Expect excellent Polish delicacies such as Pierogi Ruskie, Nalesniki and Zupa all served with some great Kompot (juice) for very cheap prices. A place to go! You can have scrambled eggs with bread there for as little as 5 PLN ($1.5). Time taken for food preparation was okay.

They are from Portugal and they prepare their typical specialities with love and proficiency. For the price, 2 stars. The schnitzel and potatoes were nice and the prices are very reasonable. You want to have the best time, eat something really outstanding and generally have the greatest experience in restaurant? Dough was risen superbly and the flavour was spot on. Very nice interior. The bistro has an easy-going atmosphere, with walls lined with period photography of French newspaper clippings, and is a great casual spot to enjoy French food. I will definitely come back again one day , Amazing food, my nephew had a stack of pancakes with fruit and the rest of us had Omelette with the most amazing smoked sausages, polite and smilling staff as well 5/5 can recommend. For traditional Polish food, head over to Kurna Chata which is situated in the centre of the city. Stunning Gothic vaults in some of Wrocaws medieval cellars in the heart of the old city make Jadka a delightfully atmospheric choice. Reasonable prices, Discovered by coincidence when having lunch at Pinola and I got amazed. High-end food in a chic and quaint spot. But, just FYI, it's difficult to order anything unless you're with a native (no points taken away for that, I expected that from an authentic restaurant - in fact I see it as a good sign). Beneath all that, lies a turbulent history thats still present along almost every medieval bridge you walk across and on each pre-war building you encounter. You can try simple and original plates here, but also something more courageous like fried pig skin with blood sausage dip. This will be my go-to sushi place for sure. Well I recommend NABE to learn more about how hotpot really is prepared. We loved it all . Amazing beer, and the food is great as well, all in all a good experience. Cant compare to anything because it was too good. The local kitchen suggests that you start the day with one of nutritious and healthy breakfast sets, washed down with Italian coffee. Its one of the best restaurants Wroclaw to try traditional local food. You won't regret. Very quick service and the lady who served us was very friendly and tolerated our torture of her native tongue. A nicely decorated place in the center of Wrocaw with a lot of space and a very interesting selection of food and drinks. And for the adventurous try their mulled beers and wines. Great coffee, I tried the breakfast pancakes which were freshly made and superb.

Lovely atmosphere, friendly and kind staff. Will come again. Great food, big portions, good service - all in this lovely place; the waitress serving us was very helpful, she could speak English and advised us on many things; If you want to try some authenic Polish food , do not miss this place; Prices are reasonable; they also have Children's Menu, which is "small", but trust me one portion of Cutlet can feed two kids (if they are 2-3 years old) ideal portion for 6+ . Great food and exellent service, good glutenfree food. I give it the benefit of the doubt that there are a variety of versions of Gyros. Design grade 2. In the summer, there is also a garden where dining al fresco reigns supreme. Full flavorish starters.. the cod was bit bland.. but the dessert was much better than anticipated! Attracting bloggers from across the globe, the caf is co-founded by pastry chef and food blogger, Justyna Kawiak and offers an extensive collection of cakes almost too pretty to eat. My family and I enjoyed the meals a lot. The other dish ordered appeared very rich, I was told it was good. We also ordered a bottle of Polish wine which was crisp and not too sweet. But wed put a pin in our healthy eating kick for this trip and Josh needed to have pizza before we went home and back to our diet. If Cocofli (which is almost right next to this and highly recommended) is already full, we often try this instead. If you dream of areal Thai feast, the choice is clear - Woo Thai!. Aplace for people, who like tohave asay in what they are eating and at the same time love avibe of tropical Hawaii. Joice of beers. They asks have unique flavors of cheesecake. Not great service though, there was no explanation of what they had, or how best to order, never mind what the prices were, and the waiter never checked on us to see if the drinks were okay after serving. The portions are big enough. Absolutely