You will find the advantage of the Air Shocker is your ability to adjust air pressure for best ride and load control. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Works great on gooseneck style trailers from Chain Drive Contral Container Trailer Source. How often do I grease it? Ball. ). Be the first to ask a question about this product. 5 psi, then test drive. Below is a picture of an angled stem, which we would use a stem with slotted holes to fit this angled pin. Maximum weights for Shocker Surge:Towing capacity = 24,000 lbs Tongue = 6,000 lbs | Tow Capacity is 30,000 lbs for Wallace Forge Coupler. gooseneck mieten Hold or support Shocker at vertical measurement noted in Step #1. Travel a lot on concrete highways? Featuring the all new patent pending Shift Lock 30K coupler for a 2-5/16 hitch ball and fits the Contral Container gooseneck trailers with a 4 round or 4 square stem. The air shocker is like a teeter totter. Literally you can install this in 2 to 5 minutes. Set air pressure at approx. The Gooseneck Surge air hitch is the only air ride hitch to exclusively work in a forward and back motion, which is often times this is the biggest jerk you feel when towing gooseneck trailers. ( Simply, you cannot over-grease it! Typical air pressure range is 5 15 psi. One end is an air bag, a pivot in the middle, and a ball at the other end. Move 20', 40', high cube containers and more with the pickup truck you already drive. The perfect blend of efficiency, size, and accessibility. Claims of up to a mile per gallon are pretty normal. Slide Gooseneck Surge Shocker Hitch insert tube inside the trailer frame sleeve with the air bag toward the rear of trailer. This greatly reduces the chances of breaking welds and doing other long term damage to your equipment as well as the valuable cargo you have inside the truck and trailer. Whether you're jumping into the container sales or leasing industry or you're a veteran in the business, this is the best trailer to deliver 20's. Your email address will not be published. Provides Comfort: With a smoother ride! Do not exceed G.V.W.R. From transporting containers to hauling equipment or job materials, our family owned and operated company will provide the trailer solutions necessary to efficiently move your business in the right direction. globalindustrial Our company offers a wide range of customer specific units across a variety of industries. V-19 rated. Easy to use handle to hook up and disconnect the coupler from the ball. List Price: $1,129.99Sale Price: $1,044.99Free Ground Shipping*, Free Ground Shipping* | Shocker Guarantee | Free Returns. There are two things you need to know. See air pressure video in install tab. Simple Pivot Design:Uses a rocker arm pivot design which produces a front and back motion, much different than other cushion hitches on the market. Shift Lock Coupler: 30,000 lbs rated, patent pending gooseneck coupler. 30,000 lbs towing capacity with Shift Lock coupler for 2-5/16 ball / 7,000 lbs tongue weight & 40,000 lbs towing capacity with 40K goose air with Shift Lock coupler for 3 ball. of ball being used. View ourShocker Air Pressuretuning guide. The only gooseneck coupler that captures ball on both sides. Just give us a call at 701-707-2666 or use our contact us form. If I Order a gooseneck surge air hitch & coupler, what all comes in the box? When used properly these Gooseneck surge air hitch will make noticeable improvements in your gooseneck trailer towing quality. The Gooseneck surge air hitch system allows for better control of your pickup and the trailer it is towing. How long will it hold air?This is a sealed system that will hold air for weeks or months. We perfected that and never considered the other benefits. Air Ride Hitch Technology: Shocker Air is designed with a built-in air bag for a smoother towing experience. Use only a 2 5/16 dia. repurposed trailer gooseneck conversion semi The Shocker gooseneck surge air hitch attaches easily to your trailer. Giving both truck and trailer a smoother ride with less trailer fatigue and breakage. If you need help, we are here for you. flatbed gooseneck dovetail hotshot 14gn Your Shocker air hitch