He was 83.

They say were organized crime, but if you took every Hells Angel on the face of the Earth and got rid of them you wouldnt drop the crime rate in the world one-tenth of one percent, he said in a 2000 interview for Heads magazine. Of the Altamont killing, Barger argued that the Hells Angels acted in self-defense. He wrote three books about his life and philosophy, including a best-selling autobiography, Hells Angel. A chapter title in one of his books was Nothing states your position more clearly than a punch in the face. He also wrote two novels. Bargers death was announced on hisFacebookpage late Wednesday. 4:09PM. Live your life the Sonny Barger way? Their bail was lowered to $75,000 bond earlier this month. Sonny Barger, the leather-clad fixture of 1960s counterculture and figurehead of the Hells Angels motorcycle club who was at the notorious Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway, has died. San Jose father of threes suspected killers arrested, Campus evacuated in San Jose due to bomb threat, 4 juveniles arrested for grab and run at Dicks. Make a one-time donation today for as little as $1. Their next court date was set for June 14. Cannon/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP. Ryan Welsch, 26 of Lake Havasu; Shawn Bailey, 36, of Bullhead City; and Gabriel Nader, 25, of Bullhead City, were each charged with aggravated assault and participating in a criminal street gang.Bernard Prano, 55, of Lake Havasu; Peter Velliodis, 39, of Laughlin, Nevada; Paul Villegas, 41, of Lake Havasu; Robert Mann, 46, of Bullhead City; Robert Kellar, 36, of Bullhead City; and Daniel McDonald, 53, of Fort Mohave, were each hit with charges of transportation theft, possessing a vehicle with a defaced vehicle identification number, and participating in a criminal street gang.Kenneth Gallego, 35, of Fort Mohave is charged with attempted intimidation of a witness, and Dale Smith, 52, of Mohave Valley, got hit with a charge of mishandling explosives.The Vagos members arrested for the second time in a DPS operation were Smith, Bailey, Nader, Kellar, Prano, and McDonald.All of the alleged gangsters earned trips to the Mohave County Jail.Vagos, for those keeping score, were involved in a shootout with the Hells Angels in which more than 50 shots were fired, but the death scoreboard showed zero. Copyright 2022 KVVU. Bargers own arrest record included charges ranging from drunken driving to attempted murder. Henderson Police are now asking for the publics help to get more information on the shooting. The bikers were part of a Memorial Day weekend ride through Arizona and southern Nevada. A woman can be heard exclaiming this is not good after realizing that the group contains bikers from both the Hells Angels and Vagos. When will we see uptick in tropical activity? What you need to know about Bidens COVID diagnosis, Amazon to buy primary health care provider for $4B. Police said the shooting was between the Hells Angels and rival gang, Vagos. The leader of the Las Vegas chapter of the Hells Angels and two other bikers are facing charges, including attempted murder, in the Memorial Day weekend shooting on U.S. 95 that shut down the major freeway. The state asked for $1 million bail for each defendant. He served as the main character in Hunter Thompsons 1966 expose Hells Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.. Contact the Webmaster to submit comments. If you are reading this message, youll know that Im gone. Richard Devries, Stephen Alo and Russell Smith are accused in a shooting, targeted at the biker club Vagos, that injured seven people after a Memorial Day event in Henderson. local news and culture, Matthew Hendley His attorney said hes a veteran and has lived in the area for 19 years. All rights reserved. Barger helped unify the clubs. LAS VEGAS (KLAS) Video obtained Wednesday shows a shootout between two rival biker gangs on a Henderson, Nevada highway in May that left six people shot. Phoenix's independent source of Ive lived a long and good life filled with adventure. All your text messages and data are safely stored and managed by professionals. Henderson Police said the men are members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club. Eternity in Deep Space Awaits Scottsdale Astronaut, Arizonans Most Guilty of Panic Buying During Pandemic. But in 1988, a jury found Barger guilty of conspiracy to violate federal firearms and explosives laws in plots to kill members of a rival gang. Thereafter, he breathed through a plastic valve in his neck, and covered the vent to speak. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The club member charged in the incident was acquitted. Were a little drop in the bucket. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. He claimed that one of his most satisfying experiences was his acquittal in 1980 on a count of racketeering, and the declaration of a mistrial on a charge of conspiracy to violate the racketeering law. Apply Initiatives and Projects filter, Apply Office and Personnel Updates filter, the guns to associates and members of the Hell's, time a member and Vice President of the Rochester Hells, with Craig King, aka Oakie, 56, who was a member of the, to court documents, Shafer was the vice president of the, to court documents, Shafer was the Vice President of the, elsewhere, and concluded a successful prosecution of the, Breer, an Escondido resident and member of the Hells, week later Aquino and Ortiz shot at an associate of the, guilty to federal charges in connection with the murder of, for the September 23, 2011 murder of a member of the rival, their membership in the Sonoma County charter of the, FRESNO, Calif. Three members of the Modesto, beating at the clubhouse for the Vallejo chapter of the, to a federal charge in connection with the murder of, prosecution of the Washington Nomads chapter of the, a brutal beating at the Vallejo chapter clubhouse of the, an Indictment charging six members and associates of the, major drug trafficking organizations, including the, by Judge Siragusa from being a member of the Hells, four individuals, including the president of the Modesto, and keep rival motorcycle gangs, including the Hells, bones. He was clearly the most competent person around, Thompson wrote. Upland man arrested for molesting girl: Police, Jan. 6: Trumps tweet about Pence criticized, New York Rep. Lee Zeldin attacked at campaign stop, Ferrer takes heat on possible conflict of interest, Law enforcement practices for school shooting, Construction worker burned fighting house fire, Jan. 6 hearing focuses on Trump during the insurrection, Puppy found with mouth taped shut at casino, Youtube to remove abortion misinformation, Elvis actress found dead in Nashville apartment, New chaperone policy coming to Knotts after fights, Californias worst counties for commuters, 4 detained in Fashion Island purse theft: Police. Ive asked that this note be posted immediately after my passing, a posting said. and help keep the future of New Times, Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our. Chapter leader Richard Rizzo Devries, 66, and gang prospects, Stephen Alo, 46, and Russell Smith, 26, were originally held on $380,000 bail each. He served 13 years in various prisons, according to news reports. Use the comment form below to begin a discussion about this content. 3 bikers charged with attempted murder, 6 shot. Richard Devries, 66, makes his initial court appearances in Henderson Justice Court on June 2, 2022. Defense attorneys called the bail proposal unreasonable. 1998 - 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Theres more cops committing crimes than Hells Angels.. And Ive had the privilege to be part of an amazing club., The post said that I passed peacefully after a brief battle with cancer.. Trials for all three men are scheduled for September. The stabbing was captured by a camera crew filming the documentary Gimme Shelter.. Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox. Sonny Barger Productions operates a website and sells clothing.

Other videos include members of the Hells Angels at a Henderson Harley-Davidson dealership minutes after the shooting. Family grieves man killed at Livermore bowling alley, Rep. Swalwell holds town hall in Livermore, UC Berkeley professor dies after hiking in Utah, SJPD cleared of wrongdoing in deadly 2021 shooting, Martinez semi-pro baseball team winning over fans, Real Madrid will play at Oracle Park in SF next week, As pitcher Blackburn flown to All-Star Game by Astros, Texans RB charged with burglary with intent to rape, Steph Curry steps out of comfort zone as host of, Jim Thorpe reinstated as 1912 Olympic golds winner, 2nd SF monkeypox vax appointments may not be honored, US reports first polio case in more than a decade, Amazon set to buy health care provider One Medical, House passes bill to protect access to contraceptives, LGBT groups warn CA could become monkeypox epicenter, 9 arrested after 32 lbs of fentanyl, $33K recovered, Kittens recovered after San Francisco fire, Doctors encourage second COVID-19 booster shot, See what a revitalized downtown SF may look like, NASA releases dramatic new Lake Mead satellite images. [it was] a shooting on a highway I take every day, and a neighborhood where I live.. But Barger, the unofficial spokesman for the Hells Angels, downplayed their outlaw reputation. LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Three men arrested in connection with last weekends highway shooting on U.S. 95 in Henderson appeared in court Thursday. 