recommended. And I had a birthday and as a compliment I got a piece of delicious cake for which thank you very much I was about to forget: they also have Wodka Zoladkowa Gorzka. We highly recommend the breakfast, lunch and coffee here. Yemsetu is one of the true local hidden gems that you most likely would not find in the tourist information maps. Nice place with good food and drinks Sometimes you might also get an egg on top of it. Real good food! Everything was top notch. I loved it But they were clearly understaffed and stressed out, and climbing these stairs up and down a thousand times a day must be exhausting. Offering up an array of teas and some of the best coffee in the city, the shop also has an amazing selection of cakes, bagels and sharing platters. Such a sweet cafe. Some places try to be authentic with their methods and ingredients and they just fall short. Excellent food and service, lovely atmosphere too. Best pizza place in Wrocaw? But also at the highest levels of gourmet experience is their kitchen!. Modern Polish plates served in a cozy, rustic setting with underground & outside dining areas. Delicious polish cuisine. This was one of the most impressive sushi place in Wroclaw. I tried my boyfriend's starter mushrooms soup which tasted very nice and I had mushrooms risotto which tasted amazing! We went there right from the street. Quality and taste of product is on high level though. The service was excellent and the wine was very well matched to the food. An amazing place in the beautiful Wroclaw. Intimate eatery offering sushi, tempura & Japanese dumplings, plus outdoor seating. With one friend, the soup was different than the picture too and the beers was very bad in the glass. Pick Noriko. Przedwojenna is open 24 hours a day and has a very simple menu consisting of just nine dishes including Kielbaska (Polish sausage), Gzik (a dip of cottage cheese, yoghurt and milk served with potato), Sledzik (salted herring) and their speciality, beef tartare. Also located on the Market Square, Cesarsko-Krlewska is an interesting mixture of sleek modern outfitting and tradition, housed in a vast vaulted stone structure. Some of the tables with separators creates a relatively more private atmosphere which allows you to have some personal/professional private occasions efficiently. 5*. Too much joyful and pleasant experience. The plates containing local and seasonal products are being served all day from breakfast tolunch and the afternoon menu. There are some fascinating liqueurs on offer here, as well as an impressive collection of vodkas for the more adventurous travelers. They didn't have a problem accommodating us with our dog. There are also plenty of locations with comfort food, so it will be easier to survive the coldest months of the year. Also - it is quite popular, so reserve a table in advance:). Authentically seasoned dishes, fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables and acard of drinks inspired byAsian flavors will take you on an Asian holiday in the heart of Wrocaw. Love their Japanese twist on Tom Yum Koong. General experience: 8 / 10 Excellent place to drink fantastic beer. Adres: Rzenicza 29-31. If you want to try Polish wines as well this is a place you should visit. The food was good, not amazing but good, 3 stars. Can get pretty lively if full. Since it was my birthday they made a special dessert for me. Rather than in the posh and luxury style, it was more like a home made delicious meal made with love and care! We had a cocktail first, and then a whiskey, and found the cocktail was mediocre and lacking flavor. Not as expected, it seems like they are saving money on quality. You can grab amorning coffee while youre sightseeing or stop byfor afull breakfast option, that will satisfy everyone, especially the egg lovers. The location is nice and the staff is young and caring. Highly suggested place, it worths a visit! Omg, those Benedict eggs the coffee is also super good, they have fresh juice. I would add a little bit more of Japanese atmosphere and provide an option to provide a warmed sake instead of room temperature one. What a wonderful host to our table. She was very friendly, well spoken (PL & EN) took her time to patiently walk my daughter and me through the menu/process. Fantastic variety of quality food. Cozy place and nice atmosphere, delicious rolls. Would for sure recommend this place for breakfast! Laid-back destination with vibrant decor & wood-fired pizzas, plus Italian snacks & aperitifs. Excellent food, attentive service, and very reasonable prices considering the overall ambiance of the restaurant. I would say it is