Tournament travel doesnt mean athletes get to enjoy a vacation with their friends, and players need to watch what they do on and off the field to stay in top shape. If your kid has the fight and desire to compete for a spot (like theyll have to do if they make it to college ball), then putting them on a team where theyll be challenged is the best option. Unless the head coach says otherwise, your job isnt to coach your child or the other players on the team. Get to know the team and the league. As I wrote in THVs guide to travel softball, my family made major sacrifices to support my athletic pursuits. Despite the fact that the calendar only just officially declared the beginning of spring this past weekend, us baseball parents know that spring has been well underway for weeks now. Your goal in evaluating teams should be to find the right balance of: After reading this article, you should have a very solid understanding of what Little League and travel baseball have in common, their differences, and what you should be looking for in a club.

During the tournament, youre likely playing multiple games, often scheduled back to back. In an article for The Athlete's Parent, Brittani Cookinham encourages students to adjust their internal body clocks by an hour per day. There are few things cooler for baseball parents than to watch their kids have fun playing ball. Its a lot of dedication, a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of a lot. On the other hand, teams that are playing more for the fun of it those looking for just a little more structure and competition than offered by Little League wont put as much of a dent in your wallet. Likewise, while Little League offers both a Junior division (12-14) and a Senior division (14-16), those leagues tend to pale in comparison to the coaching and competition offered by travel ball.

These tournaments are typically more expensive than regular tournaments, and are often farther away. 3 Make a list of what you are missing or running low on. If you happen to be playing a lot of games in a short period of time, there probably wont be time to arrange any activities for the kids.. 5 Fill the gas tank up. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Decide what your players can do before you arrive so they dont get swept up in extra activities and reduce their performance.

Both can teach many valuable life skills, such as work ethic, good sportsmanship, teamwork and bouncing back from failure. Iuse these instead of ice. While some are local, most are at a distance to where we have to drive and stay overnight. medianet_crid = "703163658";
So youll be faced with the following choice: play on a lower level team thats closer to home, or drive a hundred miles or more for twice-weekly practices? Long tournaments can weigh on players who might get nervous about upcoming matches against top teams. Increased competition means more practice time and more games, and the driving can be a bit of a pain too.

Its nice to have some suggestions if theres some down time in between games. One example is the Nick Schwartz Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team, where players from around the state compete to rock the best locks. Articles highlighting the achievements of top youth athletes around the country. This is evidenced by the sharply declining participation in Little League.

As an example, here are Facebook groups for travel baseball teams in Florida and Michigan you can find similar groups for every state. You can usually purchase detergent at the hotel desk, but I bring my own detergent (Tide Pods 2 per load since they are especially dirty and stinky) and stain spray (usually Shout or Spray and Wash). In an article for Group Tour Media, Greg Bach, Vice President of Communications for the National Alliance for Youth Sports, cautions coaches and parents who want to go sightseeing or enjoy extracurricular activities when they travel. Typically, the more intensely focused a program is on developing its players for college baseball, the more money the program is going to cost.

'https:' : 'http:') + '//' + (isSSL ? Ideally, your child will be a part of that team and organization for consecutive years, rather than bouncing from team to team. Its about the $100-a-night motel room and the $30 gas money and the $300 tournament fee. You certainly dont have to do all of this, but maybe itll give you some tips on taking it little by little so its not toooverwhelming to do in one day. Our season is packed with tournaments nearly each weekend. Consider the reputation of the organization youre evaluating. But they are very different when it comes to time commitment and competitiveness. And are they willing to sacrifice the material things that matter to kids things like clothes, video games, new smartphones, etc. Back in 2011, CBS News reported that one Georgia family paid $4,000 per year for their 9-year-old sons travel team. So weve come to the biggest question: Is travel ball worth it? But most kids from similar situations arent so fortunate. Take out or add clothing items to the suitcases as needed. Double check that Ihave it all.

Parents and players often choose travel teams because they want their players to become the best. And believe it or not, the baseball world is a small and surprisingly tight-knit community. While that can be fine, its important to make sure those coaches dont make keeping their own child on the field a priority. There are tens of thousands of travel baseball teams around the country, and their popularity has exploded over the past two decades. The travel part of travel ball can be exhausting. On top of that, kids from lower-income families can often feel out of place in travel ball especially if they dont come to the ballpark with the latest, top-quality gear like their teammates. Yes, please have NCSA email me a FREE recruiting profile! Here are eight things to think about when evaluating teams. While you are here, please take a moment to browse our entire line of youth Baseball Shorts.