1998 - 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The Hells Angels were typically depicted by the media as the dark fringe of the 1960s counterculture, embracing freedom, drugs and rock music, but also crime and violence. Evidence presented to a grand jury includes videos of the riders crossing the Hoover Dam. K.M. Ralph Sonny Barger was a founding member of the Oakland, California, chapter of the Hells Angels in 1957 and was present at its most infamous moment the 1969 Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway during which bikers hired as security staff fatally stabbed a concertgoer who pulled a gun on one of their members. All rights reserved. I am fearful something is going to happen. Prosecutors alleged the shooting may have been in retaliation for a previous murder in California involving the two groups. All three men are out of jail awaiting trial. The defense said the three men have no criminal history. Join the New Times community and help support A high school dropout at 16, Barger grew up in Oakland and joined the Army in 1955 with a forged birth certificate. Become a member to support the independent voice of Phoenix That includes 66-year-old Devries who police said is the Las Vegas Hells Angels chapter president. He was kicked out with an honorable discharge after the forgery was discovered. So the concern is that theres retaliatory shootings going back and forth between the two jurisdictions and between the two clubs, Chief Deputy District Attorney Danielle Pieper Chio said. A judge set the suspects bail at $380,000 each and agreed with prosecutors that the men are a danger to the public. Felony Charges On the Table For AZ Patriots Leader Jennifer Harrison, Glendale Man Who Stabbed Family Charged With Two Counts of First-Degree Murder. All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of Nevada News Group. He was sentenced to a six-year term at the Phoenix Federal Correctional Institution and was released in 1992. Copyright 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. I cant predict the future, but I can control it, Judge David Gibson Sr. said. Eleven members of Vagos, a rival motorcycle gang of the Hells Angels, were arrested today by an Arizona Department of Public Safety gang task force in connection with several violent crimes around Bullhead City.Six of the 11 arrested during "Operation Catch 22" are repeat customers to the DPS task force, as they were arrested during "Operation Sand Castle" in December, 2010, under very similar circumstances.According to a DPS spokesperson, the arrests are the result of an eight-month investigation into a "resurgence of violent crimes" related to Vagos, including some violent incidents involving patrons of local bars.The most recent involved some alleged Vagos gangsters beating up a guy inside Lazy Harry's Lounge, dragging him out of the bar, and beating him up some more.Along with another part of the investigation involving the Lake Havasu chapter of the Vagos, the 11 arrested racked up assorted charges including assaults, witness intimidation, drug sales, motorcycle theft, and possessing stolen property. February 29, 2012 I dont recommend it, he wrote in the opening lines to his 2005 book Freedom: Credos from the Road.. Barger underwent a laryngectomy in the early 1980s for throat cancer, which he attributed to a long, three-pack-a-day cigarette habit. Barger capitalized on his notoriety. independent local journalism in Phoenix. Will Californias gun laws survive the Supreme Court? Trademark and Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. He started the Hells Angels with friends and soon learned there were other Hells Angels clubs in California. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Dennis Ozawa at 702-267-4763, HPD at 702-267-4911, 3-1-1, or, to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 or visit Crime Stoppers website. Barger composed the post placed on the Facebook page managed by Bargers wife, Zorana, he said. Bargers former attorney, Fritz Clapp, told The Associated Press that Barger had liver cancer and died Wednesday night at home in Livermore, California. Hes smart and hes crafty and he has a kind of wild animal cunning.