not expensive considering the taste and size of the meals served. Tasty khinkali but without sauce. Nice interior with a special theme. This place is amazing. It depends on when you visit! Your visit there for Chef Grzegorz and his Crew will be the highest priority mission to deliver best culinary experience you ever went through. The cocktails deserve to be tasted and to be completed with wine or beer. Very hidden but worth going! But inside it is a lot more comfy and the music fits the ambience! Probably as the food was flavorful. We've compiled data from NASA on what the weather is like in Wroclaw for each month of the year: see the links below for more information. Scrambled eggs had a lot of flavor. Very well priced also. Can't wait to return. This is one of our latest favourite fine dining restaurants in Wroclaw. Outstanding service!! Meh I tried it as a result of long advice from people around me. Special Thanks to the waitress, who provided waittressing services and little joking around. I thought that Gluten Appetit was home to my favourite pierogi in Wroclaw, until I visited Konspira. We had a lovely time eating delicious meals and listening to live piano concert they are also dog-friendly . They like this place although their menu is slightly above students' budgets. 15 z for 1 cannoli (90 zl per 6 pieces) is close to a London prices. Many bad things in one dinner. The coffee was delicious, they played classic records, had vintage furniture and music memorabilia on the walls. A nice old restaurant with a rustic style located in the very heart of Wroclaw. Nice restaurant with cool music. Many of us are foodies on the Wanderlog team, so naturally were always on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. Aplace hidden outside the center, yet well worthy of an extra trip. The cake was delicious, the lady who was serving shes so nice and friendly, very pretty and helpful, definitely will be back for other dishes . Some friends never knew, that you can get freshly made sandwiches! Japanese flavors will be complemented bytasting of sake from small breweries or tea from the Wrocaw Czajownia. There's a variety of high quality beans to choose from. It is here that your American dream may come true, even though the original potato roll is stuffed with juicy beef from Polish pastures and creamy Irish cheddar. Its walls may be reminiscent of Peppa Pig wearing a pink velour leisure suit, but that just makes it all the more Instagrammable It is probably one of the most photogenic cafes in the whole of Wroclaw, if not Poland. A really cozy place with reasonable prices. I recommend this place to people who are traveling on low budget but still want to try local dishes. An amazing spot on Breslau map. Just one of the most amazing places you can visit in Wroclaw! "The best sushi we've ever had" is probably not enough to describe what we experienced in Noriko, but it's hard to find better words. As officially it is sort of secret restaurant and you only get the location on the day of your fine dining experience. Products were fresh, abundant, and authentic - perfect. Should definitively go to the Michelin Guide ASAP!! Pod Papugami | Klearchos Kapoutsis/Flickr. Delicious meals and beers. Take an Uber. Beautiful interior and atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious food, everything was perfect! We have suggestions. In the end we were very glad to give this place a chance. This place is fantastic, the food is excellent the service is great. There is not much flavor in the sushi, very american and basic. There is often live music, particularly blues and jazz, to enjoy, which has granted Pod Papugami somewhat of a cult status in Wrocaw. The beer selection was pretty good for such a small space. It was strange. Pawa Wodkowica 12, 50-072 Wrocaw, Poland, Stanisawa Dubois 2, 50-208 Wrocaw, Poland, Bulwar Dedala 12a, 54-130 Wrocaw, Poland, Benedykta Polaka 12, 50-379 Wrocaw, Poland. If you are not sure which tea might be the best option they will recommend you the best flavors. Every meal that we tasted was amazing. But NAFTA is not a regular restaurant. The place's casual, summery, seaside atmosphere is ideal for enjoying sandwiches, seafood soup, BBQ and pasta dishes. Have you ever wanted to feel at home and have an extremely authentic experience? Quantity 5 star The venue offers a variety of both modern European and traditional Polish dishes with Lithuanian influence, cooked with distinct class and verve. Although I had a few beers in me at this point, I can still confirm that the pierogi here were excellent!. Nice Ambience, nice food and good variety of food.