absorbs the thumps, bumps and jerks you feel when towing your gooseneck trailer. To release trailer: Pull handle up and hold while raising trailer. All rights reserved Terms of service, Privacy & Security, Gooseneck Models with decks ranging from 22 to 44 in length, Fifth Wheel Models with decks ranging from 26 to 44 in length, Pintle Hitch Models with decks ranging from 26 to 44 in length, Fifth Wheel Model for up to 35 ton capacity, Fifth Wheel Model for up to 50 ton capacity. Shockerhitch must be properly aligned, (parallel with trailer), to maximize its benefits. There are no questions yet. Note: Contral gooseneck trailers have round stems that are 4 with angled/slotted pin holes that are 10-20 degrees or 4 square stems with straight pin holes. Installs in minutes. Our company brings over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience to each project. We are wondering if your gooseneck stem has holes that are straight across OR if it is slightly angled 10-30 degrees, where the stem hitch pin is off set or at an angle. Will it work with my flat bed pickup with recessed in a flatbed pocket? Lucon Container Trailers designed to move empty containers in various sizes: Lucon Container Trailers designed to move loaded containers or heavy goods: Lucon Custom Heavy Haul Trailers standard & custom models for heavy commercial application: Lucon, Inc., incorporated in 2001, is an original equipment manufacturer of utility trailers, port equipment, specialty trailers for industry specific applications, container delivery trailers, recovery trailers, low boys, heavy haul trailers and custom designed parts. Lubricate: Oil the coupler shaft, grease coupling ball socket, and grease the hitch ball to REDUCE WEAR AND IMPROVE SHOCKER ACTION. Completely replaces your factory stem & coupler with the Gooseneck Surge Air system & coupler. Do you move containers or light equipment? (Handle will snap open & shut automatically). Our 23 year history of in-house design and production of units for the portable storage industry allows Lucon to partner with your business to solve delivery challenges by offering safe, commercially constructed trailers tailored to your individual needs. If you haul the same trailer with the same load weight, it should be good for quite some time. Check out our gooseneck stem selection guide. This should duplicate the previous ride height of the trailer. Yes, we do carry a gooseneck coupler lock specially made for our surge hitch as well as a stem set bolt lock. Order one today and get ready for your ultimate smooth towing experience the next time out. You cannot over grease it, once every few months should do it. Take a vertical measurement from the bottom of the ball coupler tube to the bottom of the trailer frame sleeve. Torque locking bolts to your trailer manufacturers recommended specifications. Do you have a pickup truck? Required fields are marked *. A spacer kit is available for some applications. The grease does not just lube the pivot; it also keeps water and dirt out. The perfect trailer to move 20' containers. You can also find the hitch you need by using our Gooseneck Trailer MFG guide. Just add air depending on the weight of your 4 Star trailer and its contents. Replacement stem has 3 adjustment holes and the coupler extends 3 forward from factory location or you can also order it 9 forward for short bed pickup trucks. Our airbags are an industrial bag and will last for years and years. Our design eliminates the need for parallel linkages, shock absorbers, torsion arms and other over engineered gadgets. Join the list of satisfied customers that are using Shocker gooseneck hitches on your 4 Star gooseneck. Your email address will not be published. Increase pressure in 5 psi increments until optimum results are found. A Contral storage container gooseneck trailer with the round stem has set bolts for 10-20 degree pin angle and square stem has straight pin holes. Lucon, Inc. offers the Lucon Container Trailer line, a manufacturer-direct variety of custom designed trailers for moving empty and loaded containers. Main pivot grease zerk should be greased periodically for maximum bushing life.