The video, obtained by Nexstars KLAS, is shot from inside a vehicle trailing the large pack of bikers. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. According to court documents, Pack, a prospect of the, eleven people including eight alleged associates of the, through July 2010, Mar the President of the Hells, Oliver established that the defendant was a member of the, hearing established that the defendant was a member of the, BOSTON The leader of the Salem Chapter of the, and statements made in court, Cunningham, a member of the, was attempting to start a Texas Chapter of the Hells, and that he provided hundreds of kilograms of cocaine to a, Moran a member and officer of the Rochester Hells, Breer, Escondido resident and member of the Hells, from being a member of or associating with the Hells, Franco, the sergeant-at-arms of the Lynn chapter of the, member of the Rhode Island chapter of the Hells, 39, a member of the Minneapolis Chapter of the Hells, patch member of the Rhode Island chapter of the Hell's, Worcester Man Sentenced To 87 Months For Stealing Over 50 Guns, Wife Of Hells Angels Member Sentenced For Methamphetamine Trafficking, White Supremacist Gang Leader and Members and Associates Convicted on Racketeering and Murder Charges, Vice President of Modesto Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Drug Trafficking Charges, Vice President of Modesto Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Charges, U.S. Attorney Hochul Announces Departure; Will End 30 Year Department Of Justice Career October 28, U.S. Attorney Announces Progress in Making our Communities Safer Through Project Safe Neighborhoods, Two Members of Pagans Motorcycle Club Indicted for Shooting at Hells Angels Associate on New Jersey Turnpike, Two Bandidos Plead Guilty to Federal Charges in Connection with the Murder of Hells Angel Anthony Benesh in 2006, Twenty-Three Alleged Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Members And Associates Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges, Twenty-Three Alleged Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Members and Associates Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges, Three Members Of Sonoma Motorcycle Gang Convicted Of Racketeering Conspiracy And Related Crimes, Three Members Of Modesto Hells Angels, Including Vice President And Secretary, Indicted For Firearm And Drug Offenses, Thirteen Individuals Charged In Manhattan Federal Court In Connection With Alleged International Sex Trafficking And Prostitution Network, Third Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Member Indicted for Illegally Possessing Two Firearms in Solano County, Third Bandido Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge in Connection with the Murder of Hells Angel Anthony Benesh in 2006, Tessa M. Gorman appointed Acting United States Attorney, Solano County Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Members Indicted for Illegal Possession of Firearms, Six Members And Associates Of The Hells Angels Charged In White Plains Federal Court With Racketeering, Narcotics, And Money Laundering Offenses, Rochester Hells Angel Sentenced For Baseball Bat Beating, President of Modesto Hells Angels Chapter Among Four Defendants Charged in Drug Conspiracy, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang member on the Run for 17 Years Arrested in Mexico, New Milford Man Involved in Extortion Scheme Sentenced to 30 Months in Federal Prison, New Milford Loan Shark Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison, Modesto Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Prospect Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking, Members Of Sonoma Motorcycle Gang Charged With Murder, Racketeering Conspiracy, And Related Crimes, Major Investigation Involving Hells Angels Concludes With Conviction Of Hells Angels President, Lexington County Hells Angel Sentenced to the Statutory Maximum of 10 years in prison for Murder for Hire of Plot, Lexington County Hells Angel Pleads Guilty to Murder for Hire of Ex-Wife, Leader of Salem Hells Angels Pleads Guilty to Federal Crimes in Connection with Brutal Assault, Laconia Man Sentenced to 39 Months in Prison for Methamphetamine Trafficking, Laconia Man Pleads Guilty to Methamphetamine Trafficking, Justice Department Sues City of Hesperia, California and San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department for Discriminating Against African American and Latino Renters Through the Enactment and Enforcement of a Rental Ordinance, Justice Department Sues City of Hesperia and San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department for Discriminating Against African American and Latino Renters Through Enactment and Enforcement of Rental Ordinance, Jury Convicts Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization Leadership on All Federal Charges, High-Level International Drug Trafficker Sentenced To 30 Years in Prison for Long-Running Narcotics Conspiracy, High-Level International Drug Trafficker Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Long-Running Narcotics Conspiracy, Hells Angels Member Pleads Guilty To Armed Assault; Rochester Woman Pleads Guilty To Accessory Charge, Hells Angels Member And Wife Plead Guilty To Methamphetamine Trafficking, Hells Angels Gang Member Sentenced for Methamphetamine Distribution, Hells Angels Member Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Methamphetamine Trafficking, Hells Angels President Sentenced On Drug Charge, Hells Angels Member Sentenced For Illegal Firearm Possession, Hells Angels Gang Member Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Distributing Methamphetamine in Exchange for Stolen Firearms, Hells Angels "Full Patch" Member Facing 5-40 Years in Prison on Drug Trafficking, Firearm Charges, Hell's Angels Member Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Methamphetamine Trafficking, Hell's Angels Member Sentenced on Meth and Cocaine Trafficking, Firearms Charge, Hell's Angel "Full Patch" Member Detained on Meth Trafficking & Firearm Charges. In court, prosecutors claimed the shooting on 95 in Henderson was just about a month after a Vagos killed a Hells Angel in San Bernardino, CA. Hells Angels suspects appear in court after highway shooting; Henderson Police seek more info, Suspicious death in Tucson Estates determined to be hit-and-run, Man found shot near Grant, Oracle in Tucson, Hundreds without power, US 191 closed after damaging storm in Cochise County, Police release photos of car possibly involved in hit and run, Doctors discuss health concerns as more southern Arizona students return to classroom.