Down-to-earth, bi-level pub offering nostalgic decor, sidewalk tables & a simple quick bites menu. She started trash talking about the kitchen and the dishes and she just acted quite unprofessional which was uncomfortable. Located very central, you have the option to dine in or dine on the covered heated therase. The design is very original and makes for a nice atmosphere but the music does not follow the flow (its rocky-metal). It was fresh and tasty. The store is hidden. Kawalerka means a small apartment suitable for one person and this cafe is sure homey. During colder months I prefer to simply drink a warm cup of cappuccino. Alright, now we are moving towards some more traditional dishes which are connected to Silesia and Poland. In the end - since we cried ;-) - the bartender served us another round made on cream. Nice and fast service. 10/10. Vibrant pub & restaurant offering traditional Czech dishes & draft beers, plus live music. Cuisine - Polish There are only eight places at the bar where sushi master Marcin Jasiura is introducing years of his worldwide cooking experience. Also good is the cheese platter, cucumber salad, and for something more unusual, try the tarragon lemonade. Service was fast and friendly. In the picture we are showing you the real Wroclawian Bigos with different kinds of meat, red cabbage, raisins and apple. In addition to the citys vibrant cultural life, there is a tasty and divine array of fine dining to be enjoyed here, from traditional Polish haunts to good breakfast or brunch spots to sophisticated world class establishments. . Contemporary restaurant serving seasonal breakfast, lunch & pastries, plus coffee. The food is that of Eastern European cuisine, with lots of rich smoked meats, dumplings and warming broths, many dishes of which come from the surrounding region. The pizza place has the most eclectic aray of things. It is very nice that they have a therase outside, perfect for the warm days. The atmosphere is friendly, and the table turnaround is quick, we waited approximately 8-10 mins while seated before the waiter came to ask our order. The artistic design did give a good impression of the battlements that made up the historical location. It was flavorful and as mentioned the portion was huge. Rzeznicza 24-25, Wroclaw 50-132, PolandReservations, Private Dining, Seating, Waitstaff, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Free WifiPolish, Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free OptionsDinnerHK$181 - Good value, knocked off a star for the state of the khazi.in keeping with the authenticity of the 1930s, which coincidentally was the last time they were cleaned. Another Bar Mleczny (Milk Bar), Bar Wiking is another cheap and popular local option in Wrocaw. I recommend a visit here!

The food was both well made and beautiful to look at. It is a traditional milk bar! Tried a bottle of spanish orange wine and a few glasses of natural white wine. mewa milk bar wroclaw tripadvisor Poor service. One of the best meals ever! When there was not much crowd even. There are plenty of fish and salad options if you are after something lighter. Best place to get Hawaiian foods. I would say above market for the price. Pizza will take while as its fresh, but worth the wait. Nanan came to my attention when another blogger posted some incredible snaps of its cakes and decor and I decided that Ihadto visit. It deserves 5 full stars, I am starting to go every time I am in Wroclaw. Would definitely visit again. Beautiful design, wonderful cakes and good coffee. Anyway, I discovered Pierogarnia Stary Myn on my last day just before heading to the airport. Have you ever eaten araw dough your grandmother used for making apie? You have to add soya sauce to create taste.. They had a great mix of local Polish fare and more continental dishes. Quite a good interaction and happiness spread in the restaurant. Beautiful view on Breslau cathedra from cosy and tranquil garden. The place's signature recipe is yeast dough used tomake yeast buns with seasonal fruit filling, donuts, pound cakes and croissants. It was my first experience with the dough and I was pretty much surprised with how good that tasted. Just look how wonderful they look like! Not to mention creme brule, tiramisu and ice cream- they were absolutely perfect. Best Bars and Restaurants In Wroclaw, The Best Places to Eat, Drink & Brunch in Wroclaw, Food Diaries: Where To Eat In Wroclaw, Poland. Here you will be seduced bythe bowls filled with colorful and crunchy vegetables, full of fresh umami tasting marinated fish, warm rice as well as sauces and toppings. Seems like most of people order the same dishes. All dishes were super-delicious and authentic. Yoroppa style sushi prepared byhis professional hands mean the best kind of fish and frutti di mare delivered daily from arange of European seaports and carefully seasoned with patience. The biggest problem was the limited stock. None of the dishes had much taste to it or anything to stand out. The prices a bit high, but I would pay it again for this! As a result, the next three recommendations are based on the best pierogi I had in Wroclaw. The self made pasta are delicious, and the beef tartar is superb! The inspirations for the menu of Wyowione come from culinary travels. There are also many snacks and light dishes on the menu, making it perfect for a quick bite. Rather Californian Id say! Always busy, always full of life, Pod Papugami has developed a reputation with locals and visitors for its creative food and vibrant atmosphere. The design and cleanliness of the place is very good. I wouldnt say the best in the world, that might be just me being far East Asian . I have had much better sushi in Wroclaw for a lower price so I do not really understand the prices at this place. What a fantastic place to eat. We ordered onion soup, grilled king prawns and chicken salad.

