Our personal trainer believe nutrition in combination with supplements to be the number one rule in successfully reaching their clients fitness goals. $14, Bergen Self-Guided Audio Tour: In Bergen you pay NOK 1000- 1500 . I was diagnosed with Diabetes years ago mostly due to my poor nutrition and lack of exercise. The citys got such a whimsical vibe to it, like it would be the perfect setting for a musical. Oslo on the other hand is mainly a city for business travellers and hotel prices in summer (and weekends all year) are actually quite low, even compared to other countries.

Here are some top-recommended suggestions for you, suitable for every budget: Located in the city center of Oslo, this stylish hotel has relatively small rooms, but is a great choice for the budget-conscious traveler. Half a of pint of beer cost. KODE is a museum dedicated to art, design and music of the Nordic region, and is another attraction worth a visit in Bergen. Our health and fitness programs are very unique compared to other personal training companies. But that's just as much a generalization than saying the opposite, really. Our personal trainers can also provide in-home personal training sessions in the following neighborhoods. $52, Winter Highlights 3-Hour Bike Tour: Trust me - youll want this time to explore! You wont have trouble finding flights to and from Oslo. Get FREE email communications from Fodor's Travel, covering must-see travel destinations, expert trip planning advice, and travel inspiration to fuel your passion. $8.71, Luxury Private Transfer from Olso Hotels to Olso Airport: Although its technically possible to get to both cities by public transport, the journey will take about 7 hours - similar to the time it would take to drive. Some of the links on this website are sponsored or affiliate links which help to financially support this site. The chance of having a knife or gun pulled on you is higher in Oslo than in Bergen.

Taxes matter, but mostly for alcohol. Click here! Some typical examples of transportation costs in Oslo are as follows: Some specific examples of transportation prices in Oslo: Some specific examples of transportation prices in Bergen: Prices for flights to both Bergen and Oslo change regularly based on dates and travel demand. $131, Private Oslo Airport to City Center Transfer: But, by far the biggest drawcard of Bergen is its nature. Seven mountains surround Bergen (yes, seven), and the most easily visited is Flyen, which is reachable by funicular. (5 miles), Cold medicine for 6 days (tylenol, frenadol, coldrex, or equivalent brands), Short visit to private doctor (15 minutes), Standard men's haircut in expat area of the city, Basic dinner out for two in neighborhood pub, 2 tickets to the theater (best available seats), Dinner for two at an italian restaurant in the expat area including appetisers, main course, wine and dessert, 1 beer in neighbourhood pub (500ml or 1pt. By signing up for our email newsletter, you will receive occasional updates with coupons and discounts, plus travel tips and advice from experienced budget travelers! ), 1 min. Hi, my name is Amy. On the plus side, for the rest of the year the rain means Bergen isn't a dirty or dusty place. Im Grace from New York City. 7 night trip in April - Copenhagen and Norway in a Nutshell? Through his top of the line nutritional and fitness knowledge I was finally able to loose 37lbs.I got my beach ready body just in time for summer. Copyright 2009-2022 Numbeo. Oslo was interesting to visit, but also came across a bit clinical and lacked that special something. The (ta && ta.queueForLoad ?

You have so many to choose from, as well Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord, Aurlandsfjord are all nearby and accessible (we took the hassle-free option of going on a Norway In A Nutshell tour and had a spellbinding experience). I trained for hours and days on end without the results I was looking for.After training with Jason for just 16 weeks I can finally say Ive reached a life time goal. You should visit Bergen if you came to see a fjord. Only for non-Scandinavian citizens. . hurtigruten pixabay I accomplished my goals in 17 weeks with his in home personal training and nutrition program. The capital of Norway has a real mixture of modern, historical and natural attractions. Founder of Hard Bodies Personal Training in 2009 me and my elite team of upscale professional personal trainers NYC bring a variety of fitness programs for its clients to choose from. Expensive, but more foreigner friendly/influenced. Every Swede that I have spoken with about traveling in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? more. Possibly other airlines if arriving from another country), you could possibly use Low-cost air travel coupons with SAS Air Pass. Oslo is one of the trendiest and coolest cities in Scandinavia. Nightlife: I guess there are fewer places on Bergen, but I'd say we have a good variety among them here. Considerably better public transport I think. Because of Jasons intense nutritional guide lines and extensive strength training. What I like about Oslo is that I have friends there. $86, Oslo City Center to Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) - Departure Private Transfer: I train with Jason to keep up my fitness model body. Bergen vs Oslo, Copyright 2009-2022 Numbeo. Want to score Last Minute Flight deals on Skyscanner? As DeSanti says, things have improved with Skyss (a public company in charge of public transportation). In the winter the result of the rain is that we don't have snow for very long before it turns into "slaps", a depressing mixture of water, snow (yes, I know it's technically water as well) and street salt. $90, Private Transfer from Bergen Airport to City Center: Situated in the far west of Norway, Bergen can be reached by a very scenic seven hour train ride from Oslo. In 17 weeks I lost 42lbs! It is considered the commercial hub of Norway and is particularly famous for its innovative, award-winning architecture as well being the home for many important, historical buildings. I've recently visited Gothenburg as was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was a lot cheaper than Stockholm. I would recommend Jasons service to everyone looking to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. We personally would choose visiting Bergen over Oslo any day (sorry, Oslo!). Our Personal trainer NYC offer its clients a service that goes above and beyond anyone else in the fitness industry. One area where I'd say there is a difference is violence. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-49388676', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Bergen in summer are higher than most other places in Norway as it is such a popular tourist destination and a convenient starting point for visiting the western fjords. $15, Walking Tour in Bergen of the Past and Present: As a friend of mine (from Oslo) put it: "The reason it rains so often is because god wants to keep his favourite city clean". They own a good chunk of the buildings in a part of the city ("Nygrdshyden"). . The campuses are a lot different, though. $14, Kon-Tiki Museum Entrance Ticket: Although Oslo is a metropolitan city, you can have your Norweigan fjord experience by cruising around the Oslo Fjord. In Bergen about NOK 30-35 .