Some travel baseball teams have parents or grandparents serving as the head coach. I keep all parts of his uniform in its own bag. High-level programs like that are often known for attracting top talent, for training recruits into elite players, and for feeding those players into nearby colleges and universities. 2 Pack the car with any items that areready and arent perishable. It may go without saying, but word-of-mouth can be a valuable first reference point. Now, you have to pay thousands of dollars for the chance to be noticed in showcase tournaments in big cities. 4 Check the weekend weather.

Travel baseball teams often participate in tournaments organized by more than one of those organizations. Make driving directions from my Home to Hotel and save it to the map. 2 Do laundry for what needs to be packed and isin the hamper. You and they will be spending plenty of time together over the next handful of months (see #3), so its good to establish a good relationship and line of communication.

The specific answer varies, but the typical range of cost for participating in travel baseball is between $500 and $2,500 per year. Get a FREE DRILL Delivered to Your Inbox Every Tuesday. While parents can cheer and yell words of encouragementthe coachs technical advice should be the only coaching the [players hear].. Ijustwant the weekend experience to be focused on baseballand fun. 5 Make a documentthat has game times, field addresses and opponents.

If you want to improve your skills and have the best chance to play in college or the pros, travel baseball is the way to go. I plan out the packing and details during the week so that we can make it an enjoyable family event and focus on one thing baseball (and fun!). It may sound crazy, but many families do just that. Our interview series showcasing the stories of professional athletes and sports personalities. Limiting the responsibility to one person helps the team manager keep everything organized and on track. I dont ever have to ask twice if he wants to throw the ball around outside. 3 Wash baseball uniform and pack all pieces together. 3 Print directions from my Home to Hotel. Travel baseball tournaments are on weekends, and players often have to sacrifice certain things that are part of a normal childhood. We will have plans to stay at a hotelif the tournament isat least two hours away.

6 Place a few water bottles into thefreezer. Its a local program, which means travel is either limited or non-existent. Youth1s Recruiting Counselors are on a mission to educate you on the recruiting process - one that's very competitive and starts early. A glimpse into what my week looks like before we travel for our weekend baseball tournaments. As a coach, you need to make sure your players are focused on the task at hand and arent getting overwhelmed by the competition. In order to play for the absolute best team possible, you might have to commute from your mid-sized town to the nearest major city. ). Place copy of email reservation confirmation in the Google folder Ijust made. But outside of those states, its a little bit tougher, and you have to decide how committed you are to playing at the highest possible level. My parents loved me, but they had to work hard to put food on the table, and there wasnt much left over. If you question whether it works, just ask any Cubs fan about their World Series win last year. If there are two returning shortstops, he or she most likely wont be playing there and might have to learn another position. A coaching staff can make or break a team. Joining a travel team provides opportunities for students to play with athletes outside of their schools, area, and leagues. Enter your email address below to receive Tip Tuesday, our weekly newsletter packed full of tips to make you a better hitter. Travel baseballtournaments are one weekend right after the other.

Players dress up in pajamas, superhero costumes or western wear to break from the stress of the game and bond as a team. New locations can be distracting and mentally stimulating in a way that prevents you from focusing on the game. With many travel teams around the region hosting tryouts in early March, that means travel baseball season is already in full swing. Parents who are planning overnight tournaments should make note of local hospitals or walk-in clinics where players can go in case something happens.

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A team can expect to play anywhere from three to eight games over the course of a two-day or three-day tournament, depending on how they perform. For this first travel experience, parents and guardians can follow these tips to prepare athletes to perform and help them succeed. Each team decides which tournaments to enter on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration factors such as age level, skill level, and cost. Today, participation is seen by many as a near necessity for talented players to develop their skills and hone their game against the best competition they can find. Get to know the coach and other parents on the team. A team can be started by anyone. And I love the time we spend together at home and on the road. This is usually practice day. There is no set number of tournaments a team must participate in. Before you leave, meet with the parents and players to review the goals of the tournament and what youre hoping to get out of the travel experience. He complains if practice is canceled. document.write('');

var mnSrc = (isSSL ? For all you travel baseball parents out there, coming from one of your own, we at Sandlot Swag wish you and your team the best of luck this season! Oftentimes, coaches are looking at how you handle mistakes (both yours and your teammates)the same thing applies to parents. The more time you have to acclimate to the new location, the better. It is easy toquickly view or send the directions via text or email to teammates. While the adrenaline of a win might make you think you have the energy to perform, you actually need food and water to refuel. medianet_width = "728";
While youre traveling with the team to an overnight tournament, youre not part of the team.