The place has cool, relaxing decor, I greatly enjoyed it. This is the best Thai food Ive ever eaten outside of Thailand. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". This shop and teahouse, resembling atiny maharaja place, is just our cup of tea!. Ive tried a set of 3 for 70pln. It was my first visit at a cookie dough bar. Top quality and super friendly staff. Save all the best places to visit with Wanderlog, Download the travel planning app everyone's been raving about, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Przedwojenna-Bistro/1359567897942, https://www.facebook.com/KurnaChataWroclaw/, https://pl-pl.facebook.com/vinylcafe.wroclaw, https://www.facebook.com/chinkalniawolnosci. Will definitely come back again. Navigate backward to interact with the calendar and select a date. It's an equally nice wine bar with some comfy seating arrangements. The service is 100 times higher than at Kaffee Wedel. Location, atmosphere, quality, and overall: Salami Pizza was excellent. As a drink I had Asahi beer, it is a nice opportunity to have it here. But you have to wait because there are always queues outside. Can't beat it. Great food, great service and good price. Had suggestions & input on what was what - once again, perfect. We were a table of 8, service was impeccable and food was delivered swiftly and efficiently. Children were welcome with a childrens menu as well! Very usual breakfast, no choice of coffee for aeropress, medium table service. Sw. Jana Chrzciciela we Wroclawiu, Asian Restaurants with Private Dining in Wroclaw, Italian Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Wroclaw, Restaurants for Special Occasions in Wroclaw, Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Wroclaw, Restaurants near PURO Wroclaw Stare Miasto, Restaurants near DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw, Restaurants near Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum, Restaurants near Ibis Styles Wroclaw Centrum, Restaurants near GOjump Wroclaw Park Trampolin, Restaurants near Airport Wroclaw Transfers, Restaurants near Museum of Games and Computers of the Past Era (Games Museum), Restaurants near Old Town- Historic Center, Restaurants near Ostrow Tumski - (Cathedral Island), Restaurants near Monument to the Anonymous Passerby. Great Coffee and sweet's.

This will cheer you up with some cookie dough and aromatic coffee. Wonderful pok place in Wrocawwe were very surprised to find authentic Hawaiian pok bowls in Poland. Find a better location at the Rynek! On aworkday, eat adifferent lunch every day until 16:00. In fact, for a vaulted cellar it is a surprisingly spacious and well-lit. - location is ideally located near the main square, an active street with a lot to choose from as well as a beautiful river walk 1 min away by foot - perfect. Overall perfect, a few things I wanted to also mention; the bowls were served in brown paper - ideal for going on a walk, the condiments were made available without any limitations, the owners have lived in Hawaii and knew what would be authentic, and the price point was in line with all of the above. Will surely go back there again soon. We scoured through the internet and read through. My friend recommended this place and it did not disappoint. In our humble opinion, this is the restaurant in Wroclaw where you can expect to get a best-in-class food experience. We were suprised how they serve food but we were opened for something new. I was there with a group of master students. We come back regularly since it's opening. Only a place where you can grab a bite to eat. Service - Nice & Decent The chef was amazing, the concept is beyond imagination! The pork and chicken was some of the most tender and juicy Ive had globally, the dumplings were soft as pillows, made me wonder why more Czech places dont serve them like this, and the deserts/bar snacks/tartare were a brilliant way to finish the meal. I guess Ill be coming back for a quick drink to go unless the music changes to go with the cozy and folk-ish design. Cocktails & ambitious takes on traditional cuisine in a sleek restaurant with a live pianist. Some of the staff was not very friendly, but all of us can have a bad day from time to time, apart from that only positive feedback. The bagel sandwich is stuffed with bacon. Also, dogs are welcome there!!! At the end they managed to find a place for everybody when the people inside had finished. Super customer service. Some oriental snacks and sweets are also available. Secondly it was something different to eat a spicy sandwich, instead if that normal stuff. The place is hidden, but this entire old factory site is turning into a culinary gem of Wroclaw with Aksameet, Korill 180 and Giro all around. Perfect with some homemade goods. Don't expect a lot from that cantina nevertheless price to quality ration is good. He was professional, the food arrived and I was grateful that the waiter let me know their portions were huge (as they were). But overall wonderful experience on new year. Delicious flavored tequila shots, amazing tatar and pickles, good beer, cool decoration. Excellent interior, food with a creative twist, efficient and motivated waiters. So I can say I know local culinary scene very well. It's a