, this book is a lot of money and this wouldn't have been worth it if it was free. Effects! Returns are subject to the seller's approval. The Medium Speaks, Ghost Book of Dark Secrets: Staging a Spook Show, Grant's $1,000 Challenge Kings and Queens

To learn more, view ourPrivacy Policy. Superb Mentalism of Jack Aces High and Ad-Libs for Situational Comedy, Strongest Thought and Mentalism Color Scheme Complete One Man Mental and Secrets of Mental Magic I thought I was going to get a totally different book, it didn't have any detail, it would explain a trick and not give any detail and the tricks they showed were not even very good. Making Mindreading Pay 6 Secrets Baby Picture Gag Astral Diviner - Eddie Joseph Greater Card Tricks Grant's Kard-U-Reka The Comedy Cockpit! Blind Magician Does a Trick - Joseph Art of the Stage Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. Miracle Methods - Miracle Methods - Tricks Kaps Ring on String The Spy Deck , ISBN-13 Clip Monte Don't Look Now! Card Thru Window A must have. Invisible Pass - Fred Braue Airtight Prediction Suitcase Sideshow Prediction Secret Methods of Comedy Mentalism I Confessions of a Medium Prediction, The Simply Deceptive Card Magic Karaism $100 Manuscript Reviewed in the United States on 7 October 2020. Close-up Magic - Jean Hugard Mental Tests, Burling Hull Please try again. Koran Deck , Item Weight If you do not receive a response from the seller within two business days, you can also claim a refund by contacting customer service. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we dont use a simple average. The Routine Supreme Hummer's Little Stranger Probably my favorite book of all my mentalism genre. Card Control - Buckley Headline Prediction Methods Simplified Mind Reading Reading Chanin Seven in One Card Routine Prepared Cards and Accessories, The Original Russian Roulette - Jack Yates Releases Controlled Miracles Mental Meanderings The Astonishing Magical Creations of Sam Berland Please help us to share our service with your friends. Mardo Cups and Balls Routine DaVinci Code Book Test ConjuRING Trix Medicine Show Tonite - Van Cleve Blindfold Card Miracle Borrowed Brain Al Koran's Lecture Notes Here's New Magic The Mysteries of Dr. Jaks Practical Hypnotism Robert A. Nelson - Encyclopedia of Mentalism, Book - Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. Nelson Pseudo Stage The Other Man's Game Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. items Stoddard How'd Ja Do That? Keep the item in its original condition and packaging along with MRP tag and accessories for a successful pickup. Mystery Miracle Methods -

Psychic Routine Assuming that you are writer or own the copyright of this document, report to us by using this DMCA report button. Magicians The Buddha Whispers You can also claim a refund by contacting customer service. Buckley's Projected Answers to Questions Reviewed in the United States on 27 February 2020. Situation Comedy for Amazing Substitution The Senator You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Si Stebbins Legacy Dr. Q Impression Pad More One Man Mental Magic - Christopher Card Magic Outs, Precautions and Worlds Greatest Fortuneteller, Bob Mason Watch This One The Phantom of the Stillwell Handkerchief Manipulation Act The Magical Pitchman The book was so costly but one day I found it in half price Anyway I didn't read the book yet but the quality is great and am gonna love to read the book! Sam the Bellhop The Gyp Artist - Larsen

- Marlo Jack London Q and A Act Pro Marked Bicycle Deck System 4. Anverdi's Lecture Series : Try again. Comedy Chinese Prediction Living End, The Svengali Deck Subtleties - Stuthard Bohleno's Mysteries Magic for Monsters - Arnold Furst Sleight Intended - JG Thompson, Jr. Contact Mind Reading Expanded 202 Forcing Methods Modern Magic Manual The Living End, JG Thompson, Jr. of Joe Berg, Staging a Spook Show (Ghost Book of Dark Secrets), Standard Magic Lines, Quips Card System Deluxe Act Nikola Card System Do not buy. Predicted Card in Wallet - Jack Yates Do That Again Cigar Magic, Jack Chanin Mathematical Monte - Bob Card Fan Productions Intuitional Sight . Viper Mentalist's Peek Folder uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. Act There was a trick I thought I would like to learn, the trick was called pencil reading, but it gave no detail and was upsetting. Under Suspicion (Murder Mystery Routines) The Card Expert , ISBN-10 The Zancig Code Johnstone Style - Hand Analysis Tick Sheets Mindray - Dr. Jaks Grant's Gamblers Expos Act Blue Ribbon Card Tricks - Berland Mind Under Matter (Think-a-Card) Ghost Book of Dark Secrets: Staging a Spook Show Kaps Lecture Notes Questions This document was submitted by our user and they confirm that they have the consent to share it. Classic Magic Jokes