See our gooseneck stem selection guide. Maximum Pressure:Do not exceed 100 psi in the air bag, as it may damage the air bag. They are similar to truck airbags but have been beefed up internally for our towing applications. Shocker Gooseneck Surge Air Hitch for Continental Cargo Trailers, Shocker Gooseneck Air Hitch & Coupler for Corn Pro Trailers, Check out our gooseneck stem selection guide, Find Your Gooseneck Surge Air Hitches by Trailer Mfg, Shocker Gooseneck Surge Hitch Installation Manual, Shocker Offset Gooseneck Surge Hitch Installation Manual, Gooseneck Installation for Square Top Crank, Flatbed Recessed Gooseneck Ball Fitment Guide. The Gooseneck Surge Air Hitch & Coupler weighs 93 to 100 lbs depending on the model. There is no reason to beat yourself or your equipment up with a hard connection. When we developed the Surge Hitch our intention was to give a smoother ride, period. Adds Life To Your Vehicle & Gooseneck: By reducing wear and tear on driveline and frame! Customers using the Surge hitch started calling with reports of better fuel mileage. Yes, see install tab and fitment guide for recessed ball. Includes a complete replacement gooseneck stem, surge air hitch system & coupler along with clear-cut installation instructions. What kind of stem your gooseneck trailer has and what kind of ball your pickup has. This dimension will be used to set the Shocker Gooseneck Surge Trailer Hitch. No more jarring every time you cross a section divider. Saves Money:By reducing trailer breakage on both the trailer and the trailer contents! Can you really install the Gooseneck Surge in a couple of minutes? (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Add your Name and Email Address and we will send you an email with a link to this cart so you can use it on another browser or device, Be the first to review Shocker Gooseneck Air Hitch & Coupler for Contral Container Trailer. This gives a pillow effect at the ball end. 480 Aerodrome Way Griffin, GA 30224 Telephone: 770-233-1331 FAX: 770-233-1335 Email: [emailprotected], President: Luke H. Evans Office Manager: Janie Evans Parts and Warranty Manager: Angie Thaxton Sales: Apex Sales John Hutcheson 770-335-0232 / [emailprotected], Custom Heavy Haul document.write(new Date().getFullYear()). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Round 4" Angled Pin, Square 4" Straight Pin, Subscribe to be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and new products! We want you to have the best possible towing experience with your product and proper installation is important. You don't need to maintain a big truck to compete with the big guys anymore. The Shocker Gooseneck Surge air hitch & coupler is the ultimate in gooseneck trailer towing for your Contral Container gooseneck trailer. Saves Fuel: By using a gooseneck Surge Hitch, you may save as much as one mile per gallon. Yes check out the install video. Shock Dampening Action:Shocker air hitch effectively absorbs the jerking, tugging and damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection when towing trailers. How do I know the Gooseneck surge with fit my gooseneck trailer? Not sure what size round gooseneck stem you have? With a 30k Shift Lock coupler its 30,000 lbs towing capacity & 7,000 lbs tongue weight. View our privacy policy. What is the Gooseneck surge tow rating? Hook up the trailer by simply lowering the coupler onto the ball. This is a LOW-PRESSURE hitch, that works by tow resistance. Adjustable for Tow Weight:The air bag sits behind your gooseneck hitch and out of the way. How long will the airbag last? Treat yourself, your equipment, your passengers and your horse to a much smoother ride. Most products on our website have a set-up guide and installation video. How much air do I put in the gooseneck surge air hitch? The shock absorbing hitch for a Contral Container gooseneck trailer is made for smooth and safe towing on your pickup, trailer and contents. At a glance, you can see if the coupler is locked on the ball. We specialize in custom designing units to meet our customers individual requirements. Is there a way to lock the Gooseneck coupler? How much does an Shocker gooseneck surge weigh? How does the air ride work? Youll never go back to the old days of continual bumps, jerks, and vibrations. You can check those out here: What do your mean when you say straight or angled / slotted pin holes? You can also look up the items product page on our website and view the installation tab. Chain drive container delivery trailers make moving containers fast, efficient, & easy. Safety Notice:The Shocker Hitch is a heavy-duty unit, however, it is imperative that any weight capacity ratings are not exceeded on the ball that is mounted on your tow vehicle, or the Shocker Hitch. Note:When towing heavy trailers or trailers with high wind resistance it may be necessary to increase air pressure in the Shocker. Remove pins or loosen locking bolts on the trailer frame sleeve, and remove the existing coupler tube. Move two 20' containers at once, one 40' high cube, and your equipment if needed. The Shocker hitch absorbs the damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection. Improves Safety:By giving you improved control of your tow vehicle and trailer. All with just your pickup truck! This product is back the Shocker Hitch Manufacturer Warranty and the Shocker Hitch Guarantee.