FREE Ticket to Coach Lisle's Hitting Clinic. If the season is already underway, which it likely is, you probably already know that travel ball is as much of a money commitment as it is a time commitment. })();
. How coaches manage players, keep the game fun, instill the fundamentals, and focus on development not only as athletes, but as young men and women is extremely important. White Sox Hitting Coach Matt Lisle is Giving Away Tickets to the Most Valuable Hour of Hitting Instruction, All content 2016-2022 The Hitting Vault. For example, many Florida tournaments are held in Orlando because its in the relative center of the state, it has plenty of hotel rooms, and its home to many great baseball facilities. Who doesnt love hearing the roar of the crowd as the ball flies off your bat? Map out addresses on my Google map. Some huge organizations, such as California Baseball Academy (CBA), even have multiple teams within the same age group, located in multiple cities. Before committing to a team, spend some time researching it by watching a practice and talking to current and/or former players and parents. If you have a softball player in the family, you may also want to check out our article What to Look For in a Travel Softball Team, which covers some of the same information from a softball perspective and dives deep into my personal experience as an elite-level amateur player and college recruiting prospect. CBA has teams not only in California, but also in Nevada, Texas, Utah and the southeast. New fields, teams and experiences mean players are at an increased risk of injury when theyre on the road. I keep our travel items separate from our everyday items so its usually just a grab-n-go bag.

First, its important to understand what a travel baseball team is and how travel baseball is organized. medianet_versionId = "111299";
The machines only take change and range from $1-3 a load. Depending on the type of tournament you attend, you might be heading into an easy weekend where your team easily wins or it might be a challenging trip against better players from whom youre hoping to gain experience.

Heres a list of the top ten tidbits and tips for travel baseball parents that we came up with to help you make it through the season. Travel baseball is a heck of a time commitment. In this post, were going to go over everything you need to know about getting started with youth travel baseball. And although we stated it earlier, we cannot stress this enough: you cannot dictate your son or daughters commitment to the game of baseball. Why is this important for you, the parent of a child thinking about joining a travel team? And dont forget, we also offer custom baseball shorts, perfect for.

However, it is possible that a teams mission does not align with your values and goals, and you need to think about this before committing, as a compatibility mismatch can lead to coach-parent and coach-player tension. We've also teamed up with Next College Student Athlete! Just fill out the following information and then select a date and time in the form below. Sandwiches, fruit, hummus.

Athletes should avoid taking long naps to help normalize their sleep cycle but may benefit from short 20-30 min naps to reduce fatigue and increase alertness, Cookinham writes. Also, creating an ongoing Tournament Packing List can help you get everything together faster each time you go. Its a big commitment both in terms of time and finances so its important to make sure you find the right club for your son or daughter. She also coached collegiately for 3 years at the University of Montevallo (D2). Now that youve made the commitment to join a travel league, you might as well take the time to. Coaches let players do what they want with their hair unless it becomes a distraction and overall have fun with seeing all the different looks. If we had an early morning game and then one later in the day it was nice to have a fresh uniform with all the sweating, grass, turf and dirt stainsand smells that come with it! batting defensive And thats perfectly fine! Here are a few of each.

In general, two tournaments per month can be seen as about average, although higher-level teams may play more frequently. Its not about the $100 bat. Better teams often provide better coaching and more opportunities for exposure to college and professional scouts. Those tournaments can theoretically be held anywhere, but are frequently held at multi-field facilities in easily-accessible travel hubs.

Alexa has been working with The Hitting Vault since 2017 as a hitting coach, social media content creator, and writer.

If youre thinking about switching to travel baseball, chances are that you already know someone in your area who has made the jump.

Embracing fun team-building challenges isnt just for the high school level, either.

We are headed to Myrtle Beach for a 5 day tournament.

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