Especially for living there. Not only is Bergen filled with sweeping views, but its also known as the Gateway To The Fjords. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-49906179', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');England / London. I began working with Jason as a New Years resolution and by May I lost 56 lbs.Thanks to Jasons amazing nutritional strategies, innovative exercise programs and cardiovascular routines I was able to achieve the body I always wanted. What are the Pro's and Con's of each place? There are ferry options from Bergen to Newcastle and to western Denmark, as well as to Stavanger if you need another fjord-fix before leaving Norway (specifically, the Lysjafjord cruise from Stavanger). There are also lots of great options for accommodation in Bergen. > Youll love it. $53, Express City Tour by E-scooter: Your quest to find a personal trainer in NYC ends today! Ive been a New york fitness model for over 10 years. $90, Arrival Private Transfer from Bergen Cruise Port to Bergen City by Minivan: Feedback and help on Scandinavia itinerary. Being so close to all the good Norwegian scenery is a must for me. You should visit Oslo if youre totally fine seeing a fjord (but not necessarily the best fjords), and prefer the city vibe. I found Jason after several failures with other personal trainers. Thanks to him I finally have the body I deserve. $102, Lunch / Dinner-cruise Bergen - Cornelius, the best seafood restaurant in Bergen:

It's pricey all 'round, though. Need suggestions on economical flight to Bergen(or Oslo).

Bergen, on the other hand, took our breath away. Looking for a place to stay in oslo? Half the time I'm there it's shit, half the time fantastic. Most scenic routes for our Bergen driving adventure, Ferry between Gudvanger - Kaupanger ( Norway), Hurtigbat/express boats to Balestrand from Bergen, Norway in a nutshell or Sognefjord in a nutshell. However, Bergens picture-perfect traditional architecture, mountains and whimsical atmosphere make it a magical destination. My suitcase is stranded at Bergen airport - help! Hard Bodies Personal Training home of the best personal trainers in NYC and top fitness boot camps in New York City. Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district. All I can say is go train with Jason! Iconic in every right, the Little Mermaid statue sitting by Copenhagens waters attracts many tourist every year.

Re: How expensive is expensive in Bergen? $91, Bergen Cruise Port to Bergen Airport (BGO) - Departure Private Transfer: Some tourists who come to (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Everything we provide a link to or recommend, we genuinely believe in the product or service .

