Although you can turn this off. You might still find older models, like the Google Home Mini, available. It's no longer cylindrical, but has a sphere-shaped look. You can interact with the smart speaker using voice commands preceded by Hey, Siri or through the Home app on your iOS device.

Instead, the Amazon Echo (2020) is a better bet, but for the best sound from Amazons speakers, pick the Amazon Echo Studio instead. This is larger than the Mini with rounded edges and a fabric grille covering.

Both help you organize and control them easily with good audio performance. You can use the touchpad to tap commands such as advancing tracks or summoning Siri. New York, Without diving deep into the complex privacy policies of each, data is stored by all three companies and theres always a chance that it might be heard by a real person.

Its worth reading our Amazon Echo (2020) review, which is a serious step up from its predecessors with a futuristic, sphere-shaped design. The decision on which mini smart speaker to buy comes down to many factors, and one of the most important may be the price. If your budget can stretch and youre a fan of Apple devices and use Apple Music already, go for the HomePod Mini. If you are a regular Amazon customer, if you subscribe to multiple services that you want to control with your voice, if you want more robust voice control, or if you want to pay half the cost of a HomePod mini, then the Echo Dot is for you. Steve is a social media influencer and an overall Smart Home enthusiast.

Nearly every Amazon Echo smart speaker can stereo pair with another Echo speaker. Both the HomePod Mini and Echo Dot also have an intercom function (although Alexas is a bit more advanced). Or you can transfer music between the phone and the HomePod through AirPlay. Just keep in mind that you are not going to get stellar audio performance out of it, but you will get a more versatile speaker.

**Mark Goldschmitt** is the father of three boys and loves anything Apple. Speakers store-bought and tested, supported by you via. All of Google's smart speakers can be stereo-paired, as long as they're identical models. Please refresh the page and try again. At this point, picking between the lowest-price smart speaker devices from the two companies comes down to splitting hairs. In our testing of Apple, Amazon and Google smart speakers, we think the Amazon Echo (4th gen) offers the most when it comes to sheer volume. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Site Map |.

If it's sound quality you are looking for, the HomePod mini will clearly produce better sound than the Echo Dot. Here are our thoughts.

You get great sound for its small size, Siri voice control, seamless integration with all of your Apple devices, and you can use one or more HomePod minis as speakers for your Apple TV. One new player is Apples HomePod Mini, the companys first miniature smart speaker. That said, if you want a smart speaker that splits the difference between affordability and premium sound, both are still solid options. That said, it's close enough that you can safely invest in either Google Assistant or Alexa based on other preferences like speaker style, devices and compatibility with other popular smart home products.

It also retains the 3.5 mm jack for connecting with external speakers. You can ask assistants to play a song, find information, set an alarm or carry out tasks by talking to other smart home products. So if it's dark or you're just not looking at the device, you can still feel which button you're pushing. Between these two devices, the HomePod Mini had a crisper sound and was a clear winner. Neither speaker is designed for wall mounting. Google gives you the most freedom, not storing data in the cloud. New York,

For the most accurate information, please ask your customer service representative. Choices include charcoal, glacier white, and twilight blue. For example, "Play Queen on Apple Music" or "Play Howard Stern on Sirius XM". The $220 Sonos One allows you to pair two units to play stereo sound or multiroom audio, but even a single speaker sounds awesome playing a wide variety of music genres. Mini-smart speakers have become commonplace. With that in mind, there arent many things that set the ranges apart from each other they all offer similar experiences and features for a reason. If you tap on that notification, it'll bring up the HomePod Mini settings and features. You can then use Alexa to control your your smart home. We noticed that at higher volume levels, the Echo Dot was more distorted than the HomePod Mini. Google Assistant now has almost as many capabilities as Alexa, making the $50 Google Nest Mini a solid alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot if Google Assistant is your preference. When he's not in front of the camera, Steve is researching the next greatest Smart Home accessory or playing with his 2 little girls in sunny So Cal. Consider the automation protocol your smart home uses and which ecosystem works best. The Echo Dot gives you more options for streaming, and that includes Apple Music. Shop your favorite products and well find the best deal with a single click. If youre looking for the best sound from a smaller smart home speaker, then the Apple HomePod Mini is your best bet. If Alexa is your voice assistant of choice, you should go with the latest Echo Dot.

