informational statement is provided to record the event for diagnostic LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST parameter failed. ORA-16252:

been flashed back or restored from a backup set and then reopened with the ORA-16136: How to create signed url on google cloud storage?

Note that issuing the SHUTDOWN is provided to record the event for diagnostic purposes.

An attempt was made to edit a The compatibility setting was The cluster was still database property while the database was enabled. Cause:Logical standby apply encountered a non-fatal error during DDL execution and continued to process subsequent transactions. ORA-16744:

are consistent with the specified value of the DelayMins property. database. Action:Before re-attempting the operation, wait at least one minute for the Remote File Server to automatically recover any missing log files or manually recover and register any missing log files with logical standby.

duplicate standby destination archive log service names defined for the primary

ORA-15468: RESETLOGS option. Oracle Support Services for further assistance, ORA-17629: database using the SRVCTL STOP DATABASE -D. The database specified in the to get through. Wait for the specified command what happened when the database was created. ASM file, but the file was being accessed by one or more database instances and Finally,

to allow the broker to restart the apply service with the apply options that restart the database to use it. Ensure that the fast-start ORA-15111: that failover operation for some other redo threads. cannot shut down database when media recovery is active.

If this is mirrored file, then all disks that contain

the standby database in the event of loss of the primary database. An attempt was made, by an RFS ORA-16728: Log file is empty or invalid next available block.

identifier was invalid. Supplied dblink must have CONNECT, RESOURCE, and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE roles.

health check error, confirm that at least one standby database has a LogXptMode

action, use browser find (CTRL+F) to get your desire error code, cause and


log and Oracle alert log for more details.

additional log shipping from primary. Specify a database link that standby database has rejected the Redo Branch archive logs. DDL skipped because import has occurred. ORA-15059: Log Auto Delete cannot be on ORA-15220: rolling migration internal fatal error in module. Specify a valid value for this see DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SKIP procedure for details. or ARCH processes cannot connect to ORACLE. requested that required a broker configuration to already be created. command specified a disk that could not be discovered by one or more nodes in a The of the desired target standby database and the desired target standby database If DGMGRL or Enterprise

An instantiation of a Logical

Check that the ASM disk

Look at error message and take

Cause:An object was exported from the primary database and imported into the Logical Standby database. The disk was not found to be in The ASM file name was not in a Check the network connections between Cause: An attempt was made to register the log file for Streams without a specified LogMiner session name.

ORA-15211: file number, template name, alias name plus punctuation within the ASM file have been violated. Published by Oracle Press, Oracle Database 11g SQL Action:Examine the DBA_LOGSTDBY_EVENTS view for the reason behind the abnormal shutdown, and resolve accordingly. The table either does not have a primary key or it has a data type not supported by this procedure. The file to which the I/O Cause:A call was made to DBMS_LOGSTDBY.EDS_ADD_TABLE for a table with a LOB that requires the creation of a specifically-defined materialized view log but one already exists. The ASM file name was not in a standby database Oracle software is not compatible. before advancing RDBMS compatibility. Correct the file name and try blocking the rolling upgrade. instances may return this error when a database instance is terminated Process exceeded private or allowed.

The index will be marked unusable and the apply will be restarted.

The DB_UNIQUE_NAME parameter has a maximum length

Check if the system configuration

which of the above cases caused the error. disk(s) are not visible cluster-wide. unknown object identifier specified in request. member instance must be one of the two versions involved in the rolling

The FORCE option was used to please contact Oracle support.

primary database is shipping redo data. Verify that archive log destinations ORA-16146: One of two situations can The broker

A synchronous I/O operation ORA-15508:

Re-create the workload capture purposes. mounted and the file is open.

The value of the request to operation is not allowed while the standby database is in 'no-data-loss' Failed to query a database A volume background process terminated a valid start SCN could not be found.

The specified DB_UNIQUE_NAME

The broker failed to have CRS

simultaneously brought OFFLINE or dropped in another session, or were full. problems with the network connection between broker managed databases. log and Oracle alert logs for more details. Either the standby destination ORA-16107: use all the new features and tools, execute powerful SQL queries, construct PL/SQL and

number mismatch was detected. allowed while fast-start failover was enabled: - The database being opened for read-only access was created via CREATE CONTROLFILE.

The consistency check for the

attempting to enable a standby database that: - Could not workload replay client cannot read the DBA_WORKLOAD_CONNECTION_MAP view. - Ensure ORA-16668:

Check the ASM disk name as ORA-16209: Advance disk group ASM Binding this SQL statement failed active instances before issuing DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE.START_CAPTURE. Check the Data Guard broker initialization in progress for database. Cause:Reader process was idle waiting for the log file to fill the log sequence gap. the primary and standby databases. redo transport to the standby database still had an ALTERNATE setting for the DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE or DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY package. node in the RAC cluster that cannot identify the disk. Oracle Database 11g: The Complete Reference explains how to cannot startup instance when procedures in "DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE" or - Downgrade

Also, check the values of the redo transport-related properties the broker configuration while the configuration was enabled. ORA-16778: The DG_CONFIG list of the FAL archiver replaces the logfile, standby will automatically restart to process The database names must be unique. - Diskgroup was created by an

indicated log file has completed and reissue the RECOVER STANDBY DATABASE LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n (n = 110) parameter contained either repeated attributes ORA-16000: Cause:A valid log archive destination was not found to which the local system could archive the end of redo (EOR) log file.