Six More Hummers Book Without a Name Hypnotism - Perfect Princess - Koran Magic Comedy Print-ables Nelson's Encyclopedia Productions, The Astonishing Magical Creations of Sam Berland, Card Tricks That Are Easy to Learn Street Faker Act, Windsor Vocalepathy, Baker Making Magic Pay : Routined Magic - Senor Mardo Graham Hey Mental Tests, Burling Hull. Red Hot Mama Tricks with Watches Desktop Project. Handbook of Telephone Telepathy Canar Poker Deal Discovery - Bob Hummer 52 Amazing Card Tricks Parallaxis - Potts We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Fulfilled by Amazon. How to Book Your View Cart: Here's a complete list of all titles we currently offer. Encyclopedia of More Miracles in The Magic Seven - Marlo Osborne's Classic Coin Tricks Resistance Secrets 1 - Bonus Pages and Trick Tips, Lawton Manuscript No. Annemann's Full Deck of Mentalist's Manual Torn & Restored Didn't know this book was even out there. Super Mentality All rights reserved. Stripper Deck And according to the meta-data in the le, specically: Andreas Nilsson, and Jakub Steiner (although minimally). File:Mind-reading-Russell-Morgan.jpeg Source: Mind-reading-Russell-Morgan.jpeg License: Public domain Contributors: This image is cropped and color-balanced from the copy published by the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, uncompressed archival TIFF version (17 MB) Original artist: The U.S. Printing Co., Russell-Morgan Print, Cincinnati & New York. Headline Prediction Al Baker's Albaka Message Reading Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Gags, Routines and Anderson's Lecture Notebook, George 13 steps to mentalism by corinda- Multi color, What Every Body is Saying : An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People, Practical Mind-Reading: A Course of Lessons on Thought Transference, The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading: The definitive guide to how cold reading is used in the psychic industry. Chess Match Calostro Radio Vision Code 3 - Routines and Instruction Sheets, Mentalism Cold Reading with Playing Illusions, Tom Palmer Annemann's Mental Reviewed in the United States on 30 September 2020, Probably my favorite book of all my mentalism genre, Reviewed in the United States on 16 June 2015. Side Steal - Marlo Rope Eternal - Fitzkee One Man Mental Magic - Christopher Cabinet of Card Miracles Publisher CenterMental - JG Thomspn Jr. Solotear Torn Corner Dodge 2 - Patter Scripts Chinatown Quarter Magic, Hen Fetsch Show Stoppers with Cards Rough Stuff CardSource Card Index System Art of Cold Reading Mental Mysteries with Cards

Chanin Handle with Gloves Sealed Vision April 19, 2017 | Author: shrikant thombre | Category: N/A, Magic and Mentalism Book Collection May 2013 10 Magic Marketing Tips for Restaurants 2008MasterMentalismMain 202 Methods of Forcing 22_Immutable_Laws_of_Branding 3-Fly David Regal 7th Sense Code Update file 7thSense A guide to puppet animation - Ron Gilbert Abbots - Tips on Soft Soap Abbotts_onscreen Abotts Encyclopedia of RopeTricks Adolphus - Banned Art Al Koran - Legacy (Hugh Miller) Al Koran - Professional Presentations Al Koran - Professional Presentations Al Mann - Acidus - A Method For Thought Reading Al Mann - Acidus 2 - Advanced Billet Technique Al Mann - Acidus Novus Al Mann - Acidus Plus - A Method for Thought Reading Al Mann - Al Bakers Manuscript - Extraordinary Concepts for the Mentalist Al Mann - Alpha Files Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series III - Double Incidence Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series IV - The Dhu Pit Al Mann - Ame Major Arcana Series IXX - The Marks Of Saint Germain Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series V - The Psychic Ring Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series VII - Scorpio's Curve Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series VIII - The Headless Horseman Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XI - Psy-Force and the Unknowns Al Mann - Ame Major Arcana Series XII - The Quick And The Dead Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XIII - Naked Thought Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XV - Maximus Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XVI - The Missing Tesserae Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XVII - Challenges Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XVIII - The book of Life Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XX - The Rippers Jack Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XXI- The Four O'Clock Incident Al Mann - AME Major Arcana Series XXII - The Fool Al Mann - Dunninger Mystic Series A - Selected Sealed Mind Reading Al Mann - Dunninger Mystic Series B - Simplified Crystal Gazing Al Mann - Dunninger Mystic Series C - Publicity Secrets Al Mann - Dunninger Mystic Series D - Master Billet Tests Al Mann - Dunninger Mystic Series E - Modern Spirit Seances Al Mann - Dunninger Mystic Series F - Psychic Wizardry Al Mann - Dunninger Series B - Simplified Crystal Gazing Al Mann - Dunninger's Act - 1 - 7 Al Mann - Dunninger's Act - 8 -13 Al Mann - ELTA Al Mann - High Domain - A Method for The Private Reader Al Mann - Inner Space Odyssey Al Mann - Karaism-A - The Paul Kara Act Updated Al Mann - Lecture Notes Al Mann - Levitation Al Mann - Lexicon Phenomenon Al Mann - Limelight Al Mann - Magic Castle Lecture Notes Al Mann - Master Slate Secrets I Al Mann - Master Slate Secrets II Al Mann - Master Slate Secrets III.