Thanks to a number of upgrades, even the small Echo Dot is now decently loud. If theater surround sound for your TV is your biggest smart speaker priority, Sonos offers the best audio quality in our opinion. The Google Nest range used to be called Google Home. Her first book, Screen Time, came out in January 2021 with Bonnier Books. You can control settings more than ever and most data is used to simply improve the service. Free No Mans Sky Endurance update makes your freighter feel like home, AI-generated faces are taking over the internet, This dangerous Mac malware can infiltrate your entire system, SpaceXs powerful Falcon Heavy rocket has another date with space, M2 MacBook Air struggles with heat, and we now know why, How to add external games to your Steam library. The HomePod mini and the Echo Dot have very similar visual designs. Both devices fill a room nicely with music.

Contributions from Were calling this one a draw. Go to anybody's home and you are likely to find one in the kitchen or living room. Whichever speaker you choose, you are getting a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy your music and control your devices apart from your phone or computer. In addition to the controls on the top of the device, you can also use your voice to control both of these devices with their native voice assistant. These are our top picks. As far as color choices go, the HomePod mini is available in space gray or white, while the Echo Dot can be purchased in charcoal, glazier white, or twilight blue.

Amazon's Echo Dot can connect to hundreds of different services including Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and Amazon Music amongst others. The Echo Dot has better home automation, but Apple fans will love the HomePod Mini. For an individual breakdown of each smart speaker, check out our detailed reviews of both the HomePod Mini and Echo Dot (4th Gen). If either the iPhone or the HomePod Mini is playing music, you can bring the phone closer to the HomePod Mini, and you'll get a notification on the top of your device that says what song is being played.

All of these smart speakers are designed to be on 24/7. Both the HomePod Mini and Echo Dot are spherical smart speakers. Apple is currently only offering one smart speaker after discontinuing its original HomePod in 2021. Once your Echo hears the sound, youll receive a notification on your phone. Because the HomePod Mini is a part of the Apple ecosystem, youll need an Apple device with iOS to control it. You can also make announcements that will reach every Echo device in your home, so instead of yelling that dinner is ready, you can simply ask Alexa to make an announcement. If you are deep into the Apple ecosystem (like a lot of iMore readers), are an Apple Music subscriber, want a hub to control your HomeKit devices, and want a great-sounding small speaker, then the HomePod mini may be what you are looking for. Amazons Echo Dot is a good starter device, but not the best if youre keen to get into smart home integration from the word go. While not exclusive to the latest Echo Dot, Amazons Alexa Guard feature is one of our favorite Echo features. Nick Pino The HomePod Mini has Apple Music where the Echo dot has Amazon Music. If youre new to smart home tech and dont know where to begin, start with a smart speaker. There was a time that we wouldnt recommend the Echo Dot because its sound wasnt great, but now these two provide decent sound quality. For an extra $15, you can opt to add AppleCare+ to your Mini. List Prices (as of 06/21/21 2:10 MST). NY 10036. Prior to joining CNET, David built his industry expertise writing for the broadband marketplace Allconnect. Best Amazon Echo Deals: Get an Echo Dot for $30, With Tesla bleeding money, Elon Musk initiates hardcore spending review. It allows you to use voice commands to play your Spotify playlists, and it also lets you use Spotify Connect services. The Amazon Echo Dot has had a major design upgrade in recent years. Your music will also sound better on a HomePod mini than it will on an Echo Dot. The latest-gen Dot packs an even bigger punch over its third-gen sibling. Do note that youre only allowed two accident claims per year, both of which are subject to a $15 service fee and taxes. Both Alexa and Google Assistant work with lots of devices.

In his 5 plus years covering broadband, David's work has been referenced by a variety of sources including ArcGIS, DIRECTV and more. If you happen to have two HomePod Minis in the same room, you can also pair both speakers together for stereo sound. In terms of button layout, the HomePod Mini uses a touchpad at the top of the speaker for play/pause, track skip, and other commands. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase. Echo Dot users will see the return of Alexa as Amazons voice assistant. Like the HomePod Mini, Alexa allows you to stream music, check news and weather, control smart devices, and more. Each of these smart speaker ranges are packed with the best features. Ultimately, we'll give the smart-home edge in the best smart speaker category to Amazon thanks to Alexa and the $100, fourth-generation Amazon Echo. The HomePod mini will also integrate with your Apple TV, so if your TV speakers don't cut it, you can have an inexpensive way of adding sound to your favorite TV shows and movies.

It integrates with HomeKit so it will control all of your HomeKit devices. Those smart speakers are our favorites, but you still have lots of other options if you're looking for something specific in audio performance. sonos recension