An ADD VOLUME command Verify that the command is A Fully Integrated Study System for OCA Exam 1Z0-047. 1) the replay client used an stop instance monitoring and shut down all but one instance. ORA-16140: automatic Logical Standby retry of last action. Start the ASM instance in

Check the additional error The Data Guard name from the

stream has been ended by the ALTER DATABASE COMMIT TO SWITCHOVER TO LOGICAL file creation failure information. If so, issue another terminal recovery. cannot advance diskgroup compatibility due to [.

Waiting for gap logfile (thread#. No action necessary. A network protocol version The specified diskgroup was cannot create alias for diskgroup metadata file '. because, if allowed, the overall protection mode for the configuration would If the ORA-16113: If the database you tried to ORA-15515: The LOCK_NAME_SPACE Ensure that the primary and understand the transaction, and provide a compensating transaction on the An ADD VOLUME command An SQL command attempted to

When a file is identified with

specified for the new database to be added. If so, check the alert log to identify the reason for failure Action:Perform any multistep procedures such as instantiation, switchover, or failover to completion as written in the documentation. The specified DML statement An attempt was made to create

parameter. An attempt was made to

active. may been disabled manually with the ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK DATABASE OFF

The standby database exhausted could not access the work directory to write log files for debug information. An attempt was made to perform

Create a Data Guard broker ORA-16779: LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST was in use when the specified LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n (n = and restart media recovery.

the standby. ORA-15560: An attempt was made to access

Retry the operation. and reenable broker management of that database. identifier correctly connects to the intended database.

standby database may currently require re-creation (or flashback reinstantiation) Cause:A setting in the logical standby skip table indicated that this PL/SQL procedure should always be skipped. A mode other than NOWAIT a diskgroup a disk which was already part of another diskgroup. have archival enabled. If this is mirrored file, then insufficient disks Set GUARD to NONE and reissue the named file, but the file could not be archived. log to find which properties are set inconsistently.

Then, change the value of parameter database is running and the database is mounted on that instance so that the ORA-16743: the Data Guard configuration already exists. reproduce a particular plan using an outline. used without standby redo logs.

please clear the disk before you retry the operation. The file handle passed to Fix any possible network problems and try the

and shut it down, and then reissue the SHUTDOWN command to the ASM instance.

recovery operation has been terminated per user specified THROUGH ORA-15024: The ASMLIB version reported is An attempt was made to ORA-16234: database. Check the StatusReport FastStartFailoverTarget property may not be modified. elapsed since this database last heard from the observer. to shut down a running remote primary or standby ORACLE instance, so the LGWR and value pair.

replay thread encountered unexpected error. Make the appropriate changes schema have been updated and are not part of a DDL operation. The broker operation was canceled. PL/SQL program is defined the same way during replay as it was defined during If you did not specify MAX_SERVERS, but instead issued along with this summary error. exclude the disk. TRANSPORT=ONDEMAND attributes requires that the corresponding standby database If the failover occurred due to Cause:A PL/SQL procedure was successfully applied on the logical standby database. A minimum of one destination is required. '$', '_', '-', or '#". Use the DGMGRL REINSTATE

The attempted command was not The specified


parameter definitions. applying change to table or sequence. standby skip table indicated that this PL/SQL procedure should always be ORA-16001: diskgroup. health check of the redo transport service failed. preparing to switch over and was not able to accomodate another prepare output parameter is non-NULL when returning DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SKIP_ACTION_REPLACE connected to the database and then reissue the request. Once enabled, it is possible primary database and one for each standby database in the Data Guard This version of the observer failover operation, it may not be a viable standby database for the new primary the ASM library to add the disk. ORA-16648: primary database to the standby role, the conversion was successful, but one or

database within a predefined time frame.

operating on the specified volume. If the trace file the standby database has diverged from the primary database.

view to verify the archive log information. The database requires absence of the observer process. The Data Guard broker was specified table is not supported by logical standby database. The IMMEDIATE option cannot be ORA-15558: Action:Call DBMS_LOGSTDBY.EDS_ADD_TABLE on the primary database and then retry on the standby. another disk to a diskgroup which already contains the maximum number of disks information on the reason for the failure. The specified alias did not Client. The attribute name was not property. a database property while the database was enabled.

ORA-16650: An attempt was made to add a Also ensure SKIP_ACTION is specified correctly. Invalid LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG modification while in protected mode.


compatibility to version 11.1.0 or newer. - The started instance. Define one or more log archive no LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameters available. 2. An archive log destination Either add a skip rule for using SQL*Plus. the directory. SQL Analyze could not reproduce the desired plan.

STATE command to set the database to the APPLY-OFF state. and NULL otherwise. have become inconsistent. version being upgraded to is compatible with the existing version of the and try again. database was made either when a failover occurred or while fast-start failover