shame because it looked really tasty Not overly sure what we ordered, but although it looked a bit like school dinners, it was very tasty. Popular local restaurants dont have to be Polish. Only 7 or something tables and when all are occupied, the place could feel overcrowded. The best place for cheap and still quite good local food. HK$228+48 791 240 484. Because it could be cheaper. Food 5 / 5 - First if all, the price-food ratio is easily the best! Also great place to taste good whiskey! We enjoyed everything. Tocomplete the meal there are many unique craft alcoholic beverages. Bistro ODA is a fine dining restaurant, and one that we had planned on going to on the Saturday evening but had to cancel due to being full of pierogi and having consumed slightly too much Polish wine. The coffee is excellent. We went there to try their Ramen. Oh and they also do cake. Super friendly staff and great vibes - no matter if you come during summer and observe what is going on outside through the large window or if you come during winter to hide out with a book and cappucino in the cozy corner in the back. Covered head to toe in pink velour plush walls with pink marble tables to match, every inch of this patisserie is worth capturing. Not friendly at all. Everything was great. Who likes the loud buzzing of steaks on lava stone, found the matching church in Wroclaw to his/her religion just here. But simply, they know how to feed you :) We toke Yaki Tori for share because in description was 2 pieces and in the picture the same. Finally, the staff was very kind and professional and we always appreciate that as well as the good kitchen! Especially waiters were amazing, with good manners. Friendly and informational staff and workers, any questions asked will be answered and there really aren't any wrong questions. Add carefully selected wines from high-quality, biodynamic winegrowers mainly from Central Europe. It's authentic which is good. Celebrate life my birthday. Since they dont operate on conventional menu, all dishes will be tailored to Your preference, but for sure the crew will add there magic to serve You a delicious surprise, so You will find new original tastes. Service is like a 5 stars restaurant.

Nothing really excellent to say about this place other than the authentic experience which is worth 4 stars and nothing really terrible except the burnt flavor which would drop it to 2 but for the price you can't really complain. Nice place for a little chit chat and relax but I believe we picked a wrong day for that, fruit flies nearly ate us . Well I guess the secret is out now, thanks to the well run Bar Mleczny Mewa. I recommend This is a popular restaurant so you might need to book in advance. Lunch for two at less than 7 quid. Areas to improve: Classic, amazing, extremely tasty. Excellent, fantastic menu with lots of diverse options and a superb drinks selection. It was edible, but really just average. I'm glad there is a place in Wroclaw where you can find something Portuguese. It's best to go before you start getting hungry because you can wait in line before you go in, and pizzas take a while to cook. Would go back again. The venue offers a variety of both modern European and traditional Polish dishes with Lithuanian influence, cooked with distinct class and verve. Maybe too crowded. If you like basic things and dont have high standards, chances are you will like this place.

Masala Grill & Bar is an Indian restaurant, located right off the main square with outdoor seating. Ambience - Nice Basicly you dont know what they will serve you, you order a set of dishes (1 - 5) to try with price up to arround 120pln. Decked out in rustic wooden interiors, this is one of the best value for money places in the city making it an absolute must when visiting Wroclaw. Staying in the outside garden with a book and a tea is my favourite activity. Food Taste 5 I would only recommend the owner that they should promote more, that they have something instead of cakes. witego Antoniego 27/29, 50-073 Wrocaw, Poland. Next time I'll try also other services! The cakes we took were simply delicious and the coffee they serve is like you taste it and expect coffee but actually you get the "omg this offer is really good!" plac Pisudskiego 5, 51-146 Wrocaw, Poland, Creative pasta dishes served up in a relaxed restaurant that has terrace seating. Unfriendly waitresses. However, a little pricy for a city like Wrocaw. Good place to eat for office workers around. Very comfortable to dine in with friends and family. Its hidden place but its a gem, The dishes were served quickly and prices are reasonable for such good quality food. So why not 5 stars? The space is completely internal, well decorated and modest (visited during Christmas). However, Wroclaw is a city that keeps surprising Why?. Amazing place. It is not exactly located in the city centre around the most famous attractions of Wroclaw, but a visit is highly recommended. The waiter was very cool and vibrant- he suggested what drinks I could order and they all tasted so amazing great place for date night the outdoor sitting is perfect in any weather. Very professional staff with an extended knowledge of a subject. wroclaw reasons visit odra cruise river