Were just letting you know that a number of our posts contain affiliate links. Look out for our newsletters with travel tips and special offers. A 5-star establishment in a beautiful, historical building dating back to the 1800s, guests are sure to enjoy this absolutely stunning hotel. Through working with Jason I have successfully overcome many of the negative effects of my disease. And I do think you want to fly given the time constraint. Thanks to Jasons program I was able to loose 43lbs! Also probably cheaper housing in Bergen on average, but you can always get good deals as long as you don't have to live within walking distance to the city center, like most of my fellow students in Oslo that complain over the prices. It is based on 266 prices entered by 58 different people. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Fodor's may use your email address to send you relevant information on site updates, account changes, and offers. My name is Matt, I am a 36- year-old attorney. Through his intense nutrition and training regimens.I highly recommend Jasons personal training program. If I decide to take the overnight cruise from Copehhagen then do the Nutshell, can I get a low cost one way fare to Copenhagen from Bergen? I want emails from Fodor's Travel with travel information and promotions. As a foreigner I'd rather go to Stavanger. Oslo is getting seriously crowded. I am living in Norway and will be happy to reply if you have further questions. The city itself is well known for its music and art scenes, making it a cultural haven in the country. With my busy life style it was hard to find time to hit the gym. Oslo vs. Bergen for Vacations, Tours, and Honeymoons, The Best Hostels in Bergen, Norway, in the City Center, Activities, Day Trips, Things To Do, and Excursions, Ultra - Oslo Private Airport Transfer from City Centre to Oslo Airport: In Norway there are very few city hotels outside the centre, apart from airport hotels. Other historical buildings include The Royal Palace, Norwegian Parliament and the National Theater (Nationaltheatret). Thanks for subscribing! Which is based on fitness assessment, fitness goals, and body type. Oslo fits nicely as part of a general trip of Scandinavia or other parts of Europe with frequent direct flights to other cities such as Stockholm, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The average daily cost (per person) in Oslo is $120, while the average daily cost in Bergen is $96. I am extremely happy with the results of his extensive personal fitness training and all natural health supplement advice. There is an overnight cruise daily between Copenhagen and Oslo; consider it, maybe add one night lodging in Oslo, do the nutshell, stay a couple of nights in Bergen (more in Summer) and fly back. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-49387377', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');flights may be cheap, but on the ground it's not going to be a cheap weekend! You'll have to learn to deal with it. My name is Derrick. I think the public transport in Bergen isn't that bad. I know people got different taste and everything, but Sjboden and Exodus isn't exactly what I'd bring up to give an example of good places to go in Bergen. The same level of travel in Oslo would naturally cost you much more money, so you would probably want to keep your budget a little tighter in Oslo than you might in Bergen. Bergen is an exciting city to visit, and is a great representation of the country. Try him! $107, Departure Private Transfer Oslo to Oslo Airport OSL by Business Car: PS: Oslo and Bergen arent the only cities worth a visit in Norway. Please check the Wiki http://www.reddit.com/r/Norway/wiki/index, Press J to jump to the feed. Not only did I lose the weight but also I was able to keep it off. $5.20, Bergen 3-Hour Self-Guided Audio Tour: I would definitely not go to Oslo at all, although it will raise the flight price. Im Beth from West Manhattan,NY. I haven't lived in Oslo, so it's difficult to give a consistent weighing of pros and cons. Also, here are some specific examples of food and dining related activities in Bergen. $43, Oslo Nature Walks: Island Hopping Tour: ), we think the easiest and most convenient way to go from Oslo to Bergen (and vice versa) is by flying. My impression is that there are alot more cultural activities in Oslo than Bergen, presumably due to the size of the city. Cookie Policy - However, I grew up outside Bergen, currently living elsewhere, but travel to Oslo for concerts a few times a year. I would recommend Jason to anyone with high fitness goals. Being a cosmopolitan city, theres no shortage of quality accommodation in Oslo. Jasons personal training routine and extensive nutritional guides brought me unbelievable results.

Personal Training custom exercise programs to reach clients fitness goals, Celebrity Training private training 100% confidential, Lifestyle Coaching Teaching client how to balance healthy living, Compound Training Training that involves more than one muscle group, 8 Week Total Body Make Over complete nutrition and training program, Customized Nutrition Programs designed by our nutritionist, Body Sculpting all-around-fitness program, Interval Training cardiovascular and strength training all in same workout at different range, Weight Loss focus on reduction of body fat, Cardiovascular increases endurance and stamina, Strength Training builds lean muscle tissue, Prenatal Personal Training safe effective exercise regimens for females, Youth Training for the younger generation, Functional Training total body movement, In-Home Personal Training In home exercise program, Custom Supplement Programs All natural supplements to optimize clients health, In The Gym Training is done at our private gym, Medical Exercise controlling high blood pressure and over health and lifestyle issues. It's close to a proper fjord (The Oslo fjord isn't a fjord). $40, Oslo Fjord 2-Hour Sightseeing Cruise: I really couldnt believe the amount of experience and preparation used in his exercise program.Overall, Jasons personalized health and fitness helped me to achieve my up most goals in weight loss. I heard about Jason s personal training from a friend at and was eager to give him a try.I was impressed with his knowledge of the body and nutrition.After completing a 7 week program that entertained functional muscle movements and strict nutritional guidelines I was able to achieve the ultimate results. Cost of Living It has some good things, but so does Bergen. $87, Bergen hotel or address to Bergen Airport (BGO) - Departure Private Transfer: With a population of over 600,000 people, its much more crowded than Bergen, which only has approximately 272,000 people living in it. bryggen